Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282 Virus Killing


Pretending to be greatly surprised, Li Yao exclaimed in the communication channel before he stared at Kou Ruhuo and Su Changfa with the most appalled expression.

Under his eyes that were full of shock and criticization, both the two Immortal Cultivators somehow lowered their heads in embarrassment however brazen they were.

“The Imperium of True Human Beings is not the ‘future of mankind’ at all, but a candle that is about to die out in the wild wind. The Immortal Cultivators have become particularly brutal and ruthless during their dying struggles!”

Tang Qianhe continued her instigation with a tone as calm as water.

The demagogism, which should have been blood-boiling and soul-stirring, when spoken in such a peaceful way, caused a strong feeling of self-contradiction. Li Yao felt that somebody had pressed a huge rock to his chest, and it could not have been more uncomfortable.

“Fellow Cultivator Li, even if you have completely turned into an Immortal Cultivator and are determined to join the Imperium of True Human Beings, nothing good will happen to you!

“The Imperium of True Human Beings where men feed on other men. As the saying goes, it is the biggest crime to hold possessions that do not befit your position. You have discovered such an important Gods’ Realm and even found treasures such as the Colossi inside. Do you think that other Immortal Cultivators will let go of a foreigner new to their country?”

Li Yao had collected another piece of important information. As it turned out, in the Covenant Alliance, the relics of the Pangu civilization were called as Gods’ Realms.

Judging from Tang Qianhe’s performance so far and her skillfulness when controlling the escape capsule of the Pangu civilization, the Alliance of the Holy Covenant must have found more than one Gods’ Realm before.

Perhaps, there were not living members of the Pangu Clan in the previous Gods’ Realms, but a lot of legacies must have been retrieved, allowing the deep communication between the Covenant Alliance and the Pangu Civilization.

With the enhancement of the Gods’ Realms, it was indeed no wonder that the Covenant Alliance could compete with the enormous Imperium from a tiny world in the universe and even be on the winning side!

“They’ll certainly never let go of you!”

Of course, Tang Qianhe had no idea what was on Li Yao’s mind. Seeing that he did not reply, she thought that the new Immortal Cultivator had been convinced. With vague delight flashing on her face, she stressed, “With the legacies of the Gods’ Realm, you will be the fattest meat in the eyes of every Immortal Cultivator. They will be too ashamed to call themselves Immortal Cultivators if they don’t bite you!

“Maybe, you were capable of surviving to the end in a starship that had an accident as the last victor, but in the homeland of the Imperium of True Human Beings, a young man with your ignorance and your treasures will not be able to survive three days!

“In fact, at exactly this moment, an enormous fleet of the Imperium is marching toward your hometown the Flying Star Sector. The fleet is made of the soldiers of the Black Wind Sector, the most infamous race in the Imperium of True Human Beings. They are all the most brutal killers, the most sordid assassins, the most rapacious bandits, and the most ruthless butchers! Once the Black Wind fleet arrives, both you and your hometown will be devoured and digested, with absolutely no residue left!

“You want to compete with the Black Wind fleet with only the three of you and an expedition base? In your dream!”

Li Yao ‘gasped’ and ‘bulged his eyes’ before exclaiming in the utmost shock, “Is she telling the truth?”

Su Changfa grunted. Pearls of blood were leaking out of his wounds again.

Kou Ruhuo lowered his head in silence and simply focused on bombarding the enemy with the flying swords and the superstring light.

The sphere barrier around Tang Qianhe was becoming more and more lackluster. Every attack would make it ripple and shake for a long time, as if it was going to collapse at any point.

However, behind her, the thick, deep-blue fluid inside the escape capsule of the Pangu Clan became as transparent as clear water. All the nutrition and energy seemed to have been absorbed by the member of the Pangu Clan!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Tiny cracks were appearing on the rhombic crystals that constituted the escape capsule. They were spreading out like a spider web and joining each other, giving the feeling that somebody was about to break out of the shell!

“You’ve been lost in the desert of sins for too long. Return to the Path of Ultimate Benevolence right now!” Tang Qianhe’s face was solemn, and her voice was hollow. “Embrace the Covenant Alliance. Only the Covenant Alliance can save you and everybody in your hometown. Your soul will be purged, and your life will be cleansed. You will no longer be out of control. You will realize your sacred destiny that has always belonged to you!”

Pretending to be panicked, Li Yao asked, “Covenant Alliance? What country is the Covenant Alliance exactly?”

“The Covenant Alliance is not a country. The so-called ‘country’ is just an ugly shell that human beings invented to better kill each other and was imposed on everybody by force!

“The Covenant Alliance is an assortment of believers. It is an immense force condensed by everyone who believes in the Path of Ultimate Benevolence and who has returned to their sacred destiny!

“In the Covenant Alliance, everybody is absolutely equal regardless of their age, gender, or strength. Everyone is the same!

“There are no lies, wars, crimes, exploitations, slavery, or conflicts inside the Covenant Alliance. Everybody helps each other, shares everything, and lives in harmony!”

Li Yao clicked his tongue. “A world without conflict where everything is shared? How is it possible? Can an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage be absolutely equal to an ordinary person in every aspect and even share everything with each other?”

The Star Glory Federation protected the rights of the ordinary people and highlighted the equality of the citizens. However, the ‘equality in rules’, instead of ‘equality in results’, was paid more attention to.

Generally speaking, an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage would far exceed an ordinary person in terms of social position or wealth. That was perfectly normal.

As long as they had been abiding by the ‘Constitution of Cultivators’ while they were improving their social position and accumulating their wealth and did not violate any law, they would still be ‘equal’ to other people, and everybody else would acknowledge everything that the Cultivator had earned.

“Of course. In fact, there is no difference between Cultivators, Immortal Cultivators, and ordinary people in the Covenant Alliance. Everybody is the same!” Tang Qianhe smiled. “In front of our Lord, we are all the humblest dust, the most ignorant ants, and the most docile lambs!

“The so-called ‘experts in the Nascent Soul Stage’ are nothing more than slightly larger ants!

“Faced with the bleak, boundless universe, what’s the essential difference between larger ants and smaller ants?

“If you have indeed awakened your spiritual root and reached the Nascent Soul Stage, it is still just a blessing from the Lord, and you should place the strength at the service of the Lord instead of showing off your identity, position, wealth, and even enslaving others with it!”

Li Yao was rendered speechless.

What kind of bizarre theory was that?

Although he could not concur to the Immortal Cultivators’ ideology, he was at least able to understand it. But was the Path of Ultimate Benevolence not too perverted?

“All conflict, deception, and slavery boils down to the sins deep down in our souls. As long as we uproot the sins, we will be able to be freed from all of them!”

Tang Qianhe continued speaking calmly.

“If there’s no greed, there will be no deception. If there’s no jealousy, there will be no slaughter. If there’s no arrogance and anger, there will be no war! Eliminate all the negative emotions deep inside the souls of human beings, and a brand new, immaculate world of order, peace, and friendship will arrive!”

Li Yao was dazed. “Greed, jealousy, arrogance, anger… We are born with negative emotions. How can we eliminate them?”

“We are not born with them at all!” Tang Qianhe waved her hands so crazily that she was almost extending her pale face out of the sphere barrier. “Fellow Cultivator Li, you don’t know the first thing about our origin! Just think about the ‘human being manufacture center’ that you visited! Do you really that the merciful, almighty Lord would pour wicked stuff such as ‘greed, jealousy, arrogance, and anger’ into our souls when we were created?

“No, all such emotions are viruses that were condensed by Chaos with life!

“The viruses of Chaos first infected the Nuwa Clan, which was responsible for creating and utilizing us. Then, through the Nuwa Clan, they infected us and brought countless negative emotions to us. They are the source of all sin!

“The viruses corroded the three fundamental laws of the Path of Ultimate Benevolence and made us go out of control. The brilliant civilization of the Pangu Clan was destroyed. Then, the universe has been demolished time and time again in a cycle of death, with no way of getting out!

“But right now, we can be saved!

“Just like the viruses on the crystal processors can be killed by the ‘anti-virus programs’, our souls should have a thorough ‘virus-killing’ procedure, too, in order to slay all worries, desires, and sins!

“Trust me, Fellow Cultivator Li, as long as you taste the feeling of ‘virus-killing’ once, you will perceive true peace, tranquility, and happiness. You will realize how idiotic, hilarious, and hideous your old self was, which was driven by the negative emotions and the primitive desires and caught in the abyss of sins without knowing!”

Li Yao’s eyes were shaking, but he did not slow down attacking the sphere barrier at all.

“There’s no need to lie to me, Fellow Cultivator Li, I can tell.”

Tang Qianhe did not care about their crazy bombardment at all. Combing her hair that had covered her eyes, she smiled casually. “You have a mental devil in your heart. A very strong one that you can barely get rid of!

“You are trapped in the battles with the mental devil day after day, and you do not dare relax for one second because you may be swallowed by the mental devil with one moment of sluggishness!”

Li Yao was greatly alarmed. He did not know that Tang Qianhe would be capable of seeing through the mental devil inside his brain!

The mental devil exclaimed in shock, too, before it jumped into the crown of the memory tree and hid there.

“Let me take a guess about the origin of your mental devil. Was it because of the countless companions you ate during the accident in the space?

“Perhaps, there were your life-and-death comrades and even your dearest lovers, but eventually… you ate them all!

“It explains why your mental devil is so strong.

“Let me tell you, Fellow Cultivator Li, even if you do survive in the Imperium of True Human Beings and achieve the position, wealth, power, and strength that you crave, your mental devil will not go anywhere! It will haunt you forever and grow as you get stronger, bathing you in eternal pain, fear, regret, and desperation all the time!

“One day, you will be completely devoured by the mental devil. All your wealth, standing, and power will be meaningless!

“The Imperium can offer you everything materialistic, but it cannot save your soul!

“Only the Covenant Alliance can grant you a grand new life!

“We can completely wipe out your mental devil and erase all the negative emotions in your soul. You will hate, fear, panic, regret, envy, lust, and snap no more. You will be a carefree, impeccable, and pure human being!”