Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 The God Has Arrived

Those Immortal Cultivators have truly caused more problems than they solved! Li Yao thought to himself regretfully. If they hadn’t founded such a country as the Imperium of True Human Beings where ordinary people are exploited cruelly, the ‘Path of Ultimate Benevolence’ would never have been spread out in the bottom level of the society so quickly, and the Covenant Alliance wouldn’t have risen so fast!

“How can you do things like that?” Li Yao roared toward Kou Ruhuo and Su Changfa. “I mean from the bottom of my heart to be an Immortal Cultivator, and I want to join the Imperium sincerely! But you were simply deceiving me with such terrible lies? Is there still even the slightest trust among Immortal Cultivators!”

Kou Ruhuo was more embarrassed than ever. He gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Li, we can talk about things between us later. The most important issue right now is to deal with the member of the Pangu Clan! We have to blow up the escape capsule before he absorbs all the energy inside the escape capsule!

“Once he absorbs enough energy, he will return to the world in a fully awakened state. We’ll be screwed if that happens!

“After the member of the Pangu Clan is suppressed, we will have achieved an unparalleled accomplishment. You can get anything from the Imperium and even be granted the entire Flying Star Sector!”

Li Yao sneered in his heart. Such an offer as the ‘master of the Flying Star Sector’ had already been promised by the star child once in the past.

The Immortal Cultivators were indeed of the same trade. Even the temptations that they threw out were so cliché!

However, he was not wrong about one thing.

While the Immortal Cultivators were definitely no good, the member of the Pangu Clan was ten thousand times more dangerous than them and could not be allowed to be resuscitated in a fully awakened state!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and ignored Tang Qianhe’s enchantment. Magma seemed to be spurting out of his shoulders as the Erratic Light Cannons shot out streams of brilliance, raising clusters of brilliant stars on the sphere barrier that surrounded Tang Qianhe and the member of the Pangu Clan!

Disappointment and sympathy flashed in Tang Qianhe’s eyes when she saw that he would not listen to her after all. She turned around to her Lord and began uttering spells and worshipping, praying that the Lord could wake up sooner.


Perhaps her prayer did work out. Two deafening noises burst out on Li Yao’s shoulders, while deep red fireballs rose up to the sky.

As it turned out, since this was the first time that he had ever used the Erratic Light Cannon, he must have failed to control the rhythm of pulling the triggers but simply bombarded as crazily as could. The internal temperature of the Erratic Light Cannons was so high that the core control units had melted. Both shoulder cannons were now wasted!

“Cr*p. It’s overheated!” Li Yao looked at Kou Ruhuo earnestly.

As the chief of arms, Kou Ruhuo was responsible for the allotment of weapons and magical equipment for the entire team.

The situation was too urgent. His soul was also shaking unstably due to the many violent collisions and was about to fall apart at any moment. His computational ability had hit rock bottom!

At such a time of life and death, there was no need to consider too much. After a moment’s hesitation, Kou Ruhuo picked out a scarlet ball the size of an egg. He tapped it to the center of his eyebrow before he threw it toward Li Yao and roared, “I have unlocked all the barriers and given you the highest permissions of all the magical equipment. You can choose whatever magical equipment is suitable for you!”

Li Yao picked up the round ball and observed it carefully, only to discover that the translucent ball looked like half-frozen magma with particularly bright stars embedded deep inside that were blinking as if endless mysteries had been stored in them!

Li Yao sent his telepathic thoughts into the ball. All the ‘stars’ embedded in the ball were glittering. Thousands of streams of information stored inside the ‘stars’ were flooding into his brain unstoppably!

A 3D ‘magical equipment warehouse’ was immediately unfolded inside Li Yao’s brain!

It was a rather advanced Cosmos Ring, which the aggressive magical equipment that Kou Ruhuo carried with himself was stored in. It was an out-and-out walking arsenal!

Li Yao shrieked in his heart while he watched the projections of the different types of magical equipment from the Imperium of True Human Beings swirling slowly inside his brain. Every detail was clearly visible, and all the methods of utilization were demonstrated in the streams of information. He was about to burst into tears!


Li Yao clenched the scarlet ball in his hand. His telepathic thoughts flooded into it like a tide and enveloped one of the ‘stars’.

After he slightly exerted his strength, the ‘star’ seemed to be crushed by him. Thousands of starry specs leaked out of the ball and spread all the way upward through the gaps of Li Yao’s fingers, entangling his entire right arm!

Very soon, a second layer of crimson armor appeared on Li Yao’s right arm!

The armor was not made of metal, and it looked as translucent as a red crystal. However, it could be turned around swiftly at the same time. It could not have been weirder!

On the crystal armor, redness was flowing and expanding crazily, enhancing Li Yao’s spiritual energy to the maximum and producing a red claw almost ten meters long!

Every finger was more than two meters long, the sharp aura of the talons that was vibrating at a frequency of tens of thousands of times per second.

All the scraps that entered the range of the aura would be absorbed into them and torn into shreds!

This is the real level of the magical equipment in the Imperium of True Human Beings!

With the marvelous weapon in his possession, Li Yao was so satisfied that he almost felt like roaring!

Compared with the crimson crystal arm armor, the two Erratic Light Cannons that Kou Ruhuo installed for him were nothing more than pistols. It was obvious that they did not trust him and had only been willing to give him the cheapest weapons!

“Thank you for your trust, Senior Kou. I have finally felt the selfless warmth of the Imperium of True Human Beings!”

Li Yao kept the ‘arsenal’ to himself with no intention of returning it. He roared and snatched at the sphere barrier with the red claw!

Tang Qianhe thought that he was in the middle level of the Core Formation Stage at best and would not be able to bring out the weapon’s full power. Therefore, she did not care too much about his attack but focused her attention on Kou Ruhuo’s collisions and the bombardment of the remaining hundreds of spiritual puppets.

However, Li Yao had improved his capability to the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage easily. While he was waving the sharp talons, he was also attracting the metal debris from around, which was shattered and heated into five torrents of scorching particles, penetrating into the sphere barrier brutally!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The five talons pierced deep into the sphere barrier, leaving five holes behind!

The two force fields completely entangled with one another. All the particles were interfering with and crashing into each other. The sphere barrier was immediately thrown into disorder and could not sustain the perfect sphere any longer. A lot of lumps bulged out on the surface, and many deep dents were appearing, too!

Kou Ruhuo was overjoyed. The Immortal Cultivator was tough enough to leap on top of the sphere barrier while grabbing a superstring cannon that was even thicker than his thigh. Weathering through the intense radiation and interference, he pressed the barrel into a deep dent on the sphere barrier and pulled the trigger brutally!


Kou Ruhuo’s inhuman screams were echoing inside the communication channel.

There was no telling whether it was because of the excruciating pain caused by the radiation and interference or because he was greatly enjoying himself in the storm of bullets!


The spiritual shield of the escape capsule of the Pangu Clan was finally blown up into icy, thin crystals that were glittering and dispersing in all directions!

Tang Qianhe shrieked and jumped onto the escape capsule. “Lord, wake up now!”

“Kill him!”

Li Yao, Su Changfa, and Kou Ruhuo opened fire at the same time.

Li Yao’s bizarre claw of spiritual energy, Kou Ruhuo’s giant that was made of his Nascent Soul, the hundreds of spiritual puppets under Su Changfa’s control… Thousands of streaks of brilliance darted toward the escape capsule like thousands of vipers!

The cracks on the escape capsule of the Pangu Clan reached the maximum. Finally, it could not bear the bombardment of spiritual energy anymore and exploded!


For a moment, Li Yao felt that the space around the escape capsule was ‘broken’.

Waves ten thousand times stronger than tsunamis were spreading in all directions. All the magical equipment on his crystal suit was blocked. The light beam went blank, and there was nothing but ear-splitting noise in the communication channel. Even the telepathic thoughts that he unleashed were like butterflies in a storm. He felt that the whole world was swirling in front of him, and he could not perceive anything!

When the dizziness gradually alleviated and his crystal suit returned to normal, the last picture that he was able to see was displayed on the twisted light beam!

The escape capsule of the Pangu Clan was shattered into pieces, which were floating in the zero-gravity space, mixed by transparent dews that must have been the energy liquid stored inside the escape capsule earlier.

The member of the Pangu Clan, however, was sitting cross-legged in midair in a solemn posture while making a seal with both hands against his chest. His two fingers were extended out, one pointing the sky and the other pointing at the ground.

Glamorous brilliance was emanating from his armor, too, as if it was being activated!

He was not woken up according to the normal procedure but forced to wake up because of the crazy attack from Li Yao and the rest of them. Therefore, his big, pale face was written with fatigue, and he was not willing to open his eyes for a long time.

However, when his eyelids were truly opened in the end, revealing a pair of eyes that were purely black without pupils, all the three of them were awed by the indifference, graveness, and coldness in the eyes!

“Merciful and almighty Lord, welcome back to the infected universe. Please free us from all the miseries and completely purge the entire world!”

Tang Qianhe’s voice was as calm and soft as before, with barely any inflection.

Even after her true god had arrived, she was showing no sign of delight except raising her lips a few degrees!

Tang Qianhe picked up a cold drug from her Cosmos Ring and drank all of it. Then, she made seals with her hands quickly while she muttered spells.

From every pore on her body, thick, deep-blue fluids that looked like the hibernation energy liquid were leaking out!

The liquids seemed to be alive. Drawing deep blue strokes on her elegant body, they were… dissecting her quickly!

Sacred brilliance and a touching smile appeared on Tang Qianhe’s pretty face that was about to be melted in the blue light. Her eyes full of expectation, she murmured, “Absorb me, Lord, and refill the energy that you have lost during the protracted hibernation. Then, destroy the tyranny of human beings and establish a perfect world where there are no wars, no suffering, no oppression, and no slavery!”