Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Regards From An Immortal Cultivator

Li Yao felt so creeped out that all his nerve endings seemed to be exploding. Tang Qianhe’s enjoyable, hopeful smile on her face was giving him a strong feeling of nausea, too.

Dismembering her body and soul and offering them to the Pangu Clan?

Was… was it really behavior that befitted a ‘human being’?

However, for the Pangu civilization, it seemed to be anything but unusual. Li Yao had once seen the pictures in the primeval memories where the Pangu Clan created flourishing lives. At that time, it was the members of the Pangu Clan who drank thick, black liquids and dissected themselves, allowing their genes to fall into the ocean and evolve into all the other creatures!

Since they did not even hesitate to dissect themselves, it was not hard to guess their attitude toward human beings, which were considered tools. Perhaps, in the concepts of the Pangu civilization, the dissection was not death but immortality in a different form!

But for modern human beings, such ‘immortality’ was simply too hilarious!

No wonder his foster father had said that the Covenant Alliance was ten thousand times more wicked than the Imperium!

No wonder!

“Stop her!” Kou Ruhuo shouted desperately. “After absorbing her, the member of the Pangu Clan will become even more formidable. We are definitely going to be no match for him! If he reactivates the planetary warship, all will be lost!”

Li Yao was greatly alarmed.

The members of the Pangu Clan were not literally ‘gods’ but carbon-based lives that were made of flesh and flood. However brilliant their civilization had once been, one of them could not be too strong!

However, once he completely returned to himself and found a way to activate the planetary warship again, there would certainly be dire consequences!

The homeland of the Imperium might not have been affected immediately because of the billions of lightyears in between, but it would certainly be a world-blighting catastrophe for the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector, which were right next to the place!

Li Yao could not help but envision all the citizens of the Star Glory Federation worshipping the member of the Pangu Clan with a smile resembling that of a retard while they were suppressed by the brilliance of the Path of Ultimate Benevolence. Then, they dissected themselves into the most fundamental energy and provided nutrition for the Pangu Clan.

It was a future that was even more unacceptable than being the Imperium of True Human Beings’ slaves!

“This is not the future!”

With a roar, Li Yao snatched the member of the Pangu Clan who was still in a trance with the bizarre claw of spiritual energy!

Parent civilization?

That’s not a reason to not kill you!

Kou Ruhuo, on the other hand, aimed all the firepower at Tang Qianhe, trying to blow her up before she was devoured by the member of the Pangu Clan.

“The Lord has arrived. Stop your futile struggle and accept the purge. This is your only fate!”

Tang Qianhe’s voice sounded both dull and blurred. After saying that, she leapt toward the member of the Pangu Clan with a smile of relief, dragging her glittering body that was about to melt!

Kou Ruhuo’s thousands of whips of light that were flooding out were about to rip her to shreds, and Li Yao’s bizarre claw of spiritual energy was about to grab the member of the Pangu Clan’s face, when the member of the Pangu Clan opened his lips and uttered a series of deafening, soul-stirring primeval spells!

Every word sounded like a combination of hundreds of syllables, which did not break apart again until they crawled into the heads of the listeners. They turned into golden, shining stripes and tied, confined, and suppressed the listener’s souls!

His voice became louder and louder. Infinite spiritual energy was also being condensed in front of him. With every syllable that he uttered, the most complicated character would pop up in front of him!

The characters were a hundred times more precise than the most sophisticated calligraphy that Li Yao had seen in the memories about the ancient Cultivators forty thousand years ago. They were all made of more than a thousand strokes that were all square and errorless!

The glittering, octagonal spells, after being spoken by the member of the Pangu Clan, immediately extended and expanded, as if they were unfolded from the second dimension to the third dimension. They were upgraded from a plane into a cube of sharp edges that had dense spells on all surfaces.


The cube of spells exploded, blowing out thousands of torrents of particles that pierced the bodies of all three of them!

Li Yao felt the most excruciating pain from his bones, as if thousands of ants were gnawing his heart. The superstring shield outside of his crystal suit was shaking like a candle in a storm. A lot of units in the crystal suit had exploded during the moment. The Rockman was mottled and riddled with holes!

What made him even more uncomfortable was the weird sense of depression flowing out from his cells. It was harassing his every gene strand and urging him to worship and take the orders from the member of the Pangu Clan!

In his trance, the member of the Pangu Clan seemed to have become a true god and the only inviolable dominator in the entire universe!

The primeval spells took effect immediately after they were cast, and the fundamental laws suppressed and stole their souls!


Li Yao’s soul seemed to have been struck by lightning. His every cerebral vessel was leaking blood. He had been blown away almost ten kilometers by the storm of spells, crashing into countless scraps along the way. His back was covered in bruises, and his bones were almost broken!

When he finally stabilized himself again, there were the only last remains of the Rockman on his body. His blood was fleeing from his body quickly in tiny pearls!

His eyes were even dyed in the freshest redness by the blood. Even his pupils were almost entirely melted!

Kou Ruhuo and Su Changfa had been blown away by the storm of spells, too!

The dozens of spiritual puppets that were closest to the member of the Pangu Clan were all spurting out dazzling sparks before they completely went out of control in the cracking explosions.

They were either activating their power rune arrays to the maximum and flying aimlessly like headless flies or floating in the vacuum quietly with their limbs twisted and their light turned off, like the surrounding war debris!

The member of the Pangu Clan took the opportunity to snatch Tang Qianhe!

Tang Qianhe moaned in great satisfaction. Both like a cluster of thick liquids and like a furiously burning torch, she integrated into the brilliance triggered by the gray giant!

For a moment, thunder was echoing from the gray giant’s body. The surface of his armor was brighter and clearer!

He stretched out his arms with a long roar.

The entire escape center was shaking in fear under his roar!

He lowered his head and looked at Li Yao, Kou Ruhuo, and Su Changfa not far away, the three mini creatures who were very similar to himself in appearance but multiple times smaller.

As if not entirely satiated, he extended his enormous hand to the three of them.

The information streams contained in the spells and his matter-of-fact countenance made the three of them immediately understand what he meant.

The member of the Pangu Clan was asking the three of them to jump into his palm promptly and be swallowed by him so that his energy could be refilled.


Kou Ruhuo’s low and crazy laughter echoed in the communication channel.

Before Li Yao and Su Changfa realized what was going, the bald Immortal Cultivator had already lunged toward the gray giant’s huge hand.

“Lord!” Kou Ruhuo’s rough voice was echoing from the broadcast array of the crystal suit. “Please accept the sincerest regards from me, a true human being, to the merciful and almighty Lord!”

He became faster and faster, like a flying sword that was accelerating at the last phase. His voice turned into sharp arrows, marching forward with him. He seemed to be a great army on his own!


Kou Ruhuo burst into laughter as he broke three of the gray giant’s barriers of spells in a row. Waving his right arm, he raised a narrow, long saber and slashed right toward the member of the Pangu Clan’s face.

“F*ck you!”


Kou Ruhuo, who was less than three meters tall even with his crystal suit, was an out-and-out dwarf in front of the member of the Pangu Clan, who was almost twenty meters tall!

However, the saber of the ‘dwarf’, together with the long, scorching aura of the blade, left a dazzling trace on the member of the Pangu Clan’s face!

The Immortal Cultivator’s blade aura crashed into the member of the Pangu Clan’s spiritual shield brutally. In the twisted force fields, both of them seemed to be in the middle of unpredictable alien space!

The attack was condensed by all the spirit of an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage. Although it did not hurt the member of the Pangu Clan’s body, it was a major shock for his soul that had only just woken up.

With an expression of pain on his face, the member of the Pangu Clan bellowed and closed his hands, trying to kill Kou Ruhuo in his palm!

Perhaps Kou Ruhuo could have avoided the attack, but he had focused all his belief, his will, and his soul power on the unstoppable attack in front. He did not bother to evade the dominance of a ‘god’ at all!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Kou Ruhuo’s superstring shield had been activated to the maximum, only to die out in the next half a second. His crystal suit became rife with cracks instantly and fell apart in the next moment!

“Go to hell!” Kou Ruhuo yelled, but he had already crawled out of his crystal suit before the crystal suit was broken!

That was his tactic!

He abandoned the crystal suit and the superstring shield, he abandoned all the defenses, and he abandoned all the opportunities of escape, just so that he could buy himself a gap of 0.1 seconds to leave the trace of a human being on the face of a ‘god’!

“Take a good look at my saber!

“This is the warmest greeting from the Immortal Cultivators, the true human beings, and the Imperium, to b*stards such as you!”

His tall and magnificent body withered to the minimum. Kou Ruhuo seemed to have condensed all his vitality into the most brilliant attack ever. The saber aura was suddenly levels brighter and even eclipsing the spells that the member of the Pangu Clan spurted out!

The gray giant’s spiritual shield was finally cut open by the attack that Kou Ruhuo had traded almost half of his life for like a piece of tofu!

The aura of the saber pierced into the gray giant’s left eye, the feeblest part on any being’s body. A large cluster of thick, black blood immediately burst out!

As it turned out, the Pangu Clan—gods—could bleed, too.

The gray giant was roaring even more ear-splittingly while he shook his head hard, trying to throw Kou Ruhuo away.

Kou Ruhuo took the opportunity to clutch the handle of the saber and moved left and right in order to expand the wound.

The member of the Pangu Clan was almost bending because of the excruciating pain. He extended his hand to the left eye.

Kou Ruhuo had already consumed too much of his spiritual energy when he crashed the sphere barrier with his Nascent Soul. Right after, after sparing nothing and performing the attack that even devils would fear, he was already exhausted.

Faced with the member of the Pangu Clan’s enormous hand, he did not dodge at all but simply grabbed the enemy’s eyelid amid crazy laughter. Then, he opened his mouth and bit it hard!

“You want to eat me? In your dreams!

“Let me taste the flavor of a god first!”