Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 On Fire

Kou Ruhuo’s canine teeth bit into the corner of the member of the Pangu Clan’s eye deeply. He waved his head hard and truly tore off a large piece of flesh together with the skin!

He chewed quickly, swallowing both the meat and the black blood into his stomach, before he put on an expression of disguise and spat out part of the broken meat. “How smelly!”

Every muscle on the face of the member of the Pangu Clan was twitching violently because of the pain, but they could not be frozen into the countenance of fury at all, as if a certain ‘barrier’ that had been installed in his soul was taming his negative emotions. Whenever his negative emotions were flooding out, the barrier would unleash things like ‘electricity’ to suppress his nerves!

His fury was provoked time and time again, only to be contained every time without exception. As a result, his face was extremely twisted, with inhuman gloom on it!

After the large piece of flesh of the member of the Pangu Clan was devoured, the immense spiritual energy contained inside made Kou Ruhuo’s stomach bulge like a balloon. Cracks appeared all over his body, from which fire and smoke were flooding out crazily!

He burst into laughter in the fire, releasing his infinite feelings blatantly!

Joy, anger, sadness, content, despise, pride, affection… The positive ones, the negative ones, the bright ones, the dark ones. All his emotions were breaking out like a torrent!

Kou Ruhuo’s behavior infuriated the member of the Pangu Clan even more.

It was like a man who had lost the sense of smell, taste, and satiation watching somebody else enjoying a delicious meal to their heart’s content.

Li Yao could see a hint of intense jealousy from the eyes of the member of the Pangu Clan.

However, the very next second, ‘jealousy’, as a negative emotion, was shattered into pieces by the lightning deep inside his soul. His eyes turned into two tranquil, black gems again.

It appeared that he was not capable of jealousy and fury at all!

The member of the Pangu Clan opened his hands and slapped his eyes, trying to flatten Kou Ruhuo!

After devouring tremendous flesh, Kou Ruhuo was also dissected like Tang Qianhe. However, his fire of life was a hundred times more violent than Tang Qianhe’s. His high and magnificent Nascent Soul soared up in the fire, which would not be suppressed however hard the member of the Pangu Clan tried. It was spurting out crazily from the gaps of the fingers of the member of the Pangu Clan and burning more and more fiercely, as if a newborn star was melting the member of the Pangu Clan’s face!

“You want to absorb me? Come on! My soul is right here. Why don’t you take it?”

Kou Ruhuo burst out his last roar. The flames of spiritual energy surged out, and his Nascent Soul was expanding crazily. His life and will turned into the most dazzling brilliance and exploded on the member of the Pangu Clan’s face brutally!

The tough Immortal Cultivator had decided to detonate his own Nascent Soul and made his long life blossom for this moment!

A volcano was erupting on the gray giant’s face. Black and red fire was squirting out from the gaps of his fingers that were covering his left eye. He could not stop it however hard he tried!

The red color was the last glamor of Kou Ruhuo’s shining soul.

The black color was the mist of blood when the member of the Pangu Clan’s flesh was vaporized!


With a dull scream, the member of the Pangu Clan staggered in midair, unable to maintain its high and almighty posture from a moment ago!

“Senior Kou…”

Li Yao had never expected that his blood would be boiling and his fighting will would be soaring by the boost of the resolution and toughness of an Immortal Cultivator!

He did not know whether it was because Kou Ruhuo’s suicidal attack significantly diminished the member of the Pangu Clan’s oppression or because his burning fighting will had ripped apart all boundaries that were entangling his gene strands.

But all in all, the member of the Pangu Clan at this moment was no longer as scary as when he had just woken up. His daunting spells turned into dispersing brightness, too, and could not impose any influence on them anymore!

“Fellow Cultivator Li, go now!” Su Changfa shouted. “Kou Ruhuo is dead. I’m heavily wounded. You are merely in the Core Formation Stage, and your crystal suit has been shattered. We are definitely no match for him! While his soul is still in shock, go back to the surface and fully activate the war base. Mobilize more spiritual puppets to deal with him!”

“We go?” Li Yao was grinning so hideously that the redness inside his eyes was almost overflowing and covering his entire face in stripes of blood!


The fire of spiritual energy all over Li Yao’s body soared. Bloody brilliance spurted out of his pores, blowing away whatever left of the Rockman engineering suit!

His magnificent aura and the violent battle hymn that was also boosted to the maximum along with his bloody fighting will cast Su Changfa into bewilderment. He pointed at Li Yao and shouted, “You—”

“Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold!”

Li Yao touched the center of his eyebrow with his index finger and his middle finger on his right hand. His soul power mixed with his spiritual energy flooded out crazily like a long river!

The Cosmos Rings that were hanging in front of his chest a moment ago were surrounding his body like shooting stars!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

One unit after another rushed out of the Cosmos Rings and was affixed to him because of the attachment of the electromagnetic field, gradually displaying the whole appearance of a black crystal suit!

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit at this moment had already been adjusted to the ‘super-heavy firepower mode’. The entire crystal suit was almost three meters long. In front of the broad chest, a crystal cannon that seemed to be made of thousands of stars was floating. The left arm seemed to be condensed by seven interweaving dragons and was significantly thicker than the right arm!


The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold, in the super-heavy firepower mode, had been successfully equipped!

Li Yao’s spiritual energy, which had been enhanced by crystals, produced an immense force field, breaking all the war debris within a hundred meters into metal powder that was rubbing during the high-speed rotation until it was heated into a scorching torrent of particles resembling magma!

Manipulated by his telepathic thoughts, the scorching torrent of particles gradually turned into two wings. An overwhelming falcon seemed to be taking off!

“Kill you while you are ill!”

Li Yao pushed the wings of fire. They melted behind the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold into an enormous ring, from which an exhaust flame several kilometers long was bursting out. Li Yao’s speed was bolstered to the highest in that moment!

While Su Changfa was looking in utmost shock, Li Yao sprinted unstoppably toward the member of the Pangu Clan, who was holding his head in pain!

The member of the Pangu Clan had only just recovered from a hibernation of hundreds of thousands of years. He was not fully recovered in the first place. Although he was charged with Tang Qianhe’s whole spiritual energy, it was not nearly enough to fill the void!

Then, Kou Ruhuo’s suicidal attack of detonating his Nascent Soul had completely broken through his spiritual shield, causing his head to be burnt and blackened!

In excruciating pain, the member of the Pangu Clan’s techniques to draw runes and cast spells were greatly weakened!

He covered his left eye with one hand while he drew a few runes quickly in midair with his other hand. The runes were unfolded from a plane into the three-dimensional space again. Thousands of spells burst out into walls of wall, only to be breached through by the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold directly!

The moment it pierced through the walls of fire, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold turned from black into orange.

It was not hard to guess what a devastatingly high temperature the fire triggered by the member of the Pangu Clan must have been!

However, Li Yao’s speed was not affected in the slightest. Driving the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold that was about to melt, he dashed right up to the member of the Pangu Clan’s face!

The member of the Pangu Clan’s enormous body size was now more of a burden. Now that a human being, which was much smaller in size, approached him, it was very difficult for him to catch the enemy!

It had nothing to do with strength but because of the natural restraint of body size, just like human beings might find it difficult to catch the flies above their head with their bare hands.

To catch the ‘fly’ that was Li Yao, the member of the Pangu Clan had to resort to using both hands. He opened his fingers, which looked like ten giant pillars, limiting Li Yao’s range of activity!

It was exactly the opportunity that Li Yao had been waiting for. He straightened his left arm as if it were a spear before he aimed it at the member of the Pangu Clan’s heavily-wounded left eye. The seven dragons that were entangling his left arm suddenly dispersed, opening a bloody mouth from which bloody brilliance was bursting out!

“Super strengthened! One trillion times! Cell Obliteration Cannon!”

The bloody pillar of light penetrated through the gray giant’s left eyeball and into his brain!

Bloody mists were blowing out of the member of the Pangu Clan’s left eye, left ear, and left nostril. Half of his head was burning fiercely in the fire of blood.

However, his aura was not reduced but boosted. With starry brilliance exploding inside his right arm, he opened his mouth and spat out an arc-shaped light!

Suppressed by the arc-shaped light, Li Yao felt that he had fallen into a deep ocean. His body was immediately stalled. The member of the Pangu Clan’s enormous hand was already extending to his face, but he was unable to move at all!

A sophisticated, primeval rune surfaced on the member of the Pangu Clan’s palm. The rune that was made of almost ten thousand strokes seemed to be an impeccable formula to restrain and activate the spiritual energy that could boost the power of the spiritual energy to the maximum!


The primeval rune was stamped on Li Yao’s body brutally!

The outermost layer of the plate armor on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold immediately turned gray and white. All its vitality was lost, and it was crumbling like sand!

The high-energy particles pierced through Li Yao’s body and blew him more than ten kilometers away!

He seemed to have suffered excessive nuclear radiation. Tremendous cells had withered instantly, and the gene strands in the other cells were falling apart, too.

If it were any other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, the heavy wounds would have made them lose their combat ability entirely!

“He must be burning his life and soul, too!”

Swallowing his blood, Su Changfa shouted, “He needs a good rest now that he has just woken up. Such a way of fighting will damage himself, too! He definitely wouldn’t do it if he had any other choice!”

“Understood!” Li Yao licked his lips and grinned hideously. “So, he is sparing no efforts to deal with us, right? Very well. Then let’s—”


Half way through his sentence, the heavily wounded member of the Pangu Clan roared ear-splittingly, covering half of the escape center in his soaring fire of spiritual energy!

He had originally been around sixteen meters tall, but the bright blue spiritual energy continued expanding and formed another giant almost fifty meters tall behind him!


The giant of spiritual energy covered several kilometers in one step, absorbing all the war debris on its way into its body as bones!

“Let’s do as Senior Su said!” Li Yao turned around and said to Su Changfa, “I think that you were quite right, Senior Su. We should make a strategic adjustment and deal with him using the war base after we return to the surface!”