Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 Draconic Phoenix Activated

Before he even finished his sentence, the giant of spiritual energy had already approached them. The war debris involved in the spiritual energy was built into a whip thousands of meters long and slapped Li Yao and Su Changfa brutally, blowing them away in different directions and separating them!

Su Changfa vomited blood and was almost killed on the spot.

Because of the perilous situation, he had no time to bother with Li Yao’s eccentricity anymore. He released his telepathic thoughts and controlled all the remaining spiritual puppets to attack the member of the Pangu Clan.

The member of the Pangu Clan, who was ‘burning his life and soul’, looked like someone totally different from a moment ago. Golden brilliance was flowing on the surface of his armor, and two golden swords had formed in front of his arms. When they were waved, they would leave traces that could last several seconds in midair. The traces of the sword that were not dispersing interweaved into an impenetrable sword net!

The golden sword net fell upon them overwhelmingly. The spiritual puppets that were caught were all dissected into the tiniest components before they struggled. They were even attached to the brilliance of the sword, making it even more dazzling and huge!


On the other side, Li Yao went through all the trouble to crush the giant of spiritual energy formed by the member of the Pangu Clan, but he was blown away again by the torrent of particles that the giant spurted out at the last moment. His crystal suit was entire broken, and his veins were almost cut into pieces!

Compared to the dead bodies of the Pangu Clan on the ground, the armor of this particular member of the Pangu Clan was more complicated and glamorous, indicating that he might have been an officer or a captain. Now that he was fighting on fire, he was truly like an invincible deity!

Even with hundreds of spiritual puppets, Li Yao and Su Changfa, two super experts in the Nascent Soul Stage, were even not enough to stop him!

What do I do?

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold, which he had worked on for almost half a year, was almost a total-loss after achieving nothing but crippling one of the member of the Pangu Clan’s eyeballs. It was dangling from his body like a dry snake skin.

There was a second Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit inside Li Yao’s Cosmos Ring, but it was just a regular model with specifications far lower than the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Dark Flame Gold’s. It might not even be able to take one of the member of the Pangu Clan’s attacks!

Seeing that Su Changfa’s spiritual puppets were being crushed by the member of the Pangu Clan like ants and that the member of the Pangu Clan’s spiritual energy was burning more and more fiercely, showing no sign of weakening, Li Yao was more than anxious!

At the moment of life and death, his last Cosmos Ring buzzed crazily.

Little Black, which was hiding in the Cosmos Ring, was calling Li Yao!

Somehow, Li Yao suddenly felt that he was being summoned by something behind him.

When he turned around, he found that he had happened to be blown to where Draconic Phoenix, the broken Colossus, was floating. He had just smashed into Draconic Phoenix and even stained the surface of the Colossus with his blood!

Perhaps motivated by the surging spiritual energy from the two parties, and perhaps completely awakened by his blood, Draconic Phoenix had ripples on its surface. The fiery ripples sounded like impatient calling, and even the incomplete wings were slightly unfolded. The metal feathers were rubbing each other, letting out roars of tigers and dragons!

Is this thing…

Li Yao’s heart was pounding as he recalled the scenes that he had seen on the primeval battlefield.

Perhaps, the only thing that could engage in a head-on battle with the member of the Pangu Clan was a Colossus!

However, the Colossus ‘Draconic Phoenix’ was entirely broken on the surface. Both the breastplate and the cap of the cockpit were gone. The right arm, as well as most of the components in the chest on the left side, was missing, too.

But even if it could be activated at all, how would he drive it?


One of the spiritual puppets was crumpled into a burning ball by the member of the Pangu Clan and thrown over like a shooting star, brushing past Li Yao’s skull and exploding not far away into blossoming pieces!

A smoldering scent was immediately spreading out from Li Yao’s head.

As if I have any other choice!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and retrieved Little Black from the Cosmos Ring before he tossed it toward Draconic Phoenix.

“Go now, Little Black. Let’s see what kind of miracle you can create!”

With a cry of joy, Black Wing was tossed into the cockpit of Draconic Phoenix precisely.

Li Yao held his breath and waited for the responses of Black Wing and Draconic Phoenix eagerly.

For a moment, nothing seemed to be happening. Black Wing was simply floating at the center of the open cockpit of Draconic Phenix quietly, revolving.

However, the next moment, Black Wing suddenly expanded after a weird sound!

It was originally a cluster of soft, smooth, elastic, mysterious materials.

But after it expanded, it turned into a black spring that was spurting nonstop. The thick fluids soon occupied the entire cockpit and even extended dozens of black tentacles that zigzagged forward along the joints and the damage of the Colossus, entangling the three remaining limbs of the Colossus!

Sharp black stripes appeared on the crimson plate of the Colossus. Even the two broken wings were now emitting blackness, which added to its aggressiveness and mysteriousness!

Dumbfounded, Li Yao did not realize what was going on yet when almost ten black tentacles suddenly dashed out of the black fluids that filled the cockpit of the Colossus and dragged him into it!

Li Yao felt that he was mired in a black swamp. He could not even see his own fingers, nor could he hear the fierce battle outside.

He found himself in a black space, with lackluster runes flashing in front of his eyes and heavy breathing that sounded like a primeval beast’s echoing near his ears!

“Little Black! Little Black!” Li Yao shouted. However, the black fluids poured into his stomach the moment that he opened his mouth and leaked into his limbs and organs through his lungs and his stomach!

What was odd was that he did not have any foreign body sensation. Instead, he felt that he was melding with the black space!

However, the next second—

Excruciating pain leaked to every nerve ending from his pores, making him scream out loud!

The black space turned into a swirl with an ultra-high attraction force, absorbing all the spiritual energy inside his body and even his soul through the pores. He felt that he was being emptied!

He had experienced a similar sensation when he helped Little Black break the seal last time, but that had been far less dangerous than this time.

Li Yao felt that all his vitality was being drained.

He had not been so fatigued even when he did twenty competitions of beliefs in a row!

Even his Nascent Soul—which condensed all his will, determination, ideology, and belief—was dashing out from his skull because of the immense attraction force!

The Nascent Soul had left the body!

Li Yao was greatly surprised. He did not expect that piloting a Colossus would be so dangerous that even the Nascent Soul was forced to leave the body!

For a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, the Nascent Soul was their everything. Unless they had made up their mind to perish together with the enemy, like Kou Ruhuo did, they would never let their Nascent Soul out of their body to breathe some fresh air!

Only when they had advanced into the Divinity Transformation Stage, when the Nascent Soul would boast certain anti-radiation, anti-interference, and highly-competitive abilities, would they dare set the Nascent Soul free from the body in order to absorb natural spiritual energy or build spiritual domains without concerns of being harmed!

The spiritual and electromagnetic environment in the outside world was so complicated. A Nascent Soul without a shell was like a lantern in a storm. It would be shaking and could perish at any moment!

However, after waiting for three seconds in fear, Li Yao had no feeling of his Nascent Soul being jammed or attacked. It was still enveloping him and seemed to be under the protection of a solid armor that was even nurturing and enhancing it!

The darkness in front of his eyes was gone. He regained his vision and hearing again, which were ten times keener than before!

“Huchi… Huchi… Huchi… Huchi…”

Li Yao could not tell whether it was his own heavy breathing or the roar of the Colossus ‘Draconic Phoenix’ that had slept in dust for hundreds of thousands of years!

Li Yao felt that his every nerve was breaking out of his body and stretching out in all directions, mastering a body that was stronger, bigger, and solider!

The feeling was similar to the experience when he put a crystal suit on for the first time, except that it was a hundred times more gratifying than that time!

When he lowered his head in a daze, Li Yao found that he had an iron body more than ten meters tall.

When he clenched his fists subconsciously, the right hand of the iron body was clenched, too. Screeching sounds of air being highly compressed echoed from the gaps of the fingers before it turned into white smoke and popped up!

Li Yao brought the smoking iron fist to his face. His lips curled into a smile of joy.

So, this is the case.

With Little Black’s help, his Nascent Soul and his original soul had both expanded to the maximum, extending to every unit on Draconic Phoenix.

He and Draconic Phoenix had been melded!

He was the iron giant Draconic Phoenix now!

I understand it now!

Li Yao vaguely felt that he had grasped the mechanism of Colossi.

The super war magical equipment that could be up to a hundred meters tall, essentially speaking, was still a special ‘crystal suit’!

The only difference was that the common crystal suits protected and enhanced the body itself, while the Colossi protected and enhanced the Nascent Soul, the crystallization of a Cultivator’s soul and will!

A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could only perform the strongest strike after employing their Nascent Soul in battle.

However, without protection, a Nascent Soul that was flying randomly was vulnerable to interference and attacks and could be destroyed easily. Such a way of fighting was a suicidal one.

But what if the Nascent Soul was covered in a crystal suit?

What if the damage of the Nascent Soul was significantly increased by tremendous crystal suits and Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures?

That was exactly what Colossi, the super crystal suits designed to power up the Nascent Soul, did!

No wonder only those above the Nascent Soul Stage were qualified to drive a Colossus! No wonder the cockpit of a Colossus was also called the spiritual residence!

In the Cultivation terminology, the spiritual residence, also known as the purple residence, referred to the place where the original soul and the Nascent Soul lived inside a human body in the first place!


Li Yao roared in great satisfaction. He stretched out his arms with Draconic Phoenix. From the metal skull that could not be more twisted, thousands of snakes of fire blew out!