Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 Pestering

“Now is the time!”

Li Yao crushed himself into a cluster before he suddenly exploded like a spring. Draconic Phoenix was like a long-prepared cannonball when it hit the dashboard of the teleportation array brutally!

The force of almost a thousand tons and the spiritual energy from Draconic Phoenix instantly blew the dashboard into smithereens!

The teleportation array ran out of control!

It was Li Yao’s final gamble. He was wagering on the possibility that the member of the Pangu Clan would catch up with him in fury. The best opportunity was seized. When the teleportation array began to collapse, the member of the Pangu Clan had only just extended his head!

As a result, half of the member of the Pangu Clan’s body was teleported to the human being manufacture center while the other half was left in the escape center!

The member of the Pangu Clan was roaring deafeningly. The entire human being manufacture center seemed to be roaring with him.

Many vesicles where human beings were once manufactured fell to the ground!

In his overwhelming wrath, the fire of spiritual energy rotating around the member of the Pangu Clan was suddenly moving faster and supported the teleportation array that was perishing.

He suddenly jerked, plucking most of his body parts from the turbulence of the high-dimensional space!

His right leg was the only thing left in the teleportation array that was continuously collapsing.

The teleportation array completely halted.

An invisible blade of space seemed to have cut off his entire right leg as well as the armor.

The fracture was as smooth as a mirror, with veins, nerves, and bones distributed evenly. It was so clear that it was like a picture. No blood leaked out for a long time!


It was obvious that the member of the Pangu Clan was constricting the muscles and pressing the wound, trying to stop the blood from spurting out.

A large cluster of deep-blue fog of light also surged out of the fracture of the armor and covered the wound. Very soon, it turned into a layer of bright gel.

Although the missing leg did not result in massive blood loss, indescribable pain was still revealed on the member of the Pangu Clan’s face that was as hideous as that of a dinosaur.

One of his legs has been taken care of! Li Yao was both regretful and excited.

What he regretted was, of course, that he failed to rip the member of the Pangu Clan in half with such a great opportunity.

However, the member of the Pangu Clan’s left eye had been blinded, and now his entire right leg, which should be of paramount importance, had been cut off. His movement would definitely be greatly affected!

We must believe in the laws of nature!

The more life-blighting the situation was, the calmer and clearer Li Yao’s head got.

The universe was not a place where the larger one’s body size was, the better!

A larger body size, naturally, meant a more awesome appearance and a bigger storage of spiritual energy and materials. But at the same time, the body would be bound by greater gravity force, which could be a heavy burden on the bones, flesh, and internal organs!

It was especially so on a planetary warship such as ‘Kunlun’, whose gravity was ten times the standard gravity because of the tremendous unique metals on it!

By the law of the evolution of creatures, the higher a planet’s gravity was, the smaller the creatures produced by nature should be.

Otherwise, they would have to grow tougher bones and more tensile skin to resist the gravity, which would consume too much energy. Chances were that the large creatures would not be able to accumulate enough nutrition for such a body size even if they were taking in food twenty-four hours a day.

Therefore, intelligent creatures with a super large body size on a planet with strong gravity was a phenomenon in violation of natural laws.

Li Yao estimated that the member of the Pangu Clan, or most of the members of the Pangu Clan, should have been living on planets with weaker gravity at first.

Only with a lower gravity, or huge buoyancy, could such a large body be supported.

After they evolved to the point where they boasted the ability to cruise through the universe, the body size was no longer an important issue, partly because they were not restrained by gravity in the universe, and partly because they had certainly grasped the technology to build different gravity fields.

In order to grow more veins, thicker spiritual roots, and bigger second brains inside their bodies, they would likely aim to be even larger.

However, on some of the planets with high gravity, such as the main planet of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and that of the Blood Demon Sector, such a behemothic body was definitely not the most suitable size!

The ‘escape center’ was a space of zero gravity. Therefore, no difference could be felt. However, after they were teleported to the human being manufacture center, the strong gravity immediately pressed on both parties like an invisible mountain!

Hardly had the member of the Pangu Clan woken up when one of his eyes was blown apart and one of his legs got cut off. Now, he was also shouldering ten times the standard gravity, which far exceeded the limitations of the body. Creaking noises were immediately echoing from the armor, and spluttering explosions were taking place on various joints. He was immediately slowed down.

Draconic Phoenix’s body size was also enormous, but it was made of super metals after all and boasted a natural advantage against the high gravity!

He is indeed affected by the ultra-high gravity!

Li Yao was overjoyed, if not somewhat puzzled.

Odd. ‘Kunlun’ was a planetary warship of the Pangu civilization. Why is the gravity in this place so high that it is even unsuitable for the Pangu Clan to move around?

He thought quickly and immediately understood the reason.

I’m a fool. There must’ve been a certain piece of super large magical equipment acting as a pivot to control the gravity deep inside Kunlun so that the gravity that suited the Pangu Clan could be maintained.

However, after hundreds of thousands of years, it must’ve broken down. So, the high-gravity environment in the natural state has been restored!

Or rather, it’s also very possible that when the Nuwa Clan led the attack with human beings, they destroyed the artificial gravity devices at the earliest opportunity and turned the place into a ‘home field’ where human beings were at an advantage!

When a species of a smaller size and a lower mass had a head-on competition on a battlefield with gravity with another species that was made of behemoths of enormous masses, finding a way to significantly improve the gravity would definitely be a tactic that yielded the greatest returns with the lowest cost.

Chances were that, if the gravity was adjusted to dozens of times the usual, the fight would no longer be necessary because the enemy would be crushed by their own weight.

Even though the Pangu Clan had grasped certain techniques to resist gravity, performing them would still consume tremendous spiritual energy and add to the load of their brain cells. They would not be able to fight as long as usual!

Human beings are definitely not worthless compared to the Pangu Clan!

Chances are that the Pangu civilization created human beings, which were smaller and lighter with themselves as the template, for the purpose of developing the ‘high-gravity worlds’ that were unsuitable for their survival!

In a high-gravity environment, we are the real ‘kings’!

I was too hasty a moment ago. I should fight a war of attrition!

He has only just woken up from a prolonged hibernation. The storage of spiritual energy inside his body must be highly insufficient, and the functions of his organs can’t have entirely recovered. He is definitely in no condition for a fierce battle right now!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have initiated the metamorphosis only at the last moment when he couldn’t hold back his fury anymore!

The forced metamorphosis must’ve caused irreversible heavy wounds to his body. The spiritual energy inside his body is too inadequate to sustain such a state for long, too!

It is needless to say that he will be wasting a lot of spiritual energy to resist the stronger gravity that even I feel quite uncomfortable in!

Despite his intimidating aura, as long as we dawdle on and continue the fight, his spiritual energy will certainly be exhausted faster than mine. By then, chances are that he will be crushed by his own weight!

Thousands of thoughts flashed inside Li Yao’s heart as the same time as he came up with a harassing battle plan.


A brutal and mysterious purple fire was running toward him.

He seemed to have neglected something. Although the right leg of the gray giant was broken, he still had a bizarre tail that was even thicker than the right leg!

The bizarre tail slapped toward Li Yao brutally with a thunderous whip-like sound.

Before the tail reached him, a glamorous purple fire suddenly spurted out of the hollow ‘sting’ at the end of the tail, lunging toward Li Yao like a raging fiend!

At the critical moment, Li Yao’s head was clear enough for him to realize that the purple fire would catch up to him whichever direction he dodged in.

Judging from the vague and unpredictable form of the purple fire, and the fuzzy effect that resembled a cloud when it touched the air around, Li Yao could easily tell that it was not a normal heat reaction.

It was certainly an eccentric fire that was caused by a chain reaction of high-energy particles!

With a bellow, Li Yao marched forward instead of retreating and attacked the abdomen of the member of the Pangu Clan!


He was hit brutally by the middle part of the member of the Pangu Clan’s tail and felt the excruciating pain that was swallowing him like a tide again. The world in front of him was turning black and white.

But he was fortunate enough to have evaded the scourge of the fatal purple fire at the end of the tail!

The purple fire missed the target and dissipated in midair. Some of the parts fell to the ground, only to melt many giant pits that were too deep to measure in the hard floor!

Utterly scared, Li Yao quickly jumped away with the counterforce of the member of the Pangu Clan’s bizarre tail!

When they entered the ‘escape center’ for exploration, Su Changfa had been prudent enough to deploy a defense bastion and a few hundred spiritual puppets next to the teleportation array.

At this moment, the spiritual puppets were all jumping toward the member of the Pangu Clan, unwavering even if they were burnt into slag in the purple fire!

While the member of the Pangu Clan was blocked by the spiritual puppets, Li Yao struggled to his feet and hurried to run away with Su Changfa in panic!

Hardly had they dashed through the narrow gap at the entrance of the human being manufacture center when they sensed violent spiritual waves coming at them!

The member of the Pangu Clan had burnt away all the spiritual puppets so quickly!

“What do we do?” Su Changfa shouted. “The spiritual puppets’ attacks are meaningless to him!”

“They definitely aren’t. It just takes time for them to take effect. I don’t believe that there are unkillable creatures in the world!” Li Yao spat. If the Pangu Clan was truly invincible, they would not have lost the primeval war! There was no reason the offspring could not achieve what their ancestors had achieved hundreds of thousands of years ago!

He suddenly thought of something. “Senior Su, when we were on our way here, you mentioned that we were probably crawling in through the jet tube of a super power rune array, and because the super power rune array had been damaged, it was leaking spiritual energy all the time. As a result, the intensity of spiritual energy in the tube is almost a hundred times greater than normal, right?

“You also said that we couldn’t go down any further because we might trigger an explosion in the highly-intense spiritual energy, right?”