Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Project Mystic Skeleton

Li Yao seriously said as he thought of this:

"A Nascent Soul Stage devil could perhaps win a fight or even a battle."

"But, just a few Nascent Soul Stage devils could never decisively win a war."

"The Federation is not at all lacking in battle-type Nascent Soul Stage devils and neither are they lacking masterwork weapons, yet why don't they dare to charge into the Blood Demon Sector and ravage the demon clan's nest?"

"Is it not because there are too many low-level demon beasts residing in the Blood Demon Sector to the point that it is impossible for the Nascent Soul Stage devils to withstand their never-ending siege?"

"In my opinion, instead of consuming a lot of resources to refine one or two masterworks weapon for the Nascent Soul Stage devils, it would be better to refine many simple and reliable magical equipment for the ordinary soldiers and low-level cultivators. At that time, an army of thousands upon thousands of soldiers, perhaps even 'a hundred million' soldiers, could suppress anyone or anything in their path. Any demon king or demon general will be pummeled into their graves!"

"Everyone, please don't lose your heart. If we work together, then maybe someday, the grassroots could become the mainstream in the refiners' community. We could become highly respected professors!"

Li Yao chuckled as he pointed at the horizon and said, "Look, the members of the Starfire Union are here!"

Everyone turned their gaze towards the horizon as a huge, round flying shuttle flying in the clear blue sky appeared in their vision.

Its towering pitch black hull along with two wide and flat stabilizers that spread open on both its sides made it look like a big, ugly turtle.

"Is that a Turtle Car?"

Even Li Yao stood in a daze.

This Turtle Car was a big flying shuttle that was manufactured two centuries ago, and the sect which designed this model was a small, unknown sect. They had never experienced manufacturing a flying shuttle, let alone a large-scale flying shuttle that could carry over a hundred passengers.

Because they were unable to resolve the issues in some of the most crucial components, the flying shuttle that came out, in the end, looked very ugly, especially because the two stabilizers on both of its sides, which were added to resolve the stability issue, very much resembled the four feet of a turtle.

Looking from afar, it gave the impression of a giant turtle crawling in the sky.

Because of this, the flying shuttle had been named "Turtle Car".

The Turtle Car, in the history of flying shuttles, was a classic. Because its shape was truly horrible, in countless textbooks, it had become a negative example. Li Yao had seen it in many textbooks and classic car magazines; however, this was the first time he had laid his eyes upon the real thing.

He felt that it wasuglier than he had even imagined!

This Turtle Car had a history of almost 200 years and seemed as if it would fall apart at any moment. When it flew over everyone's head, everyone came to hear a "creak creak" noises, making everyone feel that it would fall apart into its basic components at a moments notice.


The Turtle Car made a fart-like sound as it spurted a mass of white mist from underneath before slowly landing on the ground.

The "turtle shell" on both sides of the Turtle Car opened as a middle-aged woman, who was glowing with health, puffed up with arrogance, and carried a large flag, jumped down.

"Hello everyone, I am Yuan Manqiu, the associate professor of the Refining Department and also the instructor of the Starfire Union. From now on, everyone is a member of Starfire Union. Come on, welcome them, you, little bunnies. QUICKLY COME DOWN AND LINE UP TO WELCOME THEM!"

Yuan Manqiu, with one arm over her waist, while the other pointed inside the Turtle Car, yelled.

A dozen older students, who had a drowsy look and appeared like wraiths, walked out of the Turtle Car in single file as they lazily formed two rows and applauded without any ounce of sincerity:

"Welcome, everyone."

Someone at the back of the row also whispered, "Welcome to the abyss of suffering!"

Yuan Manqiu had sharp ears. Once she heard this, her huge, two hundred kilogram figure that was akin to a meatball went around the second row, grabbed the ear of an older student, and angrily shouted, "Do you want to die!? Don't just blurt out the truth!"

Li Yao was left completely dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes and carefully looked at the flag that was carried by Yuan Manqiu on her shoulder.

The flag had a fiery red background with a burning crystal gear at the center. It was clearly the battle flag of the "Starfire Union", the student union of Refining Department.

Could these people who didn't know how to stand and sit properlythese miserable people who dont resemble people, ghosts who dont resemble ghostsbe their senior brothers? They were truly far away from the norm!?

And then, there was their instructor, who was so fat that even her neck wasn't visible and wore a flaming, bright-colored robe. Pulling on the ear of the older student, her spittle flew as she swore. She was spirited to the extreme.

She was actually an associate professor of the Refining Department? Was she a Master Refiner?

Refiners were people who were obsessed with skills and never paid much attention to their appearance. For example, Ding Yin was a simple, bald middle-aged man.

However, their temperament was still very refined. They rarely opened their mouth, but once they do, one would only hear the deepest of knowledge coming out from their mouth.

How could this two hundred kilogram weighing middle-aged woman be a master refiner? From head to toe, she didn't have the bearing of a master refiner; she was rather like the rudest and most unreasonable butcher in a flea market.

"See? Associate Professor Yuan Manqiu is the head of our departments, Professor Mo Xuan's, wife. Rumour has it that a couple decades ago, she was the most outstanding graduate of Deep Sea University's Refining Department and was also the beauty of Deep Sea University's Refining Department who was hailed as the 'Deep Sea Goddess'."

Huang Tong's voice came from behind.

"What? She was the beauty of Deep Sea University's Refining Department, the Deep Sea Goddess?"

Li Yao's jaw dropped in surprise.

"That's right. Now, can you see how the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department destroys people? Even the 'Deep Sea Goddess' has been reduced to this. Once we freshmen join the Starfire Union, it would not even take us half a year before we would look the same as our senior brothers. We too would look like people who don't look like people, ghosts that don't resemble ghosts. That's why you better think about it again and change departments together with us!"

Huang Tong kindly said.

The appearance of Yuan Manqiu and their senior brothers made everyone's morale, which had already hit rock bottom, suddenly reach a negative number. Several freshmen looked at each other as a thought to withdraw from the institute and retake the exam hit their head.

Yuan Manqiu had also discovered that the atmosphere was a little strange. The fat on her sides trembled as she ruthlessly kicked the ass of the older student who had said "welcome to the abyss of suffering". Putting a brilliant smile on her face as her facial features overlapped with each other in happiness, she walked toward the front in large strides before giving a bear hug to Li Yao.

No, no, no, it was not a bear hug. Li Yao was completely suppressed under the mountain of flesh and did not even have enough space to breathe.

"Welcome, Student Li Yao! We have made you wait!"

Yuan Manqiu was a Building Foundation Stage cultivator. Although she was not a battle-type cultivator, her vigorous spiritual energy was not something that Li Yao, who was at the 1st level of the Refinement Stage, could contend with. As if she were grabbing a chicken by the neck, she pulled Li Yao forward as she tried to cheer up several freshmen."

"It seems that everyone is not excited. In fact, you all are somewhat unwilling and reluctant. Not only do you not have confidence in our Refining Department, but you also feel that the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department is completely rotten, that you would not learn anything here, and that there is no future, right?"

"Wrong! You are completely wrong!"

Yuan Manqiu shook Li Yao with force as she continued, "Everyone, please look at him. Student Li Yao is the College Entrance Examination Champion in Floating Spear City, which is an important cultivation city of the federation. Moreover, he has also awakened his spiritual root before even stepping into the campus and had already become a powerful cultivator!"

"Such a super fierce person had even chosen our Refining Department. There must definitely be something here or do you think that he was impulsive, that he had lost his mind?"

'If you shake me again, I will definitely lose my mind!' Li Yao felt like weeping but had no tears.

Yuan Manqiu, with a beaming look, continued to try boosting the morale:

"Let me tell you! Student Li Yao did not just apply to our Refining Department, but he had also refused the invitation of Deep Sea University's Refining Department in public and even openly and honestly issued a challenge to Deep Sea University's Refining Department, saying that one day, he would seize the golden sign of 'Holy Land of Refiners' from them and hang it on our Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department!"

"What do you think? Isn't it hot-blooded? Isn't it heroic? Isn't it passionate? Since everyone is fellow students, why isn't your hot-blood seething like your Fellow Student Li Yao? Why is your morale not as high as his?"

Not only did this statement not play any effect of cheering, but on the contrary, it had a side effect. All the freshmen let out a "wow", and when they looked at Li Yao, the look in their eyes was as if they were looking at a madman.

"I did not hear it wrong, right? He wants to challenge Deep Sea University's Refining Department and seize the title of 'Holy Land of Refiners'?"

"He is joking, right?"

"So he was a little madman. I say, how can a normal person take the initiative to apply for the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department?"

"For the next couple of years, it is going to be lively. Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department has Mad Mo, then there is also a madwoman, and now a little madman has also appeared. So many insane people gathered at one place is simply not fit for us normal people!"

Li Yao's face had turned very red, as if he was a crab who was being cooked: "Professor Yuan..."

Yuan Manqiu gave him a stare: "Don't feel embarrassed. Since you had the courage to speak your dream out loud, you should not be afraid of others laughing at your dreams!"

"I am not embarrassed. Can you please let me down first? My feet are off the ground."

"Oh! I am sorry, Student Li Yao. I was just too excited. You should know that Old Mo and I have been waiting for a good seedling like you, one who has talent in refining, for many years. You don't need to worry. As long as you are willing to learn, Old Mo and I will certainly teach you everything that we have learned in our lives. The grassroots are truly lacking a new person like you!"

Yuan Manqiu said with great emotions.

"As for you lot..."

Yuan Manqiu swept a glance at the lifeless freshmen as she pursed her lips: "Wait for me to tell you all about the complete 'Project Mystic Skeleton' to you. You will then discover that you have made the best choice in your life. At that time, you would rather cut off your legs than to leave the Refining Department!"

"What's Project Mystic Skeleton?"

All the freshmen raised their eyebrows. Although they did not understand, it sounded very powerful.

Yuan Manqiu blinked her eyes and said mysteriously:

"Why do you think we came so late? Why do you think that these little kittens are so dispirited, as if they had not slept for three straight days and three straight nights?"

"It was because all 577 professors and students of the Refining Department had all disregarded their meals and sleep for Project Mystic Skeleton, to the point that even extending their hand to welcome you all has become extremely difficult!"

"Once Project Mystic Skeleton is successful, it would certainly raise a revolutionary storm in the industry. By then, our department will become one of the strongest Refining Departments in the federation. Even if we can not rival Deep Sea University's Refining Department, at the very least, we will be a level higher than Star Nebula University's Refining Department!"

"You are not just boasting, right? Is it so formidable!?" All the freshmen had been incited by Yuan Manqiu. She had inspired a trace of morale.

"What exactly is Project Mystic Skeleton? Is it refining a powerful magical equipment?"

Huang Tong asked.

Yuan Manqiu smiled: "First... get on the car. I will tell you in the car!"

"On the car! Everyone, lets get in the car!"

"Come on, I truly can not withdraw from the institute. I dont want to leave and retake the exam. How can I live the life of those damn repeaters?

"Anyway, let's first go take a look. If it is no good, we can think of some way again. If Project Mystic Skeleton is, in one in million chance, truly as formidable as Professor Yuan had said, then we have picked up a treasure!"