Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 Great Leap

“Sister Long, here, here!”

Long Yunxin, the youngest mentor of the Refining Department of Flying Star University, had only just arrived at the entrance of the park with the hundred most distinguished students of her apartment when she saw Xie Anan, her confidante who had been a friend to her since childhood, jumping up and down, waving her hands at them.

After being away for more than five years, the little girl who always followed her had grown much more mature. She was almost like a charming and lovely woman now.

However, her round, red face that looked like a ripe apple was exactly like before. If she made her hair into a cute ponytail, chances were that she would still be mistaken for a college student!

But one should never judge anyone based on their appearance. Long Yunxin knew for a fact that the little girl, who appeared to be a bit silly before and was merely spoiled by everyone as a precious darling, had made astonishing progress after learning under the legendary master of refining ‘Fiend Star Li Yao’.

Xie Anan’s arts of refining had already been acknowledged as expert-level. In good time, it was possible that she would indeed grow into a grandmaster to everybody’s surprise!

Who could’ve seen this coming? Long Yunxin secret observed with mixed feelings. She had not figured out even to this moment what about Xie Anan caught Li Yao’s attention and made him decide to recruit her as a disciple.

Speaking of which, when Li Yao entered the circle of refiners in the Flying Star Sector, it was Long Yunxin who had made his acquittance first.

Long Yunxin had even taken Li Yao to a Sword Tasting Get-together. They had competed in the Skyhill Sword Seminar!

Later, when Long Yunxin was teaching in the Refining Department of Flying Star Universe, Li Yao had spent around half a year in Flying Star Universe as a ‘visiting scholar’, too. The two of them had been in a close relationship.

Long Yunxin had been rather fond of Li Yao, who had still been concealing his identity back then. She had even subtly expressed her feelings for him.

But as a result, Li Yao had refused her in a rather… perverted way.

Ever since then, whenever the name of Li Yao was mentioned, Long Yunxin’s teeth would clatter in fury, and she was often so embarrassed that she almost wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in it.

Because of the incident, she was even too ashamed to contact her good friend Xia Anan who happened to be an eye-witness of the awkward dinner.

However, time was the best healer for everything, and that event had been a long time ago.

It had been almost ten years since the riot of the Immortal Cultivators in the Flying Star Sector and six years since the great plague in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the rebellion of the Patriots Partnership in the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Five years had already passed since Kunlun was first visited by human beings and the relics of the Pangu civilization had been found!

For everyone in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector, history seemed to be a boat that had suddenly marched into a narrow, ragged valley with surging waves after passing through a broad, peaceful river slowly. The reforms over the past five years were perhaps more epic than the changes in the five hundred years before that!

Civilizations originated from communication. With the integration of the technology, techniques, wisdom, and history, and with the primeval magical equipment, spiritual stripes, and spells that were transported to the three Sectors from Kunlun, countless new concepts, new findings, and new organizations were popping up like mushrooms after a rain, making everybody feel dazzled.

Even the most remote towns in the three Sectors were witnessing changes on a daily basis and would be utterly reshaped every three to five months, not to mention the glorious city that was a center of the three Sectors now.

Everybody had been ushered into an exciting era of great leaps!

For a refiner such as Long Yunxin, it was certainly extremely fortunate to live in such a revolutionary age.

Take their trip for example. Five years ago, the Heaven’s Artillery and the Cosmic Slingshot were the only vehicles between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector. Better communication could only be conducted through large starships that boasted super long-distance space jump abilities such as Burning Prairie. The cost to ship personnel and resources was extremely high. A journey between Sectors was beyond the dreams of most people.

However, in the past five years, the star beacons between the two worlds had become larger and larger, with ever-greater precision. Some point-to-point space gates had been established, too, significantly reducing the cost of the journey.

As a result, a common refiner such as Long Yunxin, together with almost a hundred college students in her department, was already able to jump from the Flying Star Sector to the Heaven’s Origin Sector to study or travel on medium-sized starships!

Long Yunxin and her students were just part of the enormous delegation that the Flying Star Sector sent out.

They were there for the first Three-World Magical Equipment Exposition!

The Magical Equipment Exposition was a traditional event of the Star Glory Federation, where the cutting-edge magical equipment of the entire federation would be exhibited.

After the preliminary integration of the three Sectors, many products were developed by the teams made of specialists from multiple worlds.

The great development on Kunlun, the relic of the Pangu civilization, could not have been accomplished without the collective effort of the three Sectors.

In the great development that was as long as five years, the development teams made of historians, archeologists, refiners, and specialists of various other trades ran into all kinds of difficulties, impediments, and uncanny phenomena in the depths of Kunlun. Many had even sacrificed themselves inside!

Right now, the first five-year plan of the development on Kunlun had finally been concluded.

In the Three-World Magical Equipment Exposition, their most advanced products developed over the past five years would be displayed together, laying a solid materialistic foundation for the formal establishment of the New Federation later.

Long Yunxin and Xie Anan hugged each other tightly.

The two of them shouted and laughed like two teenage girls, as if they were back to their carefree childhood again.

Long Yunxin was a refiner after all. Knowing that the ultimate treasures excavated from the relics of the Pangu civilization were right inside the park, she felt that dozens of kitties were scratching her heart and simply could not hold it any longer.

After talking and laughing for a while, she immediately held Xie Anan’s hand and went into the park to visit.

As one of the two best colleges in the Flying Star Sector, the Flying Star Sector naturally had its own booth in the Magical Equipment Exposition.

However, Long Yunxin knew every detail of the magical equipment developed by Flying Star University.

She knew that Xie Anan, as Fiend Star Li Yao’s disciple, had been working on cutting-edge magical equipment in the past few years. Therefore, she would know what magical equipment was worth appreciating and even the functioning mechanism and key mysteries behind the products.

It would not be wrong to ask her to be a tour guide. Chances were that they would be even able to see some good stuff that the regular tourists would not see!

“Everyone, please follow me!”

Xie Anan welcomed the dazzled college students warmly.

The adolescents who were in their twenties at best had not entirely recovered from their first space jump across Sectors yet. Their feet were unstable when they were simply walking.

They had been born and raised in a civilization of starships where the room of the living environment was limited. Even the splendid Heavenly Saints City was essentially a larger iron shell, formed by hundreds of starships.

This was the first step that they had ever taken on the real ground of a habitable planet.

Every blade of grass and tree of the Heaven’s Origin Sector was fresh to them, and they were amazed by the smallest facts such as the rising sun, the falling moon, and even a bird that was flying in the sky.

Xie Anan was from Flying Star University, too. Those little guys were all her junior brothers and sisters. She understood their feelings quite well and simply waited nearby with a smile.

In the end, it was Long Yunxin who felt embarrassed and urged everybody to move forward.

The unprecedented Magical Equipment Exposition, as well as the following meetings of magical equipment deals and research projects, would last three months.

The duration was also meant to spread out the tide of tourists who were crowding toward the event.

Even so, the park was still packed with people. Not only was the ground entirely occupied, even the sky, which had been divided into dozens of levels of transportation zones according to different altitudes, was crammed with the tourists who were driving their shuttles and visiting carts.

“Wow. Look over there. A floating mountain has been refined into the appearance of a resource planet. It is floating in midair, displaying a model of an automatic mining base!”

“The thing behind it, is it a legendary Colossus? It is said that all the debris we gathered on Kunlun after five years was only enough to be assembled into three Colossi!”

“Huh. Are the few guys there demons? Their wings are so beautiful. Like dragonflies!”

After they entered the park, not just the students, even Long Yunxin herself felt that her eyes were not enough. However hard she pretended to be cool, her eyes were still shuddering beyond her control. Excitement and confusion were replacing each other on their faces.

Such an expression was maximized when they arrived at the center of the main square of the park.

The center of the main square was a statue of light and shadow.

It looked like both a never-dying spring and a blossoming lotus flower. Observed from every perspective, it would reflect more than ten thousand colors in different shades. Every wave was calculated randomly and would not repeat however long the statue was observed. Anyone who cast their eyes on it would be fascinated and never grow tired.

On every drop of spring water, or on every petal, translucent names of magical equipment, techniques and technologies and their brief introductions were dangling down. As long as the visitors touched them softly, they would be able to read detailed introductions.

“The Colossi and related techniques and technologies.”

“Star fortress and related techniques and technologies.”

“Magical equipment related to superconductivity…”

“Magical equipment related to the super heat-proof metal materials…”

It was an intricate list of all the items exhibited in the Magical Equipment Exposition. It was sort of a special ‘tour map’. If the visitors were interested in any particular magical equipment, they could go to the corresponding zone to appreciate it according to the map.

What Long Yunxin was interested in, however, was the spectacular statue itself.

She extended her finger and touched the ‘petal’ softly.

The warm feeling and the elastic feedback told her that the colorful statue was not illusionary light and shadow but made of spiritual energy!

“You have made such breakthroughs in the ‘superstring theory’ that you can cover the spiritual energy with light membrane and twist it into such a delicate form through the force field?” Long Yunxin exclaimed in disbelief.