Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 Dazzled

As a refiner, Long Yunxin clearly understood that, although it was not difficult to condense spiritual energy, there were too many theoretical and technological obstacles to conquer to control the intensity, form, and every other detail of spiritual energy to ‘morph’ it into a vivid appearance!

Only with a profound understanding in the superstring theory and even the ‘membrane theory’ could everything have become reality!

Although it was just a beautiful and yet harmless spring that was exhibited here and now, Long Yunxin was quite clear how amazing a role such technology could play in the industrial field and the wars.

In short, when Cultivators were able to reshape spiritual energy freely, they would be able to trigger superstring shields that were more apt for their body figure and had a higher defense ability. They would also be allowed to fold and knit ‘spiritual threads’ into circuits through which tremendous information could be instantly transmitted. Also, minimal spiritual energy could be used to construct a super large spiritual shield that could protect a starship or even a city!

It was definitely a groundbreaking breakthrough. Long Yunxin did not expect that it could be completed in only five years!

If such a technique was applied on a large scale to every crystal suit and every starship, the capability of the three Sectors would definitely soar!

“Sister Long, your eyes are indeed keen!” Xie Anan smiled and said, “Since we received the Immortal Cultivators’ crystal suits five years ago, we have been studying their superstring shield generators. Based on that, we have established our own superstring theory and membrane theory systems!

“However, our reserve in that regard is insufficient after all. For now, we are only able to make simple duplications. The fundamental mechanisms are still a mystery to us!

“But it doesn’t matter. We still have a hundred years to catch up with the Imperium and the Covenant Alliance! In these hundred years, you, me, and all the junior brothers and sisters here must work hard and try our best!”

Xie Anan’s words, as well as the list of magical equipment and techniques dangling on the spring of spiritual energy, ignited the eyes of the college students from the Flying Star Sector like sparks.

All of them felt that their mouths were dry and their blood was boiling.

Time was waiting for nobody. Every second had to be seized!

Xie Anan and Long Yunxin tapped on the spring of spiritual energy softly and selected the route for the first day.

What they paid most attention to was, of course, the magical equipment related to the mining industry on the resource planets.

As a world with multiple space zones, the Flying Star Sector boasted a vast territory and many planets that were resourceful but had a harsh environment.

How to develop the resources on the planets in the most cost-efficient and the safest way was the greatest problem haunting every Cultivator of the Flying Star Sector.

The Gallery of Resource Collection Magical Equipment, deployed in the open air, was certainly one of the most attractive galleries in the entire Magical Equipment Exposition.

The organizer had made a ‘resource planet model’, which was more than three meters in diameter, float in midair with anti-gravity rune arrays.

On the ‘resource planet’, there were all kinds of mini mines, wells, and mining bases. Mining magical equipment that looked like ants and could only be seen clearly with magnifying lens was busy working, too.

What attracted the college students most was a walking mining base that looked like a ‘turtle’ and ‘miners’ that looked like metal spiders around the turtle.

It could be seen that the metal spiders were sending ‘minerals’ the size of millet into the turtle’s abdomen before colorful spiritual energy spurted out of the turtle’s back. Very soon, the turtle shell glided to two sides, and more metal spiders crawled out, joining the army of miners!

“Such a walking mining base has been developed on our own, based on part of the technologies of the war base of the Imperium of True Human Beings.”

With her head held high, Xie Anan explained proudly, “Because super long-distance space jump is not a requirement for us, and we don’t need to realize one hundred percent automation or add too many attack and defense modules, the design is much easier!

“What you see here is just a model. The real experiment models have been delivered to the depths of the Flying Star Sector and started working!

“Once the experiments succeed, the automatic collection and purification center and the mining spiders will be the best assistants for the demon miners and help them significantly improve the efficiency of mining!”

All the college students were greatly amazed. Like other tourists, they flew into the air on the floating discs and observed the resource planet model at a close distance. Some of them even waited in long lines to try maneuvering the mining spiders in person on the virtual control panel.

After enjoying it for two hours, they finally moved on to the next gallery, not entirely satisfied.

The next gallery, in comparison, looked like a huge toy store, with colorful toy models everywhere, including starships, shuttles, crystal suits, and even Colossi, which were quite a hit in the three Sectors. All of them were placed on the shelves randomly for the tourists to play with.

It was a paradise for the kids. Many of them would not walk anymore after they reach this place. They waved the toy models while mimicking the sounds, playing with each other, and having great fun.

A vague fragrance was spreading in the air, and some of the toy models were still somewhat hot, suggesting that they were all newly made.

Right next to the zone of the toy models were dozens of huge, cubic utensils made of tempered glass, with interconnecting metal tubes inside that were moving agile through the spindles.

Those metal tubes looked like long flutes, with tiny holes scattered on them.

The tiniest ‘threads’ occasionally spurted out of the holes. Heated by the fire of spiritual energy, the ‘threads’ were melted into different components before they were slightly cooled down and tossed out from the discharge hole in the lower part.

Long Yunxin picked up a component and touched it. She felt that it was not metal but quite smooth and light. It was so delicately and strictly produced that there was not the slightest error in every curve and every angle!

“This is amazing!” Long Yunxin was aware that such a ‘Twelve-Curved-Surfaced Irregular Component’ was extremely difficult to produce. Through traditional cutting method, it would take half a day to make one even for the most experiment refiners. Not only would the work waste time and efforts, the defective fraction was also extremely high. Every one to two products out of ten would be faulty ones that must be abandoned.

However, just now, this weird magical equipment had produced one in less than five minutes!

Long Yunxin did not find any refiner near the magical equipment. The dozens of pieces of magical equipment there were all controlled by crystal processors in the most standard assembly-line work.

She did not feel the intense spiritual waves that were a sign of the traditional furnaces, either. The brand-new magical equipment was terribly quiet!

Pondering for a moment, Long Yunxin widened her beautiful eyes and stammered, “Is this the 3D printing technique?”

“Exactly!” Xie Anan replied with a smile. “This is also a technology parsed from the Immortal Cultivators’ war base. With part of the knowledge that we retrieved from the relics of the Pangu civilization, we have managed to overcome the difficulties of 3D printing!

“Such a technology has significantly reduced the difficulty of producing the components of super complicated magical equipment. It also allows us to test the appearance and form of new components freely on crystal processors. We will be able to ‘print’ materials that are lighter as replacements for the traditional clumsy alloy materials!

“We have tested the components produced through the ‘3D printing’ technology on some crystal suits. Without reducing their defense ability, the crystal suits that adopted 3D printed plate armor were seven percent lighter than before, which means a significant improvement in combat ability and production time!

“One day, if we are going to cruise in space to explore new worlds, such technology will be of paramount importance!

“There is only limited space on a starship. It is impossible to bring infinite magical equipment and refining facilities onto it. Also, the environment deep inside the universe is too unpredictable. There’s no telling what magical equipment will come in handy.

“Therefore, it will be a major headache to decide what magical equipment to bring and what to abandon!

“But the problem will mostly be solved with the new facilities that have adopted the 3D printing technology.

“With a 3D printer, as long as the production procedures are stored inside the crystal processors, fundamental magical equipment that does not have a high demand on the hardness of materials can be directly printed. When complicated magical equipment is damaged, it will also be possible to print the components to deal with the urgency first until better replacements are found!

“When the technology is upgraded in the future, chances are that we will be able to directly print the super-large, super-complicated magical equipment such as ‘star beacons’. If so, we will be saved the trouble of carrying the clumsy star beacons into space every time! The room spared in the Cosmos Rings can be used to carry more food, water, and crystals, and the survival abilities and the working duration will be significantly enhanced!”

After hearing Xie Anan’s interpretation, the college students could not help but feel amazed again. Some of them who were too curious even picked up a few crystal suit models and played with them in their own hands.

Long Yunxin took a model, too. Her fingers moved quickly and dismantled the crystal suit into the tiniest components. She discovered that, although the model was small, it had everything that a crystal suit should have. Most of the units were strictly constructed and had absolutely no gaps between them. Such models were completely different from regular toy models.

She was greatly amazed in her heart. The world was changing too fast. Even she, a teacher at a top universe of the Flying Star Sector, felt that the Magical Equipment Exposition was such a great eye-opener that she was almost at a loss. It was not hard to imagine what the other tourists would feel!

Long Yunxin pointed at a giant, fruitful tree not far away and asked, “What is that?”

For some reason, she felt that such a scarlet tree was rather out of context to be planted here. Was this place not a zone where new materials were exhibited?

“About that. It is a brand-new demonic plant that my master and the Fire Ant King, a botanist of the Blood Demon Sector, created together!”