Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 131

Chapter 131: King of Magical Equipment

The freshmen entered the Turtle Car in a single file line, while the older student followed behind them in weak spirit. After everyone was on board, Yuan Manqiu shoved herself in the shuttle.

"Creak!" The Turtle Car's door, after having closed half-way, did not proceed anymore; it was not completely closed.

Yuan Manqiu let a kick fly as her elephant leg directly kicked the door.

"At the beginning, our Refining Department was not so short on funds that we could not even afford a new flying shuttle.

"Old Mo and I have invested the majority of our funds into Project Mystic Skeleton, which is why we are unable to make ends meet."

"However, everyone can rest assured. Once Project Mystic Skeleton is complete, we will certainly set off a storm. At that time, not only will the institute allocate a lot of funds to us, but various cultivation sects will also fight over the opportunity to cooperate with us, and even the army will possibly approach us to purchase our magical equipment. Money would simply not be a problem!"

"By then, I'll provide every student who remained in the Refining Department with enough money to buy a luxurious flying shuttle to play with!"

The more Yuan Manqiu spoke, the more excited she got. She could not control herself and started dancing with joy.

As for the students, their mood was not that high. Everyone dumbfoundedly stared at her with somewhat blurred gazes.

Yuan Manqiu stretched the corners of her lips as she poured spiritual energy into the propulsion drive on the right side of the driver's seat.

The Turtle Car fiercely swayed a bit before it let out a "Clink Clink Clink Clink" and then violently started shaking. It shook left and right but never did it move forward.

"Damn, there is a problem with the Propulsion Array Glyphs. If I'm right, then the spiritual energy transmission shaft is worn out, resulting in the spiritual energy not 100% being converted into mechanical energy."

Yuan Manqiu muttered a few words, laid down on the floor, and stuck up her big ass as she glued her ear on the hood of the propulsion drive to hear for a while and narrowed her eyes to discern the operating condition of over a hundred spirit glyphs inside the propulsion drive. Afterward, she stood up and patted her ass. Suddenly, she stretched out her five fingers and ruthlessly smacked a palm on the propulsion drive!


After she had smacked with her palm, the shaking of the shuttle weakened a bit, and even the "Clank Clank Clank Clank" noise had turned into "Woh Woh Woh Woh" noise; however, it still didn't show any signs of starting.

Yuan Manqiu's eyes opened widely as her cheeks puffed up before she fiercely let a kick fly and shouted, "Take off!"

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

After a smack and a kick, the Propulsion Array Glyphs finally started functioning normally.

The spiritual energy between the array glyphs started running smoothly, and all the Anti-Gravity Array Glyphs and the Jet Propulsion Array Glyphs underneath and at the rear of the Turtle Car bloomed with a dim brilliance.

The Turtle Car staggered along as it rose up into the air and flew forward. Even as it flew, it would move up and down in the air.

All the freshmen were flabbergasted.

The older students, on the other hand, were accustomed to seeing such things. Many of them had already fallen asleep, some of whom even started snoring.

Yuan Manqiu clapped her hands in pride and self-satisfaction:

"See? This is exactly the ultimate trick in the bag of refiners! If there is a magical equipment which can't be repaired no matter how you repair it, when you have exhausted all the methods to no avail, then try to smack it or ruthlessly kick it! Often, this method will make it miraculously work!"

"Like what I did a moment ago, a coupled with an can awaken even a rotten magical equipment. Everyone, don't you worry! In the future, when I have the time, I will teach it to everyone!"

While speaking, the Turtle Car drove into the urban area of Wild Waves City.

Wild Waves City was an academic city and was entirely built from the support of the Grand Desolate War Institution, and as such, the urban area was precisely the campus of the Grand Desolate War Institution.

Wild Waves City was the home of hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom were tyrannical cultivators and veteran martial artists who had rich fighting experience.

Apart from official students of the Grand Desolate War Institution, there were also exchange students from other universities, trainees of major cultivation sects who had been carefully picked, and special forces sent by the army for special training as well.

There were even auditing students who had meager strength yet were burning with ambition.

In addition, there were also cultivation sects who specialized in close combat like "Devil Fist Sect" and "Hundred Saber Alliance" that were stationed in Wild Waves City and had set up a hall and cultivation ground here.

This big city in the Wasteland that had the strength of hundreds of thousands of people appeared to be particularly lively and noisy, but that was not all; above all of this, it gave off an unrestrained feeling that was accompanied by madness, something which was missing in the cities of the southeast region.

A majority of the freshmen of the Grand Desolate War Institution came from mid-sized towns in the Demon Beast Wasteland, many of whom had never seen such a big, flourishing city. One by one, each and every one of them glued their face to the window so much so that their nose almost pressed flat as they gaze afar with wide-opened eyes.

"Look, there are so many floating mountains!"

"Wild Waves City is divided into a lot of levels. It is simply a three-dimensional city!"

The freshmen clicked their tongue in wonder, and some even exclaimed in admiration.

In the space above Wild Waves City, over a hundred mountains were floated in the air. Their Anti-Gravity Array Glyphs released a large amount of spiritual energy like tides that even distorted the air, creating ripples one after another, which gave the impression of a world of dreams, as if a paradise had fallen in the world of mortals.

Some of these floating mountains retained their oldest form and appeared as if a mountain peak had been uprooted and floated in the air. On their surface, there were pavilions and buildings that had been exquisitely carved and beautifully painted, while streams of water flowed under the small bridges.

Waterfalls that were tumbling down these floating mountain sprayed the water everywhere around them, eventually turning into a blurry mist which gave birth to rainbows in no time.

Whereas, some of the floating mountains evidently had traces of being artificially constructed, as if they were huge buildings that were floating in the sky.

Some were like tall and lofty palaces, some were like ancient and firm pyramids, while others were modeled after modern skyscrapers.

There were a few floating mountains which were cast from the purest of metals to give a post-modern style. Like the crystal battleships that roamed between the universe, these floating mountains soared even through the atmospheric layers as they docked in the space over Wild Waves City!

A vast majority of these floating mountains were connected using transparent tubes, wherein there were countless capsules-like objects that were moving as swiftly as the wind and lightning.

Each of these "capsules" had a few passengers riding inside as they shuttled between the floating mountains in an astonishing speed.

However, most people still chose flying shuttles over the capsules to travel between the floating mountains.

Some of the powerful cultivators simply rode their flying swords to travel as their entire bodies were wrapped in colorful streams of light that were constantly releasing a resplendent brilliance, leaving behind a trail of rainbows in the blue curtain of the sky. They were traveling in a free and unrestrained manner.

"Those cultivators who are riding their sword should be the professors of Grand Desolate War Institution, right? God knows when I will be personally taught by the 'professors'!" A few freshmen sighed with emotions in succession.

A freshman suddenly remembered as he raised his hand and asked, "Professor Yuan, can you now tell us what exactly is Project Mystic Skeleton?"

Just as these words left his mouth, every freshman's eyes lit up.

Everyone was an ambitious teenager who did not wish to dawdle their days in a waste department only to find a random job after their graduationthat would be too unworthy for themselves!

Yuan Manqiu slightly smiled and cleared her throat:

"Alright, since you are all interested, I will carefully explain it to you. However, before I explain, Student Li Yao, can you please tell everyone the universal concept of 'Crystal Suit!"

Li Yao was taken aback a bit. He had never expected that Yuan Manqiu would suddenly point his name.

However, the concept of crystal suits was not the least bit profound. Not to mention cultivators, even if it were the ordinary people, they had seen it on the news, and it was even used in many virtual reality games.

Li Yao, as an experienced magical equipment fan, was naturally not unaware of it.

He formed a speech in his mind before pouring out in fervor:

"The crystal suit is not just a magical equipment that is like a common armor. On the contrary, it is an offensive-type, defense-type, camouflage-type, maneuvering-type, reconnaissance-type magical equipment... All kinds of magical equipment, after having integrated together with the assistance of powerful military crystal processors, is finally refined into a combat suit."

"An excellent crystal suit is equivalent to the most powerful flying sword and an impregnable armor which has the fastest propulsion array glyphs as well as a reconnaissance magical equipment whose detection system has the largest range... It is a piece of magical equipment which has all kinds of magical equipment perfectly combined together to meet all the needs that a cultivator requires during a fight. Furthermore, it also provides adequate support of spiritual energy reserves as well as calculation ability!"

"A crystal suit could not only geometrically elevate the battle force of a cultivator, but above all, it could extend the time which a cultivator could keep fighting, and even more so, it could allow a cultivator to adapt to a variety of complex terrains during a fight."

"Whether you are in a foreign sector filled with demonic energy and devil energy, in space or place which lacks oxygen, or a world fragment that lacks spiritual energy, as long as they are equipped with a crystal suit, the cultivators could unleash their full power and destroy everything in their path!"

"Therefore, the crystal suit is known as the 'King of Modern Magical Equipment'. Some people also describe it as the 'Magical Equipment Among Magical Equipment. Among all magical equipment, it is the one which is the most complex, the most expensive, the one which is most difficult to refine, and the one which after having successfully refined becomes the strongest magical equipment!"

"At the end of the Great Dark Age, mankind began to combine various magical equipment and had refined the very first crystal suit."

"Countless weak Refinement Stage cultivators, after having their battle force elevated with the help of the crystal suit to a level comparable to Building Foundation Stage cultivators, formed a huge army of crystal suited-soldiers. Only then was mankind able to overcome the demon clan and acquire a second life!"

"Even today, cultivators who are equipped with crystal suit are still the main force of mankind who fight with demon beasts. Only if they wore crystal suits would they be able to go toe-to-toe with demon generals who possess tyrannical battle force, demon kinds, and notorious and powerful devil path cultivators!"

Li Yao explained the crystal suit's definition, principles, and history tirelessly. He even listed several classic crystal suit models.

Although many of the freshmen knew some of the knowledge related to crystal suits, it was not so detailed and comprehensive. Everyone heard it in relish and watched with utmost concentration.

Yuan Manqiu repeatedly nodded her head before she smiled and said:

"Very good. Student Li Yao's explanation is very comprehensive. However, you have given so many advantages of the crystal suit. Can you list two disadvantages?"

Li Yao pondered for a bit before he shook his head and said:

"The crystal suit is the most powerful magical equipment in the modern cultivation world. Its offense and defense is completely balanced. It's an individual magical equipment which provides the strongest continuous fighting ability. For sure, from the point of the refining level, it can be divided into high and low levels, but if I have to point out any fatal flaws, then I can not tell. I can only say that it has regretful disadvantages."

"First, the production cost of refining crystal suit is very high. Even a crystal suit of the most common structure would cost at least 500 million, and this is just the basic. If you want to carry a few flying swords, then it would be even more expensive."

"The refining cost of some of the high-rank crystal suit designed to be equipped by Golden Core Stage cultivator or Nascent Soul Stage monsters is comparable to a crystal battleship. Furthermore, its maintenance and repair cost is exceedingly highit is simply a behemoth that swallows gold!"

"Second, in the process of refining a crystal suit, a large number of heaven and earth treasures are consumed. It's one thing that these materials are exorbitant in price, but most importantly, many of its raw materials are very scarce and there is simply no price for them. Even with all the money in the world, one could not buy them!"



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