Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 This Doesnt Look Right

For safety’s sake, Li Yao spent seven days gathering debris in space, carving power rune arrays on them, and embedding crystals in them as the source of momentum.

He calculated the volume and density of the debris carefully, making sure that they would all be burnt up while they broke through the atmosphere of the fourth planet without leaving any trace behind.

If the people on the fourth planet raised their head and observed, the best that they could notice was a flashing, glamorous meteor shower.

Meanwhile, Li Yao hid himself inside one piece of the debris in his crystal suit, pretending to be a shooting star.

Sneak into the unknown planet. Now begin!

Li Yao and hundreds of garbage remnants in space accelerated suddenly toward the bright green planet in front of him. After a long journey, they were finally captured by the gravitational pull of the bright green planet. Their speed was higher and higher as they gradually fell to the surface of the planet.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The debris immediately turned into fireballs because of the friction.

The atmosphere seemed to boast mysterious constituents, too, because the fireballs were not orange but in various brilliant colors.

Very soon, most of the remnants were burnt up in the atmosphere.

The remnant Li Yao was hiding in was the only exception, which, because of its enormity and solidness, melted and shrank but persisted to the end and broke into the sky of the unknown planet with Li Yao despite the flames.

What a great natural paradise!

Li Yao had never seen such a clear, blue sky before.

It was like a whole piece of sapphire that had been carved into the shape of bowl and placed upside down on the land. It was simply astoundingly beautiful.

In the blue sky, clouds could occasionally be seen. Few of them were pure white. Most of them were glowing in various colors, decorating themselves with splendid views around them.

The clouds were now like galloping stallions and rolling dragons, now like raging, unstoppable rivers, and now like pavilions in a paradise!

Under the blue sky and the colorful clouds was a boundless ocean.

The seawater was pure and peaceful, with a high visibility. The bottom of the sea hundreds of meters deep could easily be seen. Colorful, brilliant coral and seaweed, with translucent small fish swimming among them now and then, were shining in the ripples of the ocean.

It was like a spectacular undersea forest had been embedded into a green amber. Because of the reflection of the waves, the ocean looked even more unpredictable and mysterious.

This was the best example for ‘blue sky and green sea’!

When Li Yao looked down from the high sky, he noticed quite a few mountains and islands on the ocean. But there was nothing except overwhelming primitive forests on the islands. When he looked further ahead at the horizon, what he could see on the zigzagging coastline was pure greenness, too, without the slightest trace of modern cities.

It was like this place was a desolate planet that had not been developed at all.

The civilization here is truly not to be underestimated. In terms of environmental protection, they are too strong!

Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue.

The history of colonization in the Imperium of True Human Beings suggested that the more developed a civilization was, the more importance they would attach to environmental protection and the more likely they would build their world in harmony with nature.

After all, human beings were animals that had evolved from nature. If possible, nobody was willing to live in the dirty, smoky forests of rebar and cement.

For many powerful civilizations, after they finished the cruel primitive accumulation by seriously damaging the environment of the mother planet and exploiting the resources on the mother planet, they would repair the mother planet by mobilizing the resources from elsewhere and establishing ‘natural reserves’ on the mother planet, thereby revitalizing the mother planet.

This should be the case for this particular Sector. Chances were that the dominators here had moved all the cities and warring forces to the underground and left the whole surface of the planet to be a huge, natural park!

The civilization here must’ve reached the ‘nature-returning’ level. I can’t be too careful!

Li Yao calculated the trajectory of the falling remnant precisely and slightly adjusted it with the power rune arrays of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, ensuring that it was rushing all the way to the continent.

The landing point when an explorer was sneaking into an unknown world was highlighted in the arts of colonization in the Imperium of True Human Beings, too.

Generally speaking, the explorer was not suggested to land on the ocean.

On one hand, most of the habitable planets had oceans multiple times vaster than continents, with countless ferocious beasts lurking at the bottom of such boundless oceans, which could be even more hideous and brutal than the animals on the continents.

It would do the explorer no good if they pissed off the ferocious beasts when they were new to the place.

On the other hand, on the flat oceans, there was no shelter at all. It would be difficult for the explorer to run away if they were discovered.

When Li Yao was staying on the satellite, he had observed and realized that the fourth planet boasted an enormous continent that probably had a larger area than the continents of the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector combined.

Other than that, some islands were scattered around the main continent.

The west half of the continent was higher than the east half. A few running rivers marched their way through the continent, creating many fertile plateaus.

The plateaus seemed to be the pivot of the civilization. The metropolises and even the capital city, which had the highest population, should be on or below the plateaus.

With the situation unclear, Li Yao did not dare land on the plateaus recklessly. Instead, he went to broken mountains and primitive forests at the south of the continent, a landing point that he had long chosen.

Everybody could easily tell that such a place was sparsely populated. There were underground caves and rivers everywhere, too. Even if he was noticed by someone, it would be very convenient for him to run away.


With a long exhaust flame, the shooting star smashed into the forests, like a stroke depicted with fire!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The trees were collapsing, and a deep ravine was ploughed on the ground. The pungent smell of things being burnt filled the air. The bushes and the weeds were all on fire.

Every sign suggested that it was a commonly-seen meteorite shower. The remains of the magical equipment had been burnt and melted into a cluster of bizarre-shaped iron block. Whoever came to investigate it would not notice any anomaly.

Li Yao slowly walked out of the fire before returning the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit to his Cosmos Ring.

From this moment on, he could not keep anything related to the Star Glory Federation with him.

Narrowing his eyes, Li Yao took a deep breath of the air of the new world. Despite the smell of smoke when the buses were scorched, Li Yao still grinned in great satisfaction.

What fresh air!

The oxygen percentage in the air is very high, with multiple types of microelements and spiritual gas!

With such a high oxygen percentage, the insects must be large in size, and the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures will be easier to find, too!

The civilization here truly knows how to enjoy themselves!

Judging from their efforts in environmental protection, their civilization does not look like an aggressive one. However, everything is just the superficial observation so far. I must investigate it further before I jump to any conclusion!

Li Yao summoned Neltharion from his Cosmos Ring.

After a soft whistle, Neltharion immediately entered the stealth state. Like a breeze melting into the air, it flew toward the north under the manipulation of Li Yao’s telepathic thoughts.

The north was relatively close to the plateaus. The odds of finding other people were higher there.

Neltharion slithered above the forests without a sound while scanning the spiritual waves hundreds of square kilometers nearby.

There seemed to be smoke at the southeast, which appeared to be some small towns.

Li Yao was about to drive Neltharion to explore the southeast, when chaotic spiritual waves, mixed with intimidating killing intent, came over from the north, giving every sign that it was a battle between two armies or two experts!

Something is going on!

His heart pounding, Li Yao hurried to press Neltharion into the forests and flew it toward the source of the mayhem carefully under the coverage of the branches and crowns.

It appears that the world here is not as peaceful as it appears to be!

But this is a great opportunity for me. I can take the chance to observe the battle patterns and the average combat ability of the world. It will be even better if I can blend into them!

Like an invisible gecko, Neltharion slowly drove close to the battlefield.

The shouts from the battlefield became clearer and clearer. Colorful venomous fog and sword auras could vaguely be seen spurting from the top of the crowns, too, which were quite beautiful in their various colors.

But every time the fog and the sword auras fell down, screams were echoing.

What—what the heck?

Li Yao frowned. He started to feel that it was getting weird.

As an expert in jungle warfare himself, he knew that the most critical factor in a battle in the jungle was inconspicuousness. The two parties engaged in the battle should both be as quiet as they could because any sound that they made meant their failure or even death!

But those guys were shouting so loudly that they seemed to be fearing that they could not be found out. Were they playing some sort of drama?

When Neltharion finally captured the whole view of Neltharion, Li Yao was dumbfounded as if hit by lightning and did not come back to himself for a long time.

What—what—what—what in heavens’ name is this?

The battle was taking place next to a lake that was a joint of two brooks in the forests.

Two troops were engaged in a fierce battle. Their blood had turned the lake red.

One of the troops was made of ferocious-looking barbarians who had long hair and tattoos all over their body. They were either wearing vine armor and bone blades or colorful feathers from head to toe, carrying vipers in both arms, or driving bizarre-shaped lions or tigers.

The other troop was wearing vintage style armor. They were much more organized and holding their own banner.

The breastplates of many soldiers were embedded with the pattern of a black tiger, with vague spiritual energy circulating inside.

Judging from their teamwork and their obedience to orders, they should be the well-trained regular troop.


They seemed more like an army of the court in the era of ancient Cultivators tens of thousands of years ago!

Li Yao noticed that a small camp was established right behind the regular troop in black armor. There was a giant flag flapping on the top of it that read “Ling, the Appeasing Ambassador of the Fifth Prefecture of the Southland of Sorcerers!”

Right below the flag, a general—in a black helmet and black armor, with two giant hammers in his hands, who had bright gold hair and a dark face—was giving orders and commanding the troop on a horse calmly.

This—this doesn’t look right! Li Yao shrieked in his heart, wondering whether it was he who had travelled through time or the fellows who were wearing the ancient attire for no good reason.