Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 Orchid Sword

[What a piece of marvelous soundwave magical equipment!]

Li Yao analyzed in secret. The hammers that the black-armored general utilized must have the abilities of triggering the fighting will or the sense of terror by stimulating one’s nerve endings with soundwaves. It was a piece of rather impressive magical equipment for collective attack.

However, since the same soundwaves could trigger the fighting of the soldiers on his side and devastate the enemy simultaneously, some sort of advanced ‘friend-or-foe identification rune array’ must be taking effect.

Li Yao pondered carefully for a moment but failed to figure out the working mechanism of such a rune array.

It suggested that the Sector had special knowledge in terms of refining, too, which was worth studying.

The barbarians’ roar seemed to be a call. A bizarre-shaped bird, with hideous claws and teeth, suddenly flew to the sky in panic because of the shock.

Many giant trees were leaning awry on the ground, making the ground thunder, as if a rock weighing ten thousand kilograms was rushing over!

Very soon, a giant tree that even five people would be able to hold was thrown towards the emperor’s army and hit four soldiers precise, blowing the victims into piles of blood and meat immediately.

In earsplitting laughter, a behemothic shadow lunged out from the depths of the forest, which turned out to be an enormous demon beast almost ten meters long, with heavy armor all over the body and a long horn over the head, which made it look like both a rhino and an elephant!

The rhino demon beast was raging among the soldiers of the emperor’s army like a crystal tank.

Because of the thick skin and the lumps on it, the general weapons and auras of blades could not even pierce into the demon beast’s body.

The crash of the demon beast, on the other hand, could knock three to five soldiers into the sky every time. The soldiers were often broken apart on the spot and killed before they had the chance to scream.

Right on the back of the rhino demon beast was installed with a seat made of vines. A bald, muscular man, in a sloppy robe, who looked like both a monk and a mortal, was sitting on the sea cross-legged while cackling.

The bald, muscular man was so fat that the flesh on his body was moving up and down like waves when he was laughing. But as it happened, his body had tattoos that were snakes, bugs, rats and ants everywhere. When his body was shaking, it looked like countless pests were crawling on his body. Anybody who saw it would feel that their blood was freezing.

The bald man was waving a saber made of skeleton, which was embedded with nine bone rings. On closer look, one would notice that the skulls of many reptiles were bound to the nine bone rings. They were clattering when the weapon was shaken.

Grey threads that looked like withered vines were attached to the saber, giving every feeling of evil and creepiness.

The bald man should be the soul of the barbarians.

His arrival swept away the depression among the barbarians easily.

The clattering skulls on his saber dispelled the echoes generated by the general of the emperor’s army easily!

Hearing the sound, the soldiers nearby were all putting on expressions of nausea. Many of them were having cold sweat, their faces gloomy.

Li Yao knew that it was a natural reaction because of the abnormal secretion of hormones inside the body after the nerve endings were stimulated, which was not something resistible with courage.

It appeared that attacking the nerves with soundwaves was a common technique in the Sector for every force.

Seeing that the enemy was suppressed, the bald man was laughing even more crazily. He suddenly threw the nine-ringed saber, and the dozens of skulls on the nine rings, enveloped inside a certain weird force field, flew to the midair.

The skulls must’ve belonged to the reptiles such as vipers or lizards in the beginning. If one were to look into their tiny eyes, tiny, eccentric fire hidden at the center of the skulls could be found.

Once the skulls flew to the midair, the eccentric fire immediately bulged and dashed out of the eyes and mouths, lunging at the soldiers of the emperor’s army as vipers and lizards!

The soldiers that were caught by the eccentric fire were often burnt up instantly into dry corpses.

The eccentric fire was not only getting more and more vigorous but also transmitting the vitality in the blood back to the bald man’s saber through the tiny skulls.

The withered threads on the saber immediately expanded. An organ that was beating like a heart was even formed at the center of the interconnecting threads.

[A combination of flesh and magical equipment!]

[A bloodthirsty saber!]

Li Yao secretly exclaimed.

He had seen similar magical equipment deep inside the mausoleum of ‘Chaos’ Ba Yanzhi.

It was a piece of magical equipment which could hibernate for a long time and which could automatically cruise, stay on alert, and attack with the blood as the source of power.

Such magical equipment from the mausoleum of Chaos could be traced back to ‘Kunlun’, the relic of the Pangu civilization.

The planet below Li Yao’s feet, on the other hand, could possibly be a relic of the Pangu civilization of an even greater scale. It was not unusual that such a piece of magical equipment could be found.

It appeared that the emperor’s army was about to lose.

The face of the black-armored general under the banner of ‘Appeasing Ambassador’ was pale, and he was about to fall down. He was trying his best to smash the hammers to raise the soundwaves.

However, the special soundwave could only motivate the morale and keep the battle formation unbroken at best. It could not stop the savage of the eccentric fire from the skulls.

The more soldiers it killed, the more bloodred the bald man’s saber became. Very soon, the aura of the blade extended to more than ten meters away. Repugnant smells were emitting out, too.

The bald man grinned hideously. Baring his sharp teeth, he patted the rhino demon beast below his bottom and marched towards the black-armored general.

Judging from the range, brightness of their spiritual energy and their utilization of their magical equipment, Li Yao estimated that the general on the emperor’s army’s side was at the beginning level of the Core Formation Stage at best.

The bald man was at least in the middle level of the Core Formation Stage himself, significantly higher than his enemy’s.

The bloody saber in his hands was apparently a piece of magical equipment more powerful than the general’s hammers.

The iron-armored rhino demon beast below him was certainly no match for the general’s horse, too.

The result of such a clash was almost too obvious.


The horse below the general of the emperor’s army had stripes which resembled swirls on both sides of the body, as if it had grown wings. It looked rather extraordinary, too, and must be a hybrid of a magnificent stallion and a certain spiritual beast.

However, no matter what an awesome hybrid it was, how could it expect to deal with an iron-armored rhino that was brimming with demonic energy?

Seeing that the enemy was crushing over like a huge mountain of meat, the horse stood on its feet because of the shock and nearly knocked the general off its back.

The fat, bald man, naturally, wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity. He must’ve weighed more than two hundred kilograms, and yet he lunged at the general of the emperor’s army in a streak of bloodiness together with his saber as agile as a swallow.

Right then, an unexpected change took place!

Behind the general of the emperor’s army was the banner of ‘Appeasing Ambassador of the Fifth Prefecture of the Southland of Sorcerers’, and a shabby camp was standing behind the banner. The camp had been quiet at beginning, as if it were empty. There was not the slightest sound even when the battle was most fierce.

But out of everyone’s expectation, when the fat, bald man’s attack was performed to such an extent that he was no longer able to change his posture, a deep blue aura of sword suddenly dashed out of the curtain of the camp which was not fully closed!

The aura of sword was quiet and did not carry any feeling of the mortal world. It darted right towards the center of the fat, bald man’s eyebrow, as if somebody had drawn a straight line in the midair with an invisible blue pen!

The fat, bald man seemed to have sensed the most dreadful thing in the world. After a shriek, he stopped his momentum of rushing forward, with explosive sounds all over his body as he broken dozens of bones, before he bounced backwards as if he had run into an invisible wall!

In only one moment, he had realized that it was a long-devised trap!

His reactions were quick enough, but the blue sword was even quicker. It took an abrupt turn in the midair, not in a curve but in almost a right angle, and continued locking onto the center of his eyebrow in a trajectory that was in complete violation of all the laws of physics!

Weird sounds were echoing inside the fat, bald man’s abdomen, as if ten thousand toads were crying. Then, he opened his mouth and spat out bloody mist, hoping to corrupt the blue sword.

The blue sword, however, disintegrated into nine swords that were even thinner suddenly the moment before the venomous fog arrived, and dashed to all directions, before the parts were concentrated above the fat, bald man’s head again after unsmooth turns of right angle and acute angles.

The light and shadow interconnected with each other, and the lines extended into what appeared to be an upside-down orchid flower which pressed down heavily!


The orchid flower made of hundreds of auras of sword pierced through the fat, bald man’s enormous body easily!

The ever-surging flesh of the fat, bald man came to a suddenly halt.

In utmost fury and fear, he pointed his bloody saber at the camp.

The curtain of the camp was lifted. A young girl, whose clothes were whiter than snow, paced out casually, with her hands in her back, giving the feeling that she was herself an orchid inside a valley.

Her nose was very high, like a mountain that rose to the clouds. Her eyes were straight and clear, too. Her eyes were glittering, but confidence that bordered on indifference was flowing out. The battle in front of her eyes, and probably everything in the mortal world, seemed to have nothing to do with her, and she could decide all of them with one of her fingers.

The face confidence, arrogance, and even narcissism was the typical expression of many ancient Cultivators in Li Yao’s memory.

[A Cultivator in the peak of the Core Formation Stage!]

The girl was not covering her spiritual waves at all. Therefore, Li Yao could tell easily that she was only several steps away from the Nascent Soul Stage!

As for her flying sword…

The hundreds of blue swords, after piercing through the fat, bald man, spread out and stabbed into the hearts of another dozens of barbarians!

But as a result, the aura of the swords seemed more or less lackluster, suggesting that they might’ve been contaminated by the enemy’s blood.

The girl in white blew a whistle. The hundreds of swords all returned to her and disappeared in her broad sleeves.

Li Yao noticed an interesting fact.

The girl was in white before, without the slightest redundant color. But after the swords were swallowed into her sleeves, a tiny orchid flower suddenly showed up at her cuff and seemed to be dancing as she waved her arms. It was quite a beautiful scene.

[A piece of very advanced magical equipment.]

[The attack seemed to be made of pure energy. By manipulating the spiritual energy which is bound by special force fields with her telepathic thoughts, she is able to build the swords into different forms and endow them with kinetic rules different from those which the real entities must abide by. Therefore, the routes of attack are erratic and unpredictable!]