Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340 The First Observation Report Of The Foreign World

The seemingly simple flying sword in fact involved many sophisticated theories in string theory, membrane theory, and even quantum physics. Even the Star Glory Federation might not be able to produce it.

Logically, it was impossible for a civilization whose civilization was still in the medieval phase to build such a weapon.

However, according to the stories told by the Immortal Cultivator Su Changfa and the experience that he learned from Ou Yezi’s memory pieces, he found a very plausible explanation for the uncanny phenomenon.

The explanation was very simple. The magical equipment that surpassed the era it was in often boasted units or rune arrays left by the Pangu Clan or the Nuwa Clan as the core parts.

Their offspring were merely adding new ancillary units to the magical equipment pieces of the primeval era.

It was like a primitive barbarian in the stone age who picked up a military dagger produced through modern technologies.

The primitive barbarian did not need to understand the procedures, mechanisms, and usages of the modern dagger. He could simply tie the dagger to a bone or a twig, thereby ‘creating’ an invincible and marvelous weapon!

Building such a dagger from scratch was ten thousand years more difficult than tying the dagger to a stick!

Therefore, although the ancient Cultivators had boasted a lot of powerful magical equipment unimaginable to the modern Cultivators, it did not imply that the ancient Cultivators were smarter than their modern counterparts.

The only reason was that the ancient people lived closer to the primeval era, and it was easier for them to excavate the pieces of the primeval magical equipment. With the units they found as the cores, they would be able to assemble the mysterious ultimate treasures quickly.

The ancient Cultivators had basically spoiled all the primeval treasures, leaving no heritages to the modern Cultivators. Therefore, it was much more troublesome for the latter to develop.

Of course, the ‘easy’ was only in a relative sense.

At the very least, in Li Yao’s memories, it was certainly a great event if a broken piece of the primeval magical equipment was excavated in the world that Ou Yezi lived in. The experts everywhere would fight over it.

The primeval treasures had no owners. Whoever qualified would claim them. How could anyone be qualified? Of course, when their fists were tough enough!

In Ou Yezi’s world, it was often the case that only experts above the Nascent Soul Stage were entitled to a primeval treasure.

But in the world here, even a Cultivator at the peak of the Core Formation Stage was mastering a flying sword, which apparently utilized a primeval treasure at the core.

It was obvious that either she was renowned and backed by a powerful family or sect, or the remnants of primeval magical equipment were less rarely-seen there than in the other worlds of ancient Cultivators.

Li Yao thought about everything quickly in only one moment.

But when the orchid flower on the girl on white’s sleeves fully blossomed, the fat, bald man suddenly exploded into a pile of broken flesh and meat.

Such a terrible view made all the barbarians scream in desperation.

Their leader being slain so easily meant that they had no opportunity to fight any longer. When the indifferent female Cultivator attacked again, the victims would be much more than dozens of barbarians.

All the barbarians shrieked and fled in panic.

The situation was suddenly reversed. The emperor’s army chased after the enemy like hungry tigers.

However, the mountain there was high and the forest dense. There might be unexpected factors if the army dispersed in the forest. They could pay a high price despite the assistance of the female Cultivator’s mysterious swords.

The ‘Appeasing Ambassador’ was apparently an experienced general. He immediately ordered the army to retreat and clean up the mess.

While they were cleaning the battlefield, finishing the dying barbarians, and saving their companions, Li Yao began to compile his first observation report.

“Li Yao’s observation report of the foreign world, entry one.

“On the very first day after I landed on the mysterious world, I observed a competition between two local troops.

“The planet boasts a main continent with a relatively stable tectonic structure. The east side of the continent is a fertile plateau that is a gift of several large rivers running parallel to the equator.

“The continent seems to be reigned by a relatively civilized ‘central dynasty’, which has established a bureaucratic system including titles such as ‘Appeasing Ambassador’.

“However, the dynasty’s control over the whole planet hasn’t reached one hundred percent yet. Half-civilized barbaric groups still seem to exist in the jungles and on the prairies at the edge of the continent.

“Otherwise, titles such as ‘Appeasing Ambassador’ wouldn’t have been set up in the first place.

“The planet here boasts abundant spiritual energy and a high oxygen percentage. The insects and animals here are much larger in size. Human beings here are much healthier, too. Both the soldiers of the army of the central dynasty and the warriors of the borderland barbarians boast stamina, strength, and speed that were higher than modern ordinary people did. With modern training, they can certainly be trained into a dominating army!

“The fierce battle that took place here just now looked like an ambush that the barbarians initiated on the troop of the central dynasty. However, such an assault might’ve been within the expectations of the emperor’s army, who intentionally lured the enemy into attacking and took the opportunity to execute the enemy’s leader!

“It is indicative enough that both the troops of the central dynasty and those of the barbarians are capable of making and carrying out complicated schemes. They are rather clever and must not be regarded as silly primitives just because of their underdeveloped civilization.

“Besides, the number of Cultivators and warriors with a demonic bloodline in the troops is amazingly high. Their ratio has surpassed that of the Level-A regular legions of the Star Glory Federation. Judging from the vastness of the continent and the land suitable for farming and reproduction, the number of Cultivators in this world might be much greater than our estimation.

“In terms of gear, the weapons and magical equipment that the ordinary soldiers and low-level Cultivators are using are generally rather shabby and no better than the average performance of the ancient Cultivators. They are certainly no match for the modern magical equipment, which can be made from thousands of components.

“However, it is possible that this Sector boasts a huge number of remnants of primeval treasures. With the primeval treasures as the core, they will be able to build very powerful super magical equipment that is equal to or even better than modern magical equipment.

“What I’ve seen was just a battle between two common troops. They were certainly not the most elite troops such as the emperor’s guards or the private troops of certain Cultivation sects that are even stronger than the emperor’s guards.

“But the tip of the iceberg already suggests that the capabilities of this Sector are not half bad. Even if they cannot expect to compete with the modern war system on the vast plateaus and boundless space, it will still be a major headache if a squad of the ancient Cultivators break into our starships and have a head-on battle with us in the narrow cabins!

“Up till now, there has been no sign of the Sector’s cross-space attack abilities yet.

“However, a very serious question must be brought to attention.

“It is doubtless that the Imperium of True Human Beings has such abilities!

“What if the expedition army of the Imperium reached out to the Sector and bought the local experts with magical equipment, training arts, and even the land and population of the federation as baits, thereby establishing a mercenary army of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and even Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators?

“It is also a commonly-adopted approach in the Imperium of True Human Beings’ colonization.

“Ask the locals to fight the locals. After the locals of multiple worlds are all exhausted, the army of the Imperium will take advantage of all of them unstoppably!

“The ‘ancient Cultivators’ here, who are still in the primitive era and do not know the cruelty of the outside world, may find the temptation irresistible.

“We must prevent such a scenario from happening, or we can even do unto them as they would have done unto us. If we cannot ally with this Sector, the experts of this Sector should be hired by the federation instead of the Imperium as mercenaries!

“The Imperium might be very powerful, but it is not entirely impossible for the federation, after absorbing and digesting the relics on Kunlun, to propose more attractive offers to win the support of the local Cultivators and establish an Overseas Mercenary Legion of the Star Glory Federation!

“Everything above is just my preliminary observation. Whether or not the Sector is as simple as it appears to be, whether or not there are deeper secrets, and what exactly the mysterious signal a hundred years ago was about require more exploration.”

Li Yao finished the first report. The battlefield was soon cleaned up. The forest where blood was boiling a moment ago fell silent again.

Li Yao rubbed his temples softly, thinking about how to meet with this ‘Appeasing Ambassador of the Fifth Prefecture of the Southland of Sorcerers’.

It was certainly not because he favored the ‘rightful dynasty’ and only saw the court in his eyes.

For him, whose vision had been expanded to the entire sea of stars, the human beings of all the three thousand Sectors were compatriots. Both the ’emperor’s army’ and the barbarians in the forests were more or less the same.

Li Yao had accepted the demons who had eight legs. He was a ‘monster’ who might grow sharp teeth and claws after a sneeze. Why would he discriminate against the seemingly hideous barbarians?

The only problem was that he did not have much time left, considering that he had wandered through space for a hundred years and that the Black Wind fleet of the Imperium of True Human Beings was coming anytime.

He was not interested in playing a game of upgrading from zero through pretentious acting. He had to negotiate with the highest authorities and best experts of this Sector on equal terms as quickly as possible.

It appeared now that the highest authorities of this Sector were probably the court behind the Appeasing Ambassador. The best expert was either the emperor himself or the leaders of the noble families who manipulated the emperor as a puppet. All in all, he could not avoid reaching out to them.

The troop here is well-trained. All the soldiers possessed badges and ID numbers. Also, they know each other quite well. It’s unlikely for me to join them under the disguise of a soldier. Even if I do, I wouldn’t be able to obtain much useful intelligence.

What about pretending to be a barbarian?

Not an option. They are quite decisive and merciless about the barbarians. They don’t keep any captives!

What should I… Huh. What’s this?

While Li Yao was pondering his move next, he suddenly sensed subtle waves.

Neltharion activated all the probe magical equipment to the maximum. Very soon, a mosquito with bright golden wings in the bushes nearby was locked onto!

Behind the seemingly common mosquito that was approximately the size of a dragonfly was an extremely tiny telepathic thought that extended into the depths of the mountain.

Somebody was remotely controlling the mosquito from far away.

Li Yao was suddenly alarmed. He immediately realized that he was not the only ‘observer’ in the darkness!