Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 The Local Nascent Soul Stage Is Angry

Although the Six-footed Crocodile Dragon had been beheaded, its enormous body was still cramping under the control of the nerves. Stinky, venomous blood sprang from the broken neck and spluttered over Li Yao’s face and body, turning him into a glittering, bloody man.

Li Yao’s formidability was quite a surprise for the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. The death of his beloved pet that he had raised carefully for decades was quite a devastation for him, too.

However, now that the enemy was contaminated by the slightly green blood of the demon beast, he was sneering to himself again.

The Six-footed Crocodile Dragon had been found next to a poisonous spring upstream from the Poisonous Dragon River, the turbulent river at the bottom of the canyon.

The poisonous spring was clear and seemed fresh and drinkable, yet no plants or animals were thriving nearby.

The Six-footed Crocodile Dragon, which had only been the length of an arm at that time, was the only creature that dared to crawl out of the crevice and drink water from the spring. The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who happened to be collecting herbs nearby noticed it and realized that it was a naturally-distinguished beast. So, he had brought it back to his cave as a pet.

The beast usually fed on vipers, scorpions, centipedes, and the like, and it took more than a hundred snakes as thick as bowls for one meal. The venom had been accumulated inside its internal organs. The saliva of the beast was so poisonous that it would kill any victim immediately if it was smeared on the blade.

The toxicity of the blood, on the other hand, was a hundred times higher than that of the saliva!

The mysterious weirdo, despite his toughness, did not have the first clue about the mysteries of the Six-footed Crocodile Dragon and simply allowed the dragon blood to corrupt him. Would it not be…

Seeing the green smoke popping up from his body, Li Yao was rather interested. He dipped his fingers into the dragon blood and savored it for a moment.

Not bad. Not bad. Many kinds of neurotoxins, blood circulations toxins, and cell toxins can be found inside the dragon blood. It equals to a combination of the venoms of the cobras, green bamboo snakes, kraits, and blue ocean snakes, with an effect dozens of times stronger! They can rust one’s nerve endings, cerebral cortexes, and respiratory muscles instantly, making the victim enshrouded in hallucinations. The victim’s nerves will then lose control, and his limbs will not stop cramping. Eventually, the victim will die of muscle paralysis and hypoxia!

This is rather tough for a natural venom!

However, there’s still a major gap between such a venom and the genetic poisons carefully made by combining the body fluids of hundreds of different kinds of venomous insects and demon beasts based on modern genetic technology!

Part of Li Yao was now the mental devil, who was a great expert of genetic refinement and cell amplification. With his ability to analyze, resist, and crack the venoms infiltrating his body, he was now basically immune to all poisons!

It had also been the greatest reliance when Li Yao travelled in the Blood Demon Sector years ago.

After the unification of the three Sectors, Li Yao felt that it would be difficult for him to make a breakthrough soon according to normal training methods now that he had advanced into the Nascent Soul Stage at such a young age.

Therefore, he had come up with many seemingly ‘unorthodox’ methods together with the trustworthy demons such as Jin Xinyue and the Fire Ant King.

Improving the body hardness and triggering the potentials of the cells with the combinative poisons was one of the methods.

It was in fact the very same method that Yan Xibei had adopted to build his ‘apocalyptic body’ on Iron Plateau years ago.

After five years of refinement, Li Yao’s body, although not very attractive, was in fact ten times stronger than Yan Xibei’s hideous ‘apocalyptic body’!

Besides, he could also reduce all the pores to the minimum through Gui Suishou’s Great Dream Tortoise Hibernation Art. When his skin was as smooth as a mirror, it was impossible for the venom to leak in. How could it deal any damage to him?

It appears that the demon beast herding technology of this Sector is still rather underdeveloped. They are merely domesticating animals and not interfering with the growth of the animals through genetic approaches when they are still embryos.

However gifted the natural demon beasts are, they are not monsters born for killing like the biochemical beasts of the Blood Demon Sector!

Li Yao suddenly shook his body. The high-speed vibrations of his muscles blew away all the venom attached to his body into a crimson mist.

Now seen and now invisible inside the crimson mist, he was even more mysterious and terrifying.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was so scared that his heart was pounding.

He knew a thing or two about the famous experts in the Nascent Soul Stage in the central plateaus, in the north, and overseas, but he had never heard anything about such a brutal and weird man before!

Besides, he could not figure out what the mysterious expert was doing in the Southland of Sorcerers, when every renowned expert had been gathered in the north for the upcoming great event.

Is it possible that he learned the news that I’m crafting magical equipment here and came to rob me of my treasures?

Absolutely not!

After I found the cave and the treasures inside it, in case anybody coveted it, I faked my own abrupt death decades ago. I haven’t visited the outside world for dozens of years. Also, the array I deployed has informed me of all trespassers, who were all killed by me. Even their souls were swallowed without sparing anything. It is impossible that any news was leaked!

The more the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator thought, the more he was appalled. Knowing that it was a time of life and death. He rubbed his hands, and a round, pale pearl suddenly shone inside his palm. A streak of green brilliance flowed throughout his body, covering him in a battle armor outside his green feather cloak!

The greasy armor was connected by countless hexagonal scales. The joints were also strengthened by the skulls of many bizarre-shaped demon beasts. The two curved horns on the helmet that looked like curling vipers added to the barbaric air of the gear.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was holding a lackluster flying sword in one hand and a tiny, colorful flag in the other. Dozens of mysterious sparks were flying around him, fully demonstrating the demeanor of the evil scoundrel.

Li Yao eyed the ancient armor somewhat with appreciation. He felt that he was walking into the history books and fighting against the ancient people in person.


His blood boiling, he did not intend to put on his crystal suit at all. Utterly naked except for the palm leaves, he dashed toward the fully-armed local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.

Ding Lingdang and Iron God Yan Ba were right!

It was possible that experts above the Nascent Soul Stage existed in this unknown world. If he were to encounter an expert in the Divinity Transformation Stage, he might not have time to equip modern magical equipment and activate it even if he had brought the gear with them.

The body of flesh and blood was the most ‘convenient’ magical equipment, which could probably save his life at a crucial moment!

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator of the barbarians who was living in the wilderness by himself could not be the best warrior of the Sector. Otherwise, he would have marched to the central plateaus and demanded the emperor satisfy his needs. In terms of the efficiency of resource collection, the central plateaus must have been multiple times better than the barbaric land, which was essentially a rainforest.

It was perfect for Li Yao to adapt himself to the moves and techniques of the local Cultivators with such an enemy!

Li Yao punched toward the enemy’s breastplate in the most simple and straightforward way, an attack even a middle-school student in the federation could perform.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was so infuriated that he almost vomited blood. He had never seen such an unreasonable style of fighting before!

For the Cultivators, even if they were robbing someone else of their belongings, they would at least have the courtesy to tell the victims their own names before the two parties performed their delicate moves and summoned their magical equipment for a splendid battle.

Where was the weirdo from exactly? He was fighting silently with the shabby moves that even the barbarians in the forest would laugh at, but the straightforward moves turned out to be extremely powerful!

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator felt that it was not a fist that was rushing at his chest but a dark meteor!

“Hooo!” The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was angry!

He shook his flag, and the dozens of sparks around him immediately turned into an unpredictable gloomy wind, covering Li Yao!

The lackluster flying sword also rose up to the sky, splitting into dozens of streaks of brilliance!

His hands produced dozens of runes in different gestures like a lotus in only one moment, which smashed at Li Yao brutally as if they were real entities!


In just several seconds, the two of them exchanged almost a hundred blows.

At first glance, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s moves were spectacular and enjoyable, and his magical equipment was unpredictable, with all kinds of visual and sound effects. The thunder, the lightning, and the colorful brilliance were almost dazzling.

Li Yao’s attacks, on the other hand, were reduced to almost a ‘dutiful’ level. He was simply punching, kicking, and wrestling without any fancy tricks. He hardly cast any spells or unleashed any mystic rays. He was even simpler than a farmer.

However, the result was that—

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was suppressed from every perspective!

The most delicate moves, the most erratic spells, and the most unpredictable magical equipment, upon encountering Li Yao’s fists and legs, were like eggs hitting a rock!

My guess is correct. This is a very classic battle technique of the ancient Cultivators.

While suppressing the enemy casually, Li Yao was even in the mood to analyze him.

The ancient Cultivators’ skills in casting spells, manipulating magical equipment, and performing the techniques can mostly be traced back to the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan. They were passed on generation after generation.

However, the multiple clans of the Pangu civilization had a different physiological structure from human beings after all. Also, during the hundreds of thousands of years of teaching and reteaching, some of the information was misinterpreted!

Moreover, the ancient Cultivators could not get rid of their superstitions. They did not know the truth about the prehistoric civilizations such as Pangu, Nuwa, Kuafu, and Gonggong but simply treated them as deities.

The techniques were considered to be a blessing of the deities!

Now that they were a blessing of the deities, naturally, the techniques could never be revised or adjusted. All the procedures of the techniques were indispensable.

Even if the ancient Cultivators found some parts of the techniques ambiguous or even absurd, they would simply blame themselves for their own aptitude or their infirm belief. They never thought that anything could be wrong with the classics.

When they were too obstinate to accept anything new, how could they draw out the power of the ‘real’ secret techniques of the Pangu Clan and their own unparalleled spiritual energy?