Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346 As Vile As Such

Apart from overall gap between the medieval Cultivation system and the modern Cultivation system, Li Yao’s own capability was unreachable for the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, too.

Who was Li Yao? Back when he was still in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, he was already bold enough to fight Xiao Xuance, the best expert of the Flying Star Sector at the high level of the Nascent Soul Stage!

Then, he broke into the Blood Demon Sector on his own and challenged dozens of demon emperors with hundreds of thousands of soldiers as the background in the Eye of Blood Demon!

On Kunlun, he even slew a member of the Pangu Clan in person!

Right now, in terms of the immensity of his soul power, his capability was certainly higher than the general sense of the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage!

In terms of the toughness of his flesh, with the mental devil, he could activate his primeval cells freely, which meant that he was an expert on par with general demon emperors, too!

He had essentially combined the advantages of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator and a demon emperor into one. Only great experts above the high level of the Nascent Soul Stage might be able to fight him.

Normal Cultivators at the beginning level and the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage were but appetizers for him.


Li Yao slapped his arm heavily again, drawing a line almost five meters long and hit the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s chest hard.

After a crack, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s spiritual shield fell apart, and the breastplate was blown into pieces. His ribs exploded into powder, and his chest collapsed. Even some of his lung lobes were broken, as indicated by the miserable moans in his throat.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator ran for almost a hundred meters holding his head.

Li Yao did not chase after him. Instead, he focused his attention on recording the data such as the strength that he had just used and the enemy’s wounds.

It was barely a fight; it was more like an experiment with a white mouse.

A hundred meters away, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s hair was in a terrible mess, and he almost peed his pants.

In the forest south of the Sorcerers’ River, he had been an invincible, brutal man!

But the mysterious weirdo who jumped out of nowhere was a hundred times more brutal than him!

Without any armor or magical equipment, the guy had suppressed almost all of his magical equipment with just a body of flesh and blood.

The seeming shabby moves tore apart his spiritual shield, his armor made of dragon scales, and his flesh time and time again!

In the meantime, his flying sword could barely touch the enemy’s shadow!

His enemy did not look like a human being but a ferocious beast in human skin!

Seeing the indifference and boredom on Li Yao’s face and the emotionless eyes, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was caught by desperation and lost all his fighting will.

After his lung was damaged, his previously deep and enchanting voice became like the shrieks of a broken gong.

“Fellow Cultivator! Please stop, Fellow Cultivator!

“Senior! Spare my life, senior!

“Deity! Let’s talk nicely, deity! Deity, your skills are too extraordinary for me. Your junior is willing to offer the Poisonous Dragon Cave and be at your service. Please—”

Li Yao blinked.

He had indeed considered capturing the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator alive and eliciting the information about the planet from him.

However, on second thought, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was a native of the place after all. He must be familiar with the environment here.

Also, the soundless barriers that he had deployed around his cave were indicative enough of his cleverness. He was certainly not a barbarian with more brawn than brains.

It was also proved by the fact that he was begging for mercy when he realized that he could not win.

He was in the Nascent Soul Stage after all. Just because he could not defeat Li Yao did not mean that he could not run away when Li Yao was not focused.

Li Yao had just landed on the planet. There were still many things that required his full attention. He could not keep such a time bomb next to him.

Besides, a Cultivator from the barbarians did not necessarily know the situation in the central dynasty and the world of Cultivators. After all, the army of the ‘Appeasing Ambassador of the Fifth Prefecture of the Southland of Sorcerers’ was nearby. Li Yao could always seek information from them after he fabricated a new identity.

Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons, Li Yao found it unnecessary to keep the guy alive.

Standing on the surging river at the bottom of the canyon, Li Yao warmed up his wrists and ankles unhurriedly, his hair dancing in the air although there was no wind. Hearing none of the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s cries for mercy, he said casually, “Run.”

It was the first word that he had said after he landed.

He was trying to simulate the local dialect by exercising his vocal cords and the muscles on his throat.

What he was simulating was exactly the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s style.

While begging in tears, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was concocting all kinds of ploys and schemes in his heart. His last magical equipment was simmering impatiently inside the silk bag on his waist when he suddenly heard ‘run’. Dazed for a moment, he failed to understand what Li Yao’s meant.

Pointing at the upstream of the river in the darkness at the end of the canyon, Li Yao repeated himself. “Run, at your highest speed.”

Having already collected the relevant data in terms of attack and defense just now, he was also interested in testing the extreme speed of the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator finally understood what he meant.

He also understood his identity as a ‘test subject’ from Li Yao’s expressionless face.


The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator suddenly blushed. In contrast, the bird-shaped birthmark on his forehead was even more obvious. It was almost bursting out of his head!

“Fellow Cultivator, do not be too mean. Have you never tasted the wrath of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator?”

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s chest suddenly collapsed in thunderous sounds before it entirely collapsed.


A mouthful of green blood spurted into the air, turning into a hideous giant with three heads and six arms.

He was burning his life and unleashing the Nascent Soul, ready to fight Li Yao without any reserve!

Under the coverage of the giant of spiritual energy, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator patted the silk bag on his waist. Almost fifty black streaks swooshed out and charged at Li Yao in deadly lines while letting out miserable laughter in midair!

This is what I’m waiting for! Li Yao sneered to himself.

It was thirty-six black daggers that were rushing at him. Every dagger was entangled with intense hatred and sense of death, indicating that they were ‘spiritual treasures’ where the souls of the innocent children were sealed as ware spirits!

The thirty-six daggers should be the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s last magical equipment that he would not use easily.

Every time he used such weapons, the spiritual waves and radiation of the outside world might corrupt the ware spirits inside the weapons, making the ‘spiritual treasures’ retrograde into general magical equipment.

However, once the weapons were indeed used, the agility of the magical equipment itself, the weirdness of the routes of attack, and the cooperation among the thirty-six daggers were quite impressive.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The thirty-six black lines flashed around Li Yao, as if they were locking him into an impenetrable prison.

The daggers were made of materials collected from the enormous armor of the Pangu Clan. Chances were that some of the rune arrays of the Pangu Clan were still working on their surface. They were so fast that even Li Yao failed to dodge them for a moment.

Dozens of wounds were immediately cut on his body. The wounds quickly turned black, and his flesh was rolling out like the lips of a baby.

Streams of black gas were crawling into the wounds in a hurry.

Frowning, Li Yao cursed.

The vileness of the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was far beyond his expectation.

The scumbag did not just refine the souls of innocent children into ware spirits and seal them into the daggers in order to improve the manipulability and automation level of the magical equipment.

He even plucked some of the feebler souls, who were probably newborns or even fetuses in the uteruses, in a certain way and crafted them into the invisible, gloomy dark auras, which he attached to the daggers.

As long as the daggers cut the target’s skin, the dark auras would flood into the target’s body and gnaw the target’s nerves and soul directly!


Seeing that Li Yao was riddled with wounds and tied up by almost a hundred dark auras, ‘unable to move at all’, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could not have been more satisfied.

The thirty-six daggers had been forged by him after decades of hard work. So far, they had only been used to slay a few demon beasts. He had never tested them on the experts above the Core Formation Stage.

Just now, he could not estimate Li Yao’s expertise and did not dare to unleash the daggers. Finally, when he was left with no choice, he decided to have a go. He did not expect that the effect would be as good!

The previous depression on the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s face had entirely gone. He demanded, “What makes a rogue like you think you can mess around in front of my residence? However many skills you may have, the dark ghosts will break into your body, your bones, and your brain after you are hit by my daggers. You will feel like ten thousand ants biting your heart!”

Li Yao was truly exasperated.

“Ah-ha. So many fresh dark ghosts. They seem to be made of souls. Yummy!” The mental devil woke up inside Li Yao’s brain. Raising its nose, it was sniffing like a dog and almost wagging its nonexistent tail. “Can I eat them?”

“No, you can’t!” Li Yao said coldly. “The souls of the infants should not have been dark ghosts for long. In an appropriate environment, it is possible that their darkness can be purged for them to regain their consciousness.

“Attract them to you and enshroud them carefully, but do not swallow any of them, or I’ll eliminate you for real!

“I may joke about many things, but I’m serious on this one!”

The mental devil shuddered and stuck out his tongue. “Understood. Don’t be so grave. I was merely joking with you, too!

“Although I’m the dark side of your soul and a representative of your negative feelings, your soul has never been dark and negative to the point that you want to swallow the souls of babies!”

The mental devil shrieked and lunged at the dark auras that were infiltrating Li Yao’s body in dozens of streaks of redness.

The dark ghosts were merely made of the souls of ordinary barbarian babies in the southern tribes. They were truly nothing more than a piece of cake for the mental devil!

Before they had to chance to struggle or shriek, they were controlled by the mental devil one by one and transported into Li Yao’s brain.

Li Yao sensed the helplessness and the agony below the brutality and hideousness of the dark ghosts.

His pupils constricted to the size of two poisoned needles as he gazed at the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator not far away.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Dozens of interconnecting crevices suddenly appeared on the rock that the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was leaning against.

It was almost ripped apart by the dominating aura from Li Yao!