Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 Too Weak


Li Yao vanished abruptly!

The air between him and the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was suddenly twisted by a cluster of hazy mist.

It was a weird illusion caused by the temporary vacuum when Li Yao was fast enough to rip apart the air.

It was not until a long time after the mist appeared that explosive sounds echoed in the air.

Li Yao’s speed was at least three times higher than just before. Streaks of blackness spurted out of his body, enveloping his torso and his limbs, forming a magnificent black crystal suit!

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Heavy Firepower Model was implemented!

A cold and devastating God of War in black armor, supported by eighteen exhaust flames in black, stood above the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator and looked down at him.

On the arced, mirror-like helmet, six crimson crystal cameras were rolling without a sound. Their aperture was enlarging and shrinking as they locked onto the enemy.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Daunting black smoke mixed with spiritual energy and demonic energy was unleashed blatantly, occupying every corner in the narrow, long canyon and turning the rift into a slaughterhouse that solely belonged to Li Yao. Even the surging Poisonous Dragon River halted briefly for a moment!

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s laughter came to an abrupt end.

His heart was also entirely frozen by Li Yao’s killing intent and intimidating aura.

For a moment, he even forgot his fear because he was distracted by Li Yao’s crystal suit.

He had never seen such weird and yet perfect armor before, which had enveloped every inch of the Cultivator’s skin without leaving out any gaps.

Also, a layer of bright brilliance was vaguely flowing on the surface of the armor that was as smooth as a mirror, as if it was covered in a thin membrane made of light. As a result, the armor was reflecting thousands of complicated colors from whatever perspective.

The local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was gripped by fear again.

He was not just frightened by ‘absolute strength’ but also by mysteries.

From the flawless, immaculate armor, he could vaguely tell that his opponent seemed to be from a world that was completely beyond his comprehension and imagina—


After a single punch, Li Yao blew back the giant of spiritual energy that was lunging at him silently.

With the enhancement of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, the force of his fists skyrocketed. The punch left a hole the size of bucket on the chest of the three-headed, six-armed giant. Ripples were spreading out, and the wound did not recover for a long time.

The giant of spiritual energy was shrieking ear-splittingly like a broken balloon.


The giant of spiritual energy was made of the quintessence of the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s soul and blood and directly linked to him. Li Yao’s heavy punch seemed to have broken into the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s brains, making him throw out yet another mouthful green blood and collapse!

Without blinking, Li Yao kicked the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator to the cliff and paved him open like a giant pancake.

His punches rained down like a storm at a frequency of hundreds of times per second. He seemed to have turned into a heavy pile hammer himself while he dug a hole several meters deep in the cliff and bashed the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator into it.

With the assistance of one of the best crystal suits of the three Sectors, such a battle was nothing more than brutalization.

Ever since the moment Li Yao got serious, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator had to be permitted by Li Yao even if he wanted to let out the last dying scream.

Half a minute later, the hole was already ten meters deep, turning into a new cave.

Because of the high-speed friction between the fists and the rocks, the temperature inside the cave had been improved by hundreds of degrees, and smoke was popping out.

The giant of spiritual energy lunged forward again, only to be slashed in half by Li Yao casually.

As for the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator…

He was smeared on the wall of the cave very evenly before he was burnt into nothingness by the high temperature and the friction!


A streak of greenness suddenly dashed out of the cave and flew between Li Yao’s pants in the shape of a green person less than three feet tall who had exactly the same appearance as the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who had been killed miserably under Li Yao’s fists just now.

The little person ran five hundred meters away within a breath. Thinking that he was safe, he pointed at Li Yao and shouted, “How do you dare to destroy the body of Master Spiritual Vulture? This is not the end of it! Even if you do not have the courage to declare your name and where you’re from, I’ll certain dig out your background and demolish your entire family one day when I come back!”

After making the declaration, the little person grinned hideously and ran toward the depths of the canyon in a streak of brightness.

Li Yao’s eyelids shook for a moment. The operation menu suddenly glittered as data and runes fell down like a pouring storm. He determined the position, speed, and nature of spiritual energy of the enemy and the best magical equipment to deal with him instantly.


The enormous sword box on the shoulder of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Heavy Firepower Model was opened quickly, revealing honeycomb-like launch tubes of flying swords. After a few swooshing sounds, dozens of automatic tracking super-tiny flying swords rushed out in rainbow-like trajectories before they caught up to the running Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator from different angles in several seconds.

After a few booms, the local Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’ finally uttered a devastating scream before his soul was blown apart, and he was gone forever!

“Too weak.”

Looking at the firework that was slowing rising in the dark canyon far away, Li Yao yawned.

Having become the owner of the mysterious residence ‘Poisonous Dragon Cave’, what Li Yao was most concerned about was, naturally, the badge where the souls of countless children were confined.

Deep inside the cave, Li Yao sat cross-legged on the altar. He retrieved all the precise magical equipment that he used for maintenance and refining from his Cosmos Rings before he carefully studied the badge on which hundreds of weirdly laughing children were carved.

On top of the metal badge were three zigzagging, centipede-like words—Hundred Ghosts Edict!

The result was within Li Yao’s expectations.

He examined the center of the Hundred Ghosts Edict with tools that could observe the internal structure of metal products, only to discover a cylindrical unit full of dense needle holes.

The ghosts were hiding inside them, sound asleep like lotus seeds inside a seedpod.

The unit was very similar to certain units that the federation had excavated on Kunlun. Therefore, it could be confirmed that the unit was a product in the Pangu civilization.

The main purpose of such magical equipment was to store souls.

According to the specialists in the federation, such magical equipment was probably a first-aid medical facility on the battlefield to rescue the ghosts.

Too many people were often killed in a fierce battle. Some of the soldiers would become ghosts after they died.

But newborn ghosts were extremely vulnerable. If they were not stored in a solid, stable place and kept away from radiation, they would likely perish shortly.

Through such magical equipment, the ghosts would be able to be temporarily stored. After the battle was over, gear such as ‘artificial bodies’ that was usable for the ghosts would be created. The longevity of the ghosts would be significantly extended.

Such a remnant of a ‘medical facility’, after falling into the hands of human Cultivators and being installed with shabby control rune arrays and a fancy shell, turned into the Hundred Ghosts Edict, a piece of evil, vicious magical equipment where souls were confined.

Li Yao counted a hundred and nine souls from the Hundred Ghosts Edict.

Together with the dark ghosts attached to the thirty-six daggers and infiltrating into his body, the total number was two hundred and twenty-one.

They were merely the survivors.

It was not hard to imagine that even more souls of the children must have perished because of the infinite suffering when the daggers were forged. Chances were that three to five hundred children had been killed in total.

Li Yao was so angry that his gums were almost bleeding. He felt that Master Spiritual Vulture had died too easily and quickly.

He also found it tricky to deal with the souls of the children.

When the children were killed by Master Spiritual Vulture, they had generally been between three years old and seven years old. They were still at an innocent age and did not remember many things.

After Master Spiritual Vulture’s repetitive torture and purification, their last remaining memories had been wiped out, too, and they were turned into pure, flawless paper.

It was impossible to send them back to their homes, which would also have been meaningless. Judging from the civilization level of the Sector, they were unlikely to live in peace as ghosts in the barbaric tribes of the desolate land.

Chances were that, in the forests where shamanism and evil spells prevailed, they would either perish soon or be captured by other malicious Cultivators and turned into ‘gremlins’ again!

Li Yao pondered for a long time and decided that he could only bring them with him while hoping that their aggressiveness could be more or less dissolved. One day, if he could take them back to the federation, they could probably still have a new life as orphans.

Thankfully, the Hundred Ghosts Edict was more than spacious enough to accommodate a few hundred souls of children, so he was spared that trouble.

After the problem of the children’s souls were solved, Li Yao began to search Master Spiritual Vulture’s Poisonous Dragon Cave carefully.

He found a crossroad right behind the altar, which led to a few minor caves.

This time, Li Yao raised his alert and groped for barriers inch by inch. As he expected, he discovered a few rather primitive traps.

Since the owner of the traps was dead, Li Yao met absolutely no trouble cracking the barriers.

The crossroad led to three minor caves.

The first one was a warehouse, in which plenty of provisions such as clean water and dehydrated meat was stored. The second one had a bed made of bones, suggesting that it must have been Master Spiritual Vulture’s bedchamber. The third cave was a library. A lot of jade chips and mottled books were kept inside.

Li Yao also found a colorful silk bag made of weird materials that was not blackened at all in the temperature of hundreds of degrees where Master Spiritual Vulture was burnt into ashes. Inside the silk bag was a roughly made Cosmos Ring.

The crystal processor that he carried with him had been preinstalled with many programs to crack the barriers. After the Cosmos Ring was connected to the crystal processor, the programs automatically ran and cracked it by brute force. After only a few seconds, the primitive barriers were removed, and he became the new owner of the Cosmos Ring.

The items inside the Cosmos Ring, as well as the books and jade chips inside the library, gave Li Yao a general idea of the cave’s background and why Master Spiritual Vulture had been living in seclusion here.