Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Determine Your Fate on Your Own!

Jiang Sheng was surprised for a moment before bursting into laughter:

"Senior Sister Yuan, after all this, you still haven't given up on Project Mystic Skeleton? Do you still want to refine a low-cost, mass-producible crystal suit? Don't you know that Project Mystic Skeleton has become a big joke in the refiners' community for a long time? From the get-go, no one was optimistic about you. Including our Deep Sea University, many people had sincerely tried to persuade you that the tensile strength of ordinary materials is low and simply can not withstand the ultrahigh impacts of spiritual energy. If they are not heaven and earth treasures, then it is impossible. Your insistence has even led to such a tragedy. This is truly..."

"That's enough!"

Yuan Manqiu suddenly raised her voice and said as she stressed each word, "That's right, the attempt this time was a failure and many have died, even Old Mo."

"But, so what?"

"From the very beginning, the road of cultivation is full of hardships and danger, and death could take us at any moment. Every year, God knows how many cultivators lose their lives in the Demon Beast Wasteland, yet does no one dare to tread the Demon Beast Wasteland?"

"Cultivators should be fearless of death, and if afraid, then do not cultivate. If Old Mo and I were afraid of death, we would have lived a peaceful and normal life for a hundred years like ordinary people. There was no need for us to lose all of our fortunes just for some Project Mystic Skeleton! By our strength, we could have lived an extravagant life with wealth and glory, but we didn't!"

"Although Old Mo is now dead, I am still living, am I not? The attempt this time had led to a failure, but nevertheless, I have also obtained valuable data and have learned some things. Next time, I will definitely not make the same mistake."

"In any case, I will persevere. I will refine the true Mystic Skeleton Battle Suit, and at that time, I will naturally come to Deep Sea University's Refining Department and exchange pointers with you!"

After a moment of silence, Jiang Shen helplessly sighed:

"Alright. Since Senior Sister Yuan has said so, I can only go back and report it to teacher faithfully. Nonetheless, as your junior brother, I must remind Senior Sister Yuan one thing."

"Senior Sister Yuan, the most important thing right now is not to refine some Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, but rather, it is to somehow protect Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department."

"The Nine Elite Universities are the most prestigious universities recognized by the federation government, and as such, the annual funding and resources provided by the federation government are far more than any other universities, thus there is a very high requirement for the quality of education as well as the standards of the departments."

"Every year, the department of education will evaluate all departments of the Nine Elite Universities."

"If our Refining Department can not even foster a single registered refiner, then that would mean that the quality of education of our university's Refining Department is terrible and that we are simply not worthy of the title of 'Nine Elite Universities'."

"At that time, the department of education will revoke the university's qualifications."

"Now, you are only left with these shrimp soldiers and crab generals[1] or freshmen who had just entered. It's not that simple to foster a registered refiner out of them in just one years time."

Yuan Manqiu stiffly said, "Junior Brother Jiang, let me worry about it, it's none of your business. Let's part ways here."

Jiang Sheng nodded:

"Alright, Senior Sister Yuan. We are all cultivators who are seeking the truth, so although you and I have different refining ideologies, I heartily wish you success in refining the Mystic Skeleton Armor that can be mass-produced."

"Then, I will completely blow it away using the crystal suit that is refined by me."

Jiang Sheng tone was very calm, as if it was not a threat but stating a very common fact.

Having said this, he nodded to Yuan Manqiu before turning around and walking towards the flying shuttle.

At this point, he arbitrarily swept a glance at Li Yao's direction. The eighteen crystals on the metal ring suddenly lit up.

Jiang Sheng slightly smiled as he walked towards Li Yao.

"You must be Li Yao, Floating Spear City's Champion of College Entrance Examination who Professor Xie Tingxian is very optimistic about? I am Deep Sea University's Refining Department associate professor, Jiang Sheng, a descendant of Jiang Family and the distant cousin of Jiang Tao."

"A Jiang Family descendant!" These three words made Li Yao's pupil suddenly contract as he instinctively took a step back.

Jiang Sheng seemed to be oblivious to Li Yao's wariness as he continued, "Student Li Yao, thank you very much. Jiang Tao, who fled from battle, was nothing more than a bandit who had no courage. He is simply the shame of our Jiang Family, so thank you for enforcing justice and helping us clean up our Jiang Family. I will always keep this great act of kindness in mind."

Li Yao was surprised for a moment. He had never imagined that Jiang Sheng had the intention to say this.

Jiang Sheng burst into laughter: Whats the matter? Did you think that I came looking for trouble? Student Li Yao, you are thinking too much. Not to mention Jiang Tao, that scumbag who was simply seeking his own death, even if it was another descendant of the Jiang Family, I have no interest in helping them raise their head. I am someone who is obsessed technology, and as such, in my eyes, only refining techniques are worth fighting for. I don't have any interest in family or relatives. Those things are too silly. They are simply not worth it for me to waste even half a second."

Li Yao heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Professor Jiang, you are..."

Jiang Sheng's attitude suddenly changed. A smile still hung on his mouth, but his temperament, in the blink of an eye, suddenly became incomparably cold and gloomy as he said:

"However, although I have no interest in family, and even if you, Student Li Yao, turned the Jiang Family upside down, I will still remain indifferent. But you really should not have insulted the Deep Sea University's Refining Department. My feelings for the university are a hundred times deeper than my family!"

Li Yao was baffled: "When did I insult the Deep Sea University's Refining Department?"

He was very clear how strong the Deep Sea University's Refining Department was, and he even held some fear. The "Holy Land of Refiners"this title wasnt just for show.

Let alone insulting it, he never even looked down on Deep Sea University's Refining Department.

Jiang Sheng indifferently said, "You have said that you will lead the Grand Desolate War Institution and challenge Deep Sea University's Refining Departmentin my opinion, that is like a toad jumping out to challenge a lion. Tell me, is that not an insult to the lion?"

Li Yao narrowed his eyes: "Professor Jiang, you mean to say, my Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department is like a toad who doesnt even have the qualifications to challenge your lion-like university? And we shouldnt even have any idea, even if its just a thought is an insult to your university?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. You are intelligent, Student Li Yao." Jiang Sheng showed a smile which was like a warm and gentle breeze caressing your cheeks.


Li Yao was rendered speechless.

Supernova Jiang Sheng was truly acting like a direct disciple of Chu Xiuhong should; he did not place anyone in his eyes.


Jiang Sheng changed the topic of the conversation as a smile once again bloomed on his face: "As the saying goes, young people make mistakes and the gods will forgive everything. You are young, impulsive, hot-blooded, naive, and you will occasionally say nonsense. There is nothing wrong in itself. I will give you an opportunity to repent."

Jiang Sheng raised his thumb as he pointed at the deformed Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit behind him: "Student Li Yao, here is the opportunity. You have seen the condition of Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department. Perhaps the Refining Department would soon be abolished, so if you were to remain here, you would be wasting your talent."

"If you are willing, I can think of some way to transfer you to Deep Sea University's Refining Department. At the beginning, you will enter as an auditing student, and later, I will think of some way to officially enroll you into Deep Sea Universitys Refining Department. What do you think?"

Li Yao remained silent.

At this very moment, Yuan Manqiu's loud voice echoed in his ear.

"Cultivators should be fearless of death, and if afraid, then do not cultivate!"

"In any case, I will persevere. I will refine the true Mystic Skeleton Battle Suit!"

A slight frown appeared on Jiang Sheng's glabella: "Student Li Yao, this is your last opportunity. Not every young man is fortunate like you, who has the opportunity to correct his mistakes. As long as you nod, I will personally become your teacher and guide you to the correct road of refining. Isn't that better than staying in this pile of waste?"

"As for your proclamation that you will one day challenge Deep Sea University's Refining Department, everyone knows that it is just the nonsense of a young man. Who would take it to heart? Everyone is frivolous in their youth, so everybody will understand. As long as you achieve success and win recognition, no one will laugh at you."

"Pile of waste..."

Li Yao pondered for a long time while gazing at the distant Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. At last, he shook his head:

"I'm sorry, Professor Jiang. I am someone who had come out from a pile of waste. For a majority of my childhood, I have only survived by relying on scraps gathered from piles of waste, so I think that this 'pile of waste' is rather suitable for me."

Jiang Sheng took a deep glance at him before he nodded and said:

"Alright, I will still say this: I wish you and Senior Sister Yuan success in refining the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. I also want to see how the legendary, mass-producible crystal suit would look like. But first of all, try to think of a way to keep this pile of waste, Student Li Yao."

Jiang Sheng, without turning his head, started directly walking towards the flying shuttle before it silently floated away, just like how they had arrived.


After about an hour later, the memorial finally came to an end.

However, the doubts and suspicion in the hearts of the students from the Refining Department still hadn't been cleared.

So everyone kept on staring at Dean Xiong Baili anxiously.

The decision to determine the life and death of Refining Department was in his hand.

Seemingly sensing the too-impatient-to-wait mood of the students, Dean Xiong Baili, after the others left, assembled all the remaining students of the Refining Department to announce a very significant decision.

And the professors of the various department, who stood behind Xiong Baili, looked at the students below the stage with an extremely strange look.

It seemed that from this moment on, they were going to pick the talented student whom they favored.

"It seems that the Refining Department is truly going to be abolished. The professors from the various departments are going to pick students."

Huang Tong, who stood behind Li Yao, said in a low voice.

Li Yao took a glance at Yuan Manqiu.

Yuan Manqiu remained expressionless, but her eyes were like two burning red coals.

Xiong Baili took a step forward and directly got to the point:

"Students of the Refining Department, you may have heard some rumors like the institute was preparing to abolish Refining Department, which is indeed correct. I will not hide it from you. At the beginning, the management had indeed decided upon this."

After all, the Refining Department's losses were very serious. Not only was the floating mountain destroyed, but the Refining Department is only left with a single professor, Associate Professor Yuan Manqiu. Whether it is the facilities or the faculty, the Refining Department is lacking in both."

"The institute has limited funding and all the facilities need to be rebuilt, which makes it impossible to invest a lot of resources for the rebuilding of the Refining Department within a short period of time.

"Originally, you students have undergone all kinds of hardships and difficulties in order to enter the Grand Desolate Institution, which is hailed as one of the Nine Elite Universities, and I, as the dean of the institute, am responsible for every student's future."

"So, the institute had originally decided to abolish the Refining Department, and the students could transfer to other departments."

"However, Professor Yuan Manqiu kept on insisting that there is a hope in rebuilding the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department. She had said thatour Grand Desolate War Institution's tradition has always been to never abandon, to never give up, and if there was even a single soldier left to fight, grit your teeth, straighten your back, and carry the battle flag!"

"What she had said is right. Our Grand Desolate War Institution is indeed different than the other 'Eight Elite Universities'. As long as you are willing to fight, we will give you an opportunity to fight, and we will absolutely not abandon you! This is exactly the spirit of our Grand Desolate War Institution! For several hundred years, we have always been acting like this!"

"So, we have finally decided that we will give all the student an opportunity to choose. The fate of the Refining Departmentis in your hand!"


[1] Useless troops.