Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 This Is Too Unbelievable

When the two super experts stood together, it was almost a caricature.

They were entirely the opposite of each other.

Qi Zhongdao was tall and slender, like a black nail, while Yan Liren was short, fat, and only reached the waist of his opponent, with such fair skin that he almost looked like a piece of white bread.

However, the collision of their unparalleled auras was rippling out. All the bystanders could not help feeling that their pores were constricted to the minimum, and they could not even smile anymore.

For a moment, the people, grass, trees, wind, clouds, sunlight, and everything else on the Bronze Censer Peak seemed to be frozen.

Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren attracted each other like two magnets.

“Fellow Cultivator Yan,” Qi Zhongdao said casually, “the two of us are flattered by the Cultivators in the world as two of the ‘Three Saints’ of the Great Qian Dynasty. But we have never—”

“Hush!” Yan Liren’s ever-shivering eyes suddenly stopped and focused on his opponent’s body. He said solemnly, “Enough talking. Let’s fight!”

Hardly had he finished his sentence when Yan Liren’s spiritual energy split the ground below his feet into hundreds of cracks, each of which was charging at Qi Zhongdao like the sharpest sword!

Qi Zhongdao’s face color changed. Web-like cracks appeared below his feet, too, which pierced Yan Liren’s cracks at fast as lightning!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of cracks joined, shattering the entire area. Countless pebbles soared into the sky with the boost of their spiritual energy and blossomed in midair, only to be enveloped by their spiritual energy again. The previously plain pebbles all turned into colorful, translucent gems before they darted toward the enemy from unbelievable angles in hundreds of dazzling streaks of brilliance.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Every pebble that was poured with spiritual energy was broken apart by the hostile pebbles into the tiniest powder. The powder was then absorbed by them again and circled around him in the shapes of hideous monsters.

The two unparalleled experts in the world of ancient Cultivators began their competition in such an expected way!

During the first collision, although they controlled their strength precisely and the broken stones did not splutter out, the blast resulting from the crash of immense spiritual energy still rushed out.

Most of the blast smashed the defense barriers. Quite a few of the barriers were shivering and flickering under the blow.

The Cultivators outside of the defense barriers all changed their face color greatly. Many of them took another step backward in silence.

In the innermost circle, many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had activated their spiritual shields.

Only a few Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, including Li Yao, were still roaming amid the surging tides of the spiritual energy blast.

Li Yao did not even activate the spiritual energy of the Nascent Soul Stage. He merely accelerated the flow of spiritual energy inside his body and kept himself at the middle level of the Core Formation Stage.

The experts who did not bother to defend themselves were quite obvious. They noticed each other immediately.

Most of the people other than Li Yao were seniors who had been famous for a long time.

Their faces were all solemn as they were not sure whether Li Yao truly boasted incredible techniques or was simply fearless because he was ignorant of the consequences of being involved in the blast.

Wait until your head is cut off!

In the third ring, Xie Xinghuo and his ‘Senior Uncle Liu’ from the Divergent Mountain Sect sneered to themselves with fury shooting out of their eyes.


After the two unparalleled experts were done testing each other, they performed the real deadly moves in the second round.

Yan Liren turned into a completely white ball of light as he rolled over the entire sword test field. Dozens of colorful flying swords darted out of his Cosmos Rings quickly, which were a hundred times more powerful than the pebbles just now!

In comparison, Qi Zhongdao was truly like a nail that had been bashed into the ground. No wonder how overwhelming the enemy’s attacks were, he stood absolutely still, except that he shook his sleeve and released a hundred black iron rings.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Every iron ring swallowed a flying sword precisely.

Dazzling light was flowing on the dense rune arrays on the iron rings, putting them in various colors. An immense strangling force was generated, as the iron rings intended to mince apart all the flying swords!

Yan Liren was expressionless in the first place, and there was nothing except for ‘seriousness’ on his face. Now, he grew even more focused. Every flying sword was shivering violently, raising sparks on the iron rings that could blind the audience!


A lot of flying swords were contorted by the strangling iron rings, falling apart into thousands of pieces!


But many iron rings were broken by the dazzling brilliance unleashed by the flying swords, too!

It was almost as if two shooting stars were colliding above everyone’s head. Thousands of pieces were darting away faster than five times the speed of sound in the purple and red fire due to the friction with the air!

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

In the first circle, the spiritual shields of many Cultivators at the peak of the Core Formation Stage were ripped apart by the pieces instantly, which almost left a few bloody holes on their body. Frightened, they hurried to step backward to the second ring and the third ring!

The spiritual shields of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, on the other hand, were much sturdier. The pieces were even blown into powder after they hit them, raising a hazy, colorful mist around the Cultivators!

The Cultivators were apparently not as calm and unhurried as before. They were all gritting their teeth and activating their arts to the maximum.

Even a lot of experienced Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who did not open up the spiritual shields a moment ago were secretly clicking their tongues. They were taking out their defensive magical equipment and opening up the spiritual shields one after another.

Those who were still at ease were only Li Yao and two or three experienced Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

Li Yao seemed to notice none of the thousands of incoming pieces. To observe the battle from the best perspective, he was even walking around in the ‘storm’.

It was rather strange that, perhaps because he was lucky or perhaps he had truly calculated everything well, his every movement happened to allow him to avoid the scourge of the broken pieces and the sweeping auras!

In the most dangerous encounter, a broken iron ring where Qi Zhongdao’s massive spiritual energy still lingered was only two inches away from his temple. Had he tilted his head, his brains might have been blown out!

However, he simply walked past it without any expression, not even bothering to blink his eyes.

There was no telling whether it was because he was too incapable to notice the deadly piece coming at him or because he was unbelievably confident about the trajectory of the piece that he had calculated!

“Is this guy just lucky enough to avoid the dead attacks every time, or is he—”

“Or is he capable of analyzing the routes of attacks from the two unparalleled experts, calculating the range of all the pieces, and then avoiding them from the safest places?”

“Is he really an expert who has been concealing himself and foresaw the result of the battle through a certain anomaly that he discovered?”

Xie Xinghuo and his ‘Senior Uncle Liao’ looked at each other and noticed the pouring sweat on their foreheads.

Most of the Cultivators on the spot had exactly the same questions as theirs.

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators of the Purple Pole Sword Sect, who knew everything in the beginning, nodded in approval. This ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’ was indeed a super brutal man who killed Master Black Moon and suppressed Han Yuantai. He was even more capable than they had expected!

“Fellow Cultivator Yan!”

The iron rings and the flying swords in midair had almost all been shattered. They occupied the space like a small ocean of meteorites. Qi Zhongdao suddenly shouted, “I am not here today to test garbage. Where are the primeval swords? Let me test them!”

“Alright!” The roars of a ferocious beast burst out of Yan Liren’s tiny body. “Take my swords with your Heaven Flipping Seal, then!”


Three streaks of dazzling brilliance surged out of Yan Liren’s Cosmos Rings and condensed into three flying swords in different forms above his head. Before the three swords came to a halt, the invisible auras of the sword had spread out like an autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves. Many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators found it almost impossible to keep their eyes open!

The largest one of the flying swords was more than fifty meters long. It was pure black, and there were a few patches of rust that must have been unpurgeable on the surface. However, they simply added to the solemnity of the sword. Like a giant pillar supporting the sky, it was more of a gigantic stick than a ‘sword’!

The second largest one was about thirty meters long. It was green and blue, surrounded by dazzling electric arcs that were expanding into balls of lightning. It looked quite intimidating.

The ‘smallest’ one of them was still more than seven meters long. There was no telling what it was made of, but the sword was almost transparent and seemed to be melting into the air. It was even changing its color according to the background and slithering soundlessly like a chameleon. It was obviously a deadly weapon for assassination purposes!

“Huh?” Li Yao was startled, his jaw almost hitting his feet.

He was not surprised by the appalling techniques entailed in the three ridiculously huge primeval swords, or by Yan Liren’s advanced Cosmos Rings which were spacious enough to accommodate such three swords, but…

What—what—what’s happening here? Aren’t they the blades for Colossi?

Before Li Yao was engaged in the expedition mission, Li Yao had been studying the Colossi on Kunlun. He was the best specialist on the Colossi in the Star Glory Federation.

Therefore, he instantly recognized that the three ‘primeval swords’ that Sword Maniac Yan Liren was wielding were actually the weapons of the Colossi, the strategic inventions of mankind in the last years of the God-Sealing War!

The largest remnant of a Colossi that he had ever come across was almost a hundred meters. They were the only candidates for such super heavy swords!

The ancient Cultivators… are too unbelievable!

The swords are blades for the Colossi, but you have dissected it and are able to manipulate them purely with your telepathic thoughts. Bro, how have you been training yourself exactly?

Li Yao could not have admired the ancient Cultivators more.

But then, he discovered that he could.

After Qi Zhongdao summoned the Heaven Flipping Seal, known as the strongest magical equipment of the Ancient Sages Sector, Li Yao was so astounded that his brain went blank.

Are you kidding me? You even have such a thing? And it can be used as a weapon?