Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395 Glory Of The Dead End

When the brilliance of the three primeval swords tore apart the sky and awed the entire field, making the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators waver and retreat, Qi Zhongdao was as stable as a mountain. He merely shook his broad sleeve again. Another streak of silver brilliance shot out and expanded into a piece of enormous magical equipment more than ten meters in diameter!

The body of the magical equipment was a giant, round, translucent ball that seemed to be filled with half-transparent fluids inside. The arts of metal polishing and craft as demonstrated in the artifact were incredible. It was an absolutely perfect sphere. Even when Li Yao maximized his eyesight, making his eyes almost equal to a microscope, he could not find an error of one tenth the width of a hair on the magical equipment!

Outside of the main ball, six circular, interconnected rails were swirling quickly with the ball at the center.

The circular rails were full of dense spiritual stripes and rune arrays. They were releasing colorful electric arcs that were interweaving with each other in ear-splitting noises!

“The Heaven Flipping Seal, the ultimate treasure in the world!”

The high-level Cultivators nearby stepped backward while exclaiming.

After the Heaven Flipping Seal was summoned, the world was suddenly a hundred times heavier, as if an invisible mountain was pressing down!

Including Li Yao, all the Cultivators close to the center felt that their blood was freezing, and they were short of breath. They seemed to be bound by an invisible shackle that was getting tighter and tighter!

While other Cultivators considered the item as a secret treasure blessed by the deities in the primeval era, Li Yao was the only one who knew what the object was exactly.

This is a ‘gravity generator’ of the Pangu civilization!

There was no gravity in outer space. When the starships moved in space, there was no distinction in directions when they were not under the influence of gravity.

But for living creatures that were born on planets and used to gravity, they could not live in the zero-gravity state for long. Therefore, some magical equipment had to be manufactured to create an ‘artificial gravity field’.

Sometimes, they would have to explore or settle in the worlds whose gravity was far higher than that of their mother planet. Then, facilities were required to adjust the environment of ten times or fifty times the standard gravity into a low-gravity one that was suitable for their long-time survival.

The ‘gravity generator’ was a piece of magical equipment invented for such a purpose. It could release a special force field and adjust the gravity in a certain space.

Li Yao had excavated the remnants of the starships of the Pangu Clan or the Nuwa Clan on the Kunlun relics. Although the remnants could not have been more rotten, he had seen quite a few gravity generators at the cores of the starships, at least their basic appearance.

According to Li Yao’s speculation, the gravity generator that Qi Zhongdao was using as the Heaven Flipping Seal must have been dismantled from a rather advanced assault starship. Other than generating artificial gravity inside the starship, it could also project the force field to envelop the starship so that the trajectory of the incoming bullets and cannonballs would be altered!

The gravity generator is of an extremely high level. It is also well-preserved!

The Ancient Sages Sector is indeed deeply connected to the primeval civilizations, considering that they have so many treasures that are so perfectly preserved!

Also, the ancient Cultivators of this Sector are too unbelievable!

Both the blades of the Colossi and the gravity generator for a starship should be connected to a mainframe crystal processor. They cannot be driven smoothly without the enhancement of tremendous computational ability and the input of immense spiritual energy!

But they are actually using such magical equipment with their feeble brains and whatever spiritual energy is inside their body!

It’s like a primitive who picks up a storm bolter that is tens of thousands of years ahead of his age, only to decide that he will use it for the bayonet!

Nuts. This is pure nuts!

Li Yao did not even know how he should feel.


The primeval treasures that the two top experts released from their Cosmos Rings announced the climax of the competition!

Yan Liren’s three giant swords that had been retrieved from the Colossi were flying up and down purely under the control of his telepathic thoughts.

The black sword that was more than fifty meters long was emanating the most intense black smoke. It was like an upside-down black tornado. When it was sweeping by, the sky and the earth was crumbling and screaming.

The twenty-meter-long sword closely followed it, unleashing lightning dozens of meters long that was dancing like gold snakes. It was soundless but even more fatal!

However, in Li Yao’s eyes, the splendid visual and sound effects of the first two swords were for the sole purpose of covering the third sword!

Under the cover of the black smoke and the lightning bolts, the third sword had gone completely transparent and melted into the world around. It was beyond recognition unless someone extended hundreds of spiritual threads to perceive it!

The black sword and the lightning sword are all meant to compress Qi Zhongdao’s zone of activity as much as possible, confuse his eyes, and distract his attention so that the last ‘assassination sword’ will have the best opportunity to attack!

This is truly as expected of the Sword Saint! Such combat ability is definitely among the highest even in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector!

How is Qi Zhongdao going to handle this?

Li Yao looked at the leader of the Cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty, only to discover that the guy seemed to be even darker and thinner, as if his vitality had been entirely absorbed by the Heaven Flipping Seal in midair. The rails around the Heaven Flipping Seal were swirling faster and faster, and the gravity imposed upon the sword test field was higher and higher, too!

Ten times the standard gravity! Thirty times! Fifty times!

After only one moment, the gravity in the sword test field had been increased to an astonishing point!

Also, the gravity generator could not just improve the gravity but also weaken or even remove it!

Therefore, in some places, the pebbles and the broken pieces were floating in midair, shaking, while in some other places, the land deeply collapsed, as if an invisible behemoth had stomped on it brutally!

Even a bystander such as Li Yao was feeling that his eyeballs were bulging out and that his internal organs were going to be squeezed by the more than seventy times the standard gravity. It was needless to say that Yan Liren, as the primary target of the Heaven Flipping Seal, would only feel less comfortable!

The dwarf Sword Saint seemed to be someone who was being drowned in an ocean or a dizzy drunkard. He was staggering, unable to keep his body balanced. Together with his short, thick limbs, he could not have looked more comical.

However, Li Yao knew what kind of terrible pressure Yan Liren was under right now.

What was even more terrible was that Qi Zhongdao would certainly not just impose a super high gravity on him.

For example, by controlling the gravity field precisely, he could make the left half of Yan Liren’s body shoulder fifty times the standard gravity and the right half shoulder ten times or even zero gravity!

The imbalance of the two halves of the body, and the feeling of being torn apart, was not something that a regular Cultivator could bear!

For Qi Zhongdao, who was in a gravity field that was completely at his mercy, he did not even need any other magical equipment. A grass, a twig, a stone, or even a grain of sand could all be turned into the deadliest of weapons!

More specifically speaking, while Qi Zhongdao was not in the Divinity Transformation Stage, whose main difference from the Nascent Soul Stage lay in the ability to create a spiritual domain that was a small world governed by the Cultivator’s own rules, he was able to simulate some of the techniques of the Divinity Transformation Stage with the power of his primeval treasure, the Heaven Flipping Seal!

No wonder he was the leader of the Cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty!

No wonder the Heaven Flipping Seal was the ultimate treasure in the world!

“Master Righteous One is about to win!”

“The Heaven Flipping Seal is the Heaven Flipping Seal after all. Can the invincible treasure be defeated by a few random primeval swords?”

“Yan Liren is indeed strong. He deserves his name as the Sword Saint! But too bad. His opponent is Master Righteous One!”

Qi Zhongdao seemed to be at an advantage in the battle. Many Cultivators standing under the banner of the Grand Mystery Sect were secretly relieved and began to comment again.

Perhaps, they were doing it for other purposes, like distracting or frustrating Yan Liren, but there was no way to know.

Some of them were even looking at Li Yao, intentionally or unintentionally. They seemed to be sneering at his forecast before the battle.

Li Yao had no time to bother with the unworthy small fries because his mind had become fully occupied by the summit confrontation between the two ancient Cultivators.

He discovered that there was something wrong with his evaluation on the combat ability of the ancient Cultivators. He neglected a factor that was of paramount importance.

It was true that general Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators in this world, such as Master Black Moon, were nowhere near as strong as the modern Cultivators of the same level.

However, what if an ancient Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, after receiving a piece of magical equipment from the primeval era, melted their soul, their will, and their life into it patiently and perennially in order to activate the maximal power of the ultimate treasure?

It was a dead end.

The reason was simple. As powerful as the primeval treasures might be, they were products from hundreds of thousands of years ago after all. The civilizations that created them had all probably perished. Therefore, one broken treasure would mean one fewer treasure. One day, they would all be used up.

Also, for those who walked on such a path, cases would not be rare that ‘the older, the better’ or ‘the previous generations are always better than the future generations’.

The modern Cultivation civilization, on the other hand, had truly digested and absorbed part of the heritage of the Pangu civilization. On that basis, they developed a training system and a magical equipment industry that solely belonged to mankind.

Even if the magical equipment that they produced was not as good as the counterparts in the Pangu civilizations, their potentials were infinite, and their futures were promising. Developing and evolving slowly, one day, they would be higher, faster, and stronger than the Pangu civilization!

In general, Li Yao was very confident and optimistic about the modern Cultivation civilization.

But when it came to individuals…

The elites among the ancient Cultivators, such as Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren, had reached the very end of the ‘dead end’ and advanced to an unimaginable level where they could absolutely not push forward any further!

The ancient Cultivators in the outside world had all perished or evolved.

But they were like prehistoric beasts that were caged on a lone island without having any evolution for billions of years. They were simply unleashing the most primitive, wildest, and most brilliant performance of the formidability of the ‘ancient Cultivators’!

The last glory of the ancient Cultivators in the three thousand Sectors was fully displayed in front of Li Yao’s eyes in such a thunderous and breathtaking way!