Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396 He Has.. Perished

“Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!” The auras from Yan Liren’s sword occupied almost the entire sky like lightning and dragons while they lunged at the Heaven Flipping Seal crazily, only to be contorted and shattered under the oppression of the Heaven Flipping Seal!

Yan Liren walked forward as if in a blizzard, leaving clear footprints behind him. Because of his insufficient height, more than half of his body had been buried in the ground as he took every step forward.

Under the suppression of the immense gravity, not only was his face bleeding, bloody pearls were leaking out of his every pore, too. His previous bread-like head was being crushed into a pie, making him look even more appalling than before.

Qi Zhongdao, on the other hand, was as steady as ever, as if the entire world was rotating around him and running under his rules!

The contrast between the two parties made a lot of ignorant spectators at the periphery cheer for Qi Zhongdao.

Li Yao, however, suddenly constricted his pupils. Having been calm and still all the time, he suddenly fell backward, before he stomped on the ground with his heel heavily, retreating fast like a shocked bird!

Almost at exactly the same moment as he retreated, Yan Liren’s abdomen suddenly expanded into a ball as he uttered the most deafening roar. The black sword almost fifty meters long somehow was freed from the boundary of the gravity field and smashed at the Heaven Flipping Seal!

If it hit the target, the Heaven Flipping Seal would either be cut in half or crushed into a piece of paper!

Qi Zhongdao sniffed. With blood flowing out of his mouth, the rails around the Heaven Flipping Seal were rotating at an even faster speed than before. Visible force fields were quickly spreading out in black waves!


The black sword was shattered by the Heaven Flipping Seal!

Before everybody cheered, however, the scraps of the black sword further exploded into a black smoke, which swept around and instantly enveloped the hundreds of square meters nearby!

“Not good!”

“Yan Liren has shattered his primeval sword to influence the power of the Heaven Flipping Seal!”

“How can he bear to lose such a primeval sword?”

Before everyone’s exclamation died down, an unprecedented blast burst out from the black smoke, crushing the entire field like a tornado and a tsunami. The sun seemed to have crashed on the Bronze Censer Peak!

The Cultivators who responded slower than Li Yao were swallowed by the blast instantly. They were like canoes in a surging ocean before they were blown away brutally!

The ten protective barriers around the sword test field exploded, twisted, and faded one after another, leaving only trails of smoke.

Everyone’s eyes were blinded by the dazzling light triggered in the huge collision of the primeval treasures. It did not help at all even if they closed their eyes as fast as possible.

Their ears were stuffed by the deafening explosions. Hundreds of ear-splitting sounds overlapped, and the echoes were still bashing their eardrums repetitively. They all felt their heads aching, and they were about to be smothered!

After more than ten breaths, the Cultivators who had been knocked to the periphery of the sword test field finally calmed themselves down and scanned the field with their senses.

What was in front of them was an unbelievable picture.

At the center of confrontation of the two superb experts, the previously flat sword test field was filled with concentric creases. The earth seemed to have turned into tides, and the tides had been frozen into icebergs more than ten meters high!

Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren were standing on two icebergs respectively, facing the opposite direction. Their faces were emotionless, and their eyes were deep.

Some of the careful Cultivators, however, noticed that they had swapped positions.

The Heaven Flipping Seal was still rotating slowly above Qi Zhongdao’s head, except that it no longer released colorful mystic rays. The previously immaculate, errorless silver sphere now had a shallow dent!

Although it was narrow, short, and shallow, it could hardly escape anyone’s attention, just like the scar on a beauty’s face.

Above Yan Liren’s head, the two primeval swords, other than the black one, were floating in midair next to each other. The auras of the swords were also shivering, making them look like two heavily wounded serpents.

“This battle…”

All the Cultivators were shocked. Judging from the appearances of the two people, it was hard to say who the final winner would be!

Suddenly, a Cultivator exclaimed at the sky, “Look!”

Everybody looked where the guy was pointing at, only to discover that the few clouds above Yan Liren’s head had been compressed into balls, which seemed unable to bear their own weight and were about to collapse from the sky!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Before everyone had the time to be amazed, a few rocks that were piercing into the clouds at the edge of the Bronze Censer Peak also let out deafening explosions before they slid down on a slant, revealing a fracture that was as smooth as a mirror. They had obviously been cut off by Yan Liren’s sword auras!


The monolithic rocks weighing almost ten thousand tons crashed at the edge of the Bronze Censer Peak. The earth shook violently, as if the entire Bronze Censer Peak could not stand the devastation of the two experts and was about to crumble!

Hundreds of disciples of the Purple Pole Sword Sect hurried up. The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators of the sect also wasted no time restoring and building up the rune arrays around, in case the unexpected event of the entire mountain falling down did happen.


A Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who had been watching the battle at the innermost circle vomited a mouthful of black blood before he staggered backward a few steps and fell to the ground. His face was as colorless as that of a dead person, and his breathing was unsteady!

“Not good. Senior Qing Leizi of the Roaring Thunder Sect has been heavily wounded because of the sword auras and the power of the Heaven Flipping Seal. Somebody, help him!”

Qing Leizi was a well-known senior in the world of Cultivators. It had never occurred to them that he had been wounded to such an extent just because he stood a bit too close to the center and ran away a bit too slowly.

Whispers were echoing again.

Everybody was amazed. The battle was truly spectacular. It was almost on par with the shocking battle of the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators a hundred years earlier!

But the question remained, who was the winner?

The air was so intense that the field looked like a glacier where the ice blocks were cracking and falling apart. All the Cultivators, be they on the Grand Mystery Sect’s side or the Purple Pole Sword Sect’s, held their breath and stared at the two experts who were standing on the top of the icebergs like statues.


Li Yao took a deep breath in relief and shook his clothes, which had been soaked in his sweat. The trip to the world of ancient Cultivators was certainly rewarding. The chance to watch the confrontation of two unparalleled experts at such a close distance alone was already worth the ticket price!

Appreciating such a gratifying battle is greatly beneficial for my own training. I can vaguely feel the breakthrough that I’m going to make in the near future!

It’s a shame that I cannot stop the great battle of the two elite ancient Cultivators. Neither of them deserves to die in such a way!

Qin Zhongdao is truly worthy of being the leading person of the Great Qian Cultivators. However… However…

Li Yao sighed. Noticing that a few Core Formation Stage Cultivators in the robes of the Grand Mystery Sect were standing next to him, he waved his hands at them and said, not without regret, “Now, hurry up and make sure that Master Righteous One’s body is preserved properly. He has… perished!”


When everybody was waiting for the final result in silence, Li Yao’s whisper was as loud and shocking as thunder on a sunny day!

“Master Righteous One has lost and died? How is it possible?”

“How did he know? How can he tell it?”

“The rude guy is still spreading fallacies to deceive people!”

“Don’t talk like that. This Master Spiritual Vulture is something. He was watching in the innermost circle just now and walking amid the attacks without using his spiritual energy, but he remained uninjured!

“Besides, before Master Righteous One and the Sword Maniac launched their ultimate move, he was the first to respond and retreat!

“Before the battle, he predicted that Master Righteous One would fail. He spoke so confidently right now because he truly knows what has happened and is not just blabbering!”

“This is—this is—”

Everybody looked at Li Yao with both fear and fury.

The disciples of the Grand Mystery Sect were looking at Qi Zhongdao and Li Yao in turns with most devastation.

Xie Xinghuo, who provoked Li Yao and demanded a ‘sword test’ in the beginning, and his Senior Uncle Liao were so scared that they covered their heads and squeezed into the crowd, fearing that Li Yao might catch them!

In everyone’s eyes, the unaffiliated Cultivator from the borderlands who had predicted the outcome of the battle before it began was becoming more and more mysterious if not creepy!

At this moment, things were finally changing on the mountain.

“Cough, cough. Cough, cough, cough, cough!”

Qi Zhongdao’s body suddenly shook. He began to vomit blood and simply could not stop it. He seemed like he was about to fall from the peak!


The words of Master Spiritual Vulture were true. As if hit by lightning, the Cultivators did not know how to respond!

Cracks were echoing again. On the other iceberg, the two primeval swords flying above Yan Liren’s head suddenly became riddled with hundreds of interconnecting cracks. Their edges were full of dents, too. They were too damaged to be repaired!

The two swords fell down from the sky helplessly, one jabbing into the ground and the other lying on the ground like a dead fish. They did not carry the glamor of primeval treasures at all but were essentially two stove pokers!


Yan Liren vomited a mouthful of blood, too, and rolled down the hill like a meatball into the broken folds of the ground, vanishing from everyone’s eyes.

Dumbfounded, everyone stood on the tips of their feet and waited for a long time, only to hear a dull noise from the folds. “I have… lost!”

Qi Zhongdao vomited blood for quite a long while and shook in midair, but he was not showing any sign that he was dying. With exactly the same dark, bitter face as before, he clasped his fist toward Yan Liren, who was at the center of a crevice, and said drily, “… Thank you!”

Stowing the Heaven Flipping Seal away, the leader of the Great Qian Cultivators glanced at Li Yao with a pair of complicated eyes. He then bowed toward the Purple Pole Sword Sect’s banner before he stepped back on the nonexistent stairs to the Grand Mystery Sect’s side.

“We’ve won!”

All the high-level Cultivators on the Grand Mystery Sect’s side whose hearts had hit rock bottom just now were almost bursting into tears of joy!

“The Sword Maniac is indeed no match for Master Righteous One!”

“Of the three primeval swords that he had polished for decades, after the encounter with Master Righteous One’s Heaven Flipping Seal, one broke apart, and the other two were heavily damaged!”

“The victory is truly neat and gratifying!”

“The Grand Mystery Sect deserves to be the strongest sect in the world! Master Righteous One deserves to be the leader of all Cultivators!”

“It’s hilarious that the guy just said—”

Immediately, countless pairs of sharp eyes were darting toward Li Yao!