Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 Astounding Performance


A gale of wind marched in through the broken hole caused by Yan Liren’s sword aura previously and blew into every Cultivator of the Great Qian Dynasty’s heart.

There was not a sound on Bronze Censer Peak. Almost everybody was confused.

The result seemed to be even more unbelievable than the confrontation between Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren.

During Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren’s confrontation, the two parties had used their primeval treasures. The three primeval swords being shattered by the Heaven Flipping Seal was still within the range of their perception.

However, breaking the marvelous weapon that the Gold Armor Clan had crafted with star metals after surmounting multiple problems over the years with just a snap of the fingers?

How was it possible?

Even Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren combined would not have been able to achieve such a terrifying feat!

“I didn’t break the sword.”

Looking at his slightly-red middle finger and glancing at Bu Tiantong on the opposite side, who appeared utterly dumbfounded, Li Yao said unhurriedly, “When the sword was just created, there was already a tiny gap 1.27 meters below the tip of the sword caused by the vaporized Jade Ocean Sand. It is the sword’s congenital deficiency.

“In the meantime, Fellow Cultivator Bu, your Cultivation arts highlight force and momentum.

“You loved the ‘Gold Crow Devil Sweeping Sword’ so much, and you were so determined to compete with the heroes of the world with the sword during the Dragon Spring Meeting that you poured immense spiritual energy into it to polish it day and night!

“Because of your high-intensity training, the gap inside the sword grew larger and larger, making the sword more and more vulnerable, to the point where it was on the verge of collapse!

“Just now, in your fury, you were inputting spiritual energy into the sword without thinking about anything else. You were preparing to perform your ultimate skill, weren’t you?

“But you didn’t know that, by doing that, you would hurt your sword before you hurt anybody else because you imposed a heavy burden on it that it couldn’t bear!

“At that time, as long as the gap was located precisely, not just a finger, even the softest blade of grass would’ve been able to break the sword!

“If we get to the bottom of it, it is not the strength of the finger or the grass that breaks the sword but your own!”

His words cast the sword test field into dead silence. Nobody knew what to say next.

Bu Tiantong was sweating hard. The sword forgers of the Purple Pole Sword Sect were amazed. The few sword forgers from the Gold Armor Clan, on the other hand, took a few steps back, as if they were all experiencing cardiac arrest at the same time. Without the disciples of their sect supporting them, they would have fallen to the ground!

Looking at the half broken sword that was still shivering in Bu Tiantong’s hand, Li Yao shook his head lightly and sighed. “The characteristics of the star metals are too unique for the Gold Armor Clan to craft right now. It is already very remarkable that you overcame all those difficulties and progressed this far. This isn’t your fault!

“Do not question your expertise in sword forging at all just because the sword is broken. In my opinion, your expertise in sword forging is already rather high. Keep it up. I look forward to your next masterpieces!”

“…” Bu Tiantong.

“…” The sword forgers of the Gold Armor Clan.

“…” All the other Cultivators.

Not far away, Yan Liren held his arms and observed with great interest.

He had thought that, since the will of the sword could kill Li Yao easily, it would be more than simple for him to execute the guy in reality if he drew his sword.

But he realized now that it might not necessarily be so!

The reason was simple. The ‘will of the sword’ was invisible. It would not be exhausted, worn, or broken. Even if the will of the sword perished, he could always condense another one.

However, the real weapons would have imperfections formed during the manufacture process and the dozens of years of usage.

They were the magical equipment’s ‘fatal weaknesses’!

It was obvious that this ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’ was someone extremely good at grasping the fatal weaknesses of the enemy’s magical equipment!

Yan Liren could kill him with the will of his sword, but if he drew the real sword, which was already riddled with cracks, would it have been snapped in half by the guy before its edge kissed the guy’s throat?

“Interesting.” Yan Liren spoke to the fourth sword on his waist. “Now that we have such a guy, it seems that we need not be in too much of a hurry to kill Wang Xi!”

After saying that, Li Yao stepped forward with a sunny smile beaming on his face.

Bu Tiantong was hesitating over what to do now when he suddenly sensed unstoppable killing intent. Dazed, he said in confusion, “You—”

“Fellow Cultivator Bu, you invited me to examine your sword just now. So, I have examined it for you despite my reluctance. However,” Li Yao said with a smile before brutally suddenly shot out of his eyes, “are you sure that you are capable of paying for my service?”

The shriek that was brimming with killing intent made everybody on the spot shiver violently. It finally occurred to them that the guy standing in front of them was not a harmless, regular sword forger, but a brutal man who had scourged the Southland of Sorcerers a hundred years ago and who would raise a flood of blood in his dissatisfaction!


Li Yao turned into a green shadow and crashed into Bu Tiantong, who was more than twice as large as himself and wearing heavy armor!

The most unbelievable thing happened!

While Bu Tiantong was blown away brutally, the heavy armor on his body was dissected into pieces and spluttered everywhere!

When he fell to the ground like a kite whose string had been severed, he was already naked. The entire armor had been dismembered into the most fundamental pieces that littered the entire sword test field!


Everybody was shocked—even more shocked than when they witnessed the Gold Crow Devil Sweeping Sword being broken!

Getting to the bottom of it, sabers and swords were not the Gold Armor Clan’s traditional business. It was more or less understandable that something went wrong during such a challenging task as refining the ‘star metals’.

But when it came to armor-type magical equipment, nobody in the entire Ancient Sages Sector was better than the Gold Armor Clan!

Bu Tiantong was a secondary leader of the Gold Armor Clan, and his combat ability ranked among the top three in the entire sect. Naturally, the ‘Burning Sun Great Armor’ on him was the best of the best!

Yet, it had been… dismantled by the enemy who was barehanded?

Li Yao smiled to himself.

As an experienced crystal suit specialist in the Star Glory Federation, if he had to name one type of magical equipment that he was most familiar with, it would certainly be the armor-type!

After all, a crystal suit was also one kind of armor. It was the most professional, the most advanced, and the most unique armor that had combined multiple kinds of other magical equipment.

In the Star Glory Federation, for the convenience of maintaining and strengthening the crystal suit, he had long grasped the remarkable skill of ‘dismantling a crystal suit barehanded’.

Even the most precise super crystal suit could be dismantled by him without any tools. How complicated could the armor of the ancient Cultivators be?

“Today is the Purple Pole Sword Sect’s event. To show respect for Yan Liren, I will not kill anybody here. So, just leave one of your arms as the fee for my service of examining your sword!”

Chuckling, Li Yao lunged toward Bu Tiantong like an enormous eagle!

Naturally, he was not attacking Bu Tiantong for real.

However, it was not a fairy tale but reality. The Cultivators in the Nascent Soul Stage were all as shrewd as monkeys and certainly would not ask to be killed in lines.

Since Li Yao dared say that, if he did not pretend that he was going to heavily wound Bu Tiantong, after witnessing his arts in sword forging and his combat ability, other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators certainly would be sensible enough to not start a fight with him anymore.

How could he allow that?

He had waited a hundred years for a chance to show off. Having only defeated one of them, he was not satisfied at all!

He had to show off when there was a chance. If there was not, he had better create one himself!

As he expected, when he lunged toward the armless and defenseless Bu Tiantong from the high stance in chuckles, two people attacked him collectively!

“Master Spiritual Vulture, we are not enemies. You don’t have to be so aggressive!

“Since you are adept at examining magical equipment, I, Ren Changkong from Thunderstorm Valley, have a pair of ‘Thunderous Polarity Cymbals’ that I would like you to give your insight on, Master!

“Li Zhuilang of the Flying Spirit Island also has a ‘Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear’ for you to evaluate!”

Two Cultivators in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage marched out, pushed back Li Yao, and protected Bu Tiantong.

The two of them were Bu Tiantong’s best friends. On this trip, they had planned to split some of the interests by threatening the Purple Pole Sword Sect together, too. So, they rushed out to help him without thinking too much.

They were both respected big shots in their sects. They had certainly not considered attacking the enemy together. In fact, attacking the enemy in turn was already bad enough for their reputation.

However, Li Yao had made up his mind to gain his fame. After a laugh, he took a weird turn in midair. The green flames of spiritual energy swept across the two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators at the same time like the two wings of a vulture!

“Alright! Let’s not waste each other’s time. Bring out your magical equipment and let me examine them!”


Ren Changkong shook his sleeve and released two flying cymbals, one red and the other purple. They were swirling crazily in midair with extremely sharp edges where vague brilliance of electricity was flashing. They were now joining each other and now splitting in thunderous explosions. All the audience felt that the earth was shaking in thunderstorm!

“Excellent cymbals!” Li Yao shouted. “Those cymbals are divided into two pieces. The female one is made of Ghost Wind Copper, which was blown by wind for ten thousand years. The male one seemed to be made of regular steel, but it has been hit by lightning at least thirty times. The will of the thunder dwells within the male cymbal, turning ordinary into extraordinary!

“But it’s a pity!”

Li Yao smiled and dashed over to the broken sword before he kicked it toward the Thunderous Polarity Cymbals!

“You once fought against a formidable enemy with those weapons, and the female part was left with a tiny hole. Although it was repaired carefully, it was no longer the perfect state it used to be!”


The Thunderous Polarity Cymbals crashed into the Gold Crow Devil Sweeping Sword. Although the broken sword was blown away, a tiny hole indeed appeared on the bright purple female cymbal, which seemed to have been pierced through by the teeth of a beast.

After the hole appeared, the Thunderous Polarity Cymbals were ten times more lackluster than before, just like Ren Changkong’s face!

“What about my spear!”

Before Li Yao chased after Ren Changkong, Li Zhuilang, the Nascent Soul Stage expert from Flying Spirit Island, stabbed his spear toward Li Yao’s face.

“Hiss!” Li Yao gasped and shouted, “Perfect!

“This ‘Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear’ is flawless from its materials to its craftsmanship. The maker of the treasure must have spared no effort. The user has been carefully wielding and maintaining it, too. There is no major damage. It is impeccable, except for one problem!”

“Problem?” Li Zhuilang was very proud of his spear. He did not know where it was flawed at all. He asked in a hurry, “What’s the problem?”

“The biggest problem of the sword is that…” Li Yao chuckled. “… you are its owner!”