Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407 You're In For A Treat


The Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear suddenly disappeared right behind Li Zhuilang, as if it had been retreated into his Cosmos Ring!

However, the very next second, it crawled out of his armpit weirdly and poked right toward Li Yao’s face from an unbelievable angle!

On the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear, countless helical spiritual stripes were glittering at the same time, forming a dragon that had been tied onto the body of the spear. The scales of the dragon were all rising, while the tip of the spear raged forward. As it moved, there was not the sound of the sonic barrier being broken but the roars of a dragon!

Centered at Li Yao’s nose, his facial muscles were spreading out in ripples, as if the air currents concentrated at the tip of the spear had already deeply pierced into his face!

The powerful attack raised rounds of exclamations among the Cultivators nearby. The ultimate skills of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator were not something that could be witnessed often!

On the route of the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear’s attack, even the high-level Cultivators hundreds of meters away felt the tremendous pressure and could not help but get out of the way quickly in case they ended up as collateral damage.

Li Yao, however, did not evade at all. He did not even move away his head when he crashed into the tip of the spear directly.

At first, he seemed to be committing suicide.

Then, an amazing scene took place!

The Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear was about to penetrate through his head, when the tip of the sword suddenly shivered, as if Li Zhuilang was unable to hold it steadily. It brushed past Li Yao’s left cheek and only scratched the part of the skin on the tip of his ear!

Li Yao took the opportunity to stride forward. He was only one hair away from Li Zhuilang!

The larger a weapon’s range was, the more powerful it would be. For a piece of magical equipment such as the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear, its power could only be maximized with enough distance!

“What happened?”

“How did the attack miss the target?”

“Li Zhuilang’s hands trembled? How is that possible?”

As an unparalleled expert in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage, he certainly boasted the most thorough control over his beloved magical equipment. Such a mistake was too lousy for even an ordinary fighter!

When all the high-level Cultivators were confused, somebody suddenly pointed at the end of the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear and exclaimed, “Look, what is that?”

Everybody widened their eyes and observed. However, despite the bright sunlight, they could only see certain vague shimmers on threads and did not know what it was exactly.

Only the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators with the highest expertise could tell that there were some kind of metal threads that were much thinner than a hair but extremely tensile!

Those metal threads had been released from Li Yao’s sleeves and attached to the tail of Li Zhuilang’s spear at some point. Like the springs behind a marionette, a tiny tug on the threads would have been enough to cause a subtle change in the attack route of the spear tip!

“What kind of magical equipment is this?”

The sword forgers from the Purple Pole Sword Sect, the Gold Armor Clan, and other sects alike felt that their jaws were dropping.

It was a piece of magical equipment that had never appeared in the Ancient Sages Sector, or for that matter, in any other world of ancient Cultivators. They were the molecular mica threads that Li Yao had brought from the federation.

It was only one molecule large in diameter, but the hardness and tenacity of the material were unbelievably high. The spiritual energy conductivity of the mica threads was very satisfactory, too, which allowed them to be controlled by the telepathic thoughts. They were the best product in the field of material science in the Star Glory Federation.

When Li Yao poured his spiritual energy into them and made them vibrate at a frequency of tens of thousands of times per second, they were like the tiniest saws, capable of cutting the hardest materials.

It was not a piece of attack magical equipment in the first place but a tool for refining that Li Yao used to perfect the metals.

Back when he was in the Flying Star Sector, Li Yao was already cutting multi-surface components with similar mica threads.

Moreover, since they were able to cut the hardest metals and crystals, it was certainly not a problem for them to cut the flesh and bones of a human being!


Dozens of molecular mica threads, with a needle tied to the front as a balance weight and a lead, darted toward Li Zhuilang’s critical parts.

The molecular mica threads that Li Yao had secretly tied to the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear were even jerking up toward Li Zhuilang’s hands like vipers!

If Li Zhuilang did not intend to be cut into thousands of pieces by the molecular mica threads, he would only have one option.

“Release it!” Li Yao bellowed.

Li Zhuilang was obedient enough to let his weapon go immediately and retreated!

But although his hands loosened, two attraction forces were flowing out of his arms as he tried to manipulate the spear with his spiritual energy to attack Li Yao from behind!

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators did not necessarily have to use their magical equipment with their hands after all.

It was a pity that while he was retreating fast, Li Yao stomped in midair and stopped his momentum before running backward, too!

While retreating, Li Yao pulled the spear hard with the molecular mica threads!

The magical equipment had been polished by Li Zhuilang for decades and connected to his heart. Now that it was also closely attached to him with spiritual energy, it was certainly not something that Li Yao could snatch away easily!

The spiritual energy and the molecular mica threads from the two of them exerted forces from two different directions. Then, with a crisp snap, part of the lower half of the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear was cut off because of the high-speed oscillations of the molecular mica threads!


Seeing that his most beloved magical equipment had been destroyed, Li Zhuilang felt more hurt than he would have after losing arm. He cried and fell to the ground. He looked at Li Yao with bloodshot eyes that were filled with hatred and craziness!

Like a crazy animal, he roared desperately, “A true man should be killed before he is insulted. How dare you insult me like that!”

“You are overthinking it,” Li Yao sneered. “Do you think that I was mocking you when I said that the biggest problem with the spear was you?”

Li Zhuilang was dumbfounded. His crazy face froze. Sitting on the ground, he asked, “Were you not?”

“Of course not. I was only speaking the truth,” Li Yao said casually. “Even the best magical equipment requires a corresponding user to maximize its power! This spear is made of the icy steel deep inside North Sky Ocean of the Frost Moon State together with dozens of veins of dragon-type animals. In terms of the materials, rune arrays on it, and temperature when it was crafted, every detail was impeccable. Even I can’t find any flaws!

“However, I am very certain that you are certainly not the original owner of the spear!

“This spear is 2.279 meters long and weighs 54.835 kilograms. The tail of the spear has been thickened by an additional embossment, partly to make it easier to be wielded and partly to slightly adjust the barycenter!

“Judging from those features, the spear should’ve been designed for a Cultivator who is 2.19 meters tall with an arm span of 2.03 and a weight between 92.5 kilograms to 93.5 kilograms!

“Only such a height, arm span, and weight could perfectly match the spear in order to use the weapon to the fullest extent!

“It was certainly an expert who crafted the spear. When he forged the spear, he did exactly what I am about to do to renew Yan Liren’s fourth sword. He took the body details and the habitual movements of the user into account!

“You are 2.13 meters tall, and your arm span is 1.95 meters. Although these two details are close enough, your weight is the most critical problem. You weigh 117.5 kilograms, with muscle all over your body!

“The spear is devised for agile, erratic attacks!

“You are too strong for the spear!

“When you wave the spear, your height is not right; your weight is not right; your barycenter is not right; everything is not right! Even if you have polished the spear hard for decades and have copied all the moves, arts, and techniques of the previous owner of the spear, how can you expect to wield one tenth of the spear’s original power?

“You can’t possibly have never sensed the anomalies during your training. So, am I wrong to say that the biggest problem of the spear is you? Tell me!”


Li Zhuilang’s face seemed to have been bombarded by a crystal bomb. His face reddened to such a point that he seemed to be choked by the blood that he was about to vomit. He did not even know whom he should curse.


Looking at Li Yao and the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear, which had been shortened, he was lost for words!

All the high-level Cultivators were whispering to each other. The Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear was a famous piece of magical equipment among the Cultivators. It was Li Zhuilang’s family treasure, and the earliest owner of the spear was his father.

When his father was alive, his father had indeed been taller and slimmer than him. It was not a secret. Many Cultivators of the older generation still remembered it!

“I don’t know what the relation between you and the original owner of the spear is. Perhaps it is your friend or family,” Li Yao said solemnly. “Therefore, after you retrieved the spear, you were determined to revive the spear’s former glory no matter the cost!

“However, everybody has their own features and habits. Even the same Cultivation art and the same magical equipment should have minor adjustments when they are utilized by different people according to the users’ idiosyncrasies. It is definitely not practical to just follow the traditions!

“Since your height and arm span are shorter than those of the spear’s previous owner, and you are heavier with a lower barycenter, by shortening the spear by a little bit, like right now, and adjusting the balancing weights to move the barycenter of the spear forward by 2.5 centimeters, it should be able to match your body figure perfectly!”

Li Zhuilang was dazed for a long time before he asked in disbelief, “You—you did not intentionally break my spear but were helping me revise it?”

“You’re in for a treat!” Li Yao smiled. “My service is supposed to be very expensive. However, I’m obliged to show Fellow Cultivator Yan my proficiency in sword forging so that he can hand over his fourth sword to me for renewal without worries!”

Hardly had he concluded his sentence when Li Yao suddenly widened his eyes and bellowed. The molecular mica threads spread out in the airwaves, hooking not only the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear but also the Thunderous Polarity Cymbals and the Gold Crow Devil Sweeping Sword that had been split in half!


The three pieces of damaged magical equipment were all thrown high into the sky before their owners realized what was going on!