Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 This Is What I'm Talking About


The green flames of spiritual energy around Li Yao surged out. Only, this time, they condensed into an enormous furnace that expanded to almost thirty meters and climbed upward, swallowing all three damaged weapons!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The ‘furnace’, which was made of pure spiritual energy, revolved rapidly. The immense attraction force that it generated absorbed the broken pieces on the ‘Burning Sun Great Armor’ on Bu Tiantong that were scattered on the ground and tossed them into the furnace!

“Look!” many high-level Cultivators exclaimed.

The clouds above the ‘furnace’, pulled by the attraction force, were changing into the magnificent shapes of dragons and tigers as they lunged into the furnace!

The Bronze Censer Peak only looked like a furnace but could not be used for real refining.

However, ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’, the savant who had received the heritage of the Great Zhou Dynasty, was now demonstrating the most incredible refining arts with the sky and the earth as the furnace and the clouds as the fuel!

“Is he going to repair the three pieces of damaged magical equipment right here without a furnace?”

“How is it possible? The three pieces of magical equipment are all badly damaged. They won’t stand a chance of being repaired without tremendous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and days and nights of polishing in a furnace, will they?”

“How is he going to do that?”

When all the Cultivators and sword forgers were astonished, tiny, broken, crimson powder suddenly spread out of the furnace of spiritual energy before it was suddenly ignited!

For a moment, the hundreds of square meters nearby became a smoking inferno. Even the high-level Cultivators standing hundreds of meters away felt that the fire was licking their eyes and that their skin was breaking apart.

“What kind of eccentric fire is this? The temperature is so high!”

“This temperature is high enough to melt steel into liquid, but is Master Spiritual Vulture safe and sound deep inside the flames?”

“Look. The fire is still changing!”

While everyone was exclaiming, the crimson fire suddenly turned purple before it changed from purple into pure white. It was so beautiful that it looked like a cluster of shining diamonds. Yet, the temperature of the fire was even higher than before. The air was utterly twisted. Viewed from afar, the furnace of spiritual energy was fluctuating like an enormous, beating heart!

All the Cultivators heard the stunning noises echoing from deep inside the furnace.

They also saw that the previous black smoke, gradually nurtured by spiritual energy as the temperature grew higher, had turned colorful and looked as translucent as crystals. The trails of smoke extended toward the sky like colorful jade pillars, turning the entire furnace of spiritual energy into a piece of jewelry!

The splendid view almost made everyone stop breathing.

They had never seen such a magnificent performance of the refining arts before.

It was quite understandable because this was not refining at all but the visual and sound effects that Li Yao intentionally made up.

Only the outermost layer of the furnace was thousands of degrees high in temperature, which was the ever-changing, gorgeous shell.

As for the inside, because of the blockage of barriers, the temperature was still normal.

The shell of thousands of degrees was partly to awe other people and partly to prevent them from spying with their telepathic thoughts so that Li Yao would be able to conduct the unattractive operations inside.

The three pieces of damaged magical equipment were floating right in front of Li Yao’s eyes.

The marvelous tool that Li Yao took out of his pocket, however, turned out to be a tube of glue that was designed to temporarily repair magical equipment!

Such glue was similar to the liquid metals that could automatically repair the shell of a starship. It was also a state-of-the-art product in material science from the Star Glory Federation.

Once it was smeared to the broken part of magical equipment, it could generate immense attraction force and cover the damaged parts while keeping consistent characteristics with the surrounding parts.

Such a glue had the best performance in elasticity and hardiness. Its spiritual energy conductivity was very high, too, and it was very steady in nature. It was compatible with almost all metals and super alloys. After being repaired in such a way, the magical equipment would regain at least two thirds of its performance.

The only shortcoming was that the working time of the glue was brief. It would gradually lose effect after it was exposed in the air for several days and end up being dust.

Therefore, it was only for battlefield usage.

Li Yao intentionally mixed a few pure natural Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures into the glue so that he could claim it to be a treasure that he had inherited from the ‘Great Zhou Dynasty’.

Sure. He could have fixed the magical equipment with the glue dutifully in front of everyone without the gaudy shell that he was hiding in right now.

However, would he be any different from a shoe repairer on the street if so?

Cool and splendid apparently meant a lot for the Cultivators in such an age!

Alright. I’ll clean the lower half of the spear first and remove the embossment which is used as a weight. I’ll attach it somewhere higher!

This sword is rather easy to deal with. I only need to align the two parts and fill the gap in between with the glue.

The real tricky one is the hole on the Thunderous Polarity Cymbals. It can’t be helped. Let me cut a fixation granule in an identical shape!

Right. I can’t impress anyone with such a soundless maintenance job. Let me play some music with my abdomen!


When all the Cultivators outside were waiting, an explosion suddenly echoed from the brilliantly shining furnace of spiritual energy, and the entire Bronze Censer Peak began shaking!

While all the heroes were in disarray, not knowing what was happening inside the furnace, the daunting sounds of tides were escaping from the depths of the furnace!

The sounds were higher and higher and gradually turned into the music of a battle, as if thousands of troops were fighting fiercely inside the furnace!

The scene was so shocking that not only were the high-level Cultivators on the Bronze Censer Peak deeply awed, the low-level Cultivators who were waiting for the result anxiously below the Bronze Censer Peak also noticed what was happening in the sky.

“What the heck?”

“Has the Sword Maniac and Master Righteous One’s competition taken so long?”

“It doesn’t feel like their aura. This aura is rather strange, yet it is extremely dominating!”

“Look. The clouds in the sky are concentrating into an enormous swirl. Something seems to be absorbing them!”

The astonishing process of refining lasted about ten minutes.

Then, the furnace outlined by smoke and fire spread out like ice melting in water, turning into hazy mist floating into the sky.

The sky turned into a turbulence of various colors, which did not disperse after a long time.

Li Yao was sitting cross-legged at the center of the sword test field like a meditating monk or a tree that had grown for tens of thousands of years. He was truly like someone who had travelled through time.

The three pieces of magical equipment were floating above his head quietly. Mystic rays were shooting out and vibrating the air, creating the roars of tigers and dragons!

Suddenly, the three pieces of magical equipment darted to their original owners in three streaks of brilliance!

“This is—”

Li Zhuilang was the first to exclaim.

After he shook the spear, he felt that a dragon moved from the tip of the spear into his body and melted into his flesh and blood. He could not have felt swifter, more comfortable, or more satisfied!

It was like the Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear had never belonged to him until that day even though he had polished the weapon for decades!

“So—so, it was too long!” Li Zhuilang almost roared into the sky.

For decades, he had been practicing the ‘Sea Piercing Sky Burning Arts’ that his father had left for him. But however hard he trained himself, and even when his level far exceeded his father’s peak ability, he always felt that there was an intangible gap between him and the best of the spear and the arts!

He had thought that it was because his training was flawed. By referring to his father’s training notes, he trained himself even more crazily, trying to be identical to his father in every detail. But as it happened, he was getting farther and farther away from the perfect state in his heart.

It had been bothering him for a long time, and he was about to be mentally deranged because of it.

He did not know until that moment that it was not his problem but the spear’s!

Touching the newborn Spiritual Dragon Sea Piercing Spear, Li Zhuilang sighed with a complicated feeling. He eyed Li Yao with indescribable emotions inside his eyes.

Bu Tiantong of the Gold Armor Clan and Ren Changkong of the Thunderstorm Valley, the two Cultivators in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage, were the same. They touched their magical equipment carefully, but they failed to sense the tiniest gap in the previously damaged parts.

The two of them looked at each other and noticed the shock in each other’s eyes at the same time. They felt that their magical equipment had never really been awakened until Li Yao’s repair.

It was almost like…

It was almost like their magical equipment was just a counterfeit previously—it only became the unique, authentic product after Li Yao modified it!

“Don’t feel happy so fast.”

With his eyes half closed, Li Yao casually said, “Today, we do not have much time, and there are no tools and materials here. So, I merely made a rough example of how to repair them. I didn’t cure the ‘internal injuries’ of the magical equipment completely!

“Right now, the weapons are not as excellent as they appear to be. They cannot weather through a real battle despite the ostensible perfection!

“If you find my work satisfactory, you are free to come to me and tell me what kind of price you are willing to pay to have your magical equipment really repaired.

“Of course. If you feel that the sword forgers of your own sect are good enough to solve the issues without leaving any hidden problems, you are welcome to take care of the weapon on your own. The demonstrations I showed just now will be complimentary!

“However, if you choose to tend to it yourself, do not come to me and waste my time if something goes wrong again in the near future!”

That was the vocational benefit of refiners. As long as they seized what one cared for most, they would never be afraid that one would not bend to them.

Ou Yezi’s memories had been expanded to the Nascent Soul Stage—where he was a pillar of the Hundred Smelting Clan. Naturally, Li Yao had learned a lot of things about the arts of blackmailing from him.


Bu Tiantong, Ren Changkong, and Li Zhuilang—three Cultivators in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage who came to make demands of the Purple Pole Sword Sect—looking at the ‘perfect’ magical equipment in their hand, lost all their aggressiveness.