Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Sleeping Can Also Turn You Into God

"Did the passage of time in the memory fragment slow down by three times because my brains cell activity was elevated to 331%?"

Li Yao's heart beat like drums.

Once this conjecture was verified, then he would have ten times more cultivation time than an ordinary person.

"In that case, even the abstruse basic theory course will not be difficult for me. Not only will I be able to learn all the basic theory courses in the Grand Desolate War Institution, but I will still be left with quite a bit of time to research the refining records in the Heavenly Refining Tower!"

Li Yao licked his lip, his eyelids drooped down as he withdrew his mind, and once again, his consciousness sunk into the deep recesses of his neural field to where the Tree of Memories was present.


Li Yao, once again, appeared at the bottom most level of the Heavenly Refining Tower. Surrounding him, there was an overwhelming amount of bookshelves that cited innumerable low-level exercises and refining records of the Hundred Smelting Clan.

The corner of Li Yaos lips curled up as he took out the from the bookshelf.

A sword was the greatest weapon among all, and if one wanted to learn refining, they would first have to learn how to forge swords. Thus, in the ancient cultivation world, refiners were also known as "Sword Forgers".

This contained the classical refining process of 13 kinds of flying swords. Every one of the flying swords process contained a few dozen crucial refining techniques.

Once one has completely learned the , even if one was at the basic rudimentary level, that alone would allow him to refine some of the most common flying swords.

Although the thirteen flying swords were simple, the telepathic thoughts it embodied were as vast as the sea and seemed to be inexhaustible. After Li Yao had acquired this refining record, he had always wanted to study it, but he didn't have the time to painstakingly learn and did not dare to give it a try casually.

Now that he had such an opportunity, the endless mysteries of the ancient flying sword was a feast for his eyes, allowing him to enjoy it to his heart's content!

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

At the bottom most level of the Heavenly Refining Tower, only the sounds of page flipping could be heard.

At first, Li Yao was planning to just have a look, but not long after, he was completely immersed in this lustrous and dazzling, breathtaking and mysterious world of ancient flying swords, completely forgetting everything else.

Real world, after three hours, dawn was about to arrive.

The cultivation gym was still hustling and bustling as countless students who had stayed all night were still ecstatically venting their strength.

"Bam bam! Bam bam bam!"

On Zhang Chuangs body, every strand of muscles was as though crystals were exploding; like a mad gorilla, he continuously bombarded the punching target with explosive power, and the Strength Testing Machine swayed as if it was on the verge of collapsing.

"Brother Chuang, it's bad! Quickly come and take a look at the Super Perception Cabin!" a fellow student sent the message.

"What's going on? Did someone have Qigong deviation again? Isn't that pretty normal? Every two or three days, someone will have Qigong deviation in the Super Perception Cabin. Itll be fine if we just haul him for treatment," Zhang Chuang disapprovingly said.

Although he was a freshman, he was a citywide College Entrance Examination Champion. Apart from the specially recruited students, he could be regarded as the strongest student, so he served as a small leader in the Iron Fist Club and was responsible for managing the chores in the cultivation gym at night.

"No, it's Li Yao..." the student wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Fellow Student Li Yao? Right, when did he leave? Since I was too engrossed in cultivation, I probably didn't notice him leave." Zhang Chuang grabbed a towel to wipe off the sweat.

"He, he still hasn't left he is still in the Super Perception Cabin," the student stammered as he replied.


"Bang!" Zhang Chuang had actually made the towel burst as he forcibly squeezed it.

He raised his eyebrows and furiously stared as he roared, "What the hell were you doing!? Do you want him to die? An ordinary person can have Qigong deviation after just staying for half an hour in the Super Perception Cabin. He's been staying in there for three hoursthree frigging hours! His brain must be fried! You truly are, truly are"

Zhang Chuang ruthlessly threw what remained of the towel before he exerted strength in his legs and bolted. On one side, he was running, while on the other, he was showering curses, raining curses down upon the personnel.

"Brother Chuang, calm down. It's really not like what you are imagining. In short, it is very strange. When you are there, you will know cause even if I told you now, you will absolutely not believe me!"

"Shut the fuck up! I, Zhang Chuang, am from a family of cultivators. Since I was three years old, I have started to touch the lustrous and dazzling world of cultivation, so what kind strange things I have not seen?"

Zhang Chuang roared as he increased his speed, and in a little while, arrived at the scene.

Afterward, he discovered things were truly super strange!

Three personnel and a dozen students; all stood dumb like wooden chickens before a Super Perception Cabin as they peered inside with a rather fearful look in their eyes. It was as if it was not some human cultivating inside the Super Perception Training but rather some demon god!

"What's the matter? Why are staring at the Super Perception Cabin? Are you still not going to get the person out?! Do you really want him to die!?"

Zhang Chuang furiously pushed everyone aside and grabbed the collar of a student.

"Brother Chuang, first hear me out. Fellow Student Li Yao has indeed been staying inside for three hours; however, aside from the spike in blood pressure and heartbeat just after the first one and half hour, his physiological index remained normal and hasnt exceeded past the normal value even a bit. Because of this, we didn't pay any attention to it, but when we noticed him, about three hours had already passed!"


Zhang Chuang's eyes were so wide-opened that they looked as if they were the eyes of a bull: "Are you joking with me? His brain cell activity has been elevated to 300% for almost 3 hours, and yet you say his physiological index is still very normal? Is he a human or a demon beast? Even if he is a demon beast, it will not be so excessive!"

The student, who had his entire faced splattered with Zhang Chuangs saliva, said completely bewildered, "I am not finished. Not only was Fellow Student Li Yao's physiological index extremely normal, but his heartbeat, pulse, and respiratory rate were all 70% of the standard value. We usually call this state... deep sleep!"


Zhang Chuangs roar almost burst opened the roof. He thunderously roared as he ruthlessly shook the pitiful student, "Do you not know why this thing is called 'Super Perception Cabin'? It is precisely because this thing can allow someone to enter a Super! Perception! State!"

"Now you are telling me that someone who has brain cell activity of 300%, who is in a frigging SUPER PERCEPTIVE STATE, is in DEEP SLEEP!? Is there something wrong with your tongue, or am I hearing things wrongly?"

The student forcefully smiled: "Brother Chuang, there is nothing wrong with my tongue and there is nothing wrong with your hearing. Even I suspect that there is something really wrong with my eyes!"

Zhang Chuang spat a mouthful of saliva before he shoved everyone and pasted his nose on the transparent crystal window as he peered inside with wide-opened eyes.

He kept on staring for a while!

However, Li Yao, who sat in cross-legged position at the center of the pupa, had a trace of a strange smile on his face. His expression was completely calm, and much to his dismay, there was drool trickling down the corner of his mouth as he made faint snoring sounds.

All this points to one thing and one thing only, and that was he was in a deep sleep state.

From the high-speed movement of his eyes, it was quite clear that he was immersed in an incredibly wonderful dream!

"Brother Chuang, Fellow Student Li Yao has remained in this state for an entire three hours already," the student faintly added this sentence.

Zhang Chuang was completely stupefied. He dumbfoundedly stared for a long while before he could finally recover to the state of being able to respond.

After suppressing for a while, he vented out, "Fuck, this brat is really asleep!"


From this day onwards, a legend appeared in the Grand Desolate War Institution.

A legend of a "God of Sleeping"!

According to the legend, the God of Sleeping was endowed with a unique talent by virtue of which he could sleep at any place. He also had a very eccentric hobby, and he especially liked to sleep in a Super Perception Cabin.

While others would have their brains fried in the Super Perception Cabin when learning the basic theoretical knowledge in madness, one could always find the God of Sleeping in a nearby pupa with a smile, sound asleep, and he would sleep for the most of the day.

This kind of self-complacent appearance simply made everyone unsure whether to laugh or cryif he truly lacked sleep, why didn't he enter the Deep Sleep Chamber instead of making such a huge scene?

"Maybe he has too much pressure or maybe there is something wrong with his brain, causing all stimulation to his brain cells to be unable to rouse him?"

"It's possible. After all, he is facing a task which is impossible. He has to gather 40,000 credits in one year and become a registered refiner afterwards. Only then will he be able to protect the Refining Department. Such a task is terribleit is simply beyond reach!"

"How many credits does he have anyway?"

"I checked the Battle Ranking and it's zero! He still hasn't taken any tests!"


These kinds of rumors were flying at every corner of the campus.

But no matter who it was, they dared not to take it out with Li Yao.

In the end, cultivators were different from ordinary people. Many students were from families of cultivators which have a profound heritage, and they have all learned priceless, wondrous, and mysterious skills

And some people had fortuitous encounter in their childhood, had beheaded strange beasts, eaten some strange fruit, or inadvertently acquired some peerless ability... In the world of cultivation, this was a pretty common occurrence.

If they imprudently went and asked, "Hey, fellow student, why can you enter deep sleep in the Super Perception Cabin? What kind of fortuitous encounter did you have? Why don't you open the outlook of everyone?"

If such words left their mouth, even if Li Yao beat the crap out of him on the spot, no one would sympathize with him.

As for the faculty, they, even more so, weren't concerned over this matter. A university was completely different from a high school; in high school, teachers might act like stewards and run after students all day, but in university, if a student was willing to learn, then the professors would do their utmost to teach; however, if a student snored all day long, then that was his freedom and no one would interfere.

After all, everyone was an adult. One must pave their own path step by step.

And as for Yuan Manqiu, she was pretty much busy reconstructing the Refining Department and was out on a trip to contact the scattered grassroots refiners. She simply didn't have any time to be concerned with these trivial thingsshe believed that Li Yao would take at least 2-3 months to learn all the basic theory courses!

Li Yao was like a weed that spared no effort to grow under the rubble where no one could see.

One day... two days... three days...

Every day, he would spend 12 hours in the Super Perception Cabin.

While everyone thought that he was snoring, he was actually immersed in the depths of the Heavenly Refining Tower where he directed all his attention to learning the 100 basic theory courses.

In the real world, where ten days had passed, in the Heavenly Refining Tower, three months had passed, during which Li Yao had finally chewed, absorbed, thoroughly memorized, and understood 88 basic theory courses!

Afterward, he turned his gaze towards the higher-rank theoretical scriptures.

His target was to use half a month in the real world5 months in the Heavenly Refining Towerto thoroughly read over a majority of the scriptures.

Even if he was unable to understand, he would have engraved them deeply in his brain, which would lay a solid foundation for the next step in cultivation!