Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425 Magnificent Tigers

No Cultivator was willing to encounter an army of ghouls because the aggressive ghouls were often very disruptive. Even if the Cultivators could eliminate the ghouls by raising their hands easily, their own soul would still suffer minor interference.

If they were surrounded by thousands of aggressive ghouls, the minor interference would accumulate and destroy the steady circulation of spiritual energy in the Cultivator’s body. As a result, their soul and body would be corrupted by the devastating auras. Their Cultivation would drop if they were lucky, and they would be mentally deranged if they were not!

One might say that activating the most primitive life potential inside the head with indelible hatred and a miserable death and turning themselves into aggressive ghouls were the only way that ordinary people could check the Cultivators’ power in the underdeveloped world of the ancient Cultivators. It was a special ‘suicidal attack’!

The Ancient Sages Sector’s case was relatively better.

Because the world was closely wrapped in a thick, dark nebula, spiritual energy and probe equipment could not leak in. Therefore, the extraterrestrial devils did not know about the existence of the Sector.

In the three thousand Sectors outside, at the age of the ancient Cultivators, devils and ghosts often came together.

When countless restless souls and aggressive ghouls congregated into an overwhelming army, and when the intense negative emotions broke out of the sky and spread to the universe, the extraterrestrial devils that were wandering in the universe would perceive it.

Then, the extraterrestrial devils would arrive and build up the army of ghouls with the tenebrum energy that sometimes even corrupted living people. It would be an out-and-out catastrophe.

It had happened before when the population of an entire planet was transformed into an army of ghouls and demonic Cultivators who destroyed the Cultivation sects and civilizations in the Sectors nearby!

However, it was exactly because the ordinary people in the three thousand Sectors nearby boasted an ultimate checking method, which was ‘introducing the extraterrestrial devils’, the Cultivators paid more attention to the harmony with the ordinary people and tried to leave the extraterrestrial devils no chance.

Also, in the Great Dark Age, which lasted thirty thousand years, ordinary people and Cultivators suffered cruel tyranny together and gradually turned into a community of shared destiny, which was the bedrock for the modern Cultivation civilization.

In the Ancient Sages Sector, there was no such thing as the arrival of the extraterrestrial devils. The most advanced ghoul that an ordinary person could turn into was ‘Mother White Lotus’ Wan Mingzhu. It was not enough to shake the foundation of the Cultivators’ reign.

Perhaps that was the reason that the Cultivators had hardly changed their attitude toward the ordinary people for the past hundred thousand years.

Thinking to himself, Li Yao observed Roaring Tiger City at the end of the camp of the disaster victims.

After only a quick glance, he complimented in his heart, What a well-constructed stronghold!

The city was established next to a steep mountain that looked like a tiger that had just woken up. It was Heavenly Tiger Mountain, a famous mountain in the southeast!

At the end of Heavenly Tiger Mountain, Roaring Tiger City, which was entirely piled up with giant black rocks, truly looked like a monolithic tiger head that had opened its bloody maw!

Although Li Yao was still dozens of kilometers away, he could still feel that intimidating aura declaring that it would rip everything in its way apart!

It was said that when the city was built, Roaring Tiger Hall purchased the demon cores and bones of almost ten thousand dragon-type and lion-type animals with a fortune and buried them around the critical locations in the city. After ten years of hard work, the Tiger Apparitions Array was finally built. The defense array and the city had been integrated into one. When it was fully activated, ten thousand of lions and dragons seemed to be guarding the city day and night. It was almost on the level of the protective arrays in the headquarters of the Grand Mystery Sect and the Purple Pole Sword Sect!

Behind Roaring Tiger City was a steep mountain, but in front of the city was a deep, bottomless river. Dangerous tides were spluttering out of the dark currents all the time.

Observed from a distance, there were even shadows of bizarre boas and crocodiles in the river. They were all the animals domesticated by Roaring Tiger Hall.

As long as the drawbridge in front of the ‘tiger mouth’ was pulled up, it would be practically impossible for regular Cultivators to march into the city from the land!

Then, if they were to attack from the sky…

Li Yao noticed that hundreds of holes were riddling the towers in the shape of tiger heads. Although he could not tell what was inside exactly, he did feel a breathtaking killing intent that even made a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator such as himself feel alarmed.

They seemed to be the firing holes of the Crouching Tiger Cannons and the Fiery Crow Ballista.

The Crouching Tiger Cannons and the Fiery Crow Ballista were famous remote magical equipment in the Ancient Sages Sector. When Li Yao was in the Purple Pole Sword Sect, he had retrieved a few blueprints and objects to study.

Although the two magical equipment were rather crude in terms of functioning mechanism, they could still be very powerful once a lot of high-purity crystals were placed inside.

When dozens of Crouching Tiger Cannons were shooting together, they could indeed pose a certain threat for a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.

Li Yao did not dare underestimate the ancient Cultivators’ magical equipment.

Even the stone axes and spears of primitives could be lethal weapons.

He deduced the battle pattern of Roaring Tiger Hall when they were defending their headquarters. First of all, they would probably activate the Tiger Apparitions Array and release the souls of the ten thousand lion-type and tiger-type animals to harass the invasive Cultivators. After all, high-level Cultivators could be very fast. The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators could burst into the speed of sound very easily!

As long as they were stalled by the souls of the animals for one moment, the hundred Crouching Tiger Cannons and Fiery Crow Ballista would certainly open fire on them. Even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could be burnt and blackened!

It was needless to mention that Roaring Tiger Hall had two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and ten at the peak of the Core Formation Stage in the first place. With the advantage of the homefield, together with the defense rune arrays, barriers, and hundred cannons, it was also an iron egg that could not be chewed, boiled, or grinded.

No wonder the people of Roaring Tiger Hall were so brazen as to refuse the request of the leader of the Great Qian Cultivators!

Li Yao noticed that a glamorous ship was floating in midair not far away from Roaring Tiger Hall’s fortress.

The floating ship was more than a hundred meters long. Sails made of rainbow-like feathers were hanging above. Two rows of sophisticated floating rune arrays had been carved at the bottom. Twelve objects that resembled quants protruded out, too. Every time that they waved, colorful ripples would spread out in the air.

The ship had a quaint style. It was the largest flying boat that the Ancient Sages Sector could produce. It was also probably the oldest prototype of the crystal warships in the modern Cultivation civilization.

On the flying boat, the banner of the Grand Mystery Sect was flying. It was the mobile command center of the Cultivators who were reinforcing the southeast.

Around the flying boat were many enormous cranes, falcons, griffins, and tigers.

Many Cultivators were sitting cross-legged on the boat in brilliant halos, as they demonstrated their power and competed with the Cultivators in Roaring Tiger City.

The intimidating auras inside Roaring Tiger City were soaring up to the sky. The Tiger Apparitions Array had been activated to the maximum. It was truly roaring incessantly like a tiger and dragon. The souls of the animals were lunging at the flying boat without disguising their hostility and triggering explosive sounds after they crashed into the spiritual shield of the flying sword. Even the banner of the Grand Mystery Sect was shaking in midair!

While the two parties were in a stalemate, once the high-level Cultivators of the Purple Pole Sword Sect, especially Li Yao, Yan Liren, and Master Bitter Cicada, joined them, the morale on the Grand Mystery Sect’s side was greatly boosted, and many people began cheering.

Li Yao observed coldly but felt that they were just a bunch of mobs.

This was very similar to the occasion where the major sects threatened the Purple Pole Sword Sect three months earlier.

In terms of ostensible capabilities, there were more than ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, and they were certainly at a great advantage.

However, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who belonged to different sects were not interested in disaster relief at all. They were there paying lip service purely to show respect to Qi Zhongdao and also to see if they could gain anything along the way.

Besides, the attack was not justified. The Roaring Tiger Hall was a well-respected sect after all. How could the Cultivators attack their headquarters when they had done nothing wrong?

Even if they attacked, who would be the first to charge forward and take the blow of the Tiger Apparition Array and the hundred Crouching Tiger Cannons?

Twenty or so Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from different sects each having their own ill intentions attacking together?

It was just a dream!

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators cared about themselves most. The idiots such as Master Bitter Cicada were few.

Most of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators craved to advance into the Divinity Transformation Stage. They paid so much attention to their body and soul that they were even careful when they clipped their fingernails.

They had no grudge with Roaring Tiger Hall whatsoever. Without enough gains, why would they attack Roaring Tiger Hall’s well-defended headquarters?

Li Yao observed for a while and noticed the casualness on every Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s face. He then glanced at Dan Fengzi.

Dan Fengzi stepped forward without an expression and pulled his sleeve softly. “Calm down, Elder Spiritual Vulture. You must calm down. This is not a time to show off like the Dragon Spring Meeting. The two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators of Roaring Tiger Hall will be fighting with their life for real! Should they be willing to heavily wound one or two enemies at the cost of their own lives when they are in fury, won’t it be very unlucky if any Cultivator runs into them?

“We all hang around in the world of Cultivators. There will be a time when we will meet again. Peace is gold. Peace is gold!”

Not just Dan Fengzi, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Core Formation Stage Cultivators from other sects were all whispering and reminding each other not to lead the charge.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Hundreds of eyes were cast to Qi Zhongdao simultaneously.

Their meaning was obvious. Big brother, rest assured and go now. The hundreds of lackeys behind are here for you. If anything goes wrong, we will throw a thousand pieces of magical equipment over and demolish Roaring Tiger City.

Qi Zhongdao’s face was so gloomy that his facial features were barely recognizable. Without saying anything, he soared above Roaring Tiger City and said loudly, “Where is the leader of Roaring Tiger Hall? Qi Zhongdao wants to have a talk with him!”

“Excuse us, Master Righteous One and fellow Cultivators!” A muscular man who had a golden beard and looked truly like a giant tiger crawled out of the dense cannons and Ballista. He clasped his fist toward the sky and said emotionlessly, “A few days ago, my father tried his best to resist the natural disaster. Although the safety of the local area was ensured, he was also heavily wounded and nearly mentally deranged. Right now, he is still resting and cannot greet Master Righteous One and other fellow Cultivators. Please do forgive us!”