Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446 Somethings Wrong

After the sword aura arrived, the skeleton was not cut in half. Instead, it exploded into pieces.

From the thousands of pieces of bone, an unpredictable stream of white smoke surged out and dashed to the rear of the battle formation of the army of ghouls!

Wan Mingzhu’s real body turned out to be not hiding inside the small scorpions. Instead, escaping everyone’s attention, she had hidden herself in such a regular skeleton, trying to ambush Master Bitter Cicada in the company of the many skeleton soldiers and zombies!

Yan Liren’s countenance remained unchanged. He even put on a smile of interest as he snapped his fingers. His sword aura took an abrupt turn in midair and continued chasing after Wan Mingzhu’s real body!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The bone pieces bombarded Yan Liren’s sword aura like a storm, drawing devastating curves in the air, only to be shattered into powder by the sword aura!

The sword aura caught up to Wan Mingzhu as quick as lightning and slashed her brutally!


The entire world was occupied by Wan Mingzhu’s horrified scream. She split her own soul in half at the life-and-death moment before the sword aura arrived, allowing the sword aura to pass through the gap in the middle!

Even so, the sharpness at the edge of the sword aura still heavily wounded her soul. When the soul was combined again into the image of a middle-aged beautiful woman in a white robe who was full of hatred, she looked much dimmer than before. An obvious black line had appeared at the center of her body from head to toe, from which black smoke was still popping out nonstop!

Yan Liren’s sword was truly the best in the world. Even the ‘mother of all ghosts’ had been injured after one attack!

Gritting her teeth, Wan Mingzhu could not have looked more hideous.

More and more ghosts and zombies had gathered around her, grimacing and waving their claws at the five super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

Right then, a thunderous explosion echoed in the horizon.


The entire earth shook violently, as if an unexpected great earthquake had taken place!

Deafening cheers came over from East Peace County. The mist above the head of the army of ghouls, on the other hand, looked rather disrupted.

The noise that was mixed with intense spiritual waves was spreading out in all directions like a tsunami, attracting the attention of the five super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Mother White Lotus.

Narrowing his eyes, Li Yao looked to the northwestern horizon, only to discover an overwhelming troop, surrounding a certain dark object, pushing forward to the battlefield slowly but determinedly!

Banners were flying everywhere in the troop, with enormous ‘Thunder’, decorated with the spiritual stripes of the thunder class, written on them. They seemed to be carrying bright electric arcs by themselves and looked particularly eye-catching under the dim, yellow sky.

As for the dark object that they were protecting in the center, despite all the messy, useless adornments on the surface, and despite its fancy appearance, in Li Yao’s eyes, was it not—

A main gun on a crystal warship?

Li Yao’s eyeballs were bulging out when he watched hundreds of muscular men pulling the gun of a crystal warship forward slowly with iron chains by attaching one end of the chains to their body and the other end to an enormous tank!

Also, the chains had more functions than just acting as a tow rope. Li Yao sensed that the spiritual energy and the souls of the hundreds of muscular men had been connected to the gun via the chains, thereby constituting a primitive and shabby launch system!


The hundreds of muscular men roared at the same time, and their spiritual energy surged out to the maximum like the tides of the ocean. The chains immediately pulled taut, as if immense electric currents had flowed into the gun through the chains. After another ear-splitting roar, a cluster of fire-like plasma rushed out not toward the ground but aiming at the sky that was occupied by dark clouds!

The plasma exploded, unleashing thousands of electric arcs that ripped apart all the dark clouds like sharp swords. From the enormous holes, the blue sky and the glorious sun were revealed again!

The sunlight fell upon the white mist covering the army of ghouls like thousands of golden arrows. Intense noises were immediately bursting out, as if a piece of ice had been thrown into boiling oil.

The white mist was dispersing at a visible rate.

The army of ghouls under the mist were ill at ease. The radiation of the sunlight could disrupt the magnetic fields of their souls without any stop, which was equivalent to them bleeding all the time. Therefore, the army of ghouls had a natural fear of sunlight. Only on a cloudy day or at night and under the protection of the white mist did they dare to act out!

“It’s the Thunder Striking Legion! The Thunder Striking Legion’s Thunder Lord Cannon!”

Cheers were echoing on the city towers.

As Dan Fengzi had said to Li Yao earlier, the true largest sect in the world was not the Grand Mystery Sect but the Thunder Qian Hall, which had established the Great Qian Dynasty.

The Thunder Striking Legion, an elite troop responsible for the security of the capital city, was a strong army made of the core disciples of the Thunder Qian Hall. Common troops of the court were certainly incomparable to them.

To cope with the riots and rebellions caused by the natural disasters in the southeast, the Thunder Striking Legion had been mobilized to East Peace County. It happened to run into the great battle where the ghouls were attacking the city!

The arrival of the Thunder Striking Camp immediately broke the impasse between the two parties.

Wan Mingzhu, attacked by the five super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators collectively, could only defend herself without any way to fight back in the first place. She had been separated from her subordinates and could not issue any effective commands to the army of ghouls.

In the meantime, the cannons of the Thunder Striking Camp were firing nonstop, shredding the dark clouds in the sky.

Illuminated by the fierce sunlight, the hundreds of white mists dispersed one after another.

The ghosts that were bathed in sunlight seemed to be burning in fire. Amid screeching noises, blue smoke was soaring, and they were evaporated into nothingness in a moment!

The defense line of the army of ghouls was collapsing.

The soldiers and Cultivators who had lost their mind because of the possession of the souls gradually came back to themselves under the boost of the valor of their companions. Encouraged by the bombardments of the cannons, they lunged at the skeletons and zombies again!

The only thing that one had to fear was fear itself. That was the competition between humans and ghosts. The party that was more determined and resolute would eventually win!

“White Lotus, your army is doomed!” Qi Zhongdao burst into laughter. He shook his sleeves and jumped at Wan Mingzhu!

Wan Mingzhu glanced at the Thunder Striking Legion, which was still on the horizon, hesitating.

A lot of time was needed for an army to march forward. The Thunder Striking Legion had not arrived at the battlefield yet and was simply firing the cannons. There was still time for her to retreat and regroup her army.

However, if the few super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators stalled her for a while longer and her retreat was blocked by the Thunder Striking Legion, she would be doomed!

It was true that, since ghosts were fearless of the tides, she could escape from the ocean.

However, ghosts needed to refill their spiritual energy, too. On the boundless ocean, it was barely possible to find sufficient resources or any shelter. If she were shot by intense sunlight for an entire tide, it was very likely that she would be vaporized!

If she escaped into the sea, she would be susceptible to the undercurrents, too, which would also wear out the souls of the ghosts and make them slowly disperse from the sunlight at the bottom of the ocean.

“Let’s go!”

Wan Mingzhu made the call quickly and commanded the army to retreat!

“Where are you going?” Yan Liren, Qi Zhongdao, Ba Xiaoyu, and Master Bitter Cicada all went forward to surround Wan Mingzhu!

But outside their expectations, dozens of golden zombies that seemed to be made of pure gold lunged at their feet from below them in gloomy wind. They opened their mouths and bit at the Cultivators’ legs.

Without blinking, Yan Liren launched his sword auras again, which slashed the golden zombies brutally!

“Watch out!” Ba Xiaoyu, however, widened his eyes and shrieked before he covered his head and leapt backward.

After dozens of weird explosions, the golden zombies expanded into round, huge balls, which exploded immediately after Yan Liren’s sword auras reached them. Fragrant, bright golden mist was spurting out their bodies!

Nobody needed Ba Xiaoyu’s reminder to know that the golden mist was certainly not healthy. With no other choice, they could only dodge.

In the blink of an eye, Wan Mingzhu’s shadow had already split apart into dozens of streams of vague smoke, which splashed over different scorpions, skeleton soldiers, and zombies nearby.

The scorpions, skeleton soldiers, and zombies, as if having an electric shock, became dozens of times faster than before as they escaped in different directions.

“After her!

“We have gone through all this trouble to catch White Lotus. She must be eliminated at all costs. Otherwise, even if the million ghost soldiers here are blown to smithereens, they will come back again as long as Wan Mingzhu still exists!”

Qi Zhongdao gnashed his teeth.

It was also exactly what all the Cultivators had in mind.

Although the army of ghouls had been crushed, they would still escape to the smaller counties and towns, loot the middle and small sects that were relatively weak, and even corrupt and destroy all the farmlands!

As the saying went, a defeated army was an avalanching mountain. The army of ghouls had been turned into disorganized soldiers and true wandering ghosts!

The morale of the Cultivators and the army of the court, on the other hand, was higher than ever. They chased after the enemy without slowing down at all, trying to annihilate as many ghosts as possible so that there would be less chance that they could be reorganized.

Li Yao and the other super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, in the meantime, released all their telepathic thoughts, attempting to lock onto Mother White Lotus’ soul.

One party running and the other pursuing, they moved further and further. A lot of ghost soldiers and entered the continuous hills to the south of East Peace County.

The battle had lasted an entire day, and the night was falling.

In the boundless forest, countless birds were cackling and flying toward the night sky because of shock!

Yan Liren, Qi Zhongdao, Ba Xiaoyu, and Master Bitter Cicada rushed into the forest in four streaks of brightness. Two ear-splitting explosions immediately erupted in the forest. A lot of trees were set ablaze. Wan Mingzhu’s hateful screams were echoing with the fire, too.

Li Yao, however, stopped above the forest and stared at the darkness, deep in thought. Something confusing in his heart was now rolling up and down because of Wan Mingzhu’s shrieks.

The battle was really too uncanny!