Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1454

Chapter 1454 Path To The Deities Realm

Qi Changsheng’s representative was glittering because of her words. He could not help but step forward and ask in such a hoarse voice that his throat might be fuming, “Is it even possible for us to produce the Cloud Qin Gold Statues on our own?”

“Of course it is!” Special Agent Long replied confidently. “Based on the motion pictures here and the records of the previous dynasties, it should be easy to guess that the Cloud Qin Gold Statues were magical equipment designed for us in the first place. The empty cabin inside them is not very spacious. It is impossible for the prehistorical deities and devils whose body we have found in the wilderness to have crammed into them!”

“That’s true.” Han Yuantai and the rest of them nodded, deep in thought.

“Since the magical equipment is designed for us, the deities and devils would have taught us the extraordinary techniques so that we can produce them on our own.”

Looking at the three of them, Special Agent Long threw out yet another bomb unhurriedly. “Moreover, according to Lord Wang’s speculation, other than being a factory where the Cloud Qin Gold Statues can be manufactured, this Divine Palace can even reach out to the real deities’ realm. There is even a mysterious Heaven’s Path that allows people to ascend to the deities’ realm directly!”


This time, Wan Mingzhu, Han Yuantai, and Qi Changsheng’s representative were more shocked than ever. Han Yuantai’s voice was utterly twisted as he bulged his eyes and demanded, “Why didn’t you tell us such an important secret earlier?”

Special Agent Long smiled and said, “The prophecy of ascension is too groundless after all. You wouldn’t have believed it even if I told you in advance, would you?

“Only after witnessing the incredible views that definitely do not belong to the human world with your own eyes will you believe in Lord Wang’s assumption. The Divine Palace is actually a station between the world of humans and the realm of deities!

“Tens of thousands of years ago, Lord Wang received the scraps of a notebook that should’ve belonged to the owner of this Thousand Stars Tray. He recorded his experiences in the Divine Palace. According to him, he was enlightened by the deities in the Divine Palace and appreciated the infinite mysteries of other worlds that could never be seen in the Ancient Sages Sector. What else can the places be if not the deities’ realm?

“It is said that the deities’ realm is thousands of times larger than the Ancient Sages Sector. The Ancient Sages Sector, which we think to be the whole world, is but a drop in the bucket in front of the real deities’ realm!

“Also, there’s amazing magical equipment hidden in the Divine Palace which allows the passengers to shuttle between the mortal world and the deities’ realm free at will. One does not have to train oneself to the ultimate level in order to ‘break the void’. As long as they know the trick, even ordinary people without the slightest spiritual energy and their pets can ascend to the deities’ realm safely.

“How about it, Mother White Lotus? Is it a fair deal to trade your army of ghouls for the core of the map of the Divine Palace?”

A hint of greed flowed out of Wan Mingzhu’s frosted face. She stared at the map for a long time before she squinted and coldly said, “The deities’ realm is too groundless after all for anyone to pursue after through great trouble. Let’s talk about the Cloud Qin Gold Statues first!

“Your Lord Wang made the Divine Palace out to be second to none in this world. Judging from the motion pictures here, he was not exactly exaggerating!

“However, no matter how many mysteries there are in the Divine Palace, they are only useful to us if we have the place under control and can develop it on a large scale!”

She considered the Cloud Qin Gold Statues as the most important items in the Divine Palace and the so-called ‘deities’ realm’ to be just a groundless ‘bonus’. It would be great if they earned the bonus, but it would not hurt if they did not.

However, when Li Yao heard what Special Agent Long said, it was no different from yet another round of rumbling thunder. He felt that his every brain cell was humming.

Of course, the deities’ realm and deities did not exist in the world, but it did not mean that the notes that Wang Xi had collected were lying!

The so-called deities’ realm that was thousands of times larger than the Ancient Sages Sector probably referred to the three thousand Sectors beyond the dark nebula. The theory that ‘even one’s pets would be able to ascend to the deities’ realm as long as they grasped the tricks’ was more like a description of a space jump across Sectors!

Could it be that the so-called Divine Palace was a war base and a communication station that the Nuwa civilization had established in the Ancient Sages Sector hundreds of thousands ago and that a certain launch platform in the Divine Palace, similar to the Heaven’s Artillery and the Eye of Blood Demon, could penetrate the dark nebula and send the natives of the Ancient Sages Sector to the outside world, as a piece of super teleportation magical equipment?

It was indeed a piece of shocking news!

Inside the palace, Special Agent Long nodded. “Exactly. Although we have the map of the Divine Palace, there will be a lot of obstacles awaiting us if we plan on developing it for real. The greatest hindrance for us is that the Divine Palace is too remote. It is actually located in the Land of Eternal Night, tens of thousands of kilometers to the north of the Dark Cloud Prairies!”

“The Land of Eternal Night is much more than a far-flung area with frigid weather.” Han Yuantai frowned. “It is very close to the north pole of the Ancient Sages Sector and often caught in sunless nights all year long. The spiritual energy there is extremely turbulent, too, making the Cultivators unable to fully carry out their Cultivation. There are also the freezing gales that are almost as powerful as the febrile typhoons. Super blizzards break out every day. It is impossible for an ordinary person to survive one day there!

“Even a whole team of Cultivators must tread very lightly and ensure that the supplies and camps are properly handled. If there is negligence in any procedure, even thousands of Cultivators can freeze to death overnight!

“Also, in the vast snow field up north, there’s also dozens of ferocious beasts that are not scared of the cold weather and can even manipulate the ice and frost free at will. Barbarians that are even more tough, brutal, and cunning than the soldiers of Cloud Qin live in the place, too!

“Cloud Qin has always regarded the Land of Eternal Night as an inferno of ice, and we very rarely go there. Even when the prisoners are exiled, we will never choose the Land of Eternal Night as the destination because it is a penalty that is much crueler than any torture imaginable!

“When I was young, I used to train by myself in the Land of Eternal Night. I fought the man-eating whales and the barbarians in the wilderness there, which laid a solid foundation for my advancement into the Nascent Soul Stage later. However, if I was asked to do it again, I’d have to hesitate and consider it very carefully!”

“That’s why the four parties here must be united,” Special Agent Long said. “It’s the only way that we can move into the Divine Palace against the blizzards in the Land of Eternal Night and excavate all its secrets!”

“Precisely!” Qi Changsheng’s representative chuckled, his facial muscles twisting. “For the dozens of Cloud Qin Gold Statues, not just the Land of Eternal Night, even the deepest depths of hell must be broken into by the Heaven Battering Army!”

“Alright. Then, please forward everything that you have seen today to the Heaven Battering King and Regent Han.” Special Agent Long smiled. “Also, please ask Regent Han to establish supply points on the way first. We’ll settle the time and location of our next meeting soon!”



Han Yuantai and Qi Changsheng’s representatives both agreed quickly.

Mother White Lotus’ face suddenly turned extremely weird. Her expression did not change, but something was wriggling below her thin, fair skin.

All of a sudden, his eyes that looked like two glass pebbles darted toward Neltharion as she shrieked, “Who’s there?”

“Not good!” Special Agent Long, Han Yuantai, and Qi Changsheng’s representative were all alarmed. “An intruder!”

“You are asking to be killed by trespassing on the White Lotus Island!”

Pale flames were burning furiously around Mother White Lotus as she dashed into the pool at the center of the palace in a streak of whiteness. Raging mists were triggered by the ghostly flames, but she was one step slower.

Neltharion had long been fully activated and darted out of the cave toward the deep sea without looking back!

“The enemy must’ve overheard our whole conversation. He cannot be allowed to get away!” Special Agent Long shrieked at the top of her voice. Simultaneously, her hands turned into two clusters of gray mists quickly, and she turned off the operation menu on the storage core and dismantled the enormous, precise ‘Thousand Stars Tray’, ready to store them back into different Cosmos Rings according to the category of the components.

Looking at each other, Han Yuantai and Qi Changsheng’s representative both realized the severity of the issue. They gritted their teeth and followed Wan Mingzhu out of the palace!

Sensing Wan Mingzhu’s overwhelming fury, the whole of White Lotus Island was seething. Countless skeletons jumped out of the sand, with green and blue ghostly fire beaming out of their deep, dark eyes. The remaining souls that looked like jellyfish had been gathered into a rather large army that was emitting threatening brilliance!

An inconspicuous spiritual wave was fleeing westward, toward the continent!

“Go after him!”

Hundreds of colorful streaks of brilliance tailed the spiritual wave like hundreds of ravenous sharks!

On White Lotus Island, there were only few ghost soldiers and the guards that Han Yuantai and Qi Changsheng’s representatives had brought with them left.

Inside the palace, Special Agent Long was left alone. She was still gritting her teeth to dismantle the Thousand Stars Tray and the core device.

The prehistoric magical equipment was structured quite precisely, and it was not easy to dismantle. She was so anxious that she made a lot of mistakes that she should not have. In the end, she was almost in a flurry.

After dismantling all the components, she finally took a deep breath in relief. She was about to activate the Cosmos Rings and absorb the components when angry splashing noises echoed in the pool behind her.

“The guy got away!”

Wan Mingzhu’s voice was sharp and high-pitched. She sounded really pissed off!


Greatly shocked, Special Agent Long was going to turn her head when cold sweat suddenly poured all over her forehead. Gritting her teeth, she rolled forward and reached for the sword on her back!

However, an immense blast threw her back brutally. The spiritual energy dashed into the veins and acupoints on her back like vipers, almost paralyzing her entire spine. Her hand that was going for the sword was delayed by half a second!

During that half a second, an unstoppably sharp edge cut the handle of her sword on her shoulder!

If she continued reaching for the sword, her wrist would certainly be cut off!