Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457 Possibility Of Cooperation

Gloomy winds passed by Li Yao’s head and ears, only to be ripped into shreds by the turbulent spiritual energy and the crazily dancing lightning between the sky and the earth!

In such a violent magnetic field, the army of ghouls became the most vulnerable victims due to the lack of the protection of a body.

With that advantage alone, Li Yao had managed to get rid of ninety percent of the pursuers.

Only Mother White Lotus and a few experts were still tailing him.

However, it was impossible for them to persist for long, either.

Boom! Crack!

They entered the area of storm.

The rain on the ocean was smashing down like hail, turning the entire sky into yet another ocean. The vision, hearing, and senses of the pursuers were serious affected!

Li Yao was still wearing the bizarre-shaped fins, except that some of the fins assembled each other after a period of cracking noises and turned into a piece of broader magical equipment to support flying like wings!

Dragging Long Yangjun in midair, Li Yao seemed to be holding nothing at all. He was drawing the most spectacular curves in the middle of the thunder and lightning, making best use of the power of the rain and the magnetic field. He drifted unpredictably like a dry leaf in a blowing wind, without any pattern that the pursuers could follow.

Mother White Lotus’ roars and attacks brushed past him time and time again, and he was drawing closer and closer to the febrile typhoon!

In the dark ocean up ahead, a violent storm could already be vaguely seen, as if a gap leading to the deepest depths of hell had been ripped open in midair, from which the eternally burning fire of destruction was spurting out!

It was the febrile typhoon!

Even Li Yao did not dare engage head-on with the febrile typhoon without the protection of a crystal suit!

He was not planning to crash into the febrile typhoon boldly, either, but merely cut slightly into the edge of the febrile typhoon to make use of the centripetal force as if he were ‘surfing’!

The febrile typhoon was still developing, but it was already hundreds of kilometers in diameter. Naturally, the periphery was rotating at the highest speed. The wind was blowing so fast that it seemed to be able to extinguish the sun.


Li Yao shook arms and legs. His ‘fins’, or ‘wings’, instantly doubled in size. Picking up the febrile wind, they became round and puffy, like the sails of a boat in full wind. His speed was immediately doubled!

Bound by a chain, Long Yangjun was pulled behind him like a kite. She could not help but scream hard in the middle of crazily roaring wind.

Mother White Lotus was residing inside a puppet body. The combination of a ghost and a puppet could never be as tight as the combination between a living person and their soul. If she barged into the febrile typhoon recklessly, it was possible that her soul might be blown out of the puppet!

Even if she was known as the mother of all ghosts, it would be impossible for her to persist for long inside the rampant febrile typhoon without the protection of a shell.

The bone dragon came to an abrupt halt at the periphery of the febrile typhoon and spurted out dozens of clusters of dazzling fire toward the depths of febrile typhoon, which exploded inside the febrile typhoon and turned into enormous flowers of light. However, they were not even close to Li Yao before they were shredded and obliterated!

Mother White Lotus was not as insane as Li Yao, restraining from galloping into the febrile typhoon after him.

It was needless to mention Han Yuantai, Qi Changsheng’s representative, and the rest of them, whose Cultivation was much lower than the two of them. They could only gaze at Li Yao and Long Yangjun reducing in size in the violet storm until they were gone in the end!


Wan Mingzhu was so exasperated that she crushed the horns on the bone dragon that were as thick as thighs!

“Who—who is this guy exactly?” she shrieked in the most high-pitched voice.

The following morning, the febrile typhoon had already passed. As if all the dirt in the world had been cleaned, the sky was clear and cloudless, and a red sun was rising up in radiating glow!

Not far away from the shoreline, there was a desolate island that was surrounded by sharp-edged reefs.

Such desolate islands were anything but unusual in the offshore area.

Most of the desolate islands were less than half an acre in coverage. They were essentially rocks that were larger in size. Also, they were surrounded by cliffs and hidden reefs, lacking ports with deep water and flat beaches. So, it was not worth investing in exploiting them.

Even the lawless pirates would not consider such places as their den.

Only the birds would rest in such places. Therefore, most of the islands had already been buried in the stinky, gray struvite.

Deep inside the desolate island, the previously rough, uneven place had been crushed and paved by Li Yao into a flat ground the size of a grain-sunning field.


Long Yangjun was shaking and gagging on the ground, wet from head to toe.

There was no telling whether it was because she had drunk too much rainwater or because she was intimidated by the power of the febrile typhoon and the thunderstorm.

The super assassin of the Ghost Character looked like a half dead fish right now. Her face was pale and full of fear, and her calmness from when she dealt with Li Yao last night had vanished.

Li Yao had intentionally taken her to break into the febrile typhoon partly to shock her and collapse her mental defense line.

Judging the outcome, the tactic had worked out pretty well!

Li Yao was sitting cross-legged in a corner of the desolate island with his eyes half closed as he rested in silence. Bright green flames of spiritual energy were dancing around him, adding to his mysteriousness.

Breaking into the febrile typhoon had been extremely exhausting, even for him, especially when he was carrying the huge burden named Long Yangjun.

He was quite close to the main continent, and it was broad day with a bright sun.

Qi Zhongdao and the other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators would be searching for Mother White Lotus and him. Under such circumstances, it was highly unlikely that Mother White Lotus would chase after him with a large batch of ghost soldiers.

However, one could never be too prudent. The sooner he recovered his spiritual energy and returned to his peak combat ability, the better!

While Long Yangjun was not paying attention, Li Yao injected a powerful recovery drug that he had brought from the Star Glory Federation into his body. The effect of the drug was many times better than the best recovery pill in the Ancient Sages Sector!

“Senior Spiritual Vulture!”

Long Yangjun gagged on the ground for such a long time that she seemed to be vomiting her guts out. She looked at Li Yao full of reverence and, after a long hesitation, finally summoned the courage to say, “I didn’t know that your Cultivation is so shockingly high that even the febrile typhoon, a hazard for all Cultivators, was completely at your mercy!

“Since you have such astounding Cultivation and are a world-famous master of refining, senior, you will certainly play an important role in the exploration of the Divine Palace. We can form an alliance. There’s absolutely no reason for us to hurt each other!

“Lord Wang cherishes our world’s heroes more than anything else. Now that you have learned the secrets about the Divine Palace, and since there is no way at all that I can harm you, inviting you to join the cause seems to be the only option!

“Even if you kill me and take away the map of the Divine Palace and the Thousand Stars Tray, you still won’t be able to achieve anything on your own, Senior!

“First of all, the map of the Divine Palace itself contains infinite mysteries and must be opened in a secret way. There’s no way that you can read it by yourself.

“Secondly, even if all the mysteries of the Divine Palace are unraveled, that is just the tip of the iceberg for all the secrets about the Divine Palace. Lord Wang has kept a lot of findings to himself, and he is the only one who is capable of excavating the treasures.

“Right now, you are just a visiting elder of the Purple Pole Sword Sect, and you are a barbarian Cultivator who is not on the same boat with the Cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty. Since it is impossible for you to open the Divine Palace by yourself, you will have to look for partners.

“Do you feel that the Cultivators from the Grand Mystery Sect and the Purple Pole Sword Sect are any more trustworthy than Lord Wang, senior?”

Li Yao slightly opened his eyes. Staring at Long Yangjun deep in thought, he asked, without answering her question, “How did your Lord Wang discover the secrets of the Divine Palace?”

Noticing that the guy was apparently not as stubborn as before, Long Yangjun put on a smile of delight that almost escaped Li Yao’s attention before she replied dutifully, “Since the Great Qian Dynasty was founded a thousand years ago, not only has it inherited the enormous royal library left by previous dynasties, it has also collected countless ancient books from all over the world. Most of the records about the past can all be found in the royal collections!

“Before Lord Wang’s rise, he was one of the librarians of the royal library of the Great Qian Dynasty. He was responsible for sorting the broad, complicated ancient classics and repair the mottled, incomplete volumes!

“As a rarely-seen genius, he read all the ancient books that nobody had touched for thousands of years while he worked as a librarian for thirty years. He inferred from countless clues in the complicated ancient books, which led to the Divine Palace!

“The clues alone were not enough. A lot of the magical equipment and secret maps related to the Divine Palace were scattered in the world. One of the most important tasks for the Ghost Character was to help Lord Wang gather everything about the Divine Palace in the world!”

“That explains a lot.”

Li Yao finally understood part of the reason that Wang Xi used to stir trouble in the world of Cultivators. It appeared that his purpose was much more than simply helping the emperor keep the Cultivators in check. Nodding, he said, “Why exactly is your Lord Wang so obsessed with the exploration of the Divine Palace?”

Long Yangjun was amused. “The invincible Cloud Qin Gold Statues and the possibility to embark on the path to the deities’ realm. Who in the world of Cultivators wouldn’t want to explore the Divine Palace?

Frowning, Li Yao somehow felt that there was more to the guy’s motive. Thinking for a moment, he asked again, “I can tell that you were rather skillful when you displayed the map of the Divine Palace. Had you ever touched it before?”

“The map core of the Divine Palace has been kept in East Peace County as an ultimate treasure by the local Cultivation sects to stabilize their headquarters until now. The outsiders could never approach it easily. Of course, I never touched it before.

“However, Lord Wang has drawn a lot of illustrations for me to learn from. That is why I managed to pick up the operations. As for exactly how Lord Wang learned of them, I don’t have the faintest idea.”

Long Yangjun was just one of Wang Xi’s tools. It was impossible for him to let her know all the secrets however much he trusted her.

Thinking quickly, Li Yao pretended to be in deep thought. “What you said does have a point. Since I cannot open the Divine Palace by myself, I’ll have to look for help. I’ve had enough of those Cultivators during the past half year. Cooperating with Lord Wang indeed seems to be a viable choice!”