Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Super Perceptive State!

"Thanks for your hard work everyone, I will take it from here. You can go back early and rest!"

After sending the porters away, Li Yao prepared common assembling tools and also brought a vat of ice cold water and an ice maker.

An ice maker was an equipment which bore mini freezing array glyphs inside, which could continue to provide ice cubes in a steady stream as long as it was connected to a water pipe.


Li Yao plunged his head into the water bucket which had ice cubes floating inside, whereupon the ice cold water completely cooled down his burning hot brain.

Following that, he first took a look at the yellow jade chip with a gaze that was much like that of a little boy who had found his favorite toy. Then, he affectionately stared at the 1st Generation Tai'e furnace.

In his eyes, the pitch-black furnace had turned into a charming and elegant, young girl who had lowered her head as a shy look completely covered her face.

One which made him so horny that his blood vessels expanded energetically. He could not wait to immediately push "her" down and savor "her" most secretive and charming places to his heart's content.

Li Yao's heart was astir; he was truly unable to withhold the agitation and excitement in his heart.

Ever since childhood, he had only repaired magical equipment which had been crafted by others. No matter how quick and nimble his hands were, he was just dancing on the floors that were set by others.

But now that he had this crafting furnace, even though it was second-hand, even if its performance was far from the current eras, even if a majority of its core components were worn out...

At least he could craft magical equipment in accordance with his own will!

"After painstakingly studying the basic theories of all three schools for half a year, whether it is the grassroots faction, the elite faction, or the classical school from forty millenniums ago, I have them deeply engraved in my brain."

"The , all the more so, had been tossed and turned by me to the point that I have thoroughly memorized it. The crafting procedures of every ancient sword are known to me by heart!"

"Although these ancient swords' performance is far below that of todays, many of the refining principles used are very common. I can collect the blueprints and refining procedures of some of the modern flying swords and refine a unique flying swordmy very own flying sword by combining the two!"

"But first of all, I must assemble this furnace. Only with a powerful crafting furnace will I be able to craft a matchless magical equipment!"

Holding the ice-cold water in his hands, Li Yao washed his face. He still felt that it was not enough to satisfy him, so he simply grabbed two ice cubes and stuffed them into his mouth, making "crunch crunch" noises as he chewed them into pieces.

Afterward, he inserted the jade chip into the mini crystal processor.

His mini crystal processor was connected with the huge crystal processor that was about a kilometer away via telepathic thoughts transmissions. Its computing power was far more than any ordinary, mini crystal processor, ranging to a couple dozen times.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

Like exploding stars, over a hundred translucent golden blueprints appeared above his head in the blink of an eye before gradually starting to revolve around him.

And as his gaze focused on a blueprint, the blueprint continued to enlarge as it turned into a 3-dimensional blueprint.

Everything was down to the minute details, and even the components length, width, height, and the material's tensile strength were marked clearly. The amount of information contained was as vast as the sea; it simply could not be measured.

"Such a huge amount of telepathic thoughts! Each blueprint contains tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of thoughts. If I had not painstakingly studied in the Heavenly Refining Tower for so long, let alone assembling it, I'm afraid I would feel dizzy just by taking a glance at it. I would be unable to stand!"

Li Yao had never imagined that an antique furnace from a century ago would have such an intrinsic structure. Li Yao exclaimed to his heart's content before he started studying with all his concentration.

"Lub dub... lub dub... lub... dub..."

Along with the passage of each minute and second, his pupils suddenly started shaking slightly as they expanded towards the outside bit by bit while his heartbeat became slower and slower.

No, it was not his heartbeat that was getting slower; on the contrary, his brain cell activity was constantly increasing and his thought process was getting sharper and sharper. Meanwhile, the pulse of various organs in his body could not keep up with his thoughts!

"Ive entered the super perceptive state!" The corners of Li Yao's eyes twitched.

These were the after effects of using the Super Perception Cabin so frequently and for extended periods of time.

The Super Perception Cabin seemed to be an extremely wonderful magical equipment, but soon after it was created, they found out that it had serious flaws and out-and-out had little value.

As far as Refinement Stage and Building Foundation Stage cultivators were concerned, their soul wasn't strong enough, so they were unable to enter the super perceptive state where their brain cell activity was 300% for a long period of time. At most, they could stay for half an hour before they had Qigong deviation.

And as far as Golden Core Stage powerhouses and Nascent Soul Stage old monsters were concerned, their brain had already reached the point where everything followed according to their single thought. They had hundreds of mystical abilities through which they could stimulate their brain to secrete hormones and enter the "super perceptive state" at any time, so why would they ever need to use some Super Perception Cabin!?

Therefore, after a couple thousand of this magical equipment, which had little value, had been manufactured, they had been completely forsaken. Only at the most prestigious universities in the country, like the Grand Desolate War Institution, could these equipment be found. As for ordinary cultivation sects, they had already stopped using it.

Even at the Grand Desolate War Institution, ordinary students would occasionally use it for half an hour.

Never had there been someone like Li Yao who would use it for a dozen hours.

Therefore, nobody, not even the sect that had created the Super Perception Cabin, had imagined that using the Super Perception Cabin for a long time would actually bring about such strange after effects.

Li Yao had inadvertently discovered that in his day-to-day life, as long as he particularly concentrated and completely immersed himself in something for more than 10 minutes, his brain cell activity would unwittingly increase. In other words, even without the help of the Super Perception Cabin, he could still enter the "super perceptive state"!

However, this was not necessarily a good thing.

In his day-to-day life, it was impossible for him to seek refuge in the depths of Ou Yezi's memories all the time. He needed to resist the various side effects of the super perceptive state on his own.

This kind of feeling where he felt that someone was prying open the top of his head and pouring scalding hot oil into it was no joke.

And even more so, under the super perceptive state, only his brain cell had been over activated. Meanwhile, there were no changes to his body, which gave birth to a serious dissonance between his brain and his body.

The brain was issuing instructions like crazy, but his body was too lazy to keep up with them; his nerve endings were completely ignoring his brain's thunderous shouts.

For several days, he would stumble on the road. He was living the life of a child who was crippled.

After adapting for half a month, he could barely control himself so that he won't enter the super perception state easily.

Even if he inadvertently activated the super perceptive state, he could only maintain 150% brain cell activity

And even so, he could only hold on for five minutes, after which he would have to forcibly terminate this state.

And afterward, he would have to take rest for at least three hours. Only after letting his brain "cool down" for a long time could he once again enter the super perceptive state.

And once he let things take their own course and let his brain cell activity explode to its limit, 331%, perhaps he could not even hold on for a minute.

"Whatever. Since I have entered the super perceptive state, I should take advantage of these five minutes to see everything clearly!"

Li Yao rubbed two ice cubes on his temple, and as he lightly rubbed, the burning sensation in his brain subsided a little.

One by one, a starry brilliance shone in the depths of his eyes.

Each starry brilliance represented the panoramic view of a blueprint.

Because his brain cells were overactive, without him knowing, his face was as if he was burning with a fever and was blood-red.

The two hard ice cubes quickly melted away. Meanwhile, the ice water had yet to roll down from his cheeks before it evaporated, producing a light-gray steam around his head.

After five minutes.

"Dammit, I have reached the limit!"

Li Yao's entire face was convulsing as he jumped to the water vat nearby with a growl and ruthlessly plunged his head into it.


It made an ear-piercing whizz, one that was as if a piece of burning red coal had been thrown into a water bucket. A large number of the ice cubes that were floating in the water melted away, giving rise to a large amount of steam.

Using the biting cold from the ice cold water, Li Yao forcibly terminated the super perceptive state.

"This is too exciting!"

"Super perception state of 150% brain cell activity is truly exciting!"

"It seems that I have to continuously train with madness. If I am able to someday stimulate the brain cell activity to 331%the limit of super perception stateat any time, then even if it is just for 3-5 minutes, wouldn't that mean I can go head-to-head with Golden Core Stage powerhouses and Nascent Soul Stage old monsters?"

Chewing the ice cubes, Li Yao let loose his imagination.

"There is still a long way to go. Anyway, the most important part is to first assemble this furnace so that I can craft some peerless equipment and sell them for as many credits as possible and collect 40,000 credits as soon as possible!"

Having remained in the super perception state for five minutes, Li Yao had a complete panoramic view of all the blueprints and assembling procedures.

As he narrowed his eyes a bit, his computation ability soared to the limit!

No doubt, this was the moment of truth for the results of painstakingly studying in the Heavenly Refining Tower for half a year. Li Yao's eyes frantically started rotating.

In the depths of his brain, over a hundred 3-dimensional blueprints collided with each other; it was as if over a hundred glass houses collided with each other and smashed into pieces before they once again formed a new and towering building of crystal!

The structure and the assembling process of the 1st generation Tai'e crafting furnace had been completely grasped by Li Yao!

"Let's start!"

Li Yao's eyes flickered with a sharp gleam as he exerted strength into both his legs, causing his calf to swell to double its original size. In an instant, he leaped into the air, rotated, and ruthlessly smashed into the grounds. Meanwhile, as though they were scimitars, the thumbs from both his hands had been drawn out.

Relying on his two thumbs, he firmly stood upside down.


With the flip of his two thumbs, he, while "upside down", leaped into the air before he once again landed on the ground; however, this time, his body was supported by his index fingers.

Next, it was the middle fingers, the ring fingers, and finally the little fingers.

"Warm up is finished!"

In this way, he could stimulate the potential of his 10 fingers in the shortest amount of time. This was the most secretive technique among the , which was used by ancient thieves to train their fingers.

"Snap, snap, snap snap!"

Li Yao freely moved his 10 fingers a bit. His ten fingers seemed to have no bones; sometimes his fingers were as short as though they had only one phalange, while other times, they would fiercely shoot out like knives and emit grating howls as they pierced through the wind.

"Let's see... which unit is it gonna be?"

Each stack of magical equipment components represented a complete unit. When each and every unit had been completely assembled and connected to the furnace with the crystal tubes, then the assembling would be completely finished.

With a flash, Li Yao appeared in the front of a heap of components on the west side.

These components could be assembled into a high-temperature heater which had flame array glyphs engraved inside. Through this unit, the furnace could be heated to 3000 degrees in the blink of an eye, which was enough to melt and refine a vast majority of heaven and earth treasures.

"Let's start with you!"

The outer ring of Li Yao's pupil seemed to be surrounded by a golden ring; it was the ring which was created when over a hundred star-like blueprints gathered together in the depths of his eyes. In the blink of an eye, both his hands turned almost invisible as two groups of ash-gray fog appeared, enveloping thousands of magical equipment components.


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