Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460 One Step Close

Wang Xi’s eyes were like a saber with hooks that were passing through every critical part on Li Yao’s body. His smile grew more and more intense as he unhurriedly said, “Only if I plant a minor barrier inside your body to ensure that you won’t do anything stupid that will harm the both of us can we expect to strike a deal.”

“A barrier?” Li Yao rolled his eyes and immediately understood everything. He could not help but sneer. “You are trying to turn me into your lackey who will do the dirty and dangerous work for you.

“Right. You are not cooperating with Qi Changsheng, Han Baling, and Wan Mingzhu sincerely, either. After all the secrets about the Divine Palace are excavated, you’ll figure out a way to eradicate all of them!

“It’s a pity that dealing the three of them by yourself is too tricky, but if I serve as your lackey, and if we attack them one by one when they are not prepared, chances are that we will be able to eliminate them one after another. This will be my greatest usage!”

Wang Xi replied without giving consent or disapproval. “Even if I say that there is no plan to eliminate Wan Mingzhu, Han Baling, and Qi Changsheng, you still won’t believe it, will you, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture?”

“It doesn’t matter to me at all whether or not you want to eliminate the three of them. I only want to know how I can be assured that you will not eliminate me after the job is done so that you can swallow all the gains. After all, if you plant a barrier inside my body, my life will be completely at your mercy!”

Opening his hands, Wang Xi said in a seemingly genuine way, “I don’t have any fundamental conflicts of interests with you, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture. Why do I have to eliminate you?

“Han Baling, Wan Mingzhu, and Qi Changsheng are all leaders of a great force. Their ambitions are not just about themselves but to overturn the entire world! If you accuse me of planning to eliminate the three of them, I think that it at least makes sense.

“However, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture, you are a relatively simple Cultivator. You do not seem to be interested in power!

“If we cooperate with each other, we can both take what we need. Everything inside the Divine Palace that is related to the primeval refining arts will be yours. You will also be allowed to study the Cloud Qin Gold Statues freely. In the future, if I build an army of Cloud Qin Gold Statues, you will be responsible for all the refining work. Wouldn’t it be terrific?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Li Yao said coldly. “However, your promise is too weak and unconvincing. I am not willing to let somebody else gain control over my life in any case!”

Wang Xi’s voice grew even colder. “You don’t have a choice!

“You can let me plant a barrier in you and cooperate with me obediently. Chances are that you will have some lucky encounters during the exploration of the Divine Palace that allow you to reverse the situation. Maybe, I will truly fulfil my promise and set you free in the end!

“Or, you can die now!”

Grabbing his crystal sword, Wang Xi pushed close to Li Yao, one step after another.

Li Yao’s breath became more and more hasty, and the blood flowing around his body had almost froze into crimson amber. He suddenly gnashed his teeth. “Wait. I can cooperate with you, but I have to know more about the Divine Palace!”

Wang Xi stopped, apparently not expecting Li Yao to propose such a weird request. Deep in thought, he looked at Li Yao suspiciously.

“I’ll calculate the odds of me being killed to keep my mouth shut after the exploration of the Divine Palace based on the information about the Divine Palace so that I can decide whether or not I should cooperate with you!” Li Yao explained. “If I will certainly be killed after the job is done, is there any need for me to be humiliated for a longer time? I might as well put up one last struggle right now!”

Wang Xi narrowed his eyes into two coldly shining stars as he declared, one word after another, “As I said, you don’t have a choice!”

“I don’t, but you do!” Li Yao gnashed his teeth. “You can choose to tell me everything about the Divine Palace. Then, it is possible that you will gain the full hearted supported of a top-tier expert who is on par with Qi Changsheng, Han Baling, and Wan Mingzhu. My refining arts will certainly prove to be of great use during the exploration, too!

“Alternatively, you can choose to kill me here and now. As a result, not only will you lose a potential lackey, you might also suffer irreversible wounds!

“You don’t think that I don’t have any way to hurt you without my magical equipment, do you?

“If I may remind you, during the exploration of the Divine Palace, you will have to be involved in competitions of wisdom and strength with some of the most brutal people in the world. It won’t be good if you suffer certain uncanny ‘minor injuries’ before the job, right?”

Li Yao cackled like a crow.

Wang Xi stared at him for a long time. His brow furrowed, loosened, and furrowed again. “Alright. I stand by what I said. I am truly meaning to cooperate with you, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture. The barrier that I am to implement on your body is just a helpless choice. To show my sincerity, I would like to tell you the backstory of everything.”

“Then, speak now.” Li Yao licked his bloodstained lips and pricked his ears. “I’m all ears!”

“The so-called Divine Palace…”

Wang Xi’s eyes suddenly lose focus, as if he were mired in remote memories a long time ago.

However, the next second, his eyes refocused, sharpened, and shone again!

With a grave face, he bit his lips, and vague confusion was circling his face. He sniffed the air carefully, as if he had perceived something highly dangerous!

“Something’s not right!” Wang Xi mumbled. He focused his eyes on Li Yao again, especially his left arm, which was dangling behind him softly because the veins and nerves inside seemed to have been cut off.

“Show me your left hand!” Wang Xi yelled. His crystal sword was humming, and the starry brilliance was all set to be launched!

Li Yao appeared slightly dazed. There was bafflement on his face, as if he did not understand what Wang Xi meant.

There was a deep bloody hole on his left shoulder, which suggested that the shoulder bone and the joint had been minced apart by the sword auras earlier. His left arm had been entirely crippled.

Since crashing into the land earlier, his left hand had been folded behind him the whole time.

At this point, he could only pick up his left hand with his right hand. While reaching for it, he grunted, “I think my left arm is bro—”

Before he finished the last word, a series of explosions suddenly echoed deep inside Li Yao’s left arm, as if a soft-skinned snake whose bones had all been crushed was turning into the most ferocious dinosaur!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The skin on Li Yao’s left arm turned black and green. Then, it grew a layer of greasy scales. Bone spurs were also ejected from his flesh like sharp blades.

His five fingers expanded in size in that moment, too. The round crystal in the middle of his palm was boosted because of the energy triggered by the mitochondria!

“Cell Obliteration Cannon, attack!”

The moment that he crashed, Li Yao had ordered the mental devil to activate as many as possible primeval cells inside his left arm, repair the body at the highest speed, and accumulate the power of the Cell Obliteration Cannon bit by bit!

With just another half a minute, and nothing more, the Cell Obliteration Cannon would have been brimming with enough energy to cover the entire desolate island!

It was beyond his expectations for Wang Xi’s sense of danger to be so keen, capable of catching the vague demonic energy flowing in the air. Li Yao was forced to change his plan and attacked in a hurry!


A pillar of the purest, ivory light rushed out of Li Yao’s palm right toward Wang Xi’s face!

The two of them were very close to each other.

Although Wang Xi noticed that something was not right, he did not anticipate that Li Yao, as a master of refining, could launch such a violent attack without magical equipment!

As a result, even though he managed to tilt his head, avoiding the frontal bombardment of the Cell Obliteration Cannon, his cheek and temple were still brushed by the blast, as if a bucket of magma had been poured on his face!

After an ear-splitting shriek, Wang Xi made the most sensible decision—retreat without caring about anything!

Li Yao grinned hideously. Tusks were growing crazily inside his mouth. His left eye had dyed demonic red. Fresh tissue was crawling out of the seeming terrible wounds all over his body. The result of the crazily exploding primeval cells was that his body was recovering at a visible speed. In the end, he was as strong and formidable as a primeval beast!

Wang Xi had taken everything into account, but there was something that he did not know!

With the ‘apocalyptic body’ modified by the mental devil, and after five years of close-distance battles with Ding Lingdang in outer space, Li Yao was definitely one of the most horrendous slaughtering machines, even without resorting to any magical equipment!


Li Yao’s claws snatched Wang Xi’s ‘rising breasts’ from his right side.

The attack from the Cell Obliteration Cannon just now, while seriously bruising Wang Xi’s face, caused damages to his right eye, making the guy unable to see anything clearly.

Naturally, Li Yao would not let go of such a great opportunity. His every talon was surrounded by fatal demonic energy like five sharpest flying swords!

He was not necessarily piercing through Wang Xi’s chest.

However, it did not seem a bad idea to rip his clothes apart and view the real look of the plump female body.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

At the critical moment, Wang Xi’s face was as cold as frost. He bit his lips so hard that the skin almost broke. Apparently infuriated, he launched a storm of sword auras again, which were also twice as dazzling as just now and constituted an impenetrable defense in front of him!

Li Yao chuckled and twisted. He waved his sharp claw and snatched the Sound Nest, the interference magical equipment that was still floating in midair. He squeezed and crushed the magical equipment, enshrouding the Sound Nest with his overwhelming demonic energy and blocking all the vibration waves emitted by the device!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The molecular mica threads and needles inside his Cosmos Rings, as well as a plethora of crystal bombs, were finally able to be retrieved!

With all the magical equipment in his hands, and now that the enemy’s right eye had been hurt by the Cell Obliteration Cannon, Li Yao had taken the initiative of the battle again!

Li Yao and Wang Xi, two of the most dangerous experts of the entire Ancient Sages Sector, confronted each other silently on the desolate island that was brimming with smoke and dust.