Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470 Battle In Chaos

Li Yao glared back angrily, only to discover that a Cultivator who was shivering in the cold was looking at the longsword in his hand in a daze, as if he did not believe that it was him who launched the sword aura just now. He then looked at Li Yao pitifully, completely at a loss as to what to do.

Li Yao almost wanted to kick the troublemaker to the ground, but there was already no time!

The Ghost Qin Cultivators were already highly nervous and ready to explode at any moment. The sword aura was like the fuse to detonate the tinderbox. All the Ghost Qin Cultivators lunged in fury!

For a moment, sabers and swords were colliding, and grenades and broken limbs were flying in midair together. Explosions and screams echoed with each other. Hardly had the hot blood spurted out when it was frozen into bizarre-shaped red flowers, and the flowers crashed to the ground into pieces, turning into clusters of translucent pearls of blood!

Li Yao found it impossible to stop the Cultivators from the two sides dying with each other.

Besides, this was definitely not the only battlefield in the boundless mist.

After avoiding the explosions of a few grenades that had been embedded with the pieces of bones of the Dragon Wolves, Li Yao felt that his ears were humming, and there was nothing but blankness in his eyes.

In his dizziness, he suddenly discovered that the marks for guidance had all been blown apart. He could not tell which direction the camp was in at all!

Li Yao cursed loudly in his heart. Lowering his head to evade a saber that was slashing at him, he kicked the Ghost Qin Cultivator who was coming at him ferociously away. Then, he stomped on the ground and soared into the sky. The wings of spiritual energy like greenish, ghostly fire surged out of his back crazily, but their size had almost been reduced by half in the extreme environment!

Holding back the excruciating coldness, Li Yao exploited his cells crazily and summoned as much spiritual energy as possible to push himself upward. Layers of frost enveloped him, only to be shattered and obliterated by his surging spiritual energy. The ice devils were hissing below his feet and extending pillars that looked like claws toward him. Still, they were not as fast as him. He flew to an altitude of almost a thousand meters and craned his neck in the mixture of mist and clouds!

Li Yao was about to sharpen his eyesight to look for the camp when another huge head popped up in the mist not far away.

The newcomer had a dry, monkey-like face with a short, hard beard and hair that was soaring into the sky. Both his beard and his hair were in the most dominating red color, leaving the impression of aggressiveness and unreasonableness.

His eyes were bloodshot, but the blood threads were not actinomorphic but spread out in spirals. They seemed to be rotating all the time, and it was very easy for other people to be awed by him.

The guy noticed Li Yao the moment that he was noticed. His bloodshot eyes rotating even faster than before, he grinned, baring his golden, sharp teeth. “Master Spiritual Vulture?”

Li Yao’s pupils constricted violently.

The guy’s appearance was so queer that it was unique in the entire Ancient Sages Sector. Li Yao had seen his portrait a long time ago.

“Heaven Battering King?”

It was ‘Heaven Battering King’ Qi Changsheng, the leader of the Heaven Battering Army and one of the Four Rapscallions, who boasted a legendary indestructible body blessed by a fire fiend, had savaged the northwest for decades, and had risen again every time after his army was annihilated!

Qi Changsheng burst into laughter. He suddenly dived back into the mist, vanishing into thin air!

Li Yao’s hair was standing on end. He felt even more alarmed when the ice devils were coming at him. Dozens of needles darted out, dragging the molecular mica threads to establish a sharp protective web around his body!

Hardly had the molecular mica threads interweaved when an orange claw of fire crawled out of the mist and snatch right toward Li Yao’s abdomen, only to crash into the molecular mica threads precisely. It was almost cut in half!

A bellow echoed inside the mist, and the fiery claw suddenly disappeared. Soon, ‘Heaven Battering King’ Qi Changsheng slowly showed up in the mist again!

He looked entirely different from before. His previously dry skin had become half transparent orange, with deep purple cracks here and there. His beard and his hair were bouncing like scorching fire. His whole body seemed to be made of magma!

In the legends, the fiery fiend brought fire and drought everywhere he went.

Although it was an overstatement, the Heaven Battering King’s indestructible body allegedly blessed by the fiery fiend clearly boasted a certain superpower to control fire.

Perhaps it was because the working mechanism of his mitochondria was different from other people!

Just now, Qi Changsheng had crawled into the mist and ambushed Li Yao, yet he had become the victim of his own scheme. His right hand had almost been cut in half by the molecular mica threads, and a terrible wound had been left there.

However, it was not blood that was flowing out of the wound but a thick material resembling magma that appeared to be some sort of powerful adhesive. The wound was being stitched up at a visible rate. In the blink of an eye, the hand was as good as new, without even a scar.

The so-called ‘indestructible body’ had been displayed in such a weird way!

Qi Changsheng performed a seal with his right hand. His Cosmos Ring glittered crazily, and a saber more than two meters long, made from Heavenly River Red Copper, slowly showed up.

Solemnly, he stared at Li Yao with his spiral eyes and said, one word after another, “Master Spiritual Vulture, we never had any grudges with each other. There’s no reason for us to attack each other the moment we meet…”

Before he finished his small talk, Qi Changsheng turned into a streak of orange brilliance. A saber in his hand was like an army of thousands of soldiers when he slashed it right toward Li Yao’s face!

Li Yao had long been prepared. After a snort, a bright green claw glittered and appeared on his right hand. He split into dozens of phantoms, avoiding Qi Changsheng’s attack, and condensed again behind him!

“That’s indeed so, Heaven Battering King!”

The sharp claw on Li Yao’s right hand turned into a cluster of gray mist. More than ten holes appeared on every talon, and a molecular mica thread was passing through every hole. As if he was controlling a puppet, Li Yao manipulated a hundred molecular mica threads to attack Qi Changsheng’s critical parts at the same time.

While launching the fatal attacks, he chuckled. “Not only do we have absolutely no grudges between us, there are also a lot of opportunities for cooperation between us! I’m told that you have been excavating relics in the northwest and are best at exploring the treasures below the ground. As for me, I know a thing or two about magical equipment and rune arrays!”

“Exactly!” Qi Changsheng sprayed an overwhelming tide of saber auras even when Li Yao’s molecular mica threads were cutting thousands of wounds all over his body. He was even trying to melt Li Yao’s molecular mica threads with the scorching fire inside his body, forcing Li Yao to pull the molecular mica threads and the needles back and to quickly retreat.

Qi Changsheng burst into laughter. “You and I are both here for treasures, not to kill each other. Although we belong to different sides right now, we are both clear that Han Baling, Wan Mingzhu, and Wang Xi are as unreliable as Qi Zhongdao, the goddamn emperor, and the six major sects on your side. When we are truly faced with the Cloud Qin Gold Statues, it will be hard to say who is a friend and who is a foe!”


The two of them had another head-on clash in midair. Ripples were spreading out in the mist like a blowing storm.

Li Yao gnashed his teeth. “Are you more reliable than them, Heaven Battering King?”

“Nobody is reliable nowadays!” Qi Changsheng spat on the ground and said, “However, although I do have a good appetite, it is impossible for me to swallow dozens of Cloud Qin Gold Statues alone. I believe that you cannot take all the Cloud Qin Gold Statues by yourself, either, Master. Doing you a favor will be doing myself a favor. Is it not good?”

“It certainly is!” Li Yao narrowed his eyes and said, “After the few rounds that we’ve fought, we basically know how strong we are. A great price must be paid if one of us wants to kill the other!

“With that in mind, why don’t we stop now and wait until the Divine Palace is opened and the Cloud Qin Gold Statues are found to see whether we should fight or cooperate?”


Qi Changsheng’s saber blew out a tide of flames.

When the ‘tide’ was minced apart by the freezing wind, he had already drifted hundreds of meters away to the other side of the mist. Retreating his saber, he clasped his fist toward Li Yao, implying that the deal had been made.

Right then, deafening cracks were echoing from mist—the very fact that the noises had passed through the thick mist to the sky almost a thousand meters above the ground was indicative enough of the mayhem at the source of the sounds!

Right then, the center of the mist abruptly sank, as if an enormous crack had appeared at the bottom of the mist into which all the mist was pouring. Very soon, the mist had already grown a lot thinner!

As the mist grew thinner, the two of them were finally able to clearly see what was happening down below. It was indeed a messy and disordered battlefield!

Because of the blockage of the mist and the scourge of the ice devils, both the Great Qian Cultivators and the subordinates of the Four Rapscallions had lost their way.

After fleeing in panic for a while, many of them had run into their enemies and fought them hard, their blood shed on the white snow!

At this moment, the mist gradually dispersed. Like a maze whose walls had been retracted, they finally discovered that they had been completely entangled with their enemies. While they surrounded part of the enemies, they were surrounded by other enemies, too. It was impossible for them to break from the battlefield!

After a brief, weird silence, the two parties unleashed roars and spiritual waves that were even fiercer than before. Without bothering about the ice devils that were still wandering around them, they battled to the death!


Awe-inspiring horns were blown in the camp made of the flying boats of the Great Qian Dynasty.

The Fiery Phoenix Legion, in their crimson armor, marched to the center of the battlefield in a burning arrowhead under the lead of Emperor Phoenix.

It was the only organized troop on the Great Qian Dynasty in the mess. Obviously, it was going to play an important role in the battlefield!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Far, far away, on the other side of the snowy world, a few alarm arrows were shot into the sky.

Accompanied by hundreds of violent howls, the elite Dragon Wolf knights commanded by Han Baling, the regent of Ghost Qin, began to trample on the vulnerable snow field with their iron hooves!