Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 The Truth About The Divine Palace

This is the Divine Palace?

Blinking in surprise, Li Yao tried to get a full view of the Divine Palace from the fog raised by the broken ice.

When he observed from the high stance, he discovered that the Divine Palace was streamlined like an enormous spindle, but most of its parts had been deeply embedded into the ground, with only a tiny block exposed to the air. There were also dark holes that led to the inside of the Divine Palace.

Li Yao pondered for a long time. He then compared the observations of the Divine Palace with its internal structure in his head. Then, a shocking idea suddenly occurred to him.

Isn’t—isn’t this a starship from the primeval era?

Li Yao had excavated the warship debris of the Pangu civilization and the Nuwa Clan on Kunlun. The circular holes at the bottom of the Divine Palace were clearly where flames would spurt out to make minor adjustments in space and to jet within the atmosphere!

He had seen the same distribution of exhaust flame spurts on the warship debris in the Kunlun relics. Also, the materials on the warship debris, despite the serious rust, were very similar to the glittering materials in front of his eyes after a series of restoration reactions!

If the Divine Palace was a super warship of the Nuwa Clan, everything would make sense!

In the primeval era hundreds of thousands of years ago, before the God-Sealing War, the Pangu civilization had dominated the entire universe that human beings were familiar with today.

At that time, the Ancient Sages Sector must have been a war base of the Pangu civilization!

Then, it was only reasonable that the Nuwa Clan sent some super warships to assault the Ancient Sages Sector during the God-Sealing War, and one of the super warships accidentally crashed in the Land of Eternal Night.

The super warship of the Nuwa Clan had the mass and momentum equal to a rushing meteor. It was not strange at all that the warship crashed deep into the ground and blew out a crater hundreds of kilometers in diameter!

Since it was a super warship of the Nuwa Clan, it was understandable that some Colossi were accommodated on the warship and that it even boasted maintenance and manufacture bases for the Colossi!

As for the so-called path to the deities’ realm, it would be even easier to explain.

There were certainly facilities such as escape capsules and mobile teleportation arrays that could allow the user to appreciate the wonders in the sea of stars. It was also possible that the Grand Illusionary Lands that contained tremendous files about the outside world had been installed on the warship. Those who walked into them would be able to observe the scenery in the three thousand Sectors!

The technology of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan were marvelous enough even by the standard of the Star Glory Federation. It was perfectly normal that the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, secluded and underdeveloped, would call them deities!

Moreover, Li Yao suddenly realized that, since it was a super warship of the Nuwa Clan, it was possible that certain communication magical equipment that could transmit information across the universe instantly by means of gravitational waves or other amazing technologies had been installed.

Was the mysterious signal sent to the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector a hundred years ago related to the Nuwa warship?

Very likely!

The part of the Nuwa warship exposed above the ground was emitting a layer of bright, silver light.

The ignorant locals of the Ancient Sages Sector might worship the glamorous ‘divine aura’, but Li Yao knew that it was a protective membrane to block the air and prevent the warship from becoming rusted and damaged!

The fact that the protective membrane was still glittering suggested that the main power source of the Nuwa warship was not entirely ruined. It had been in the hibernation state for the past hundreds of thousands of years!

In such a case, even if the Nuwa warship could not cruise through the sea of stars anymore, at the very least, many units on board, and even the ‘communication room’ or the ‘teleportation room’, could still be functional!

A very well-preserved Nuwa warship! Li Yao was breathing heavily.

Despite the extremely low temperature of below minus eighty degrees, he still could not help but feel as if the blood all over his body was boiling and about to spurt out from his eyes and nostrils.

Although the Star Glory Federation possessed Kunlun, most of the remains inside had been corroded by the moss and the waves from the pulsar. Even though a few Colossi could be jumbled together, most of the warship remains only had a feeble and vulnerable shell left. The researchers could only study their appearance and internal structure but had no access to the specific technologies of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan!

A Nuwa warship that possibly accommodated a factory of Colossi with a preservation rate of more than fifty percent was certainly a priceless treasure for the federation!

Li Yao’s eyes were spurting fire because of excitement.

But he was even more prudent than before.

If a certain mysterious force sent a mysterious signal to the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector through the communication room on the Nuwa warship a hundred years ago, it was very likely that the mysterious force had already controlled the Nuwa warship!

Nobody could tell if it was a well-disguised trap!

If he exposed the coordinates of the Star Glory Federation, it would be pretty embarrassing if the enemy traced that back to Li Yao and then the Nuwa warship that had a hundred Colossi on it!

Besides, there was still the Imperium of True Human Beings!

Li Yao’s not-so-reliable intuition reminded him again that the spies of the Imperium of True Human Beings could be around.

He could almost smell the dominance and superciliousness on the Immortal Cultivators!

After the great show in front is finished, we will know exactly what the forces here are up to!

Li Yao glanced at the few super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and calculated in his heart silently.

“The Divine Palace has been revealed. The gate has been open to us. This is our opportunity!”

Many Cultivators were already awed by the super warship from the primeval civilization. They pointed at the dark exhaust flame spurts at the bottom of the Nuwa warship and roared.

The Cultivators that belonged to different sides had no time to bother each other. The hastier ones had already jumped into the canyon before the rocks around the crater stabilized, leaping toward the Nuwa warship as quickly as possible!

The remaining Cultivators looked at each other in bewilderment.

It was obvious that all the Cultivators there belonged to two sides and more than ten different forces. Ghost Qin, Heaven Battering Army, White Lotus Cult, Ghost Character, Grand Mystery Sect, Purple Pole Sword Sect, Thunder Storm Valley, the court, and unaffiliated Cultivators… Everybody had only gathered there in pursuit of gains.

If they fought each other, the Cultivators of other forces would gladly take all the advantage.

After they took control of the Cloud Qin Gold Statues, they would not bother to shed a tear for those who were killed!

There was no telling who roared first, but everybody was running toward the crater, forgetting the grudges among themselves that was still fresh.

The high-level Cultivators whose flying swords were still intact or who boasted the techniques to ride the wind soared into the sky and jumped toward the Nuwa warship like moths darting toward the fire.

The low-level Cultivators whose flying swords were broken and who did not have such expertise were hopping on the uneven rocks and sprinting toward the bottom of the crater at the risk of falling into the boundless crevasses among the rocks. They were so impatient that they looked like a colony of ants.

Even Emperor Phoenix and Han Baling turned around and led their troops to leave the battlefield after a moment of hesitation. They charged at the Nuwa warship from different directions, hoping to beat the enemy to the Divine Palace!

“What are you waiting for, Master Spiritual Vulture? If you don’t hurry up, even their sh*t will be cold!”

Qi Changsheng burst into laughter. The flames of spiritual energy around his body expanded crazily as he dived down vertically like a shooting star!

The few middle-level and low-level Cultivators who were flying clumsily in the air were blown away by him regardless of which side they were on. They fell into the ice canyon, and there was no telling whether they survived the impact or not.

The ‘harmonious’ scene where everybody was running without bothering about anything else was soon broken up.

A lot of Cultivators had already arrived at the exhaust flame spurts, which were rising high at the rear of the Nuwa warship. They thought that the spurts were the ‘gates’ leading to the Divine Palace!

Compared to the body size of human beings, the Nuwa Clan was huge. Therefore, their warships were dozens of kilometers long and looked like cities in space made of pure metal.

Even the engine spurts used to make minor adjustments and to support the in-atmosphere flight were more than five meters in diameter. At first glance, they indeed appeared to be gates that were wide open.

Near the ‘gates’, to decide who was qualified to enter the ‘Divine Palace’ first, small-scale bloody conflicts were already breaking out.

However, it was often the case that, before the two parties involved in the conflicts were done fighting, they had already been crushed by the main force that was following up!

Only the super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators such as Qi Zhongdao or Qi Changsheng crawled into the engine tubes without meeting any resistance because they were obviously too strong for anybody to mess with.

Li Yao frowned greatly.

Things had completely fallen out of anyone’s control.

The previous plan had been to tread lightly and think before leaping. Even after the Divine Palace was discovered, they would search, measure, and analyze it in an orderly fashion. Everybody had their duty, and every exploration team had independent tasks.

But the reality was that the hundred Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from almost twenty forces on two different sides had been utterly mixed up. Everyone was fighting for themself. There was absolutely no discipline or organization anymore.

Even the procedure to test the internal environment of the Divine Palace and check if it was safe to enter the place had been omitted, not to mention the effective commanding!

It could be seen that Qi Zhongdao, Master Bitter Cicada, and some other people had maintained their basic rationality instead of being overwhelmed by greed. They were still shouting desperately, trying to get the situation under control.

However, with everything reaching such a point, how could the Cultivators from the six major sects listen to them? Besides, Wang Xi, Wan Mingzhu, Qi Changsheng, and the Cultivators on the other side had already barged into the engine tubes of the Nuwa warship without caring about anything.

Having no other choice, Qi Zhongdao and his companions could only follow them closely.

Li Yao sighed and felt that his head was aching, but there was nothing that he could do except sneak into the Nuwa warship first.

Of course, he would not be as idiotic as the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector and walk through the engine tubes, which were bound to be a dead end!

At the end of the engine tubes were doubtlessly the engines, and the engines were connected to the fuel cabins. All the parts were definitely made of the most solid and heat-proof materials. It would take quite a long time even if they wanted to break in with brute force.

Li Yao, as a specialist in warship infiltration, would certainly not choose such an illogical entry path!