Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474 Weird Illusion

After realizing that the so-called Divine Palace was actually a warship of the Nuwa Clan, Li Yao did not intend to look for the Cloud Qin Gold Statues like the hustling and bustling locals of the Ancient Sages Sector.

As a specialist of the Colossi, Li Yao knew that an intact, thorough industrial system was mandatory for the use of the Colossi, which was a type of highly-precise, strategic magical equipment.

A team was needed to maintain them, fill them with energy, and equip attack magical equipment. Experienced pilots who had received professional training were required, too.

Not everybody had a weird Black Wing as the medium between the pilot and the Colossus like him.

Truth be told, not that Li Yao was looking down upon the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, but even if a few Colossi that had been fully charged with spiritual energy and all set to go were given to them, they would not even know how to make use of the weapons. The Colossi would be pure garbage!

In comparison, the bridge of the Nuwa warship was much more valuable than the Colossi.

The mainframe crystal processor of the Nuwa warship must have been accommodated on the bridge. Chances were that things such as cruise logs might be found. There might even be communication or teleportation magical equipment that was more advanced than the gizmos in the Star Glory Federation and the Imperium of True Human Beings.

Even if he looked for the Colossi later, Li Yao believed that there would be short-distance teleportation arrays on the bridge that led to the magical equipment warehouses and the maintenance workshops.

Otherwise, it would seem awfully low-efficient if everybody commuted on foot on a super warship that was over ten kilometers long.

Therefore, if he found the bridge, it would be equivalent to seizing half of the warship, and he could go anywhere that he wanted.

Most of the dead bodies of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan had exploded into dust before he arrived and lost all value for research.

However, the dents and traces caused by the blades and the cannon balls left on the wall and floor were enough to point out the route of attack of the Pangu Clan.

Passing through the high and dark pathways and cabins, and surrounded by enormous skeletons and armor more than ten meters tall, Li Yao was caught by a sense of depression, as if he was wandering inside a valley of giants.

From the darkness far, far away, Li Yao vaguely heard shrieks and fighting noises that were as feeble as the sound of mosquitoes.

The Cultivators who had boarded the Nuwa warship through other paths must have met the exploding bodies, too, and begun killing each other in their nervousness.

Li Yao glanced around and found the cause of the battles.

The armor and blades of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan were much more solid than their bodies of flesh and blood after all. Although the bodies were gone, some of the remains of their gear, however rusted, were left behind.

For the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector who worshipped ‘primeval treasures’, that gear was the magical equipment and marvelous weapons that the prehistoric deities left behind after they vaporized. Such temptations were indeed enough to drive them crazy.

Even though the Cloud Qin Gold Statues had not yet been found, the primeval treasures were already enough for them to fight a blood battle.

Li Yao sighed. He loathed most of the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, but at that moment, when thinking that they were biting each other like ravenous hyenas just for a few pieces of primeval magical equipment and that they might die in vain after training hard for decades, he felt somewhat sorry for those people.

Getting to the bottom of it, what other paths of Cultivation did they have when they were born and raised in such an environment?

Any path was a dead end when they were wreathed tightly by the dark nebula!

Li Yao had a stronger urge to dig a hole in the dark nebula so that the Ancient Sages Sector could see the brightness of the future and walk on a brand-new path!

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao dashed toward the center of the Nuwa warship along the route of the Pangu Clan’s attack.

Outside his expectation, weak beeps were suddenly echoing next to his ears. A bright silver metal ball around one metal in diameter rolled out of the dark pathway. When it reached him, dozens of green threads popped up on its surface. After a few cracking noises, the ball was dissected along the green threads, turning into a four-legged metal spider, with two three-barreled turrets above where blue electric arcs were dancing, suggesting that the weapons were good to go.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Dozens of green rays of light darted out of the corners of the pathways around, too. They interweaved into an impenetrate cage around Li Yao and locked onto him!

Li Yao bellowed. He was about to shoot out the super tiny crystal bombs, so that he would have enough time to put on his crystal suit, when all kinds of illusions appeared in front of his eyes. He had been dragged into a Grand Illusionary Land.

He seemed to envision more than ten human girls lying on a dark altar inside a gloomy, horrible temple, naked. The altar was surrounded by more than ten bizarre-looking members of the Pangu Clan, who were slowly turning the chains and lowering a black rock weighing hundreds of tons above the altar.

It appeared that they were going to press all the girls to death and fetch their flesh and blood as part of some sacrificial ritual!

Below the altar, hundreds of bald human beings, whose faces were emotionless and eyes were numb, looked at the altar without moving.

However hard the girls on the altar screamed and cried for help, they showed absolutely no response. Even their breath was not changed at all.

Li Yao seemed to be one of the hundreds of human beings kneeling on the ground.

But he was about to throw up in nausea and fury.

Although he knew that it was just an illusion, the girls, as innocent as lambs who were going to be crushed by the hideous individuals of the Pangu Clan, and their desperate cries for help still triggered intense physiobiological reactions in him. His breath, heartbeat, and secretion of epinephrine were all exploding. He could not help but stand up from the hundreds of human beings who were kneeling and clench his fists toward the priests of the Pangu Clan!

The moment that he stood up, the illusions broke, swirled, and dispersed like thousands of glass butterflies.

He was back in the depths of the dark pathway, but the rays that had locked onto him previously were gone. Even the four-legged metal spider had been compressed into a ball again and rolled back into the darkness.

What happened?

Li Yao blinked. Then, he suddenly realized that the Grand Illusionary Land just now was probably some sort of program to distinguish friends from foes.

The four-legged metal spider and the rays of light darting from the pathway were probably one of the few pieces of automatic defense magical equipment on the Nuwa warship that had persisted to that day.

Since the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan both had a lot of human beings fighting for them, a program was necessary to decide if the passers-by were allies.

The Pangu Clan regarded human beings as pure tools. They controlled human beings with the so-called ‘three fundamental laws’ and forbade them from having any feelings or self-consciousness.

When the picture of the Pangu Clan taking human beings as sacrificial offerings appeared in the Grand Illusionary Land, the human beings or ‘demi-humans’ who were bound by the ‘three fundamental laws’ would not feel anything at all.

In such a case, the automatic defense magical equipment of the Nuwa warship would certainly launch the fiercest attacks.

However, when Li Yao witnessed such a gory scene, his physiobiological parameters were changing drastically, indicating that he was in the middle of emotional turmoil. It was evident that he was a real human being who had feelings and self-consciousness, someone who could protect himself and his own kind!

Therefore, the automatic defense magical equipment on the Nuwa warship identified him as an ‘ally’ and did not attack.


Thinking quickly, Li Yao chased after the round ball that had been the four-legged metal spider earlier.

However, his target disappeared after two corners. Perhaps, it was absorbed into a warehouse through an inconspicuous teleportation array.

But Li Yao did not gain nothing. Judging from the distribution of the pathways just now and the runes on the wall, it was very likely that he had already entered the core area of the Nuwa warship!

The bridge or the captain’s office should be ahead!

The conclusion could also be proved by the dead bodies of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan scattered everywhere around.

It appeared that this was the end of the boarding battle hundreds of thousands of years ago. Although the Pangu Clan rallied tremendous soldiers to barrage the gate to the bridge, it was still not broken through.

It was great trouble for Li Yao.

Three magnificent gates were standing in front of him.

Each gate was more than ten meters tall, with a layer of vague silver brightness flowing on the surface. They were flawless and showed no sign of joints.

At a height of ten meters, five meters, and 1.5 meters, three complicated rune arrays had been carve respectively, which appeared to be for identification purposes.

Li Yao touched gently on the gate and felt that it was rather soft. There was no telling what the doors were made of.

But when he did pour his spiritual energy into them, he received absolutely no feedback, which indicated that it must be a very advanced energy-absorption material.

It was useless. Even the warriors of the Pangu Clan failed to blow up the gates to the bridge. It was even less possible for him to crack them by brute force.

Li Yao turned back and studied the rune arrays and magical equipment that were designed for identification.

Those at the lowest height must have been prepared for the human warriors on the Nuwa warship.

When Li Yao tried putting his finger on a piece of blue identification magical equipment, it suddenly split from the middle and shot out a ray of light, which soon dispersed into a 3D identification interface.

It was a super complicated identification interface.

Not only were his fingerprints, iris, and voice to be tested, he would also have to input three ever-changing dynamic passwords in only five seconds.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Li Yao was dumbfounded. He wondered if there had always been a traffic jam on the gates to the bridge with such complicated procedures to enter and exit the bridge.

On second thought, he immediately realized that they should be the security measures of the highest level when the warship was under the attack of the Pangu Clan, in which case few personnel were allowed to enter the bridge.

The normal identification procedures could not have been so complicated.

I’m in trouble now!

The three silver gates were all integral. Even the identification magical equipment did not have any gaps around them, as if they had been forged together with the gates. There was no chance for him to dismantle the devices to study them.

After searching the nearby carefully, he failed to find any of the legendary ventilation tubes through which he could crawl into the bridge.

Even if there were, they would have been shut off in the state of the highest alarm. The most fatal traps in them would have been activated!

Right when Li Yao was scratching his face, wondering what to do next, his ears suddenly shuddered.

He heard soft footsteps from a pathway far behind him.