Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 Trump Card Vs. Trump Card

The gate began to shimmer, which should be certain inert gas that filled the room in order to keep the stable performance of the magical equipment during the long-time hibernation. At first glance, a splendid new world seemed to be hidden inside the bridge.

Wang Xi hesitated for a moment in front of the new world before she bit her lip and strode in.

Hardly had she set foot in the room when the gate was closing.

Li Yao’s heartbeat was immediately beating at the highest speed from stillness. Even his ribs were aching, as if his heart was breaking them apart!

This was the only opportunity!

It concerned the control of a Nuwa warship, which could possibly take off later!

Wang Xi had been hit by Yan Liren’s attack. Her combat ability must be at the lowest point!

It was definitely worth a try, even at the risk of exposing his identity!


Li Yao lunged out of the corner as if he had stepped on ten thousand crystal bombs. Before the gate was fully close, he sprinted into the room and collided with Wang Xi’s waist directly!

Having just opened the gate to the bridge of the Nuwa warship, Wang Xi was still overwhelmed.

Out of her expectations, something ferocious was coming at her from behind, and the seven alarm rune arrays gave no warning at all!

Wang Xi’s face dropped. She immediately realized that her metamorphosis must have been witnessed by the stranger!

In her shock, she reacted much more slowly than she should have. Hardly had she turned around when Li Yao knocked her away. The two of them rolled into the bridge of the Nuwa warship, one in front and the other behind, with the gate finally fully closed behind them!

This was an enormous space that was as splendid and magnificent as a palace.

The floor was as smooth as a mirror, but a hundred giant pillars were standing. Every giant pillar was riddled with countless holes and connected together by thousands of crystal cables.

It was a certain crystal processor system of an unprecedented scale!

Despite the hibernation of hundreds of thousands of years, the crystal processor system was not entirely ruined. Instead, under the protection of the blue inert gas, they were releasing vague, glamorous colors, illuminating the bridge as if it were a natural paradise!

However, the paradise had turned into a hell of fighting!

Since Wang Xi’s greatest secret was exposed, she could not have looked more hideous. Before she came to a stop after Li Yao’s blow, she stepped on one of the giant pillars and swung back like a soft feather. Her crystal sword that had been hidden somewhere rushed out and evolved into a whip dozens of meters long, covering every part on Li Yao’s body.

The bones on Li Yao’s right arm cracked quickly, and the sharp claw, the bone spurts, and the energy-concentrating crystal all protruded out. After all, Wang Xi had already seen his apocalyptic body last time, and it would not hurt if she saw it again. In the meantime, he picked up a metal claw with his right hand and dealt with Wang Xi’s whip with dozens of molecular mica threads!

The two of them boosted their spiritual energy to the maximum.

It was a pity that the blue inert gas inside the bridge seemed to boast a weird function to absorb the spiritual energy and restrain the magnetic field, which suppressed the flames of spiritual energy burning on the two of them into faint balls of light. Most of the auras that they launched were instantly swallowed by the blue gas before they hit their target.

Realizing that, the two of them chose close-distance combat, which was crueler and more dangerous, almost simultaneous. They turned into dozens of streaks of brightness and entangled each other like vipers.


Li Yao’s shoulder was pierced through by the rushing crystal cluster. The flesh around the hole the size of fingernail was in a weird translucent, crystallization state, as if it had been contaminated by an unseen virus.


Long Yangjun’s abdomen was also ripped with three bloody wounds by Li Yao’s sharp claws. An inconspicuous attack of the Cell Obliteration Cannon almost boiled all her internal organs!


Despite the heavy wounds, the two of them did not even bother to blink their eyes. They summoned all the spiritual energy inside their bodies and had a head-on clash without any fancy tricks. Their total weight was merely several hundred kilograms, yet two monolithic mountains seemed to have crashed with the most devastating landslides. Even the stagnating blue gas was rippling out due to their collision!

Li Yao and Wang Xi both grunted and were blown backward. They both felt that their veins and nerves were broken, their internal organs were burning, and their souls were shaking hard like a lone boat on a surging ocean!

This is not going to work out!

Li Yao gritted his teeth.

His Cultivation was on par with Wang Xi’s. Although Wang Xi’s leg had been cut by Yan Liren’s sword earlier, now that she had gone on a rampage in her fury, it was not easy for Li Yao to execute her directly.

Moreover, Li Yao did not want to execute Wang Xi at all. He merely wanted to capture her alive and ask her about the backstory of everything. He was even hoping to learn the methods to control the Nuwa warship through Wang Xi!

I have no choice except to resort to my ultimate skill now!

With dangerous brightness beaming out his crimson left eye, Li Yao squinted. As the saying went, you might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. Wang Xi had been suspicious about his identity for a long time, and it was impossible for him to flawlessly explain everything. Besides, it was already extremely uncanny that he had appeared there. There was no way that he could fool a schemer of Wang Xi’s level with any excuse.

It was not Li Yao’s personality to be passively beaten, and he was not particularly fond of being suspected and interrogated while doing nothing. For the Nuwa warship and the factory of the Colossi, exposing the existence of his crystal suit was an acceptable cost!

Anyways, he should capture Wang Xi alive and take the initiative of the situation first!

Li Yao’s eyeballs were rolling crazily as he inputted the distribution data of the hundred pillars into his brain and analyzed dozens of different tactics!

When the crystal sword pierced toward his thigh again, he pretended that he had no time to dodge, and he nearly tripped himself over because of the long wound on the external side of his thigh. He leaned to the right side, but he threw dozens of super tiny crystal bombs through the Thousand Fingers Soft Bones technique toward the route of Wang Xi’s attack that he predicted!

The super tiny crystal bombs were the essence of the most advanced explosive magical equipment in the Star Glory Federation. Although they were only the size of fingernails, they were multiple times more powerful than the grenades of the Ancient Sages Sector. The bombs spurted out and exploded between Li Yao and Wang Xi, establishing a colorful wall of spiritual energy. Even if they could not wound Wang Xi, they would still be able to stop her for a second!

It was exactly the critical second that Li Yao was trying to buy himself!

“Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, implement!”

With everything progressing so far, there was no need for disguises. Li Yao tapped the center of his eyebrow with his fingers. His spiritual energy surged out together with his soundwaves. Dozens of black and red streaks of brightness darted out of his Cosmos Ring and condensed into an awe-inspiring crystal suit around his body!

My combat ability is on par with Wang Xi’s. The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which has been significantly upgraded through the technologies on Kunlun, will at least double my combat ability. When I catch her unprepared, I can definitely capture her alive!

With the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit on his body, the familiar feeling and the intense confidence filled Li Yao’s chest again. After his roar, the eighteen power rune arrays on the two sides of the spine of the crystal suit spurted out dazzling flames, pushing the crystal suit forward to tear apart the aftershock of the previous explosion and crash at Wang Xi brutally!

If everything went as Li Yao had planned, the blast this time would definitely sabotage Wang Xi’s spiritual energy circulation and briefly cast it into disorder. Then, he would be able to launch a series of dazzling follow-up attacks.

Li Yao had calculated Wang Xi’s ninety-nine possible reactions. But whatever her reaction was, she was not getting away from Li Yao.

The problem was—

What the heck?

After the aftershock of the explosion was ripped apart, Wang Xi, who was sprinting at him at full speed, had changed her appearance yet another time!

Her shoulders, arms, legs and chest were covered in a crystal suit that was an integral whole with her skin that was exposed to the air, as if it were part of her flesh and blood and triggered from her bones!

Detecting the unbelievably high spiritual waves, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit immediately sent out ear-splitting alarms.

But it was too late.

The two parties were too close to each other for Li Yao to change his route of attack. He could only grit his teeth and crash at the enemy anyway!

The only comfort for him was that, at the moment of impact, he seemed to see an equally stunned expression on Wang Xi’s face on the opposite side.


Li Yao felt that he had crashed into an iron plank that was fully embedded with nails.

He even lost his consciousness for a brief second, during which time he could see nothing but a bunch of mottled butterflies flying in front of his eyes.

When his soul was condensed again, he immediately heard the cries of the mainframe crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which was reporting the plummeting performance parameters of the key units.

“Cough, cough. Cough, cough, cough, cough!”

Li Yao swallowed the blood and shook his head. He grabbed the handle of his saber with one hand and pressed the ground with the other, ready to launch a few hundred Six-Barreled Vulcan Machine Guns and crystal bombs to bombard the enemy.

A hundred meters away from him, Wang Xi was also shaking in dizziness as if she were drunk. She tried three times to stand on her feet but failed. She could only breathe quickly on one of her knees while staring at Li Yao with half astonishment and half confusion.

The unimaginably gorgeous crystal suit was still growing on her body. Four octagonal, shiny crystals were rotating around her like satellites. Although they were much more lackluster than before, they should be more than enough for her self-protection.

The situation was indescribably awkward.

Li Yao had thought that, as soon as he summoned his crystal suit to double his combat ability, he would capture Wang Xi without any trouble. Then, it would totally be up to him how he would deal with the captive.

But outside his expectations, Wang Xi had exactly the same idea, and she had been hiding such a critical trump card!

The scales were balanced once more, with neither of them able to defeat the other, and the only outcome of continuing the fight would be that they were both suffer great losses!