Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477 The Way To Break The Impasse

What should he do?

There was a brand-new Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit inside Li Yao Cosmos Ring and an Ares Extension that could bring the damage to the maximum instantly.

It was his last trump card.

But how could he be sure that Wang Xi did not have other trump cards?

When he was hesitating, Wang Xi laughed coldly and said, “It is indeed you, Master Spiritual Vulture, or should I call you… Hehe, anyway, your scheme has been seen through. This trap was specially prepared for you. Just wait for my subordinates of the Ghost Character to come!”

Li Yao was suddenly alarmed, wondering if his identity had been fully exposed. However, half a second later, he realized that Wang Xi was bluffing!

“Ghost Character? Would you dare let anyone in the Ghost Character see your creepy appearance right now?” Li Yao burst into laughter. “Surrender now. Your struggle will be in vain. We’ve had our eyes on you since long ago! You gave yourself away after hiding for almost a hundred years! You have your Ghost Character, but I have my reinforcements, too. Let’s just see whose backup comes here first!”

Wang Xi was dazed and sneered. “Are you trying to fool me with such a petty trick?”

Li Yao laughed in contempt, too. “As if you weren’t bullsh*ting. Do you really know who I am?”

The two of them glared at each other with a hundred meters in between and rested in silence for three minutes. Naturally, neither Ghost Character nor Li Yao’s reinforcements arrived.

The atmosphere became increasingly weird. Neither knew how they should break the impasse.

“It appears that you have come here alone without any conspirators,” Wang Xi suddenly said.

“Are you any different? You apparently didn’t want anyone to discover your secrets and plans!” Li Yao snapped back.

“The fully-enclosed armor on your body is quite advanced.” Wang Xi continued. “A lot of super tiny gadgets seem to have been embedded into it. It looks like neither the traditional armor of the Cultivators nor the primeval treasures. It is even less likely to be a product of the legendary ‘Great Zhou Dynasty’. It seems that my guess is correct. You are indeed not ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’!”

“It’s true that I’m not Master Spiritual Vulture, but if you are just a common eunuch, how can you secrete such a weird crystal suit from your body and enter the bridge after passing the identification of the highest level?” Li Yao’s eyes narrowed until they were like two thin sabers. “You are as much not ‘Lead Eunuch Wang Xi’ as I am not ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’!”

Wang Xi, however, was slightly dazed. Two clusters of brilliance burst out of her eyes as she mumbled, “Is this place called a ‘bridge’? You do seem to know a lot of stuff.”

Li Yao was confused. “What? You didn’t know what a ‘bridge’ is?”

“Am I supposed to know?” Wang Xi frowned.

“Well…” Li Yao was even more confused.

Wang Xi rolled her almost transparent eyes, but her killing intent, which had been blossoming like thorns just a moment ago, gradually faded back below her skin. Taking a long breath, she casually said, “Therefore, we are both alone without any support, and we both have secrets that we would rather nobody knew. Yet, as it happens, we have learned each other’s secrets.”

“Seems so,” Li Yao said. “I am not Master Spiritual Vulture, and you are not Lead Eunuch Wang Xi. We have both appeared at this place uncannily when there is absolutely no reason for us to have. Also, you can’t kill me, and I can’t kill you. How do you propose we should handle such an awkward situation?”

Wang Xi’s scanned the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit with her gloomy eyes, as if she were evaluating her odds of success if she suddenly charged forward. A moment later, she smiled bitterly. “You’re right. Neither of us can kill the other when we are both on high alert!”

Gazing at his opponent and without letting go of the tiniest movement all over Wang Xi’s body, Li Yao added, “While we are talking here, a large batch of uncontrollable Cultivators are wandering on this Nuwa warship.

“They are more saboteurs than helpers. I’m sure that neither of us want to see them mess around and damage the key parts of the warship, right?”

“Nuwa warship?” Wang Xi blinked and said, “So, the real name of the ‘Divine Palace’ is the Nuwa warship?”

“Huh?” Li Yao was utterly dumbfounded. “You can enter the bridge by swiping your face, and you don’t know that this is a warship of the Nuwa Clan?”

There was another moment of awkward silence.

Breaking the silence, Wang Xi said, one word after another, “If this is some sort of trap, and you have been acting the whole time, then I’ve got to say that your acting skills are so unbelievably incredible that I feel that I’m going to be fooled.”

“I was going to say the same.” Li Yao gnashed his teeth. “If you’ve been acting the whole time while preparing a flawless trap to bait me into confessing my secrets, then your acting skills are certainly the best that I’ve seen in my entire life. I’ll admit my failure even if I’m fooled by you!”

“Let me make a bold assumption.” Wang Xi gradually recovered from her bewilderment. Her voice was calmer and calmer than before. “You must have a clandestine plan after sneaking into this place under the identity of ‘Master Spiritual Vulture’. Naturally, in your eyes, I have a mysterious plan, too!

“We have both learned part of each other’s secrets, and at first glance, it is obligatory that we fight each other until one of us lives!

“However, allow me to reiterate what I said in our last encounter. Our plans that are equally scared of the sunlight might not necessarily be in conflict, especially when it is obvious that we both know a lot of things that the other guy doesn’t but are quite interested in. There may still be chances of cooperation.

“After all, we are now in a secret chamber. While we are watching over each other, it is impossible for either of us to run away. The people outside are unlikely to break in!

“If we have to kill each other, should we at least exchange our intelligence first and get everything straight before we start fighting? That way, we will at least know what we die for!”

Li Yao tilted his head for a long while. “How do I know that you will not be lying to me?”

“Of course, we may be lying to each other,” Wang Xi said unhurriedly. “However, a lot of critical information can also be analyzed and retrieved from lies. It is certainly better than dying with each other for no good reason, isn’t it?”

“Sounds reasonable.” After considering for a moment, Li Yao nodded quickly. “For the sake of fairness, I propose we ask each other questions in turn. If a question is too sensitive, we are allowed to refuse to answer it and demand another question. What do you think?”

“Very good.” Wang Xi’s eyes were glittering. “As a gesture of our sincerity, should we remove our armor?”

She was not a particularly beautiful woman in the beginning, but when the plain face was adorned by the glittering eyes that were as shiny as diamonds, her entire body was enshrouded in an elegant, ethereal vibe. When she spoke that sentence, there was inviolable intimidation in her voice!

“We should.” Li Yao nodded. Removing his Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit meant that he was almost exposed to the mysterious Wang Xi naked. Naturally, he was under a lot of pressure.

However, nothing was going to work out if the impasse went on. Also, he was very curious to watch how exactly Wang Xi would remove her weird crystal suit!

Li Yao tapped the center of his eyebrow with two fingers. The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit dissected into streaks of brightness and flew back to the Cosmos Rings.

The crystals all over Wang Xi’s body, however, spread out rings of ivory halos as they gradually softened. Then, like some sort of thick fluids, they were absorbed into her body through the skin.

It made Li Yao more certain about his judgement. The crystal suit was not a piece of magical equipment but part of Wang Xi’s body, just like the scales, bone spurs, and energy-concentrating crystal that Li Yao had after activating the primeval cells, except that it was much more weird and advanced than Li Yao’s additional features!

Li Yao had been in touch with all kinds of bizarre demons when he was in the Blood Demon Sector, including some weird mutants among the chaotic-blood demons. However, he had never seen or heard of any existences that could secrete a highly-advanced armor from inside the body or transform their sex freely!

Thinking quickly, Li Yao said, “Since I was the one who ambushed just now, you may ask first… Lord Wang!”

Wang Xi was right. Lies had to be founded on the pieces of truth. The facts that his opponents were trying their best to hide were very likely to be concealed in the questions that they raised.

Therefore, the askers might not be at an advantage, and the answerers might not necessarily suffer losses.

“Alright!” Wang Xi seemed even more earnest than Li Yao. She asked in a hurry, “You said just now that this place is a ‘Nuwa warship’. What is it exactly?”

Li Yao found it queer. “Lord Wang, you know the passwords of this place, you passed all the procedures of identification, and you were the one who found the map of the Divine Palace and initialized the quest for the Divine Palace. Why do you not even know what kind of place this is?”

Wang Xi sniffed. “I’m the one asking questions now.”

Li Yao was deep in thought. He had nothing to hide about that question. If Wang Xi was a spy of the Imperium of True Human Beings or some other mysterious forces, there was no reason at all why he did not even know the Nuwa warship!

The primeval war between the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan was not a secret in either the Imperium of True Human Beings or the Alliance of the Holy Covenant. The files regarding the war in their possession would only be much more than what the Star Glory Federation knew.

Therefore, if Wang Xi did not raise the question intentionally to ease Li Yao’s wariness, it would suggest that she knew absolutely nothing.

“The Nuwa warship is a starship of the ‘Nuwa Clan’, a prehistoric civilization. Judging from the facilities and structure of this warship, it probably falls into the category of medium-sized assault warship, which is mainly used in the battles in the orbit of planets but can also carry out the assault missions within the atmosphere!

“This warship must’ve crashed somewhere between a hundred thousand years ago to five hundred thousand years ago, probably because of the serious damage that the Pangu Clan caused to the engine compartment. But the rest of the cabins, especially the bridge and the mainframe crystal processor, are still well-preserved. A lot of valuable stuff should be able to be uncovered!”