Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485 Crystal Cameras Activated

Looking at the rune arrays on the crystal pillars, Long Yangjun’s eyes turned particularly deep and dark.

The runes that were glittering raised blue stars inside her eyes, which gradually connected into tiny threads.

The threads were bouncing like the strings of a piano while Long Yangjun was cast into a dizzy, half-asleep state.

As if guided by a certain strange force, she was enchanting spells that Li Yao could not comprehend at all and sounded like the dozens of overlapping syllables. The spells were spreading out like ripples.

Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum!

As Long Yangjun’s speed grew higher and higher, the entire bridge was echoing in feeble but clear spiritual waves like a forest that had just been awakened.

An amazing thing happened!

The pillar in front of Long Yangjun turned into what seemed to be a real tree. Flames of spiritual energy were flowing out of the gaps on the spiritual stripes before they condensed into synapses that looked like the branches of the tree.

Countless translucent synapses of spiritual energy were spreading out, like a tall tree that was expanding and growing more branches. It was flourishing at a visible speed!

Several synapses, like the hands of a human being, slowly rolled to the side of Long Yangjun’s head. Two light balls that looked like buds slowly blossomed at the ends of the synapses. Hundreds of extremely thin threads of light grew out of the pistil and pierced into Long Yangjun’s temples softly!

Inside Long Yangjun’s eyes, the blue threads were immediately entangled by hundreds of golden, shining threads of light!

The blue threads and the golden threads contacted, interweaved, and collided, unleashing brilliant sparks!

Li Yao observed from nearby. He could not help but feel awed by the techniques of the Nuwa Clan!

No wonder the bridge was designed in a vastly different way from those on the warships of human beings.

It was because the Nuwa warship actually served the joint combat force made of multiple species whose body sizes could vary significantly. Some of them, like the members of the Nuwa Clan, were eight to ten meters tall, with human heads and serpent bodies. Some of them ranged from 1.6 meters to two meters tall, like human beings. Some other special species might have even more extreme heights. The tallest of them could be dozens of meters tall, and the shortest of them could only be half a meter.

If the control interface was designed for the convenience of only one species, it would be quite awkward when other species were trying to control the warship!

Through the hundred crystal pillars, the spiritual energy was transformed into the threads of light that transmitted the information between the mainframe crystal processor and the brain of the user. Such a problem could thus be resolved.

Li Yao thought of something. Did such a control pattern on the warship suggest that other species on the Nuwa Clan’s side also played an important role and that the Nuwa Clan treated the vassal species in a relatively equal way?

Glamorous colors were beaming out of Long Yangjun’s eyes.

She was engaged in a profound thought exchange with the ‘tree of light’ to issue instructions.

Suddenly, her eyeballs turned into almost ivory, like two powerful light bulbs, from which hundreds of electric arcs were unleashed!

As her eyes were dazzling, the tree of light before her also emanated thousands of electric arcs that spread to the rest of the crystal pillars nearby, triggering a chain reaction immediately. The twenty or so crystal pillars nearby were immediately awakened. Countless branches were extending out, and every branch was teeming with clusters of light-like buds. A lot of light clusters were blossoming slowly, revealing the pistil that was shivering slightly in the middle!

Li Yao felt that he was at the bottom of an ocean of light.

The twenty or so crystal pillars around seemed to have turned into the glittering, colorful seaweed and actinia.

The light clusters that were gradually expanding were spreading threads of light into the distance. They looked like some sort of glowing jellyfish.

Li Yao estimated that every flower of light represented an operation post on the Nuwa warship. As long as one connected their brain to the threads of light, they would be able to operate with their telepathic thoughts.

“I am feeling… very strange.” Long Yangjun was seemingly both mumbling and moaning. She appeared to be sighing in great comfort. “I feel that I have melded with the warship. The warship is my body. I don’t need to know the specific ways of control, nor do I need to activate any menu. Just like I can control my breath, heartbeat, and nerves, I can also manipulate it easily—Ouch!”

Her eyes suddenly shivered, and she put on a miserable expression.

“The warship is seriously damaged. Most of the cabins have problems. I feel that my bones have all been broken and my guts have been scorched, although my skin still looks intact!”

Long Yangjun gritted her teeth. “Of all the… 188 glittering pillars, only twenty-four of them are still usable at this point. Only ten to twenty percent of the computational and control abilities of the warship can be restored!

“It hurts. It hurts a lot!

“Hu—Hu—I’ll try to activate the warship with extreme spiritual energy and see if I can switch it from the ‘hibernation state’ to some sort of ‘self-recovery state’!”

She bit her lip so hard that her teeth were deeply embedded into it. Her eyeballs trembled at a high speed. Even her plump body was slightly shivering.

“Wait!” Li Yao’s heart suddenly raced. He shouted to interject.

Long Yangjun managed to free herself from the uncanny state where she and the warship were melded. She stopped her movement and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t do that!” Li Yao thought of something critical. Cold sweat was pouring from his temples as he said, “In case you have forgotten, something terrible happened a hundred years ago here, which caused you to be launched out of the Nuwa warship and a mysterious signal to be sent to my world!

“Whoever, or whatever, did that thing, it is very possible that they are still lingering on the Nuwa warship, or they may be monitoring the status of the Nuwa warship in secret through one way or another!

“We have only just entered the bridge and awakened part of the pillar-shaped crystal processors. There shouldn’t be much influence on the warship itself yet. Even if there is some, it must’ve been eclipsed by the chaotic battles of the thousands of middle-level and high-level Cultivators outside!

“However, if you completely activate the Nuwa warship and somebody is indeed lurking in the darkness, they will certainly notice the anomaly on the bridge!”

Long Yangjun was dazed for a moment. Cold sweat was popping up on her face, too. “Very reasonable. Existences that are more terrifying than ‘Emperor Phoenix’ Zhu Zongyou could be hiding on the Nuwa warship. If we act recklessly, we will essentially be feeding ourselves to them!”

“Even if we are just fretting and there isn’t such a force,” Li Yao said, “if the thousands of Cultivators outside notice the weird behavior of the warship and trace it back to this place, we don’t know if the gates that have been inactive for hundreds of thousands of years can really stop all of them!

“After all, there are dozens of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and hundreds of Core Formation Stage Cultivators outside! If they all go on a rampage, even the solidest warship could be torn apart!

“Even if they can’t tear it apart, they can still guard the gates instead of going anywhere. It’s not like we can hide inside the bridge for the rest of our lives, right?

“Therefore, before we completely figure out the situation outside and get everything under control, let’s not make any random attempts. After all, nobody knows how severely the warship has been wrecked or the consequences of the instructions that you sent out!”

“It’s very prudent of you,” Long Yangjun said solemnly. “Then, what should we do? Just sit here and wait?”

Li Yao took a few deep breaths and rubbed his temples with his thumb and his middle finger. After pondering for a moment, he said, “How about this? I don’t know whether or not the Nuwa warship boasts such techniques, but theoretically speaking, there should be. You can have a try first.

“Firstly, try and see if you can activate all the internal surveillance systems on the warship with the pillar-shaped crystal processors in the hibernation state so that we will know what is going on in the cabins through the cameras deployed everywhere on the warship!

“Secondly, check if there are any teleportation arrays directly leading to the central cabins and if they are still functional after sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years.

“The two techniques are the fundamental functions on every super large starship. There’s no reason that the Nuwa Clan’s warships would not be installed with them when their technology is apparently so developed!”

Long Yangjun pondered for a moment and nodded heavily. “Fair enough. After the two techniques are activated, we will have countless ‘eyes’ that are distributed in every corner on the warship and grow a pair of wings that allow us to go to every part of the warship!”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The branches of light and flames on the ten or so crystal pillars nearby were interweaving with each other. Quite a few flowers blossomed, delivering the pistil of light to Long Yangjun’s hands and entangling her fingers.

Long Yangjun’s fingers grew ever faster, as if she was playing a musical instrument, until they became a cluster of hazy mist!

Her breathing became more and more rapid, and her breasts were shivering. Even the sweat leaking out of her skin was translucent, like glittering pearls.

“Found them!”

Long Yangjun’s voice sounded as if it came from a deeper world far, far away. She suddenly clenched countless threads of light in her hands before she threw them away. Her telepathic thoughts were transmitted to twenty-four crystal pillars through almost a hundred light threads like ripples.

The glow from the pillar-shaped crystal processors waxed and waned, as if they were running intensive computations. The spiritual waves in the air were growing more and more intense. A moment later, almost a hundred branches of spiritual energy dangled down from midair, with a shivering cluster that was blossoming like a flower at the end. They then turned into almost a hundred 3D light beams!

Ivory flames were bouncing on the light beams first, but they gradually turned clear and manifested the surveillance footage on the Nuwa warship both inside and outside in hundreds of different scenes.

“You’re not wrong. Surveillance cameras are indeed scattered everywhere on the warship. Also, their activation clearance is very high. They can be turned on even if the warship is in the hibernation state!” Long Yangjun exclaimed in a low voice. “It’s a pity that most of the surveillance cameras have been damaged or require a lot of computational ability from the glowing pillars to be activated. The pictures right now are the only things that we can see!”