Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Young Man, I Have High Hopes For You!




The two felt as though tens of thousands of iron scaled horses were galloping in their minds. Boom Boom Boom Boom! A thunderstorm was surging in the depths of their mindthey had completely lost the ability to think!

Both were experts who had been in the refiners' circle for a couple of decades. Yuan Manqiu, even more so, used to be a student of the Deep Sea University's Refining Department and had received the most rigorous and orthodox academic training, so what kind of strange things had they not seen? What kind of monstrous geniuses had they not encountered?

However, when it came to a freak like Li Yao, let alone seeing one, the two have never even heard of one!

Even more so, his lightning fast assembling speed, as well as the fact that he had drawn a complete blueprint from scratch just by relying on disassembled components while simultaneously deducing the assembling procedures and developing a few modifying plans...

In the opinion of these two veteran refiners, just the "safest" modifying plan was already radical to the extreme.

And the so called "radical" set, in their opinion, was simply... perverse!

The 1st Gen Tai'e furnace was an antique equipment from a century ago, while the crafting furnaces at the Grand Desolation War Institution's Refining Department were rather advanced and new, thus the performance of their various components was extremely good.

Using such resilient components to modify the 1st Gen Tai'e furnace was like asking a couple dozen Nascent Soul Stage old devils to control a magical equipment which was specially designed for arming a Refinement Stage cultivator. How difficult it was to implement such ideas was just one of the thing; the main point wasthe concept.

Besides an extremely insane madman, no one would even think of doing such a thing!

And not only had Li Yao thought about it, he had even done it. Furthermore, everything was nice and authentic, and looking at those modified blueprints and spiritual energy flow charts drawn by him, at least 95% of the structure had no problems and could work flawlessly!

"Is this kid really a freshman thats not even 20 years old?"

Yuan Manqiu and Jiang Wenbo glanced at each other and found that both their eyes were madly flickering like frightening billows and terrifying waves.

Yuan Manqiu took a long, long, long, long, deep breath and was doing her utmost to control her ugly and grim-looking face as she said while pointing at the spiritual energy flow chart:

"Your idea is very creative; however, according to this flow chart, your heater and cooler are too close. The water type spiritual energy and fire type spiritual energy surging out from the respective units will be amplified via the same spiritual energy amplifier, due to which the alternating hot and cold will lead to thermal expansion and contraction. Will it not lead to structural deformation!?"

"Probably not."

Li Yao was completely oblivious to the astonishing changes that had taken place on the two professors' visage, as his mind was completely preoccupied with the modification of the crafting furnace as he said whatever came to mind: "The thermal expansion and contraction has been a big problem for many refiners throughout the ages. Many magical equipment, in the process of starting up, have to go through sudden heating and cooling. Once the thermal expansion and contraction sets in, the deformation of components is a matter of time and may lead to dissipation of spiritual energy, resulting in unnecessary waste, or in the worst case, leading to a spiritual energy tide, which would eventually lead to an explosion."

"Specialized magical equipment like the main body of crafting furnace, which had been crafted using special material and undergone tempering again and again, remain unaffected by extremely varying temperature."

"However, as early as the ancient cultivation world of forty millenniums ago, the head of Blue Dawn Clan's Western Mountain Hall, Elder Xihua, proposed a Fire and Water Sub-Source Array Glyph which could perfectly resolve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction."

"But at that time, as the various spiritual energy models and algorithms were extremely backward, the Fire and Water Sub-Source only remained at the theoretical stage."

"It was only during the modern cultivation world when various spiritual energy models and algorithms emerged in an endless stream was it possible to construct a Fire and Water Sub-Source Array Glyph using the Micro-Particle Algorithm proposed by the 7th generation leader of the Sky Stone Valley, Senior Daoist Xuanzhen, in his work from 322 years ago."

"Of course, I am just a beginner freshman, so how can I thoroughly understand a high-level algorithm like the Micro-Particle Algorithm, which requires a tremendous amount of computational ability?"

"I had no choice but to use the Mustard Seed Algorithm proposed by Daoist Miaomiao in his thesis 155 years ago as well as the Solar Corona Nine Algorithms proposed by Reverend Yufeng in his paper 22 years ago to make up for the parts of Micro-Particle Algorithm which I could not understand. Doing such, I was barely able to construct the Fire and Water Sub-Source Array Glyphs."

"Could the three algorithms be incompatible, leading to instability in the array glyphs constructed by me? Yes, this must be the problem!"

While Li Yao kept on talking, his eyes immediately flickered with an intelligent gleam as he heavily slapped his forehead and launched the telepathic thoughts calculator of the crystal processor. With the move of his thoughts at a lightning fast speed, a series of dazzling formulas appeared on the hologram, which rapidly expanded at an alarming rate.

Yuan Manqiu and Jiang Wenbo took a glance at each other before Jiang Wenbo spoke in a hushed tone, "Big Sis, let's go!"

Yuan Manqiu nodded and left the warehouse on her tiptoes.

Jiang Wenbo heaved a long sigh of relief. He was stunned for a long while before a bitter smile appeared on his lips as he said:

"Big Sis, what in the bloody hell is ? How come I have never heard of it?"

Jiang Wenbo, a refiner who had to do various tasks in the sect, paid more emphasis on actual practice. It was simply impossible for him to thoroughly understand all the theories in the cultivation world.

Yuan Manqiu was still in a bit of trance:

" is a conjecture proposed by Reverend Yufeng. He believed that the sunspots eruption is a kind of particularly intense spiritual energy tide explosion that can be analyzed using the spiritual tide explosion model. Using the powerful spiritual energy that erupted from the sunspot eruption, he believed it was possible to use it to cultivate."

"Solar Corona Nine Algorithms are the nine algorithms which he used to analyze the sunspot eruptions."

"However, the theory was not widely acknowledged in the world of cultivation and remained only as a hypothesis. It's a very unconventional theory, but even I have only taken a cursory glance or two and had not done any in-depth study at all."

Jiang Wenbo drew in a lump of cold air: "If its an unconventional hypothesis, then how come that brat has seen it?"

"Its more than that!"

Yuan Manqiu desolately said, "I do know a little of the few modern algorithms he talked about, but I have never heard of the Blue Dawn Clan's Elder Xihua from forty millenniums ago. Not to mention coming in contact with his theories, I have never even heard of any Fire and Water Sub-Source Array Glyph!"

Jiang Wenbo was dumbfounded: "Even you don't know?"

Yuan Manqiu thoughtfully nodded her head: "Yes, although the modifying plans proposed by him were inadequate in many places, rash, ingenuous, and based on assumptions at many steps, a typical example of ignorance is bliss, but..."

"What's important is the approach!"

"God knows where that little devil saw so many theoretical classics, ancient, modern, grassroots, elites, and what notsome of which even I am not aware of."

"I only know that his refining ideas are absolutely broad, so broad that it could be called perverse!"

"This is one monstrous genius. If he is not trained well and if we let him take his own course, it is very likely that all he would do would be submerging himself in the fantastic peaks of his ideas, turning into nothing but a rhetoric theorist."

"However, as long as he assiduously dives into studies and thoroughly comprehends the quintessence of refining, if these perverse ideas could be turned into a reality..."

Yuan Manqiu did not continue and just gazed far away into the depths of the rubble.

At the center of the ruins, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit stood like an undead god of war, concealing its talons and fangs, retracting its wings, waiting for the day when it would soar into the sky and give rise to wind and thunder that would sweep the entire cultivation world!

Old Mo, can you see? This is the freshman of our Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department! With such a student, the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department will definitely rise!

Yuan Manqiu secretly said in her mind.

"Now, what should we do..." asked Jiang Wenbo.

Yuan Manqiu smiled: "Of course, we should quickly study the theory proposed by Elder Xihua, and there is also . Otherwise, we will not be able to answer any questions, and if a teacher is not as good as his student, wouldn't that be embarrassing?"

"Right, right, let's quickly study!"

After an hour, when the two returned to the warehouse in high spirits, Li Yao had already jam-packed more than 20 holograms with ant-like characters.


When he noticed the two's arrival, Li Yao was excited to the extreme. He sprang up on his feet and said with heartfelt admiration, "Teacher, you are really awesome! I have painstakingly pondered for such a long time but never found the problem; however, with just one sentence, teacher had actually pointed it out."


Yuan Manqiu and Jiang Wenbo stared at each other.

Li Yao said in an excited tone, "After you have left, I once again verified the three algorithms and found that the Mustard Seed Algorithm has limited applications. For sure, the Mustard Seed Algorithm can be applied at the micro level without a hitch, but if applied on the macro level, it is necessary to add very complex correctional parameters. Otherwise, it would lead to an extremely small error. Although this error in itself wouldnt pose any problems, but after it is amplified by the Micro-Particle Algorithm, it would have serious repercussions!"

"I have repeatedly deduced several times but could not find the best solution, so I had to give up on the idea of using the Fire and Water Sub-Source and could only place the heater and cooler farther apart!"

"I only came to such conclusion after such a long time, but teacher, you had found the problem with only one glance. Brilliant, teacher, you are really brilliant!"

"However, as the two units are so far apart now, they have to rely on crystal cables to transmit spiritual energy, so it is a bit slow!"

"Professors, as you already know, during the refining of numerous heaven and earth treasure, it is necessary to drop the furnace temperature from high temperatures like 2,000-3,000 degrees to subzero temperatures within the blink of an eye in order to intentionally create the effect of thermal expansion and contraction. Only in such a way could we produce changes in the internal structure of heaven and earth materials!"

"The shorter the duration of temperature change, the more resilient the refined product would be!"

"I pondered for a long time when I suddenly recalled that Elder Fangmu from the Profound Sect of forty millenniums ago had once mentioned an ideal array glyph for controlling the temperature in an alchemical furnace in his alchemy notes !"

"Although this kind of ideal state of array glyphs is unable to be achieved in the ancient era, it could be achieved in the modern era where there are multitudes of algorithms available. We can use the Heaven and Hell Algorithm proposed by Daoist Wu of Celestial Premier Sect 188 years ago in , as well as the No Heart No Limit Algorithm proposed by Master Wuxin 92 years ago in to forcibly construct it!"

"Of course, to forcibly construct this kind of ideal array glyph, we would need to utilize a tremendous amount of computational power, which is something that cannot be constructed by just relying on ones brain. However, don't we have a high-performance, large-scale crystal processor? With the crystal processor calculating for three days and three nights, we will definitely be able to create the perfect array glyphs for controlling the furnace temperature. Hei hei hei hei. By then, the strongest 1st Gen Tai'e crafting furnace of the cultivation world will be born!"

"Professors, please take a look. All the deduction processes are here. Can you check whether I have made any low-level errors this time?"

Li Yao was overwhelmed with anxiety. Blinking his eyes, he glanced at the two veteran refiners with an anticipatory look.

Yuan Manqiu, while keeping a poker face, turned her sleek, fat face towards Jiang Wenbo.

Jiang Wenbo, in a calm and collected manner, carefully looked for a long time as he repeatedly nodded: "Very good, very good, your deduced... structure is well-defined, well-arranged, and the data is full and accurate, concise and clear. It is very beautiful. Each level is pushing another level forward like spilled mercury, giving a hearty and satisfactory feeling. As something proposed by a freshman, it is already perfect; however, there are several places which we can discuss. For example..."

He suddenly turned around and made an "Oh" to someone as an apologetic look appeared on his face: "Sorry, Student Li Yao, there is a sudden emergency meeting. We will talk about it again next time! Young man, you are very good, very promising, I have high hopes for you! Professor Yuan is a well-known expert in the refining field. If you study hard under her guidance, you will absolutely have a promising future!"


The hologram went black. Jiang Wenbo disconnected and ran away.

Li Yao was surprised for a moment before he turned his fervent gaze towards Yuan Manqiu.