Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493 The Black Skeleton Awakens

“You are asking to be killed. Since you are suspicious of my announcement, you might as well be taught a good lesson about the awesomeness of the deities’ attacks!”

Emperor Phoenix burst into laughter, and the helmet was folded into a sharp bird head again. He pulled the trigger brutally!

The more than ten crystal suits had all been switched to the heavy firepower form. The bullets and the arced light were sweeping across the entire room like a storm!

The surveillance light beams were immediately occupied by the colorful brilliance, as if a hundred volcanoes were erupting inside the warehouse of the Colossi at the same time, with the scorching magma flowing everywhere!

The powerful magical equipment of the modern Cultivation civilization from the Imperium of True Human Beings was not something that the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector could imagine or resist.

When the storm bolters began talking, some of the ignorant Cultivators did not even know what was going on.

It was not until the whips of light slapped the weaker Cultivators among them in half, and smoke popped up from the fractures that were as smooth as mirrors, that the rest of the Cultivators were grasped by utter horror!

“Not good!”

“Get out of the way!”

“What—what magical equipment is this? Why is it so quiet and powerful?”

The hundred locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, suppressed by the crazy firepower of more than ten crystal suits, were fleeing in a flurry and hiding behind the Colossi as covers.

The more sluggish ones among them were often ripped into shreds by the crossfire of the storm bolters and the honeycomb-based tiny flying swords.

The armor and magical equipment that they had refined themselves boasted absolutely no defense. They were as vulnerable as if they were made of paper.

Only some of the primeval treasures that they had picked up from the ancient battlefield were capable of resisting the roars of the storm bolters, the crystal cannons, and the other modern weapons!

The insignificant counterattacks launched by the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, on the other hand, were all blocked by the enemy’s crystal suits. Except for the feeble ripples of light that they raised on the surface of the crystal suits, there was no deeper effect!

Both Qi Zhongdao, Ba Xiaoyu, Yan Liren, and Master Bitter Cicada’s side and Han Baling, Qi Changsheng, and Wan Mingzhu’s side were caught unprepared. They did not expect that the enemy’s quirky armor would be so powerful!

‘Mother White Lotus’ Wan Mingzhu had only just dashed into the air when two imperial guards lunged at her and blocked her way with a saber of light that they triggered from their armor’s arms!

Wan Mingzhu sniffed and opened her twisted mouth, spurting out a gray tornado that seemed to be made of mosquitoes.

But the gray tornado was burnt up by the fire of spiritual energy the moment that it reached the target’s body.

From deep inside the breastplate of the two imperial guards, a few sharp, high-pitched soundwaves were unleashed. They attacked together and pushed Wan Mingzhu’s soul out of the puppet!

Dozens of whips of light immediately slapped toward Wan Mingzhu’s real body from all directions.

Wan Mingzhu shrieked and retreated in a hurry.

However, the few gold zombies that had always been with her and almost refined into clones were minced into pieces by the whips before they had a chance to counterattack!

Mother White Lotus’s face was gloomy. She was shaking so violently that white smoke was popping up above her head, forming shivering lotus flowers, as if mushrooms were growing on her head.

Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling looked at each other. The leaders of the two sides finally came to understand how sordid Emperor Phoenix was and how terrifying the forces behind him were!

Qi Zhongdao did not hesitate anymore. He roared toward the high-level Cultivators of the six major sects behind him that were at a loss. “What are you waiting for? Do you really think that the emperor will let you go? The emperor will only dismember the six major sects and reward his new subordinates who serve him well!”

The three saints, three rapscallions, and Master Bitter Cicada—seven super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators that represented the peak of the Ancient Sages Sector—suddenly dispersed and attacked Emperor Phoenix’s imperial guards from all directions!

Under their lead, the high-level Cultivators of the six major sects also recalled their contradiction with Emperor Phoenix in the past. Some of them had even communicated with the Dark Cloud Prairies in the past in secret, and Han Baling apparently had evidence of their betrayal. So, their outcome would not be too good either way. They simply followed the seven experts and charged at the imperial guards!

Although the imperial guards were equipped with crystal suits, their own Cultivation did not seem to be too high, at least no higher than the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage. Also, they were not perfectly adept at the usage of their crystal suits.

Moreover, there were less than twenty of them after all, and they had almost a hundred high-level Cultivators opposing them, including the seven super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators such as Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling!

The defense line of crystal suits of the Imperium of True Human Beings immediately shook while the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector attacked without caring about the casualties.

Ba Xiaoyu the Beggar, ‘Heaven Battering King’ Qi Changsheng, and the rest of them were merely hovering around the imperial guards without having a head-on clash with them. They were trying to bypass the defense line from the sides and directly pick out the guy who had crawled into the black-skeleton-like Colossus.

For the Cultivators at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, when they were moving at the highest speed, it was difficult for even the crystal suits to lock onto their unpredictable traces like smoke and mist.

In order to stall them, Emperor Phoenix had to spare another few imperial guards. The defense line in front was even weaker than before!

Finally, the abdomen of a crystal suit from the Imperium released clusters of mottled sparks. With the ear-splitting sound of metal being twisted, its movement gradually slowed down.

A critical unit on the crystal suit must have been hit, resulting in its performance parameters plummeting!

Although it had not retreated from the battlefield yet, the scene significantly boosted the morale of all the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, who had realized, to their amazement, that the weird armors were not invincible and that they could also be broken and torn apart!

For a moment, the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector attacked more fiercely than ever, while Emperor Phoenix and his imperial guards could barely hold their position.

However, their aim was not to completely block or to annihilate the hundred high-level Cultivators on the opposing side but to stall them for as long as possible!


When Emperor Phoenix’s defense line was about to collapse completely, an ear-splitting explosion of spiritual energy echoed behind him, which seemed to pour a bucket of cold water upon the heated battlefield!

“Not good. The Cloud Qin Gold Statue has been activated!”

Han Baling, Qi Zhongdao, and all the other high-level Cultivators on the two sides gasped.

“Hahahaha. The deity has succeeded. The deity has succeeded!” Emperor Phoenix was overjoyed. He was laughing so crazily that it almost sounded like he was crying beneath the cold mask!

All the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector were gazing at the black-skeleton-like Colossus that was resting on top of the black iron throne at the end of the temple.

Weird ripples of spiritual energy spread out nonstop from the spiritual residence at the chest, as if a translucent light ball was expanding, exploding, and blossoming!

The waves spread into the air and obliterated the impurities floating in the air into pure nothingness, transforming them from materials into energy. The sound that they made was like the heartbeat of the Colossus that had been sealed for hundreds of thousands of years!

Countless crystal clusters that were entangled on the long, slender limbs were also glimmering in dark red, as if ‘blood’ was truly flowing inside the body. The speed of the flow was becoming higher and higher, transmitting the redness to the key parts on the body!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The thick tubes that were connected to the Colossus from the warehouse in various directions were all disconnected. They were jerking and struggling in midair like headless boas.

From the holes that they left after they broke free, crimson spiritual energy was spurting out and circling around the Colossus, condensing into a protective layer that looked like both a layer of armor and a cloak.

Two thirds of its body were hidden behind the bloody mist, making it look even more mysterious and daunting!

At the center of the skull mask of the Colossus, in the middle of the cross-shaped dent, the lone crimson eye shivered for a moment before it rolled along the dent swiftly.

The previously lackluster, cross-shaped dent was ignited with a layer of glittering redness, turning into a dazzling red cross!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The black-skeleton-like Colossus broke all the restraints and stood up on the throne. It lowered its head and stared at the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector below its feet coldly with the red cross on the facial cover.

The Colossus was around thirty meters tall, almost as tall as a seven-story tower.

Under its indifferent stare, all the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, be they in the Core Formation Stage or the Nascent Soul Stage, had a strong sense of being overwhelmed. Many of them were trembling with the heartbeat of the Colossus!

“I’ve found it!” On the bridge, Long Yangjun suddenly exclaimed in delight. “I have found a teleportation array in a crystal compression room near the warehouse of the Colossi. It can be activated at any time!”

“Near the warehouse of the Colossi?”

Watching the guy who could be a special agent of the Imperium claim the Colossus that he had called dibs on, Li Yao could not have been more anxious and infuriated. He almost hated that he could not rush into the warehouse of the Colossi, kick the guy out, and take his place immediately!

“Of course!” Long Yangjun glanced at him. “We cannot show up in the warehouse of the Colossi directly. Otherwise, everybody else will grow suspicious of us! This crystal compression room is empty, and the door is locked. But there’s an energy transmission tube that is connected to the warehouse of the Colossi. We will be able to sneak into the warehouse of the Colossi through the tube without alerting anyone!

“However, what are we going to do even if we do sneak in successfully? I don’t think that they will be able to compete with this Colossus even with the two of us!”

“I have a solution!” Li Yao stared at the twenty or so Colossi that were lying on the maintenance platforms in the Grand Illusionary Land.

Some of them appeared to be mostly done in repairing.

He had been the top Colossi expert in the Star Glory Federation a hundred years ago. As long as he was even some time, he would be able to activate one of the Colossi.

But he had to be fast. If the special agent of the Imperium of True Human Beings suppressed all the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, it would matter little even if he showed up!