Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 Voices In The Black Skeleton

Emperor Phoenix had gone crazy in his fury. He shook Deity Raincloud so hard that the mustard-seed suit around the guy completely shattered, revealing a white-haired old man with white hair and a pair of deep eyes.

At first, the stranger did look elegant and unworldly, but it was a pity that his face had been deformed, and blood was spurting out of his mouth. He was dying.

The other super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had been exhausted with their spiritual energy, if not heavily wounded, during the fierce battle just now.

But Emperor Phoenix did not join the fight at all because he did not know which side he should help. He still maintained a high reserve of spiritual energy. It was barely possible for other people to stop him now that he was on a rampage.

After an ear-splitting noise, he plucked a handful of the long, white hair on Deity Raincloud’s head brutally!

Even Emperor Phoenix himself was dazed for a moment. He was at a loss for a while looking at the white hair in his hands before he suddenly pressed Deity Raincloud’s head with both hands.

“Your Majesty, don’t!”

“Emperor, stop!”

Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling shouted at the same time, fearing that Emperor Phoenix would be too enraged to care about anything else and simply kill such an important person!

Emperor Phoenix, on the other hand, rubbed Deity Raincloud’s head crazily with both hands with a weird expression on his face as if he were kneading dough. Soon, he straightened his fingers into sharp claws and ripped off Deity Raincloud’s entire face!

“Ahh!” Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling both exclaimed in shock. But a moment later, they were both stunned. “Huh?”

Deity Raincloud’s entire face had been peeled off, but there were no bleeding wounds. It turned out to be a delicately-made false membrane made of living cells and an almost flawless camouflage.

Below the disguise of a white-haired, hawk-nosed old man was in fact… a young woman with a slightly dark face and sharp-edged facial features!

Deity Raincloud turned out to be a young woman, one whose air resembled that of a black rose.

Of course, having been beaten into such a state, it would be redundant to describe how elegant, mysterious, or unstoppable she was.

“Well—” Emperor Phoenix did not expect that the person whom he had revered as a god and his master would be a woman. He did not know what to do for a second.

“Well—” Qi Zhongdao and the other super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators did not anticipate that the true appearance of the so-called guest from the deities’ realm would be like this. Looking at each other in bewilderment, they were greatly confused, too.

Are you serious? Even Li Yao secretly frowned.

The woman was unmistakably a special agent of the Imperium of True Human Beings. However, what she had been doing seemed to be slightly different from the standard procedure through which the Imperium infiltrated a new world according to the introduction of Su Changfa, an Immortal Cultivator of the Imperium in the past. Her endeavor was too ineffective!

Why was she alone?

She seemed even weaker than Su Changfa and Kou Ruhuo, and she was only slightly better than Tang Qianhe at best, obviously unqualified as a leader of an infiltration squad of the Imperium.

The ten or so Fiery Phoenix imperial guards were even weaker than she was. Their combat ability was completely dependent on their crystal suits. They were probably not even members of the expedition army of the Imperium but the local soldiers of the Ancient Sages Sector that she had recruited, trained, and manipulated!

Then, here came the question. Did she have any other companions? If she was all by herself, how did she ‘degrade’ herself to such an extent?

“Open your goddamn eyes and observe, you filthy idiots!” Han Baling was the fastest one to react. Although he was equally confused, not knowing what the truth was, he seized every opportunity to strike at the morale of the enemy with the keenness of a hunter. He laughed at the Cultivators who had kneeled down and pledged loyalty to ‘Deity Raincloud’. “This is the deity you were worshipping. Look at her right now. Does she deserve your loyalty? Will she grant you the ultimate treasures and techniques of the deities? How hilarious!

“The so-called Deity Raincloud is just a clown who jumped out of nowhere and has completely failed. You have hit a dead end, too. Give up the meaningless resistance and surrender now!

“And you, too. Take off your armor in one minute, or you will be killed without any mercy, and even your souls will be annihilated!” Han Baling demanded seriously.

The object of his last command was the unit of Fiery Phoenix imperial guards.

The Cultivators who had surrendered to Deity Raincloud first and then launched attacks against their brothers and companions in their delirium did not need his reminder to know that their cause had been lost and their doom was approaching. Their faces were extremely pale!

With one right decision, one could go to heaven, and with one wrong decision, one could end up in hell. That was quite right. Only half an hour ago, they had still been well-respected elders and even leaders in the world of Cultivators. But at that moment, they were suffering in the contempt of other people. Their reputation would be blemished, and they would be cursed forever!

The ten or so Fiery Phoenix imperial guards had been manipulated by Deity Raincloud through secret techniques and barriers imposed on their souls. Since Deity Raincloud was unconscious, their barriers were slightly loosened, and they were at a loss as to what to do, just like Emperor Phoenix.

Li Yao, however, could not care less about whether or not those people would surrender.

All his attention had been focused on the black-skeleton-like Colossus.


He vaguely perceived that, although Deity Raincloud had been forced out of the spiritual residence of the Colossus, a certain formidable existence was still lurking deep inside the Colossus and unleashing an intimidating pressure that felt like the heartbeat of a fiend!

The daunting aura was many times more horrible than when Deity Raincloud had been using the black-skeleton-like Colossus!

The continuous ‘heartbeat’ was soon overheard by all the super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, too.

Everybody besides Li Yao was greatly alarmed. They stared at the black-skeleton-like Colossus in utter bewilderment, while gloomy flames of spiritual energy were ignited all over its body and it was enshrouded in the mysterious black fog again!

The battle was not over yet!

Or rather, it had only just begun!

The black-skeleton-like Colossus was moving again, although there was nobody controlling it!

It raised its right arm, extending one of its narrow, slender fingers. A cluster of dazzling redness was swirling around the tip of the finger.

Including Qi Zhongdao, Han Baling, and all the other super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, everybody felt that their head was dizzy and their heart was exploding, and they were grasped by such fear and desperation that they did not know where to run to!


The black-skeleton-like Colossus snapped its finger. The red ball of light immediately turned into a flashing red line and disappeared into the forehead of an elder of the Monster Taming Pavilion quickly, passing through all the high-level Cultivators along the way!

The elder did not know what was going on. It was not until he realized that everybody was eyeing him in a weird way that he sensed that something was not good. His eyeballs were bulging like those of a dead fish. He extended his hands, trying to touch his forehead. However, when his hands were still on their way up, dozens of crimson threads of light already spread out from between his eyebrows and covered his entire body like a fishing net. They constricted brutally, cutting apart all his veins, nerves, and bones. Even his soul was directly minced apart!

When the elder of the Monster Taming Pavilion fell, another five red balls of light were condensed on the fingertips of the black-skeleton-like Colossus and shot in five different directions.

Although the routes of attack were obvious, it was still impossible to evade!

Another five high-level Cultivators who had once dominated in the past turned into dead bodies with empty brains before they had the chance to scream, and even before their devastation and fear surfaced on their faces!

In the blink of an eye, the black-skeleton-like Colossus had blown up six high-level Cultivators in a row, yet it did not seem to be the slightest trouble.

Such a performance was a drastic difference from the anxiety and flurry when Deity Raincloud had been using the Colossus!

This was the true might of the Colossus!

This was what was expected of a piece of super, strategic magical equipment that could change the outcome of a battle!

All the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector were shocked.

At that moment, they finally realized that those who had been killed by the black-skeleton-like Colossus’ mysterious attacks were all the ‘pre-Immortal Cultivators’ who had surrendered to Deity Raincloud and attacked their own kind.

“Allow me to tell you the reason of your death. Your crime is unpardonable not because you surrendered to ‘Deity Raincloud’ but because you attacked your own people!”

A deep female voice echoed from deep inside the black-skeleton-like Colossus.

“Rumors about the deities’ realm can be traced back to ancient times. Ascending to the deities’ realm is the dream of countless Cultivators. Therefore, if you had just been enchanted by this ‘Deity Raincloud’ and decided to serve the deities’ realm, that would have been quite understandable and would not deserve a death sentence!

“However, it is one thing to serve the deities and the deities’ realm, but it is a whole different thing to attack your friends, brothers, and even the seniors of your sect whom you have lived together with through life and death because of your greed and the temptation of the divine artifacts!

“The Ancient Sages Sector is already on the verge of doom. A catastrophe that is beyond your imagination is about to happen. We are now walking on a spider thread above a bottomless abyss. One step wrong, and we will be shattered and destroyed forever. Not just you, your sects, and your families, the Great Qian Dynasty and Cloud Qin, everybody, all the forces and the entire world will fall apart and perish!

“At such a time of peril, all Cultivators must be united. The Ancient Sages Sector must be integrated as a whole in order to find a slim chance of survival!

“Surrender to the deities’ realm or not, all Cultivators must be united! No shameless scoundrels who are disloyal to the Ancient Sages Sector and their compatriots shall be tolerated!”

After every sentence that the deep female voice uttered, ten cluster of redness would be condensed on the fingers of the black-skeleton-like Colossus and shot toward the crowd. Those who were executed were indeed the pre-Immortal Cultivators who had surrendered to Deity Raincloud and attacked their own people particularly ferociously!

Qi Zhongdao, Han Baling, and the other super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were greatly exhausted after the fierce battle against Deity Raincloud. They were no match for the black-skeleton-like Colossus that was demonstrating its full combat ability.

Also, judging from the meaning between the lines, the new party seemed to be a friend instead of a foe, and she was helping them to eliminate the unstable factors within the Ancient Sages Sector.

Even the Cultivators who considered themselves representatives of justice such as Qi Zhongdao, Ba Xiaoyu, and Master Bitter Cicada were not the hypocrites who had no moral standards. They could not find any reason to stop the stranger from wiping out the ‘traitors’!