Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 Meng Chixin And Wu Suiyun

The arrival of Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun, two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, was like a rock thrown into a pond. All the high-level Cultivators gasped in astonishment.

Ignoring the questions about why on earth the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators would show up in the mysterious ‘Divine Palace’ and why they were hiding inside the Cloud Qin Gold Statue as spectral Cultivators as if they had foreseen the appearance of ‘Deity Raincloud’ and prepared a trap for her, the high-level Cultivators were still confused by one thing that was even more important.

They had been sworn enemies in the past. Why were they standing side by side?

What had happened exactly in the past hundred years? Were the two mysterious spectral Cultivators really Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin?

Everybody had the same doubts.

Meng Chixin had been the most distinguished prodigy from the Dark Cloud Prairies in thousands of years.

A few hundred years ago, before ‘Ghost Qin’ was established as a force, the Dark Cloud Prairies had been dominated by multiple tribes and sects that had their own turf. There had not been a unified army or political structure. Like the Southland of Sorcerers, it had been a vassal land of the Great Qian Dynasty.

Although the disobedient Cultivators from the prairies were much more difficult to deal with than those from the southwest, the Great Qian Dynasty had been incomparable, like the sun at noon. While they had sometimes launched small-scale raids or assaulted the merchant teams of the Great Qian Dynasty, they had never dared to rebel in public.

But Meng Chixin’s abrupt rise had changed everything!

It was said that he had once excavated many secret treasures left by a remote dynasty that had once marched onto the central plateaus thousands of years ago .

He was a genius in training with amazing aptitudes blessed to him.

After only fifty years, he had already grasped the plethora of Cultivation arts and techniques that had been passed on in the prairies for tens of thousands of years. Then, he had kept the good parts and abandoned the false parts while improving the content. Later, he had become known as a master of eight hundred techniques!

At that time, the Dark Cloud Prairies and the Great Qian Dynasty had not completely ended on bad terms yet, and the Cultivators from the two sides had still had frequent meetings. Matches and games between the two sides had been anything but unusual.

Before, in most of the matches and games, the Cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty had often secured victories more than easily, and the barbarian Cultivators had suffered brutal failures.

It was based on the invincibility of its Cultivators that the Great Qian Dynasty had managed to intimidate the minorities around the border with few troops at an extremely low cost.

After defeating all the rivals on the prairies, Meng Chixin had gone all the way to the south to openly challenge the experts of the six major sects.

He had crushed eighteen super experts from the six major sects in a row on the arena. His name had shocked the entire world, and his popularity had been unparalleled at that time. It was also the first time that the barbarian Cultivators from around had doubted the capabilities of the Cultivators from the central plateaus. One might say that his victories were the seed for the rebellions around the country later!

The winning streak on the arena had only been the beginning of Meng Chixin’s rise to the zenith of his reputation.

After he defeated eighteen experts of the six major sects in a row and travelled to the south of the Great Qian Dynasty, hoping to meet more experts, he had been attacked collectively by hundreds of mysterious Cultivators.

But in the end, even the hundreds of Cultivators had failed to stop Meng Chixin, who marched along a bloody path into the hundred thousand mountains in the south of the Great Qian Dynasty.

The hundreds of Cultivators had chased after him into the dense forests, only to experience the most horrendous slaughter in their entire life.

Taking advantage of the dense forests and the interconnected caves, Meng Chixin had fought the hundreds of Cultivators for a few months and killed almost a hundred of them before he broke out of the siege, shattered the obstacles in his way, and successfully returned to the Dark Cloud Prairies!

Everybody had been shocked after the news got out.

Although no sect was willing to admit it, everybody knew that it had to be the treachery of the Cultivators from the central plateaus led by the six major sects!

Their incompetence in their Cultivation was already shocking enough, yet they had done such shameless things!

Their shamelessness was shocking enough, yet they had even failed to achieve their purpose!

Hundreds of Cultivators had besieged one individual, but the guy had gotten away after killing almost a hundred enemies!

The Cultivators of the central plateaus had never been so humiliated!

The battle had also been the turning point for the Cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty.

Before the battle, the barbarian Cultivators around and the Cultivators of the smaller sects within the Great Qian Dynasty had more or less revered the six major sects, the court, and the entire community of Cultivators. They had often had concerns when they were doing things and did not dare to act too insanely and blatantly.

However, the ineptitude of the Cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty had fully been revealed through the battle. So, the age of turbulence had come. The ambitious guys around the world had all risen up to stir up trouble, pushing the entire Great Qian Dynasty toward the abyss!

The battle had also caused two unexpected things that greatly influenced the situation of the world later.

Firstly, Meng Chixin had gained unparalleled fame after the battle in the hundred thousand mountains and had been honored as ‘Wolf God’. All the heroes on the prairies had joined him. A young man born from a minor tribe who was as humble as a slave had gone to him, too.

At that time, nobody had foreseen that the slender, taciturn young man who was good at nothing except for tending to the horses would become Meng Chixin’s only true disciple after dozens of years of training, and that he would change his name to ‘Han Baling’ and establish the Eight Units System after uniting the entire prairies when Meng Chixin had been missing for a hundred years, challenging the shaking Great Qian Dynasty!

Secondly, among the Cultivators from the central plateaus, there had also been some sort of leader that commanded all the Cultivators, similar to Qi Zhongdao.

The ‘leader of all the Cultivators’ at that time had also been from the Grand Mystery Sect, the largest sect in the world. His name was ‘Shi Zongyue’.

It was said that the battle to slay Meng Chixin had been planned and implemented by Shi Zongyue.

As for the truth about everything, it was already beyond any research after a hundred years.

However, somebody had to answer for the unexpected deaths of almost a hundred high-level Cultivators.

Since Shi Zongyue was the ‘leader of all the Cultivators’, naturally, he had been the best scapegoat for the entire failure.

All in all, shortly after the battle in the hundred thousand mountains, Shi Zongyue had died of mental derangement while he was training in seclusion.

Once he had gone into the coffin, everything about him had come to an end. The truth about the battle in the hundred thousand mountains was gone with the wind. All the insiders had kept their mouths shut forever, as if such a battle had never occurred.

The Cultivators of the central plateaus had been at peace, or rather, soundless, for decades.

Meng Chixin had been busy integrating the forces on the prairies and improving the eight hundred techniques, too. He did not launch any new challenges against the central plateaus recklessly.

Decades later, the truth about the battle in the hundred thousand mountains had been buried by the sands of time. When the Cultivators from the central plateaus were caught in the self-deceiving ambiance, someone had walked out of the desolate tomb of Shi Zongyue, the past ‘leader of all Cultivators’.

It was a woman who was holding Shi Zongyue’s Unreal Sword!

Wu Suiyun, Shi Zongyue’s widow!

It was not until she had knocked down more than twenty experts of the six major sects with the Unreal Sword, like Meng Chixin had done in the past, that the other Cultivators had finally realized that she was actually a terrifying expert in the Divinity Transformation Stage!

Nobody knew why Wu Suiyun had challenged the experts of the six major sects, including her own ‘Grand Mystery Sect’, full of hostility.

Her behavior had far exceeded the accepted rules of normal matches and games. On the arena, even when she was faced with the Cultivators of her own sect, she still attacked aggressively without any restraint, heavily wounding a lot of experts!

However, the experts who had been heavily wounded by her did not have any doubts or complaints, as if they knew clearly why she was asking for their trouble.

Then, a lot of people had remembered the battle of the ten thousand mountains.

Gradually, rumors had spread that the battle in fact had nothing to do with Shi Zongyue. Those people below him had acted on their own and tried to capture Meng Chixin and elicit the secret techniques that had passed on for thousands of years on the prairies from him. However, after they fell victim to their own scheme and a great tragedy was caused, they had demanded that Shi Zongyue take the blame.

It was because Shi Zongyue had been infuriated by those people that he had died abruptly during his training.

Therefore, since Wu Suiyun had gone to challenge them angrily, the leadership of the six major sects who were guilty did not dare to complain at all even if their bones were broken and their Cultivation plummeted.

However, the issue had never been confirmed by Wu Suiyun, because after sweeping across the six major sects, the Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivator had gone directly north to the Dark Cloud Prairies for Meng Chixin.

Perhaps she had planned to further investigate the truth about the battle in the hundred thousand mountains decades ago.

Perhaps she had believed that Meng Chixin was also partly to blame for her husband’s death.

Perhaps, although she hated the part of mischievous fellows in the six major sects, she had inherited her husband’s will after all and assumed the responsibility as a representative for the Cultivators of the central plateaus!

In those decades, united under the invincible Meng Chixin, the Dark Cloud Prairies had witnessed a quick expansion of capabilities. Its rise had seemed unstoppable.

If she could not suppress the momentum, perhaps Meng Chixin would have fulfilled his destiny to change the world, and Han Baling would already have been spared of the trouble!

In the entire Ancient Sages Sector, Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun had been the only two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, and they had been on different sides.

Their collision had been inevitable!

Their battle had taken place in the depths of the Land of Eternal Night.

Nobody knew the outcome of the battle. They only knew that, after ten days and ten nights of tempests and snowstorms, Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin had both vanished on the snow field, never to be heard from again. That was… until they showed up in front of everyone side by side as two mysterious spectral Cultivators!

“Master, what happened? Why did you not send me any messages in the past hundred years if you did not perish?” Han Baling asked respectfully. Although his attitude was friendly, his tongue was still sharp. It was obvious that he did not lose his wariness just because of his master’s identity.

The guy was his master, but so what?

Anything could happen after a hundred years had passed!

Qi Zhongdao also took a deep breath and, frowning, asked Wu Suiyun calmly, “Sister Wu, Meng Chixin is the greatest trouble of the Great Qian Dynasty. Why are you fighting side by side with him? Also, you have been hiding inside the Cloud Qin Gold Statue. Did you foresee our arrival?”