Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Bloating

Seeing that Wu Suiyun had been caught in staggering memories, Meng Chixin spoke up. “The ‘Divine Palace below the Divine Palace’, according to our later analysis, should be a secret residence of the devils where they ran the most sordid and brutal experiments.

“But at that time, in our ignorance and overconfidence in the strength of the Divinity Transformation Stage, we did not think that the primeval creatures were to be feared even if there were any. So, we barged into the palace of the devils together.

“The scale of the palace of the devils is hundreds of times larger than the deities’ warship that we are in right now. It is extremely sophisticated, with secret chambers, pathways, and warehouses everywhere!

“This warship crashed into a corner on the topmost layer of the palace. A lot of warriors of the deities flooded in and had a fierce battle with the devils. It was also a gory, messy battlefield.

“The fierce battle must’ve taken place around two hundred thousand years ago. Ninety percent of the area in the palace of the devils was completely destroyed by the deities. It then collapsed and perished in the passage of time before it was filled with rocks and became worthless ruins.

“But the few floors at the bottommost area seemed to be unharmed from the deities’ attacks.

“Wu Suiyun and I discovered many items there that were beyond our imagination or the description of any words.

“There were several hundred enormous glass tanks in which bizarre-looking corpses were soaked. Some of them looked like human beings, some looked like hybrids of human beings and animals, and some others were hideous existences with queer limbs and sometimes internal organs exposed to the air!

“Some of the objects were in the shape of human beings but had sharp sabers and swords as the limbs. There were even human heads that were connected to weapons and magical equipment!

“Think about. At the center of a broad flying sword that was blinking coldly, a crystal vesicle like a giant pearl was embedded, and a human head was accommodated inside the vesicle. Two huge eyeballs that had been dry since a long time ago were connected to the head, and they were staring at me!

“Such a creepy scene made even us feel chilly and dizzy even though we were in the Divinity Transformation Stage!”

Meng Chixin’s voice was hoarse and deep, full of persuasiveness. As he elaborated, all ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators pictured the same vivid and horrible scenes in their minds.

When they thought of the weird techniques to integrate a human brain with a piece of magical equipment, the super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators all felt their hearts grow cold, as if somebody had pinched them with a cold claw!

Li Yao, however, knew exactly what it was.

The underground palace that the Nuwa warship had crashed was probably a secret laboratory of the Pangu Clan.

Li Yao had seen the biotechnology to combine flesh and blood with magical equipment in both the Mausoleum of Chaos and Kunlun. It was indeed a typical method of the Pangu Clan.

Then, it was obvious that the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators were not lying. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, it was impossible for the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector to imagine such a scene based on nothing.

“That place was even more dreadful than hell, if hell does exist.” Wu Suiyun sighed gloomily. “Meng Chixin and I both winced, but everything around seemed to have been sealed and destroyed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Despite the appalling scenes, we did not really run into any danger. Also, he and I were not best friends. Neither of us was willing to propose to retreat, fearing that we would each be mocked by the other. In the end, we made a deal to explore the last floor before we exited the devils’ palace.

“On the last floor in the devils’ palace, we discovered a… graveyard of an enormous scale!

“Although I’m describing it as a ‘graveyard’, the place looked extremely weird. There was indeed a circle of about a hundred translucent coffins at the periphery. Bizarre-looking corpses of the devils were loaded inside the coffins.

“But for some reason, the coffins all looked particularly lackluster, and the corpses inside had either withered or crumbled into piles of dust.”

Li Yao thought of something and realized that it was certainly the hibernation capsules of the Pangu Clan.

The members of the Pangu Clan had hoped to survive for hundreds of thousands of years by way of ‘hibernation’ at the bottom level of the secret laboratory.

However, according to Wu Suiyun’s description, a certain accident had taken place inside the secret laboratory, which caused the malfunction of the hibernation capsules and the abrupt deaths of all the members of the Pangu Clan.

Perhaps it was because of the disruption of the energy supply caused by tectonic movements. Perhaps it was because the Nuwa Clan destroyed the core of the secret laboratory during their assault. Perhaps a certain uncanny virus went on a rampage… Anything could happen during a hibernation of hundreds of thousands of years, and the odds of success were particularly low in the first place.

“Those crystal coffins were just placed around the periphery of the graveyard. They were stabbed into the dense holes on the wall, connected to some thick crystal tubes like those providing energy for the Cloud Qin Gold Statues.

“At the enormous space in the center of the graveyard, there was an area of black soil that looked like a swamp. Black ceramic tanks filled the soil. They looked like bug eggs that were emitting metallic colors and wine tanks that had been buried underground for decades. Rings of extremely small, dense runes covered them. Even the air reeked of a sweet, stinky smell.

“I’ll never forget the smell for the rest of my life.

“Almost a hundred tiny holes were opened on the top of the black tanks, from which thick, bright green air was spurting out, forming a mist that would never disperse on the dome.

“It was like an eccentric monster was lurking inside every tank!”

Graveyard! Bug eggs! Wine tanks! Mist! Monster!

Wu Suiyun’s few words brought the ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators to a mysterious, suffocating world.

Short-tempered, Ba Xiaoyu scratched his face and asked earnestly, “What was the place exactly? Was it really the burial ground of the primeval creatures? What was inside the ‘wine tanks’? Were there really monsters inside?”

“We don’t know,” Wu Suiyun replied bitterly, “because we were assaulted right before we planned to break a ‘wine tank’!

“What assaulted us were monsters the size of a basin that looked like both spiders and crabs with a particularly long bone tail behind them!

“Meng Chixin and I had travelled in the Ancient Sages Sector for many years and left our footprints in the most dangerous lands in the world. We had seen too many cruel and brutal animals, beasts, and monsters, but never had we seen such a weird and disgusting thing before.

“The monster was extremely fast. It could also envelop itself with the vague mist that it spurted out from the ten or so protruding holes on its back to hide itself and its scent. We could barely lock onto them despite the senses of the Divinity Transformation Stage.

“Also, there was a great number of them. Almost twenty of such monsters jumped out from everywhere in the graveyard at us. Caught unprepared, my body and Meng Chixin’s were both stung by their bone tails heavily many times!

“We both sensed that they had injected something into our bodies through the tails!”

“Was it poison?” Ba Xiaoyu widened his eyes as he exclaimed. “Was it lethal poison that killed you both?”

Wu Suiyun sighed softly and shook her head. “It would’ve been acceptable if the thing was just an incurable poison. I wouldn’t be whining about it after a hundred years if so.

“At that time, Meng Chixin and I both thought that we had been poisoned and were about to die.

“At the time of life and death, the two of us both grew ruthless. We summoned spiritual energy without considering anything else and went through quite some trouble to finally annihilate and obliterate the long-tailed monsters that looked like hybrids of spiders and crabs!

“However, the ‘wine tanks’ that were densely distributed in the black swamp seemed to have sensed the immense spiritual waves. They exploded one after another.

“New monsters were being bred from inside!

“Seeing that it was no good, Meng Chixin and I fought to retreat. Then, at the cost of some damaged magical equipment, we blew up the pathway from the graveyard to the upper floor. We also collapsed the few floors above later in order to completely bury the ‘graveyard’!

“While we were sabotaging the building, both of us felt that our head was dizzy and our soul was unsteady. Even our limbs seemed to be leaving our control. We knew that it was a sign that the poison was attacking.

“The poison was extremely weird and had never been seen before. No matter how many antidotes we devoured and however hard we tried to suppress it with massive spiritual energy, we failed to hold back the indescribably odd feeling.

“Meng Chixin and I did not dare linger in the devils’ palace any longer. We fled all the way back to the deities’ warship and sealed the barrier to the devils’ palace again without leaving any gaps. We even added another twenty or so new barriers with our own techniques before we were finally relieved.

“At that time, we both felt that the world was shaking and that our soul was falling apart. Some sort of strength that had been restricted for hundreds of thousands of years seemed to be trying to burst out of our body!

“Expand. Expand. Expand. We both felt that our internal organs, limbs, veins, nerves, and everything on our body was expanding nonstop!

“We knew that it was not an illusion due to the poison but something happening in reality because we could see each other clearly. We were both expanding crazily like balloons being blown up!

“Our skin was ripped apart, and our flesh and blood bloated. Even new bones and veins had grown out of our bodies!

“In the blink of an eye, we grew from the normal size of a human being to giants more than ten meters tall at a visible speed!

“Not only did we grow larger in size, we also had brand-new organs that we had never seen before!

“I felt that my head was aching terribly, and my skull was producing cracking noises as if it had been pierced through by a flying sword. Only a moment later, a new eye grew out at the center of my forehead!

“I have thought about the colors and pictures that the new eye saw for a hundred years, but I still can’t describe them to you today!

“Meng Chixin was the same. He grew two thick horns on his head, and his eyes expanded to ten times their normal size. His pupils were encircled by more than ten dark gold rings that were fluctuating nonstop. The brilliance beaming out of his eyes seemed enough to burn a hole in the hardest rock!”