Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508 Devil Sealing War

Wu Suiyun’s voice was shaking. She could not help but extend her hands of pure spiritual energy toward her translucent head, as if she still could not forget the weird, excruciating pain even though she had been a ghost for a hundred years!

Ripples were spreading out from Meng Chixin’s soul, too, making it as unpredictable as smoke billowing in the wind. He said coldly, “Wu Suiyun and I both observed each other’s changes. We were both tortured by the flowing magma inside our bodies! Expanding from less than two meters tall to almost twenty meters tall in just one moment was an extremely gruesome process that drained all the strength in our flesh, blood, and soul. We couldn’t have felt more exhausted, drained, and hungry!

“However, the changes to our bodies were not the scariest part.

“The weirdest changes took place in our souls and feelings!

“We felt that a poisonous fire was burning blatantly in our soul, destroying our feelings and corrupting them little by little!

“You will not be able to understand the feeling unless you experience it in person. All in all, we gradually lost our sense of delight, hatred, panic, fear, anger, and all other emotions. They were all replaced by tranquility. The most extreme tranquility!

“Logically, after discovering that we had ended up becoming horrible giants, we should’ve felt panicked or desperate and even counterattacked!

“However, except for the initial struggle, the two of us somehow gradually accepted everything later. All of a sudden, we lost the notions of ‘fear’, ‘panic’, and ‘desperation’. We felt that we were sinking to the bottom of a deep blue ocean, where we were enshrouded by seaweed and jellyfish into an enormous cocoon. When the cocoon broke apart, we would be reborn into something new!

“Our memories and self-awareness of the past were fading away. A new ‘will’ and ‘destiny’ was gradually blossoming in the deepest parts of our souls!

“We were about to be completely transformed into a new life form by the venom!”

Everybody felt creepy as they listened to the story.

The weird liquid that altered someone’s body and turned them into another life form was indeed ten thousand times more dreadful than the most lethal poison!

After a moment of deep thought, Master Bitter Cicada observed, “According to what you have just said, the effect of the mysterious poison sounds like the arts of ‘possession’ adopted by the evil Cultivators.

“However, if it were ‘possession’, there should’ve been two souls that were even more powerful than yours, which was apparently not the case. It doesn’t make sense.”

“It was definitely not ‘possession’!” Meng Chixin replied affirmatively. “Wu Suiyun and I were both Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators. We naturally knew a thing or two about the secret arts of possession. During a ‘possession’, the victim’s body will be occupied by the intruder, and the soul of the victim will probably be eliminated forever!

“However, the mutations that happened to our body did not eliminate our soul but caused weird changes to it. We were transformed into something that boasted our own will but did not appear to be ourselves. We were a different life and a different species!”

“Your experiences are truly unbelievable, seniors!” Ba Xiaoyu the Beggar widened his eyes and asked, “What happened later? Were you transformed?”

The answer to the question was obvious, but nobody had the time to nitpick. They simply waited for the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators to answer while holding their breath.

Embarrassed, Meng Chixin said, “At that time, we were both in peril. I knew that some sort of tough primeval devils must’ve invaded our bodies in ways that we couldn’t understand!

“They had been sealed beneath the snow field for more than a hundred thousand years perhaps exactly for that moment, the time of their reincarnation! If we couldn’t stop them, they were certainly going to escape and savage the world of human beings!

“With the Cultivation of the Divinity Transformation Stage, and the terrible enhancement of the primeval devils, it would be practically impossible for anybody to stop two such dreadful monsters!

“Also, thousands of ‘wine tanks’, in which the monsters that contained the venom were stored, were in the ‘graveyard’ at the bottom level of the devils’ palace. There was no telling how many human beings they could transform into primeval devils!

“In such a case, chances were that the entire Ancient Sages Sector, both the Great Qian Dynasty and the prairies, would be destroyed because of the recklessness of Wu Suiyun and me!

“Hell would descend upon the human world, and devils would walk the earth. All the living creatures would either turn into devils or end up as food and slaves for the devils!

“I knew that I had made a huge mistake and couldn’t have regretted it more, but there was nothing that I could do to stop the mutations inside my body.

“Right then, Wu Suiyun suddenly roared and crashed into me, showing the sign that she was going to kill me!

“I was knocked against the wall, and a bloody hole in my abdomen had been made by her sharp claw. My internal organs were broken apart, but the excruciating pain finally refreshed me and awakened my self-awareness. The irritating feeling caused by the mutations inside my body was gradually suppressed, too!

“Looking at Wu Suiyun’s burning eyes, I immediately understood what she was thinking.

“The two of us had been invaded by the devils, which we definitely couldn’t get rid of on our own.

“Once we lost control of ourselves, the devils would certain manipulate our bodies to break the seals and unleash the rest of the monsters.

“Or rather, the devils would simply go to the prairies or the central plateaus to kidnap some of the strong Cultivators and send them to the bottom level in the devils’ palace, thereby establishing an army of devils!

“Right then, there was only one way to stop them!

“The two of us would die together and seal the only two devils that had lunged out of the devils’ palace in our corpses!

“Although Wu Suiyun and I were fighting for the interests of the Great Qian Dynasty and the Dark Cloud Prairies on different sides, the Ancient Sages Sector was our mutual home. Our families and successors were on both the prairies and the central plateaus. There was absolutely no way that our world could be reduced to a paradise of the devils!

“Since it was our fault, we should correct it with our own hands!

“Eventually, we managed to control our continuously expanding and mutating bodies with the last bit of self-awareness to attack each other until we both died!”

Meng Chixin talked very briefly about their death.

However, the ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators including Li Yao could totally imagine the most soul-stirring and yet unknown battle that had taken place under the ice a hundred years ago!

On the surface, it was a battle between two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, but in fact, they were attacking the mysterious devils to save the world with their life as a weapon based on their pride and dignity as human Cultivators!

Li Yao, who knew part of the truth and understood that the devils belonged to the ‘Pangu Clan’, felt that his heart was pounding and his blood was boiling after hearing the story!

The pride of humanity was never to be conquered!

Even in such a secluded place as the Ancient Sages Sector, some human Cultivators had still been fighting against the Pangu Clan in their own way a hundred years ago!

“We are here,” Wu Suiyun said in a low voice. “Ahead is the place where Meng Chixin and I died. It is also the place where the underground palace is sealed. For the convenience of research, we haven’t touched anything here over the past hundred years!”

Li Yao was refreshed and glanced around.

He found himself in an enormous cone-shaped building that looked like the inside of a hollow horn.

Li Yao had once seen similar structures at the front ends of some warships of the Nuwa Clan on Kunlun.

It was a mobile cabin specifically designed for boarding battles and assaults. They were like extensible ‘tusks’. Hollow in the middle, they could accommodate a large amount of magical equipment for close-distance battles such as crystal suits, Colossi, and various kinds of weapons.

When engaged with the enemy, if the warship had the advantage in close-distance battles and hoped to break into the enemy’s warship for such battles, it was possible for the warship to attract the hostile warships and fortresses with the immense force triggered by the magnetic units around the warship or pull the warship itself over to the enemy!

When the two parties were attached to an extremely short distance, such ‘assault fangs’ would pierce out. With the super alloy structures and the attack rune arrays carved on the surface, they would tear apart the spiritual shield and other defenses on the enemy’s warship. Then they would penetrate into the interior part of the enemy and even reach the most vulnerable key part!

The front ends of the assault fangs would blossom like flowers, and the waiting warriors would march forward without any hindrance and launch a strike on the enemy’s core directly!

Everything made sense now.

This particular Nuwa warship had been aware that there was a secret laboratory of the Pangu Clan deep below the ice and that some terrible experiments were being conducted there.

However, due to the lack of sufficient orbital attack approaches, the warship could only adopt the most simple and straightforward approach by smashing itself into the ground and drilling through the rocks. It hit the shell of the Pangu Clan’s secret laboratory directly and even pierced through the laboratory’s defenses into its core with the ‘assault fangs’!

That was why the warriors of the Nuwa Clan and the Pangu Clan had fought fiercely on the Nuwa warship and in the laboratory of the Pangu Clan simultaneously!

The ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators seemed to be walking in the middle of a cone-shaped cave. The further they walked forward, the narrower the path became. At the front end of the cone stood a round, bronze gate on which countless helical runes had been carved and were swallowing and releasing light like tides.

The bronze gate was almost forty meters tall. As splendid and magnificent as a gate that truly led to the deities’ realm, it was broad and high enough for the strongest warriors of the Nuwa Clan and the super large Colossi to pass through quickly.

After the rusting of more than a hundred thousand years, the runes on the gate were somewhat obscure, and the tide-like brightness looked rather lackluster.

Li Yao suddenly had a weird feeling.

The ‘gate’ was slowly dying, and the barriers attached to the gate were getting weaker and weaker.

There was no telling whether it was simply because of the passage of time or because something was attacking and corrupting the gate from the other side.

On the right side of the bronze gate, two tall, huge corpses were leaning against the wall. They were both in weird shapes and utterly deformed because of their fierce battle.