Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 Mutation Of The Junk Genes

The two corpses were exactly as Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun had described.

One of them was around thirteen meters tall, shorter but plumper. A third eye that had already dried protruded out of the forehead. The arms of the corpse were particularly long, and long bone spurs were growing out of the two sides of the arms like long blades. Even the joints on the legs had contorted to bend forward instead of backward.

The other corpse was about sixteen meters tall. It was a healthy, muscular male. A circle of horns rose up from its head like tumors. There were also two horns rising up from the temples like two sabers. Moreover, tremendous bizarre-looking appendages were growing on the shoulder blades, elbows, and hips. The appendages on the shoulder blades were particularly delicate and connected, as if they were a second pair of arms that had grown out.

The two enormous bodies were very similar to the bodies of the Pangu Clan that were everywhere to be seen on the Nuwa warship. Yet, their flesh and blood appeared rather ‘fresh’ and did not explode into dust when new air flooded in all of a sudden.

Although their faces had been extremely twisted, some of Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin’s features could still be vaguely distinguished on the parts on their faces that were not blocked by scales and bone spurs.

Also, on their hands, feet, and some other body parts, except for the expansion in size, traces of the Pangu Clan had not been revealed. It was like combining the body of an enormous human being with the body of a member of the Pangu Clan. Those parts must have been on the verge of mutation but never completed the process.

The stomachs of both dead bodies had been cut open, and their guts had been ripped apart and burnt up into ash by the fire of spiritual energy.

The broken bodies were still silently telling the goriness of the battle a hundred years ago!

After hearing the astonishing changes that had happened when the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators visited the place, and witnessing their bloating bodies in person, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were caught in a prolonged silence. They could not have been more stunned by the shocking facts!

Li Yao was also greatly disturbed!

The Pangu Clan!

Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin, two Cultivators of the human race, had turned into members of the Pangu Clan after they were assaulted by certain crab-shaped monsters that injected some sort of ‘venom’ into their body!

At first, it seemed to be something utterly unbelievable.

However, on second thought, it was not theoretically impossible!

The civilization of mankind and the Pangu civilization shared a child-parent relationship. Such a theory had been proved by many facts.

By the estimation of the historians, archeologists, and biologists of the Star Glory Federation, the original human beings were probably a brand-new species that the Pangu civilization refined with a certain type of ape after implanting the genes of the Pangu Clan, the Nuwa Clan, the Kuafu Clan, the Zhurong Clan, the Gonggong Clan, and other primeval species into the subjects.

Although the Pangu Clan’s purpose was to create a cheap and useful tool, they did endow the ‘tools’ with their own genes.

Therefore, it was possible that the gene segments of countless primeval species were included in the gene strands of human beings!

The newborns of human beings all had a chance to experience atavism, in which case they would grow long hair all over their body or a tail resembling that of a monkey.

Then, if such atavism could be controlled precisely, was it possible to activate the gene segments of the Pangu Clan hidden deep inside the gene strands of human beings and turn them into ‘dominant genes’ so that human beings could mutate into members of the Pangu Clan by the atavistic force?

There was also another possibility. Perhaps, the human beings that had been regarded as ‘tools’ in the beginning had a very weak genetic connection with the Pangu Clan, and they could not be transformed.

However, before the Pangu Clan perished, it was very easy for them to raise a certain batch of special ‘human vehicles’ and implant all the genes of the Pangu Clan after they were highly compressed into the gene strands of human beings!

As those human beings lived and reproduced, naturally, they would pass on the highly-compressed genes of the Pangu Clan generation after generation. The descendants of every generation would be the carriers of the entirely of the Pangu Clan’s genes!

After hundreds of thousands of years, those carriers had been scattered throughout the entire universe along with the expansion of the civilization of mankind. After the carriers were injected with special ‘activation drugs’, the seemingly meaningless ‘junk genes’ hidden deep inside their gene strands would suddenly be triggered and unleash all the power of the Pangu Clan, transforming human beings into members of the Pangu Clan!

Was it a plausible possibility?


At the very least, Li Yao was well aware that, despite the profoundness of the biotechnologies of the Blood Demon Sector and their in-depth research on the genes of human beings and demons, more than ninety-five percent of one’s genes were considered ‘junk genes’ or ‘blank genes’ whose usages and functions were unclear!

It meant that, to pass on the normal body functions of a human being, the other five percent genes would suffice!

Then, why did the ninety-five percent of the genes appear inside the cells of human beings? Were they really ‘garbage’ and ‘blank’?

Or were they hidden for a highly dangerous purpose that human beings had not recognized yet?

Li Yao trembled coldly in his heart. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that he was approaching the truth.

Yes. He knew why the Pangu Clan had established a weird laboratory deep below the surface of the Ancient Sages Sector!

It was for succession!

Just like the Blood Stripe Virus’ ‘possession of civilization’ and the Monument Plan that Gui Suishou had raised, the Pangu Clan had been trying everything that they could to continue their civilization!

According to the theory of the Imperium of True Human Beings and the current situation of the universe where human beings played an absolutely dominating role, the Nuwa civilization and human beings must have won the God-Sealing War hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the Pangu civilization had been completely suppressed and wiped out!

Since the sages of the Pangu Clan had left eight volumes of the Book of Revelation as the heritage of their civilization, was it possible that they had other plans to pass on the tinder of their civilization?

It was highly likely.

Even a hundred years ago in the Star Glory Federation, a tiny force that had only three Sectors, experts had brainstormed and come up with almost twenty plans to save the civilization when faced with the unavoidable catastrophe, and the plans had been carried out at the same time.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Pangu civilization was doubtlessly the king in the universe. When they were faced with destruction, they must have had more than one plan of succession!

Since the situation back then had not been in the Pangu civilization’s favor, they would have hidden in the corners of the universe for a hundred thousand to two hundred thousand years, like the seeds in the form of spores and the insects going through hibernation, until the universe was peaceful again and the time was right. Then, they would be revived and rebuild their civilization!

It was a very reasonable and practical idea!

The Book of Revelation was the first plan to realize the idea.

Sealing the members of the Pangu Clan inside the hibernation capsules in the hope that they would survive hundreds of thousands of years with the pulsar and other powerful celestial bodies as the energy sources was probably another plan.

The shortcomings of the two plans were very obvious.

The Book of Revelation would not necessarily fall into the hands of appropriate candidates. Even if the new species did grasp the content within the Book of Revelation, they could still barely be called the reincarnation of the Pangu civilization. Such a method was merely more of consolation.

The hibernation cabins were too large in size and required the incessant supply of spiritual energy. They were too eye-catching.

Hundreds of thousands of years could be a long time. Who knew what kind of unexpected changes would happen halfway?

Chances were that the members of the Pangu Clan would finally wake up from a prolonged hibernation only to discover that their limbs and torso had been cut off and that their head was preserved in a glass tank being studied by another super civilization!

It would certainly be an awkward situation!

Neither of the two plans were very reliable. So, the Pangu civilization certainly had more plans!

For example, encrypt and pack up the key gene segments of the Pangu Clan through sophisticated methods and transplant them into the gene strands of human beings, which would be their vehicles while they were in hibernation!

Then, raise the hybrids of spiders and crabs that boasted remarkable survival and hibernation abilities and could automatically secrete ‘activation drugs’!

Once the time was right, the monsters would be released to attack human beings.

As long as the ‘activation drugs’ were injected into the bodies of human beings by the monsters, the mysterious genes that seemed ‘useless’ and ‘blank’ at the end of the gene strands of human beings would reveal their brutality and ruthlessness, swallowing all the features of human beings that had existed earlier!

Human beings would be turned into the Pangu Clan!

The civilization of mankind would be replaced by the Pangu civilization!

Or rather, the so-called civilization of mankind was merely made of ‘servants’ and ‘slaves’ who watched over the universe temporarily for the Pangu civilization while the latter was lying dormant for hundreds of thousands of years!

Li Yao spat hard in his heart.

If his guess was correct, it was indeed a most horrendous plan!

However, it seemed that the plan had only just been initiated and was merely in the preliminary experiment phase.

Right. Covered by the dark nebula, the Ancient Sages Sector was a natural secret chamber in the universe. It was a most suitable Sector for their crucial, clandestine experiments!

However, no matter how inconspicuous the Ancient Sages Sector might have been, it had eventually been located by the Nuwa civilization.

According to Li Yao’s speculation, the fleet of the Nuwa civilization that Long Yangjun’s previous life belonged to, after hearing that the Pangu Clan was running such terrible experiments in the Ancient Sages Sector, was determined to destroy the laboratory and smother the plan while it was still in the cradle.

Then, there was the scene that Li Yao and the other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were looking at.

The Nuwa warship pierced through the shell of the Pangu Clan’s laboratory. The elite warriors on the two sides had a fierce battle and died with each other.

Judging from the traces on the spot and the experiences of the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, the warriors of the Nuwa Clan must have accomplished most of the aims. They had demolished the laboratory, sabotaged the plan, and completely sealed the laboratory from the outside.

However, they had failed to destroy the room where the most critical ‘activation beasts’ were raised. So, countless ‘activation beasts’ that could transform some of the human beings into the Pangu Clan were still hibernating underground.

Li Yao did not know how the war ended exactly. Perhaps the Pangu civilization had been suffering a losing streak and had no time to care about this particular laboratory, and the weird interference and blockage in the dark nebula outside of the Ancient Sages Sector prevented the Nuwa warship from sending a message out.

All in all, as the Pangu civilization and the Nuwa civilization perished with each other, the civilization of mankind grew up independently, and the Ancient Sages Sector was gradually forgotten.

Then, hundreds of thousands of years later, Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin, two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, had a fierce battle in the Land of Eternal Night, and the battlefield happened to be right above the Nuwa warship.