Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 World Blighting Crisis

Li Yao was at a loss after hearing the mental devil’s words for a moment.

But the next moment, he frowned and sniffed. “Cut the cr*p! You’re messing with my mind again! Even if what you said is true, the original master of the castle never left voluntarily. He was expelled in humiliation after the uprising of the slaves in the castle!

“In any case, the universe is in the hands of human beings right now. Our ancestors once fought side by side with the Nuwa Clan and claimed the universe with their fists, blades, and blood. If the Pangu civilization is planning a comeback, they’d better be prepared to pay ten times more fists, blades, and blood!

“Hehe. Since we suppressed the Pangu Clan during the God-Sealing War, we can do so again right now and even annihilate them for good!

“It is perfectly realistic if you look at Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin’s personal experiences. However thorough and clandestine that succession plans of the Pangu Clan were, they were not guaranteed to be successful. They failed to control two ancient Cultivators, not to mention the brand-new human beings that are armed by the modern Cultivation civilization outside!”

Li Yao was full of admiration and appreciation for Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin, the two seniors in the Divinity Transformation Stage.

It had nothing to do with their nationality, identity, affiliation, era, or morals.

He was simply deeply moved by the valor and the sense of sacrifice that somebody of his species could demonstrate!

In order to correct their mistake and prevent the devils of the primeval era from savaging the human world again, the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators had made the same decision simultaneously and killed each other in such a desolate land with absolutely no eyewitnesses!

Li Yao found it hard to imagine their mental state at that time. He wondered what he would have done if he were in the shoes of Wu Suiyun and Meng Chixin.

However greatly the two ‘ancient Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators’ differed from the modern Cultivators in terms of ideology, they lived up to their name as ‘Cultivator’ and were certainly nothing like the selfish members of the six major sects.

Li Yao also thought about whether or not their words were made up and were in fact a new trap. For example, they could have already been controlled by the Pangu civilization, and they might be luring everybody to their bodies on purpose.

However, on second thought, such a possibility was little to none because if they were indeed controlled by the Pangu civilization, it would have been unnecessary for them to tell everybody so much inside information.

They were obviously capable of maneuvering the Colossus. As long as they moved the black-skeleton-like Colossus to this place and broke the barriers by brute force, connecting the ‘assault fang’ of the Nuwa warship to the underground laboratory again, a lot of ‘activate beasts’ would certainly be released.

When two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators were interfering nearby, a lot of the ignorant Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators would have been attacked by the ‘activation beasts’ and transformed into new members of the Pangu Clan!

It was the most simple, straightforward, and secure plan. Li Yao had simulated it many times in his head. The odds of success were almost one hundred percent.

What they were doing right now seemed redundant if they had ill intentions.

Therefore, Li Yao chose to believe them.

But then, there were new questions.

What choices would the two super experts in the Divinity Transformation Stage make after partly learning the truth about the universe and the threat that their home was faced with?

“Senior Wu, Senior Meng, in the hundred years that followed, have you always been waiting on this warship?” Li Yao asked respectfully.

“Yes. We did not really have an option other than staying here,” Wu Suiyun explained. “When Meng Chixin and I attacked each other, we both felt that our souls were being corrupted by the mysterious force and undergoing very dangerous mutations. Therefore, we attacked as fiercely as we could without any reserve and nearly obliterated each other’s soul!

“After we were killed by each other, only the broken pieces of our souls were still drifting in the warship. There was absolutely no self-awareness.

“If it were in the outside world, such feeble soul remnants would’ve been vaporized into nothingness under the scorching sun, and we would have gone for good.

“However, the shell of the deities’ warship is particularly solid, and stable and comfortable gas fills the cabins. This place is almost like an artificial paradise where all the inference of the outside world can be resisted.

“A lot of crystals that were not dry yet could be found next to the various warehouses and corpses. For the soul, they were like inexhaustible food.

“Our remaining souls drifted for almost twenty years inside the warship and sucked the spiritual energy contained in the crystals, nurturing and recovering ourselves. Finally, we condensed our consciousness again and regained our memories of the past.

“However, we were still extremely vulnerable at that time. We were not even as good as the general ghosts, much less reproducing our Cultivation in the Divinity Transformation Stage.

“Outside of the warship was a snowy world in the Land of Eternal Land, which was frequented by the most violent tempests and blizzards. With the strength of our souls, we would have been ripped apart by the tempests and frozen by the snow after we took our first step beyond the warship!

“Therefore, Meng Chixin’s soul and mine were confined to the deities’ warship completely!”

Meng Chixin grinned and said, “Moreover, after discovering the deities’ warship and the shocking secret in the underground palace, and since this place was a paradise for nurturing souls and there were so many primeval treasures and corpses worth studying, we couldn’t bear to leave even if somebody asked us to!”

All the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators nodded. They understood the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators very well.

For the two unique Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators in the Ancient Sages Sector, they could get power, position, wealth, and all the other mundane things without any trouble. Chances were that they could not have felt more bored when it came to such things.

The deities’ warship, the devils’ underground palace, the primeval treasures, the prehistoric war between the deities and the devils… Only such things that concerned the ‘origins’ and the ‘future’ of the entire world were enough to attract the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators and make them explore and research willingly!

“Although Wu Suiyun and I belonged to different sides, and we even had a life-and-death battle for the fate of the Great Qian Dynasty and the Dark Cloud Prairies, we both realized that the Ancient Sages Sector was probably faced with unimaginable and barely resistible threads after we discovered the weird ‘graveyard’ in the underground palace and were transformed into terrible monsters. An out-and-out ‘world-blighting crisis’ was descending upon us!

“Compared with the world-blighting crisis, the fate of the Great Qian Dynasty and the Dark Cloud Prairies was insignificant and even hilarious!

“Only if we abandoned our grudges and cooperated with each other could we seize the slim chance to help the world that we live in survive the crisis!

“Therefore, in the decades that followed, we stayed in the deities’ warship to recover our souls with the crystals while we studied everything there.

“There are quite a few advantages to being ghosts without real entities. Other than the few crucial cabins locked by special barriers, we could enter the rest of the cabins without any obstacle, and we could study everything inside however we wanted!

“After our research, we discovered an extremely shocking truth, which is about the existence of the ‘deities’ realm’ that we mentioned just now!”

After saying that, Meng Chixin paused for a moment. He glanced at the many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who were pretending to be calm but in fact sweating hard. Then, he smiled and said, “It is not precise to call it the ‘deities’ realm’. In fact, there is an infinite sea of stars and countless worlds beyond the Ancient Sages Sector!

“Since we are talking about the sea of stars, do you know what the real ‘stars’ are?

“No. Not the glittering remnants around the Ancient Sages Sector. Those things can only be called cosmic dust in the boundless universe at best. How can they be qualified as stars?

“The real stars are enormous fireballs that emanate infinite light and heat, similar to the sun!

“Imagine it. In the sky above our heads, in places far, far away, billions of suns are hanging there, and next to every sun is a world that is similar to the size of the Ancient Sages Sector and possibly much more developed than ours!”


All the super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were deeply awed by Meng Chixin’s words except for Li Yao.

It was almost like some fish living in a small pond had suddenly discovered that outside its pond was an island and outside the island was a boundless ocean!

Billions of suns and billions of worlds!

Even the super experts such as Qi Zhongdao and Han Baling, due to the limitation of their experience and the environment that they had grown up in, found it difficult to imagine what those worlds looked like exactly!

Infinite emptiness, horror, and solitude immediately inundated every Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator’s heart like black tides.

When human beings first discovered the vastness of the universe and that the world in which they lived was not the center of the universe but an insignificant speck of dust at the edge of the universe, they would also be mired in the abyss of fear and panic after they realized their unimportance and meaninglessness!

All the Cultivators in the worlds beyond had experienced the same drastic changes to their mindset a long time ago before they finally evolved from a planetary people to a universal people!

The locals of the Ancient Sages Sector were slowly catching up after such a long, long time.

Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun observed the ten Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators’ faces without saying anything.

Their eyes stayed on Li Yao’s face for the longest time, as if they had noticed that the shock that Li Yao managed to feign was different from the other people’s genuine shock.

The two of them looked at each other. There was something profound and thoughtful glittering inside their translucent eyes.

“If you think about it carefully, you will understand that it is a matter of course,” Meng Chixin said unhurriedly. “How powerful must the primeval creatures have been in their age? Was it possible for them to be trapped in a tiny Ancient Sages Sector forever?

“All in all, after dozens of years of studying and researching, Wu Suiyun and I finally ascertained that a universe billions of times larger exists beyond the Ancient Sages Sector!

“We may call the infinite sea of stars the deities’ realm, but I prefer to call it the ‘extraterrestrial domain’!

“Since the deities’ realm or the extraterrestrial domain does exist, we naturally have asked ourselves a very critical question. Are there ‘deities’ or other beings living in the depths of the universe? Do they know about the existence of the Ancient Sages Sector? If they do, what is their attitude toward us?”