Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 152

Chapter 152: You Are a Glass Jaw

The word "enjoy" had ambiguous meanings; there were many things in the world which could be enjoyed.

However, usually, there was only one thing which could be enjoyed in a girls bedroom.


Li Yao swept a glance at the over a hundred demon beast heads hanging on the wall.

Among which were a couple dozen heads that were deformed, with the cranial bones having been split open; they were miserable to the extreme.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He knew what was waiting for him was definitely not that kind of "enjoyment".

Sure enough, when he entered Ding Lingdang's bedroom, which was as simple as any room allocated in the barrack, presented in front of him was impressively a...

"Teleportation array?"

Through the teleportation array in Peng Hai's private training room, Li Yao had once entered the "Small Grayfield", where he had trained for a month. Thus, he was no stranger to teleportation arrays.

"That's right, cool isn't it!?"

Ding Lingdang pushed Li Yao ahead.

This teleportation array appeared to be a circle smaller than Peng Hai's teleportation array, allowing no more than two people to stand together and that too very closely.

Ding Lingdang, without the least bit of hesitation, wrapped her arms around Li Yaos waist.

"Hey, not bad! You have trained your muscles well, and your waist is quite firm! I thought that after joining the Refining Department, you would neglect training your body!"

Slightly pinching Li Yao's waist, Ding Lingdang said with surprise.

Li Yao slightly smiled.

He had not deliberately trained his body at all. However, as there were many wrecked magical equipment that were hundreds of thousands of pounds heavy in the rubble...

In particular, the wrecked crafting furnaces, which had multitudes of components that weighed a few tons and perhaps even a couple dozen tons...

And since there weren't any lifting or transporting magical equipment in the Refining Department, he alone had to carry all the wreckage over his shoulders or drag them along by force.

Every day, he had to carry several tons of wrecked magical equipment and run his way through the rugged ruins, making three to five trips at minimum and a dozen drips at most

He even carried furnaces that were several meters tall over his shoulders in one breath, soaring to a speed that was about 100 meters per second.

Over time, his body became incomparably robust and sturdy.

"Didn't I say that you are a natural-born body practitioner? Even if you chose refining, you should never neglect training your body. The body is the foundation. A strong body will, in turn, stimulate your brain cells, develop your brain, and grow your soul, making it very easy for you to train in anything."

Just as her voice faded away, a blue light flashed around the teleportation formation.

Everything went black before Li Yao's eyes before he appeared in a completely new world.

His body was suddenly hit with sluggishness as a huge pressure weighed down upon him from all directions and a large amount of dense liquid gushed into his nasal cavity. He was surrounded by darkness and calmness, one that was akin to that of an abyss, which was spotted by a few swimming fish.

This was the other end of the teleportation formation which, to his surprise, was under a quaint sea!

Li Yao eyes were opened wide. He discovered that there was a faint brilliance above his head and Ding Lingdang, who was in front of him and happened to have her slim and slender leg close together like a robust mermaid.

He followed behind Ding Lingdang, moving his hands and feet forcefully as he strugglingly swam his way towards the sea surface.

This sea was very odd. As the density of the sea water was extremely high, Li Yao felt as though he was a fly that had been stuck in amber; no matter how he struggled, he could not escape.

Fortunately, it was not empty underwater; many flight stair-like ruins were also present and could be used as support.

Even if cultivators could hold their breath for a long time, after strenuous movements for five minutes, Li Yao was almost out of air as stars started revolving before his eyes.


Finally, Li Yao's head broke through the surface as he gasped for a mouthful of air which carried a fishy smell along with it.

Ding Lingdang too emerged next to him while also carrying a small, glittering, transparent crab on top of her head.

Having beaten her cheeks, an arrow of water shot out before she said with a smile:

"This is a world fragment called the 'Billowing Star Sea'. The density of the sea here is five times that of the Heaven Origin Sector and there are also invisible undercurrents which, for cultivation, is even better than the 'Small Grayfield'. Did you enjoy it?!"


Li Yao heaved a long sigh of relief. His entire body happened to be exhausted to the extreme, yet his spirit was very excited.

This world fragment, the Billowing Star Sea, was even more dangerous than the Small Grayfield!

Not only was the density of the seawater higher, making it strenuous to move under the sea, but there were also invisible undercurrents, which required him to unleash more than 100% of his effort and only they could he deal with it.

Had he not been running amidst the rubble carrying several tons weighing equipment every day, thereby training an extremely tyrannical body, he would have simply been unable to adhere even for a moment here!

If he could train in the Billowing Star Sea often, his body would definitely become even more terrifying, allowing him to carry even more wrecked magical equipment at once, thereby greatly increasing his efficiency in repairing and modifications.

Upon noticing Li Yaos fascination, a smile bloomed upon Ding Lingdang's face: "Since even you say it is good, then I also don't have to feel sad. For this world fragment, I had spent an entire 500 million, and yet I only have the right to use it for a decade!"

"500 million? Are you that rich?" Li Yao was surprised.

Ding Lingdang pursed her lips:

"If only so! This is all in installments, and even for the down payment, I had to rely on the Young Teacher's Support Plan of the institute to borrow an interest-free loan. Even then, I have to pay 60-70 million annually!"

She swam to Li Yao's side as her face brighten up with joy: "As long as I can improve my strength, what does some money count for? Let alone 60-70 million, even 300-500 million can be earned in one trip to the depths of the Wasteland by hunting a few demon beasts. What is there to be afraid of!?"

"I guess that's right. Without high investment, how can one have high returns? When I have the money, I am going to buy two world fragmentsone for training and I will turn the other into a private refining room!"

Li Yao indulged in flights of fantasies.

Ding Lingdang laughed, revealing her snow-white teeth: "For the refining room, you have to depend on yourself, but as for training, you can train here with me!"


Li Yao was a little muddle-headed. The Billowing Star Sea, which was worth a couple hundred million, was open to him for free?

Ding Lingdang nodded. After a moment of silence, she suddenly said, "Li Yao, don't you blame me?"

"Blame you for what?" Li Yao had been surprised once again for a moment.

Due to the high density of Billowing Star Sea, Ding Lingdang freely floated above the surface, gazing at the writhing dark clouds in the sky as she said in a solemn tone, "Your dream is to become a master refiner. The Deep Sea University's Refining Department was the best place for you to go, yet because of me, you had chosen the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department."

"And the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department has now turned into this."

"After thinking about it carefully, had it not been for me, you would already be in Deep Sea University's Refining Department, triumphantly advancing towards your dream, instead of falling so low that you don't even have a crafting furnace."

"Even if you don't blame me, I still feel a little sorry for you. Thats why I am lending the Billowing Star Sea to you to train. Think of it as a small compensation to you."

Ding Lingdang had a dispirited look hung all over her face as she grabbed the small, transparent crab on top of her head and threw it far away dishearteningly.

A smiled appeared on Li Yao's face.

Gazing at the dark clouds in the sky as they took various shapes due to the fierce winds, he unhurriedly said, "Aren't I still triumphantly advancing towards my dream? Moreover, very soon, I will have a crafting furnacea unique crafting furnace."

"Do you truly not blame me?"

"Of course, I don't blame you. I have elected this road on my own and it is very good. Whether it some Deep Sea University's Refining Department or some Supernova Jiang Sheng, one day, they will be blasted away by me!"

"Hahaha, now that's some ambition! Supernova Jiang Sheng, huh? When you are going to blow him away, just give me a message. I will help you punch him!"

As though a heavy burden had been lifted off of Ding Lingdang's shoulder, her entire body was a lot more at ease as she quickly started swimming around Li Yao.


Li Yao suddenly thought of something: "Sister Ling, if I want to keep the Refining Department, I need to gather 40,000 credits within one year, which is a little troublesome. In the past, you had taken two years to acquire 40,000 credits and Senior Brother Peng had taken only one and a half year to do so. Do the two of you have some sort of secret method?"

Ding Lingdang thought for a while before she said with a frown, "Senior Brother Peng and I were both students of the Combat Department, so we had many high credits specialized courses to choose from."

"I did it almost the same way as him. For the first year, I madly studied the specialized courses for one year and first gathered 10,000 credits."

"The first 10,000 credits are the most crucial. Once you have reached 10,000 credits, you can choose high-difficulty missions and go to the depths of the Wasteland to hunt demon beasts."

"If you are lucky and hunt a powerful demon beast, you will have the opportunity to receive a couple thousand credits, and even over ten thousand credits is quite possible!"

"With the completion of three to five high-difficulty missions, you will have then acquired 40,000 credits."

Li Yao was absorbed in his thoughts: "So I have to do everything possible to obtain 10,000 credits first?"

"That's right. The first 10,000 credits are most important. Once you have 10,000 credits in hand, as long as you are strong enough and your luck is good, then you can acquire the later credits very quickly."

Ding Lingdang patted Li Yao's shoulder as she laughed and said, "Don't be anxious. We will slowly think of some way. In any case, there is more than one way to do the same thing, so for now, you should first cultivate in the Billowing Star Sea. I'm afraid that even if you want to go the depths of the Wasteland to hunt demon beasts, without a powerful body, it would be no good."

Li Yao nodded.

Even if he joined a team as a support with the identity of a refiner, his battle strength would still be too inferior.

And in case that he held back the team, then no one would be willing to team up with him next time.

"Alright, you train here for a while first. This is a Repelling Water Bead. When you are truly out of the air, you can infuse it with your spiritual energy to stimulate it and that will allow you repel the invasion of seawater. In the meantime, I will go and post a mission. Once I am finished, I will accompany you after I return."

Ding Lingdang, while speaking, dived under the sea.

Li Yao happened to have sharp ears. When he heard the word "mission", his eyes suddenly turned red as he hastily stopped her: "Wait, what kind of mission are you going to post?"

"I have just established my foundation. Although my level has improved, I am still not quite well-versed with the use of various abilities. I have just learned a few really overbearing exercises, so I need to temper myself, and for that, I need a training partner who will help me consolidate my level!"

"How many credits?"

Having heard the two words "training partner", Li Yao's eyes lit up.

In the Militant Wolf Slayers cultivation gym of the underground ghost city, he was once a training partner of Fiend Blade Peng Hai.

This was his old line of work!

"The credits are rather high. For every minute, I will pay 10 credits to whoever can bear indiscriminate bombing; however, I have high requirements for the training partner, so it would not be so easy to find him."

Ding Lingdang said with a frown. She had been upset over this very matter. Finding a good training partner was even harder than finding a good husband.

"10 credits for every 10 minutes?"

Li Yao's excitement had reached the zenith to the point that flames were shooting out his nose. Having stretched out half his body out of the seawater, he took a beautiful pose to flex his muscles: "Sister Ling, how about me? I can take a beating! Even Senior Brother Peng wasn't able to knock me down!"


Ding Lingdang could not hold back her laughter as she poked him with her slender fingers, pushing Li Yao pack into the sea.

"Don't be conceited. Do you think a task where you can earn 10 credits for one minute is that simple? Senior Brother Peng could not knock you down because he was just using 5% of his strength."

"My training partner, on the other hand, has to face of an indiscriminate bombing of at least 80% of my power. To put it bluntly, you are simply..."

"Too weak?" Li Yao unwillingly said.

"Not too weakyou are a glass jaw!"