Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542 Star Picking Plan

Whispers were echoing among everybody again, this time with less suspicions and objections but more deductions and calculations.

Brilliance was beaming out of the eyes of more and more Cultivators.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang’s proposal is indeed a great eye-opener for us all!”

Meng Chixin remarked, “If we abandon the Ancient Sages Sector temporarily, chances are that we can get the entire Star Glory Federation and even a vaster world beyond!

“Does any of the fellow Cultivators here object to Fellow Cultivator Wang’s proposal in principle? However, there are many specific questions as to the implementation of the ‘infiltration plan’! The most crucial question of all is location. Where exactly is the Star Glory Federation?

“Fellow Cultivator Wang said that we cannot lock onto the Black Wind Fleet, which is true. But we don’t know anything more about the location of the Star Glory Federation, either. The universe is such a vast place. How can we expect to infiltrate them when we don’t even know where they are?”

“We actually may know a thing or two about them. I think a few guesses are necessary.”

Long Yangjun glanced at Li Yao casually again, before she turned her eyes to Meng Chixin. “Senior Meng, you mentioned three days ago that you and Senior Wu discovered certain scraps of star maps in the Nuwa warship and had a general understanding about the space zones not far away from the Ancient Sages Sector. Also, the Nuwa warship once sent a mysterious signal to a certain space zone in the universe, right?”

Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun looked at each other and nodded their heads.

The ‘Wolf God’ bulged his eyes and cast a spell in silence. A primeval treasure that looked like a helmet surfaced from his ‘body’.

Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun both extended dozens of spiritual threads and operated on the ‘helmet’ quickly.

As they clicked and touched like a storm, there was no telling what barrier they had unlocked, but a mystic ray suddenly shot out of the brilliant gem that looked like an eye right in front of the ‘helmet’, before it expanded into a dense, deep and vast map of the universe!

The stars were shining brightly in the boundless universe right above everybody’s head, bringing them all into a mysterious and yet spectacular new world!

Almost everybody felt that their head was dizzy, and it was difficult to breathe. They were unable to free themselves from the sea of stars!

Long Yangjun was staring at the star map, too, as if she had found part of the ancient memories that had been sealed for hundreds of thousands of years. After a moment of trance, she calmed herself down and said, “Senior Meng, can you make sure which direction was the signal from the Nuwa warship was sent to?”

Meng Chixin nodded his head and said, “Wu Suiyun and I have studied the star map for decades. Mottled and incomplete as it may be, we are certainly able to tell the general direction!”

“That will suffice.”

Long Yangjun coughed and continued analyzing, “Since the Nuwa warship sent a signal to that particular space zone, it is very possible that the place used to be a mother port of the Nuwa warship. There should be a habitable planet with a suitable environment, right?

“Both the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan were both of flesh and blood despite their bizarre appearances and body figures. Also, they were supported by many human soldiers, too. Therefore, the planets suitable for their survival are probably suitable for the survival of human beings. Can you accept that, everybody?

“Alright. Let’s think about what Heiye Lan said.

“This is the edge of the cosmos which is short of resources and spiritual energy. Few planets here are suitable for the survival and reproduction of human beings. Every one of them is too precious to be forsaken!

“If we take all the factors into consideration, isn’t the answer obvious? If there is indeed a country named ‘Star Glory Federation’ which is capable of universal voyage nearby, it would’ve certainly discovered the mother port of this Nuwa warship and left traces there during the development. Or maybe, it could’ve been originated from the very mother port itself!

“Therefore, as long as we find a way to sail to the destination of the signal, which was the mother port of the Nuwa warship, there will be a good chance that we can get in touch with the Star Glory Federation!

“Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture, you are a specialist of magical equipment. Come here and take a look at this magical equipment that can activate the star map. Do you think that my theory makes sense?”

“I don’t know!”

Li Yao snapped coldly, “I’m a specialist of magical equipment, not a specialist of space navigation. How on earth would I know whether or not the suspected mother port of the Nuwa warship is within the territory of the Star Glory Federation? Everything is just your speculation, Lord Wang. What if you are wrong?”

“If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

Long Yangjun smiled, not thinking that it was a big deal. Pointing at the star map, she said, “Although the star map is incomplete, the basic sailing routes and the introduction to the planets have been depicted. A planet that can support the survival of billions of people is certainly unusual. Let’s just jump over and search for it slowly according to the star map!”

Li Yao asked, “What if you can’t find it after dozens of jumps?”

“Then, we will have no choice.”

Long Yangjun looked at him and said sincerely, “We will have to stick to our original plan and ask Heiye Lan to contact the Black Wind Fleet to surrender to the Imperium!

“After all, our original plan was exactly to surrender to the Imperium. We are simply trying a new possibility by doing this. Even if we fail, we will suffer no losses!”

Meng Chixin observed calmly, “Fair point. However, even if we do discover the Star Glory Federation, how are we going to sneak in? After all, we are nothing like that world!”

“That’s simple, too. We don’t have to directly jump to the mother port of the Nuwa warship. We can jump to the edge of the Star Glory Federation first and capture a few business starships of the Star Glory Federation one way or another, so that we can figure out the general situation of the local area!”

Long Yangjun said, “Or, we can fabricate a new identity. For example, we can claim that we come from a world oppressed by the Imperium of True Human Beings and have fled all the way here after slaying the local officials from the Imperium in our place.

“The Star Glory Federation is in perils right now. Such reinforcements who share a common foe with them must be desirable for them. Will they be skeptical about us?

“All in all, as soon as we sneak to somewhere close to the Star Glory Federation, there will be countless tricks that we can play with. If we are left with no choice, we can always turn to our last resort and demonstrate our real Cultivation in the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage and in the Divinity Transformation Stage. Should we worry that the Star Glory Federation will not treat us as honorable guests?”

Everybody nodded their head. “Fair enough!”

Pondering for a moment, Meng Chixin asked again. “Fine. Let’s say that we can find the Star Glory Federation. But how exactly are we going there?”

“Heiye Lan has an assault warship from the Imperium that crashed in the Ancient Sages Sector.”

Long Yangjun said, “The woman tried repairing the warship. But due to the lack of the resources, she put the project on hold.

“If the twelve of us join our hands, what materials in the entire world can we not find? Is it difficult at all to have the warship fixed?

“Look around us. This Nuwa warship cannot be repaired anytime soon. But we can totally dismantle certain magical equipment and facilities from this warship and transfer them to ‘Weary Tooth’, the warship from the Imperium, thereby enhancing it and making it qualified as the mount for the twelve of us!

“You have been studying here for almost a hundred years, seniors. I believe that you must’ve figured out the features of a lot of magical equipment and facilities, didn’t you? Also, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture is ‘Grandmaster of Great Zhou’. With your extraordinary refining arts, you will certainly be able to significantly build up ‘Weary Tooth’!

“As long as we can be shipped to the border of the Star Glory Federation, wouldn’t it be more than easy for us to switch to another starship?”

Li Yao said coldly, “A voyage in the space is not child’s play. Even if the warship can be repaired, who’s going to pilot it?”

Long Yangjun smiled again. “Heiye Lan can teach us. To think that she was able to maneuver Weary Tooth on her own, how difficult can it possibly be? I assume that even in the Imperium of True Human Beings, most of the crew members on a starship should be in the Building Foundation Stage or the Core Formation Stage, right? Are the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators incapable of doing what they can do?


Extraordinary brilliance suddenly beamed out of the eyes of the elite warrior of the Nuwa Clan. She said confidently, “I sensed something the moment I entered the Nuwa warship. Maybe, I am born with the wisdom to pilot a starship and I can pick it up very quickly. Who knows? Hahahaha!”

Li Yao was rendered speechless, knowing that the elite warrior of the Nuwa warship could probably really be an expert pilot of starships. Thinking for a moment, he asked, “Why would Heiye Lan teach us?”

Long Yangjun said quickly, “We will tell her that we are planning to sneak into the federation for sabotage in cooperation with the Black Wind Fleet. Will she refuse us?”

Meng Chixin asked again. “If all the twelve of us are away to the Star Glory Federation, what about the Ancient Sages Sector?”

“What about the Ancient Sages Sector?”

Long Yangjun asked aback. “Right now, the Cultivators outside have all learnt that deities have arrived, and Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators have shown up again. They have witnessed the horror of the Cloud Qin Gold Statues, too!

“After we can pilot the twelve Colossi skillfully, we will tell them we are going to pay a visit to the ‘deities’ realm’ where we will practice the sophisticated arts of the deities and we will return a few years later!

“Who will rebel when we are away? Are they not scared that we will be back?

“We will seal the Nuwa warship completely. Can they ever break our barrier? Even if they can, we will not leave any Colossus for them!

“Besides, we are not alone. In the battle against ‘Deity Raincloud’ three days ago, some of our subordinates have proved their loyalty. With those people supervising the situation, no big trouble will take place in the Ancient Sages Sector!

“Unless, of course, the Black Wind Fleet discovers in the Ancient Sages Sector when we are away. But the chance is very low, because we are not their original target!

“I have calculated every detail. Do you have any more questions?”


Meng Chixin had asked everybody’s concerns.

Long Yangjun’s proposal seemed to be very feasible.

“If there is no objection, let’s have a vote now!”

Long Yangjun said in a smile. “The twelve locals of the Ancient Sages Sector will sneak into the unknown universe and steal a whole new world! Why don’t we call our infiltration operation the ‘Star Stealing Plan’?”


Meng Chixin shook his head. The ‘Wolf God’ from the prairies grinned, “With the capabilities of the twelve of us, do we need to ‘steal’ anything if we want it? We can directly take it away! Star Stealing Plan? I think we can simply call it ‘Star Picking Plan’. We will march out of the dark nebula and pick the most brilliant stars beyond the sky!

“In the next, we will have a vote on the ‘Star Picking Plan’ proposed by Fellow Cultivator Wang Xi—”