Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546 Path Of Ascension

However, unless it was absolutely necessary, Li Yao did not intend to resort to such methods. They were only the ultimate ‘safety’.

Ba Xiaoyu and Master Bitter Cicada were both good people. Li Yao did not want to end on bad terms with them at all.

Even Han Baling, Qi Zhongdao, Qi Changsheng, Wan Mingzhu and the rest of them also had their own shining points. They were not entirely selfish and unpardonable fellows.

Li Yao sincerely hoped that they could perceive something that they had never seen or thought in the Star Glory Federation, so that their beliefs could have a breakthrough!

Three months had passed since the Star Picking Plan was begun.


Deep inside the Land of Eternal Night, right above the Nuwa warship, in the middle of the turbulent snowstorm, two Colossi were having a fierce fight like two primeval giants!

The first Colossus was around twenty meters tall, with a silver white, translucent shell that seemed to have been completely melted into the wind and the snow. Sharp blades protruded out of the shoulders, elbows, knees and other joints on the body, highlighting the unmistakable style of ‘aggressiveness’.

What was even more attractive was the double-handed giant sword in its hands which was almost as tall as the Colossus. Stripes as complicated as spider webs had been carved on the surface of the giant sword, as if it could evolve into a different form at any time and cut a mountain into halves!

It was a Colossus that Li Yao carefully selected for Sword Maniac Yan Liren.

As one of the strongest points of attack in the team, the Colossus was strengthened with the units of quite a few other Colossi that Li Yao dismantled. It was the Colossus that fully carried out the essence of ‘attack’.

Yan Liren had named the Colossus as ‘Big Sword’!

Its opponent, on the other hand, was a round, fat Colossus, with disproportionate upper half body and lower half body, like a tumbler thousands of times larger, or a Buddha that was sitting on the lotus seat cross-legged. Eight bright gold, giant balls were dancing around the Colossi while releasing gentle and thick brilliance, forming an unbreakable spiritual shield that was taking the blow of the sword attacks.

It was Master Bitter Cicada’s Colossus ‘Earthly Buddha’, which had the highest defense ability of all the Colossi. When the spiritual shield of the Colossus was fully stretched out, it could even cover hundreds of square meters and protect everybody within the range!

Li Yao, on the other hand, was busy collecting and analyzing their battle data, trying to adjust the connection and distribution of the units all the Colossi, so that they would be better fit for their users’ characteristics.

Behind the ‘battlefield of Colossi’, flying boats were running in and out nonstop, shipping the units and critical facilities dismantled from the Nuwa warship to the south.

A few of the twelve Colossi were temporarily working as ‘porters’. With the assistance of the iron giants, even the furious tempests seemed to be conquered completely. The deepest part of the Land of Eternal Night had turned into a heated workshop.

While Li Yao was completely dedicated to the research of the Colossi, the others of the twelve top experts were not idling by, either. The Star Picking Plan was being pushed forward quickly.

Meng Chixin, Han Baling, Qi Zhongdao, Qi Changsheng, Wan Mingzhu, Emperor Phoenix… Those people controlled the most powerful forces in the Ancient Sages Sector. When their joined their hands, the energy that they could unleash was shocking.

They chose a large refining workshop in the border between the Cloud Qin and the Great Qian Dynasty which was originally established to craft flying boats. Then, the workshop was modified into a secret base to maintain Weary Tooth, the ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warship from the Imperium of True Human Beings.

Tremendous units and facilities on the Nuwa warship had been shipped to nearby for the enhancement and upgrade of the assault warship.

Naturally, the project was too eye- and ear-catching to fool the high-level Cultivators from the six major sects who went to the ‘Divine Palace’ and explored together with the twelve top experts.

However, the two Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators and ten super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators represented the strongest forces and the highest personal combat ability and Cultivation in the Ancient Sages Sector. Now that they had been united and suppressing the other Cultivators together, what could the other Cultivators do except to obey their orders dutifully?

Besides, Long Yangjun understood precisely what was on those people’s mind. She made an enticing promise to them.

“There are only limited number of Cloud Qin Gold Statues in the Ancient Sages Sector. Naturally, they can’t be given to you. If you challenge us and demand them right now, you will gain absolutely nothing. I believe all the elders and leaders here understand it perfectly, right?

“But it doesn’t matter. We have learnt shocking news about the ‘deities’ realm’ from Deity Raincloud, and we are about to explore the channel between the Ancient Sages Sector and the deities’ realm!

“As long as the channel is successfully established, not only will we receive tremendous magical equipment from the deities’ realm, such as the divine armor and the Cloud Qin Gold Statue, the difficulty of ascending to the deities’ realm will also be significantly reduced. Every one of you will have the opportunity to enter the deities’ realm!

“Our trip won’t take long. In three to five years at most, we will certain return with a large batch of ultimate treasures of the deities. Chances are that we will bring more people to fly to the deities’ realm by then. After all, we are all compatriots living in the same world!

“However, as to exactly who will be given the ultimate treasures of the deities, and who will be granted access to the channel to the deities’ realm, it will depend on your attitude and behavior while we are away!”

Her statement successfully bluffed everybody.

Besides, Long Yangjun was not entirely lying. Whether they cooperated with the federation or the Imperium, their future partner was not something that the six major sects or the disorganized community of Cultivators could resist.

If any of them dared to stir trouble in the Ancient Sages Sector when they were away, they would certainly lay their vengeance upon the traitors ruthlessly after they returned from the ‘deities’ realm’!

Also, Han Baling, Qi Changsheng, Long Yangjun and the rest of them had a batch of loyal subordinates in the first place.

Since those people did not rebel under the intimidation of ‘Deity Raincloud’, they had even less reason to rebel now that their leaders had controlled twelve Colossi and the future was nothing but promising.

With their loyal subordinates stabilizing the situation, and the prospect of the ‘deities’ realm’ alluring everyone, it was impossible for the Ancient Sages Sector to fall into chaos in the next couple of years.

Four months had passed since the Star Picking Plan was initiated.

In a valley on the border of the Cloud Qin and the Great Qian Dynasty, inside a secret dock, the maintenance of Weary Tooth went quite well.

The assault warship of the Imperium shared a lot of similarities with ‘Flourishing Sun’, the warship piloted by Su Changfa, Kou Ruhuo and Tang Qianhe, who were the first batch of Immortal Cultivators that the Star Glory Federation got in touch with. The warships boasted equally advanced automatic maintenance and expansion abilities.

As long as they collected enough resources, they would be able to produce tremendous mining spider puppets, maintenance spider puppets, combat spider puppets, etc., and to run simple self-maintenance.

Heiye Lan’s progress was very slow in the beginning partly because she couldn’t find most of the rare metals and Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures, and partly because it would be a major fuss if mining, refining and maintaining were conducted at the same time. The experts of the Ancient Sages Sector would definitely sense the spiritual waves after they spread to hundreds of kilometers away.

That was why she put the maintenance plan on hold in the beginning.

Right now, both problems were no more.

With the support of the twelve experts, all the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and rare ingredients of the Ancient Sages Sector were open to the project. The maintenance did not need to be hidden from anyone now. Moreover, a lot of experts of refining from the forces under the twelve experts or summoned from the six major sects had come to help. Together with the functional units and facilities dismantled from the Nuwa warship as enhancements, despite the hideous appearance on the surface due to the layers of patches, the performance parameters of Weary Tooth were soaring quickly. It was estimated that in less than one month, the warship would regain the ability of space voyage and even four-dimensional jump!

Five months had passed since the Star Picking Plan began.

The studies on the star map of the primeval era and the setting of the sailing routes had witnessed groundbreaking developments, too.

What was recorded on the star map inside the Nuwa warship was the status of the universe hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Hundreds of thousands of years were perhaps an entire life for a civilization from its rise to its decline. But on the universal level, it was just the blink of an eye. The relative location and status of the stars in the universe wouldn’t have too many changes.

Heiye Lan, as the daughter of the commander of the Black Wind Fleet, was certainly able to read and deduct a star map. Although the new star map after her deductions and calculations was not enough to navigate the warship to jump to the orbit of the Heaven’s Origin Planet, as the precise coordinates under Li Yao’s control could, the possible destination was not far away from the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector.

Arriving at the nearby of the Star Glory Federation with a super long-distance space jump, measuring the latest situation in the space zones nearby, and then jumping for a second time more precisely after adjusting the navigation parameters accordingly. That was their plan.

After Li Yao and Long Yangjun secretly discussed with each other, they agreed that they should not directly jump to the central area of the federation. An unexpected encounter would do neither party any good.

Eventually, Long Yangjun proposed that the destination of their first space jump should be set to be the place named ‘Shimmering Light Space Zone’ on the star map.

The place had a certain distance from the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector and the Flying Star Sector. They would probably not be discovered by the federation immediately after they jumped over.

Although there wasn’t a habitable planet in the place hundreds of thousands of years ago, some resource planets marked on the star map could still provide supplies for Weary Tooth after the long-distance jump.

They could take a rest in the ‘buffer area’ for a while, before they decided what to do next.

Long Yangjun ‘studied’ the arts of starship piloting after Heiye Lan for a few months, and she ‘showed great talent’ in learning. In the ‘observation committee’ made of the twelve of them, she would work as the navigator on the starship.

The landing point that she proposed was quite safe. It was soon approved by everyone.

Six months had passed since the Star Picking Plan started.

Everything was good to go.

The Weary Tooth after being repaired was standing deep insider the valley like a cluster of dark red crystals. Although it had yet to be activated, it was still releasing the air of intimidation and aggressiveness.

The five hundred square kilometers around the warship was set as a forbidden area. Except for the most loyal subordinates who had passed multiple tests, nobody was allowed to trespass, or they would be immediately executed!

The first trip to the deities’ realm for the locals of the Ancient Sages Sector to break out of the dark nebula would begin in two hours!