Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549 Universe Im Back

Three factors were of paramount importance for a space jump.

The most important factor was naturally the coordinates of the destination, which was a series of information sets made of hundreds of parameters.

Not only had they elaborate on the relative position of the destination in the universe, they would also have to illustrate the speed and trajectory of the star and even the galaxy nearby, which made them extremely sophisticated.

Even if only one of the thousands of parameters was missing or wrong, those who were teleported could be sent somewhere not even close to the original destination.

The second factor was the star beacon.

The star beacons were equivalent to lighthouses in the sea of stars. To sail on a vast ocean, it would be useless to only know the location of the ‘port’. In the stormy, dark, or foggy days, only with the continuous guidance of one or more lighthouses could a ship expect to arrive at the destination successfully.

The larger a starship or a fleet was, and the longer the space jump was, the higher the level of the star beacons and the more powerful they had to be.

Otherwise, it was very possible for dozens of starships to jump to the destination, only to crash or even meld with each other, leading to a chain of explosions before they were completely destroyed.

It was like when dozens of tankers with a tonnage of a hundred thousand tons moved into a narrow port at the same time. Without the guidance of the lighthouses and the port workers, they would certain collide or be stranded.

The third factor was the spiritual energy to be consumed in the space jump.

A space jump was a special type of teleportation. To allow the materials with a certain mass in the three-dimensional universe to break the barrier of the four-dimensional universe, endure the torture of the unimaginable storms there, reach a different point precisely, and reduce to the three-dimensional universe and reconstruct in their original form would consume astronomical spiritual energy. The longer the distance of teleportation and the higher the demand on the precision of the destination, the more spiritual energy consumed.

Years back, Li Yao had been able to jump from Boneyard to the Flying Star Sector on Sparkle only because he did not set the destination at all. In terms of ‘precision’, his requirement had bordered on zero. That was why he had achieved the space jump even though there was barely any spiritual energy left on Sparkle, which had been asleep for thousands of years.

However, such good luck was not something that one could run into on a daily basis. In most cases, an aimless space jump would only bring the victims to the depths of the cold, dark universe, where there was no spiritual energy, no planets, no cosmic dust… absolutely nothing.

For the space jumps that were well-prepared and had fixed destinations, a lot of launch platforms had been established with different powerful energy sources.

The Heaven’s Artillery in the Heaven’s Origin Sector made use of the explosive force of the underground magma.

The Eye of Blood Demon in the Blood Demon Sector employed the tidal force caused by the interaction between the three satellites and the planet.

The Cosmic Slingshot on Ice King in the Flying Star Sector, on the other hand, accumulated the force when the planet revolved like the spring on a mechanical watch with the magnificent techniques left by the Star Ocean Imperium. When the force had reached a tipping point, it would be unleashed all at once to provide impetus!

Right now—

The experts of the Ancient Sages Sector had the star map on the Nuwa warship and the traces of the signal that the Ancient Sages Sector sent to the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector a hundred years ago.

Taking the two factors into account, they would be able to lock onto the basic coordinates of the Star Glory Federation.

As for the red giant in the ‘Shimmering Light Space Zone’ on the star map presumably beyond the territory of the Star Glory Federation, its spectrum and parameters had been thoroughly recorded and locked onto, which meant that it could serve as a ‘natural star beacon’ to guide the space jump.

The only problem was the spiritual energy to be consumed in such a long-distance jump.

The ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warship was a ‘tactical’ starship. The general usage of such warships was to follow a super-large mothership and launch short-distance assaults at the enemy, like sharks around a blue whale.

Normally speaking, the ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warships would not perform super long-distance space jumps by themselves. They were usually grouped in a fleet in the Imperium.

In every fleet, there were teleportation starships, which were responsible for establishing super large teleportation arrays in space. Not only could they radiate temporary teleportation arrays in the universe, they could also output a very powerful protective magnetic field to cover and restrict the ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warships together with the commanding mothership, the carriers, the destroyers, and so on, so that they could be teleported to the destination simultaneously in their original battle formation.

Without the cover and the push of the powerful teleportation starships, the ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warships could only perform short-distance jumps. It was already a miracle that this warship had jumped from the periphery of the dark nebula to the center, and it was impossible for it to directly jump to a space zone near the Star Glory Federation, which was simply too far away.

To put it more simply, somebody needed to kick the warship hard in the backside to make it cross the stars.

Moreover, the higher the Cultivation of the passengers, the larger the ‘mass’ they displayed in the four-dimensional universe during the space jump would be, which meant that more spiritual energy would be consumed.

It was exactly because of such a point that the ‘Occult Orbs Fellowship’ in the Star Glory Federation could only choose Cultivators in the Building Foundation Stage to carry out the exploration missions on the Occult Orbs. Of course, it was also partly because the Heaven’s Artillery at that time had not been powerful enough.

Counting Heiye Lan, eleven Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were to be teleported.

Even a main-force mothership in a fleet in the Imperium might not carry so many unparalleled experts at once, not to mention such a ‘Bloody Blade’-level assault warship that was basically a patch-up job.

Li Yao, Long Yangjun, Heiye Lan, Meng Chixin, and Wu Suiyun had thought and studied for quite a few months. Finally, Li Yao and Long Yangjun had come up with a risky solution.

They had dismantled a space jump unit from the Nuwa warship and connected it to the bottom of Weary Tooth as a one-time ‘thruster’.

The energy to support the space jump unit of the Nuwa Clan to tear apart the four-dimensional space would come from the sun!

“Sit tight, fellow Cultivators. To make so many top experts teleport over such a long distance all at once, we will require an outburst of near-infinite spiritual energy!”

Long Yangjun rubbed her hands in excitement and smiled in the visible communication channel. “Weary Tooth itself is not enough to store such immense spiritual energy. Therefore, we have to make use of the force of the sun. Or to be more exact, we will make use of the force of ‘eruptive prominence’!

“You don’t need to know what ‘eruptive prominence’ is exactly. You can simply imagine it as a tide released by the sun! Next, I will search for one of the saddle-like dents on the surface of the sun, where solar prominence is generated most frequently. Then, I will maneuver the space jump unit of the Nuwa warship to shoot a special mystic ray toward the area, trying to break its originally stable spiritual and magnetic structure, and unleash the force of the solar prominence hidden in the solar corona. It will push us hard like an enormous tsunami beyond the three-dimensional level!

“You don’t understand what I’m talking about? It doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that it’s a method recorded in the operation jade chips from the Nuwa warship. The success rate should be very high. Even if it fails, it will still be alright—we will instantly be swallowed by the solar prominence and melted in the tides of the sun. I guarantee that there will not be the slightest pain!

“Ha. I have located the saddle-like dent. Sit tight, everybody. Activate your arts and guard your heart and soul now. We are about to bombard the sun!”

Compared to the tiny Weary Tooth, the sun of the Ancient Sages Sector was like a furiously burning ocean compared to a frog offshore.

It was literally a mite on an elephant!

However, at that moment, the frog that had just crawled out of the dry well near the ocean was croaking toward the incessantly burning ocean of fire!

Faced with the sun, the starship and the mystic rays shooting toward the sun from the back of Weary Tooth together with the croaks were negligible.

However, after the rays darted toward a saddle-shaped zone that was obviously darker than the surroundings like a black floating ice on the chromosphere of the sun, the ‘black ice’ suddenly exploded and erupted tremendous materials and fire outside of the solar corona, providing a glamourous and brilliant spring!

The spring rolled toward Weary Tooth, covering the distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers between them immediately.

Almost a hundred ‘solar sails’ had been opened at the back of Weary Tooth, which were designed to withstand and collect the energy from the surface of the sun.


The solar prominence hundreds of thousands of meters tall enshrouded Weary Tooth instantly, like a wave ruthlessly swallowing a surfer.

The hundred ‘solar sails’ all bulged. The splendid runes carved on them densely were illuminated one after another as they absorbed the immense spiritual energy contained inside the solar prominence crazily.

Despite the appalling appearance, the temperature of the solar prominence was actually very low, ranging from five thousand degrees to eight thousand degrees. It was nowhere close to the sweltering inferno in the middle of the star that could be a million degrees in temperature.

One could even compare it to a cluster of ‘cold air’ that was blown from the surface of a star to the universe.

It was exactly for that reason that the Nuwa civilization had been able to cruise the universe by taking advantage of the solar prominence.

However, even the ‘cold air’ whose temperature was only ‘five thousand to eight thousand degrees’ was still a major danger for Weary Tooth and everybody on board.

Everybody was wearing the mustard-seed combat suits and crystal suits from the Imperium and crouching inside the protective gel. While they listened to the torrents from the sun brushing the shell of the starship in dull and twisting noises, they activated their Cultivation arts to protect their body and soul and gritted their teeth for everything that they believed in!


Even so, a lot of them were still bellowing under the blast of the torrents.

Under the repetitive blast of the solar prominence, Weary Tooth had already become a translucent, crimson crystal that was gradually melting.

“L—Lord Wang, it is time to launch the space jump!” Greatly alarmed, Heiye Lan shrieked at Long Yangjun. “Our shell is about to be burnt through!”

“Wait a moment. We haven’t absorbed enough spiritual energy from the solar prominence!”

Narrowing her eyes, Long Yangjun put on an excited smile as she stared at the parameters on the interface of the mainframe crystal processor. “The spiritual energy and the force of the sun right now are not necessarily enough for us to be teleported to the destination precisely!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Shocking noises were echoing everywhere on Weary Tooth. The lights flickered on and off. Sparks were bursting out everywhere.

Even Li Yao was looking at Long Yangjun with a pale face.

The shell of Weary Tooth had turned completely red and would be melted in another few seconds!

“Now’s the time!” Long Yangjun shouted at the top of her voice, her eyes glittering, before she smashed the control menu.

“Universe, I… Our Ancient Sages Sector is back!”