Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550 : Welcome From The New World

In a moment, Weary Tooth turned into such dazzling redness that it was clearly visible even in the raging torrents of the sun.

Like a supernova outbreak, it extended thorns of brilliance in all directions, and each of the thorns was more than ten thousand meters long. The thorns of brilliance tore apart the three-dimensional space easily into mysterious, ever-floating ‘gaps’.

Pushed by the impetus of the solar prominence, Weary Tooth truly seemed to have been kicked right in the bottom by the sun. It staggered into the space gap and vanished from the Sector!

Weary Tooth had been teleported. Carrying twelve locals of the Ancient Sages Sector, it sailed into the endless and unknown universe.


Inside Weary Tooth, everybody was shouldering the excruciating pain of being torn and twisted while they were ‘breaking the void’.

Despite his multiple experiences in travelling through teleportation, Li Yao was also shouting uncontrollably.

In his eyes, the shell of Weary Tooth seemed to have been completely melted by the solar prominence, and they had been placed in the middle of the giant waves of the star. They seemed to be sitting on a lone boat in the middle of a boundless ocean of fire, or like thirteen ants that were crawling on a dry, burning leaf!

His every muscle, every nerve, every vein, and every cell was ignited from inside to outside. His body, his soul, and his self-awareness were about to be burnt to the ground.

Even the concepts of time and fear had been swallowed by the infinitely and eternally burning fire. All that could be sensed was the vastness of the universe and the loneliness and insignificance of human beings!

It was a feeling that could drive one mad.

All notions in the three-dimensional universe lost their meaning in the four-dimensional universe. He seemed to have seen the changes of the universe in millions of years in only one moment. Even Li Yao himself was turning into a grain of sand, about to collapse and disperse under the blow of time.

Right when Li Yao thought that the jump had failed and that he was about to perish in the four-dimensional space together with Weary Tooth, he suddenly felt a shake. The ‘sand’ that constituted his body, soul, and self-awareness was being condensed under the attraction of an uncanny force!

The teleportation had succeeded!

They were lucky enough to have not encountered the terrible storms in the four-dimensional space. They were getting rid of the broken state and being reconstructed in the three-dimensional space.

Li Yao’s internal organs, limbs, and his every muscle, vein, nerve, and soul returned to where they should be one after another.

The very first thing that Li Yao did after he stood up from the protective gel and lifted the helmet of his crystal suit was to kneel on the floor and throw up.

It was not the first time that he had experienced a super long-distance space jump, but it was certainly the ‘bumpiest’ one that he had ever tried.

Long Yangjun was certainly a lunatic. To pursue the highest precision of the destination of the jump, she did not initiate the jump until the solar prominence almost melted the starship in order to collect the maximum spiritual energy.

Weary Tooth was just a ragged starship that was jumbled up with garbage. It was also accommodating thirteen experts with such high Cultivation. It was not hard to imagine the blast that they suffered during the teleportation.

Li Yao almost vomited his gallbladder out.

It was nothing to be ashamed of. He was certainly not the most disgraceful one.

Including Heiye Lan, the daughter of the commander of the Black Wind Fleet, and Qi Zhongdao and Master Bitter Cicada, almost all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were throwing up crazily. Many of them were cramping like lobsters that had contracted malaria. An intense sour, smelly stink filled the entire cabin, as if it were a shop to sell salted fish. The stench did not disperse for a long time.

Only Meng Chixin, Wu Suiyun, and Wan Mingzhu, the three spectral Cultivators, were in better conditions.

That was because they did not have real stomachs and throats that they could throw up with.

The three ghosts were hiding in three crude metal puppets.

The three metal puppets had been forged by Li Yao based on the automatic defense puppets on the Nuwa warship.

Those puppets could have been slightly modified to serve as their ‘artificial bodies’ without much trouble.

However, the puppets created by the Nuwa Clan had too distinctive features. The passionate bordering on disorderly patterns of spiritual energy would be too eye-catching if the spectral Cultivators were walking in them.

Therefore, after Li Yao’s manual work and careful camouflage, the puppets had been reduced to such wretched appearances. They were thick, black, and clumsy, as if their original owners were some hard-working miners.

Of course, the seemingly unattractive iron shells still reserved the magnificent firepower and the brutal combat ability of the automatic defense puppets of the Nuwa warship.

Under Meng Chixin, Wu Suiyun, and Wan Mingzhu’s delicate control, they would certainly be a shock for the toughest ghost warriors in the federation and the Imperium!

Although they did not have real bodies of flesh and blood to be blasted, their souls were still dwelling in the shock caused by the space jump, and they did not come back to themselves for a long time.

“Is this… the world beyond?”

“Are these… the real stars and universe?”

After they finally vomited everything of their past and opened their eyes to observe the brand-new world that they were in, all the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators were deeply fascinated by the brilliant stars and the vast space. They were appreciating everything so greedily that they were even reluctant to blink.

They were particularly astounded by the red giant that seemed to be one step away from them. The cluster of fire that, despite its dimness, seemed to be swallowing the entire universe with its enormity staggered their souls and rendered them speechless for a long time.

“Fellow Cultivators, we have successfully reached what was marked as the ‘Shimmering Light Space Zone’ on the ancient star map. The spectrum and parameters of the red giant in front of us are almost identical to those noted on the star map. So, we can with near certainty that they are the same star!”

Long Yangjun was still half lying on the integrative pilot sea. She seemed to have been uninfluenced by the blast during the space jump at all and even enjoyed it. Her agile thinking abilities were maintained, too. “Do excuse me for being too radical when we absorbed spiritual energy from the solar prominence just now. However, we didn’t really have a choice. This red giant is not a real star beacon after all. I had to set the destination of the jump very precisely so that we could jump beyond the range of its gravity. If there was a slight error in the jump because of insufficient spiritual energy, we might’ve dived right into the red giant, in which case, we would have been screwed!

“Thankfully, we jumped to the edge of the galaxy despite all the dangers. We are now being attracted by the star without being swallowed by it. This is a very successful space jump!

“Now that we have arrived at the Shimmering Light Space Zone, fellow Cultivators, you may take a brief rest. You can appreciate the magnificent scenery of the universe around us. Maybe express your feelings in a poem, refill your Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures and your pills and elixirs, and refresh your memories of the identity scripts I wrote for you.

“This place should be a desolate land outside of the Star Glory Federation. We can take a rest here for half a month and search for a resource planet to repair Weary Tooth, while we collect the astronomical parameters around to further deduct the star map in a more precise way so that we can slowly jump to and infiltrate the Star Glory Federation.

“Remember, from now on, we are no longer the top-tier experts of the Ancient Sages Sector, and we must abandon the local accent of the Ancient Sages Sector.

“Language experienced drastic changes after the unification of the Star Ocean Imperium. Despite their accents, the common vocabulary and the habitual language are basically the same. We have all learned about that from Heiye Lan. I don’t think that we will give ourselves away so easily, right?

“Alright, let’s just—”

Unhurried, everything was under Long Yangjun’s control.

After all, the ‘Shimmering Light Space Zone’ was the best jump point that she and Li Yao had decided after carefully studying for a long time. It had a rather long distance to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector.

Generally speaking, it was impossible for them to run into the federal army by accident and get involved in any conflict there.



Before Long Yangjun finished her speech, a deafening explosion already took place right in front of Weary Tooth. The warship trembled so violently that she was also thrown away from the pilot seat. Every parameter on the operation interface turned red, and ear-splitting alarms were echoing throughout the cabins!

Weary Tooth was slowly recovering from the space jump. It was in its most vulnerable phase, and the probe magical equipment around the starship had not yet been activated.

At that moment, the probe magical equipment finally regained their functionality. Through the tremendous mystic rays that they released, the Cultivators on-board finally got the gist of what was happening in the Shimmering Light Space Zone from the data that was changing as violently as a storm.

The truth of the Shimmering Light Space Zone shocked all of them!

First of all, even at the edge of the galaxy where they were, traces of feeble spiritual energy could still be detected in space, like the ripples left by enormous ships after they sailed on the surface of the ocean.

It suggested that the Shimmering Light Space Zone was far from an unpopulated land but had very frequent voyage and trade activities!

Secondly, they had also detected a certain number of man-made artificial celestial bodies that looked like ‘black spots’ at the periphery of the red giant. The devices blocked, or absorbed, part of the light, heat, and radiation emanated from the red giant!

It was also proof that a certain civilization or species had developed or even colonized the space zone on a large scale.

The more conclusive proof was, of course, the four starships that were chasing after one another right next to them.

The one fleeing in the lead in a hurry was a calabash-shaped carrier with a big, round belly, which was chased by three high-speed warships that were narrow and long and looked like swordfish.

The carrier seemed to have fallen into the trap of the three warships a long time ago. It was covered in damage and holes. Before Weary Tooth completely got rid of the aftershock of the space jump, it had already been caught up by the three warships. After a period of crazy, colorful bombardment, the carrier exploded violently and got swallowed by raging flames!

The noises when Weary Tooth had returned to the three-dimensional universe from the four-dimensional universe were quite huge. The three swordfish-like warships had immediately noticed it.

It was the most vulnerable phase for Weary Tooth, which was unable to move at all as if it had been mired in a swamp between the three-dimensional universe and the four-dimensional universe.

The three swordfish-like warships took the momentary opportunity and launched their fiercest attacks toward Weary Tooth after shifting their target without asking who was on the starship at all.