Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552 This Way Please

It was truly a boring battle, if it could be called a battle at all.

The whole process was just one-sided sabotage, savage, and slaughter.

Heaven Battering King Qi Changsheng had named his Colossus ‘Empyrean Fiend’, while Mother White Lotus Wan Mingzhu had named hers ‘Death Bringer’.

When the two ultimate weapons of the universe were projected and stood in front of the three swordfish-like assault warships quietly, there was no need to say what happened next.

Colossi were terrible existences that even the main-force warships of the Imperium of True Human Beings had to keep their distance from!

The tonnage, performance, magical equipment, and crew members on the three assault warships were magnitudes lower than their counterparts on the main-force warships of the Imperium.

Including Li Yao, the many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators were not even interested in commenting on the battle.

All that could be considered as entertainment was the marvelous changes of expression on the face of the elegant and yet brutal man who had horns on his forehead.

When Empyrean Fiend and Death Bringer rushed out of the broken Weary Two and lunged at the two warships on two sides, the dark-skinned man’s face collapsed so hard that somebody seemed to have whipped it hard at the center.

After the two Colossi began savaging the starships, tearing them apart and dismantling them as if they were paper boxes, the dark-skinned man finally realized in his disbelief that the terrible picture in front of him was not his imagination.

He immediately collapsed to the ground, shuddering and unable to say anything, as if the bones all over his body had been plucked.

He was a typical outwardly strong but inwardly weak guy. He could not have been a professional space pirate because he did not even have the cold indifference of the space pirates who were cruel enough even on themselves.

Observing him carefully, Li Yao even felt that the guy carried the air of a pampered, gorgeous-looking-but-internally-corrupted aristocrat.

Ten minutes later, the battle was over. The two swordfish-like assault warships were both blown up. None of the crew members who had pretended to be space pirates were kept alive.

As for the ‘flagship’ where the dark-skinned man was, after repeated reminders from Li Yao, Meng Chixin, and Long Yangjun, Qi Changsheng and Wan Mingzhu finally stayed their hands and did not go on a rampage. They only killed half of the crew members, and those in the cockpit were knocked out but kept alive.

The high and mighty dark-skinned, gold-horned man was dragged into the cold, dark cabin of Weary Tooth, where alarms were blinking everywhere, like a dying dog by Qi Changsheng.

Including Li Yao, the twelve angry Cultivators from the Ancient Sages Sector stared at the captive coldly.

He was to be interrogated by Long Yangjun, or Wang Xi, who was the founder of the Ghost Character and the most renowned specialist of the Great Qian Dynasty in intelligence collection, interrogation, and torture.

However, before Long Yangjun began, the guy who was shuddering like a dog on the ground, after noticing a detail on the internal wall of the cabin by chance, suddenly jumped to his feet as if he had just been given a cardiotonic shot!

What he exclaimed surprised everybody.

“Are—are you from the Imperium? Right. You must be from the Imperium. Otherwise, how could you have so many Colossi?

“This must be why they say, a flood destroys the shrine of the God of River 1 . We—we’ve been looking forward to your arrival for a long time!”

Weary Tooth, as an assault warship of the Imperium, naturally had the black-lightning emblem of the Imperium of True Human Beings everywhere on the internal wall of the cabins.

When Li Yao conducted the maintenance, he had considered whether or not to eliminate all the black-lightning emblems.

However, the first false identity that Long Yangjun had devised for them was refugees who had fled after seizing a warship of the Imperium. Their identity would seem more convincing if the emblems of the Imperium were kept on the warship.

Therefore, the internal adornments of Weary Tooth, and also the mustard-seed suit and crystal suits that they were wearing, were in the unique style of the Imperium.

The infamous emblem of the Imperium of True Human Beings, which was a trident of black lightning, was no stranger to the people of the federation after the Immortal Cultivator Su Changfa arrived a hundred years ago.

Now that the dark-skinned man recognized the emblem of the Imperium, it was not hard for him to infer that they were from the Imperium based also on the fact that they carried ‘two’ Colossi.

What was strange was his attitude. Instead of waiting for Long Yangjun to interrogate him, he was already speaking nonstop.

“Fellow Cultivators, seniors, are you the Immortal Cultivators from the Imperium of True Human Beings? Had I known it in advance, we wouldn’t have dared to attack you attack even if we were a hundred times bolder!

“Misunderstanding. This is all a misunderstanding!

“I—I’m a member of the CFIA. I am also an Immortal Cultivator. We are all Immortal Cultivators!”

The dark-skinned man was so overjoyed that he was almost in tears, like a guy who had met an old friend in a foreign land.

His face was red because of his excitement, and he began to speak nonsense as he did not know what to say.

After waving his hands and feet for a long time, he thought for a moment and took out a black emblem from his pocket, his hands shivering. There were four square letters on the emblem—CFIA!

“Immortal Cultivators…”

The twelve experts from the Ancient Sages Sector looked at each other in bewilderment, utterly confused. Had the war between the Imperium and the federation already begun?

That could not be right. If the Black Wind Fleet had marched there, why did the guy say, ‘we’ve been looking forward to your arrival for a long time’?

Li Yao was frowning even harder as he thought deeply. He looked at Long Yangjun and exchanged some information with her without alarming anyone.

“Immortal Cultivator?” Rolling her eyes, Long Yangjun kicked the dark-skinned man right in the chest heavily and cursed, “Asshole! Now that you know that we are Immortal Cultivators, why did you launch the assault at us? You almost sabotaged our great cause! CFIA? What’s CFIA? Damn you! Our warship was seriously damaged in a cosmic storm. We couldn’t communicate with the outside world, and we lost our way. We floated in the universe for ten years before we finally gathered enough spiritual energy for a space jump. But hardly had we jumped out of the wretched place when we ran into a bunch of idiots! How unfortunate we are!”

She threw the emblem of the ‘CFIA’ at the dark-skinned man’s face so hard that it almost directly stabbed into his left eye.

The dark-skinned man screamed and writhed on the floor because of the excruciating pain, but he did not dare moan much further. Struggling to his knees, he covered his bleeding face and said, “Misunderstanding. This is truly misunderstanding! We—we thought that a warship of the Star Glory Federation had arrived to save their ‘headhunter’. That’s why we offended you! We deserved to be punished with death! We shall never be pardoned!”

Kneeling on the floor, the dark-skinned man slapped his own face hard. All the experts of the Ancient Sages Sector were secretly frowning and shaking their heads.

“Master Spiritual Vulture.” Heiye Lan stood on her toes behind Li Yao and craned to his ears, saying in a low voice, “This guy is definitely not an Immortal Cultivator. Hehe. The real Immortal Cultivators are not as spineless as him!”

“Star Glory Federation? CFIA?” Long Yangjun rolled her eyes. “What kind of bullsh*t is that? How do you know that we are from the Imperium? Also, you said that you are an Immortal Cultivator. An Immortal Cultivator that has jumped out of nowhere?”

“My name is Fei Qi. I am truly an Immortal Cultivator. A local Immortal Cultivator of this place!” The dark-skinned man ‘Fei Qi’ kneeled on the ground. As if he was going to cling to Long Yangjun’s legs and burst into tears, he said earnestly, “This is a long story. I’ll certainly explain everything to you in great detail. However, after you hear the story, you must seek vengeance for us Immortal Cultivators who have suffered and destroy the odious Star Glory Federation so that peace and justice at the edge of the cosmos can be restored!

“I, as well as thousands of Immortal Cultivators just like me, have been looking forward to the fellow Cultivators and seniors from the Imperium like saplings in a drought looking forward to a rain…”

“I’ll going to stop you there.” Long Yangjun stepped forward and pulled the emblem of the CFIA out of Fei Qi’s face mercilessly, causing blood to be spurting out again. She examined it for a long time but still did not understand what it was. “Long story short, what is the Star Glory Federation exactly?”

Covering the wound on his face that was almost deep to the bones, Fei Qi let out a half cry before he held back the pain and said, “The Star Glory Federation is a hegemonic, lawless, and bloodthirsty force of terror in the local area!

“Right. I—I have important intelligence that I must report to the seniors of the Imperium!

“The Star Glory Federation has learned in advance that the expedition army of the Imperium is arriving. However, the arrogant, ambitious Cultivators refuse to bow to the might of the Imperium and are now busy preparing to attack and fish you up!”

“Is that so?” Long Yangjun, Li Yao, and everybody else looked at each other. Seemingly emotionless, she replied, “This is a very important issue. How did you learn it? Also, what is ‘CFIA’ exactly?”

“The Star Glory Federation is ambitious and delirious enough to fight against the enemy, like an ant that is trying to shake a tree, but they are merely committing suicide! Everybody knows that!” Fei Qi managed to catch his breath and went on. “However, despite the brutality and ruthlessness of the Star Glory Federation, the ‘CFIA’ will certainly fight it to our death!

“Right. The CFIA is short for ‘Committee For the Imperium’s Arrival’, an organization specifically founded to welcome the arrival of the expedition army of the Imperium and facilitate your conquest and government over the many Sectors nearby by the Immortal Cultivators locally born and raised!

“It is our aim to lead the way for the fellow Cultivators and seniors from the Imperium and guide your direction in the vast sea of stars so that we can completely annihilate the Star Glory Federation, the evil force that goes against the trend of the universe, through our cooperation. Then, all the Sectors at the edge of the cosmos will be able to enjoy the radiance of the truth path of immortality!

“Our—our loyalty to the Imperium of True Human Beings can be proved by the sun and the stars!”

  1. The saying means conflicts arise between people on one’s own side.